Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas of 1995, a Christmas that Will Forever Remain in My Heart

It's came upon a midnight clear, that after turning back time and utilizing rational deep thinking that the Christmas of 1995 was a Christmas I will never forget. I was 15 years old and it was the first Christmas where I lived in a home, that I could call my home. Yes, my mother was a single parent, who worked as hard as she could to provide for me and my sister, but what she could do was not enough. There were days and nights that felt long, where we went to bed starving. Each struggle we endured felt like a million and the adversity we faced from others who noticed was absolutely awful.

Christmas of 1995 really impacted my life because it changed me. It made me appreciate all of the wonderful things that I received over the years, as it has allowed me to give back. Not only did my mother manage to afford a mortgage on a new home, she managed to give us amazing gifts. For the first time in life, we had a telephone, so I could call my other family members, as well as, friends. For the time in life, I could wear a pair of Airwalks. For the first time in life, I didn't go to bed hungry. For the first time in life, I realized that my life is actually worth something.

Poverty is a problematic issue that plagues Americans from all across the country. The vast majority of status quo society complains about the taxes being deducted from their paychecks, as they grumble about living from paycheck to paycheck. Although many people have toiled and fought for things of value, they don't know what it is like to be poor, living in low-income housing, with only a moderate amount of food stamps to get by. That is how it was for me, for many years before the Christmas of 1995.

Although one can say if you have a roof over your head, clothes to wear, and food to eat you are still richer than over half the world. No matter how poor I was, no matter the type of hardships, no matter the type of misfortune I tolerated, I have managed to overcome those struggles and it's made me a better person today, in the present time. My life continues to get better with time, but it was those struggles growing up that made me realize what life actually stands for. I think it is true about what they say about life. Life really does have a gift and it is called, the present.

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Paula said...

It takes struggles to become a good person, I think. Those that come from old money and never struggle end up being horrible people unless they can honestly admit the money is what makes them good people. Then that would make them greedy.