Sarah's Veganog, a recipe

Eggnog is one of the most popular drinks during the holiday season. Although it is primarily made up of milk, sugar, eggs, and flavored with nutmeg, it garners it’s widespread appeal with rum liquor and the optional cinnamon garnish. 

Just because you are a vegetarian (whether you are a pesca, lacto ovo, ovo, or a lacto) or a vegan, does not mean that you cannot enjoy this delicious holiday drink. In fact, with the help of Almond Milk as a dairy substitute, you can do just that.

Sarah’s Veganog

Almond Milk (preferably Silk’s Vanilla Almond Milk)
Spiced Rum (optional)
Cinnamon (optional)

I like to use Silk’s Vanilla Almond Milk, however; you can find any type of Almond Milk that is Vanilla flavored by numerous other brands. Please keep in mind that if you decide to use Almond Milk that is unsweetened, you will need to flavor it with an extract to give it the flavor you desire. Add the Almond Milk to your glass.

As you continue, you want to add the sugar. With Vanilla Almond Milk, you do not need much sugar because it is already sweetened. 1 teaspoon is fine per glass. If you do use unsweetened, you will need at least 3-5 teaspoons per glass, depending on the size of the glass. Add the sugar to your glass.

When it comes to making any type of eggnog, the key to bringing the drink together is adding nutmeg. I like to use at least 2 tablespoons per glass, however; you can use more/less depending on how much you enjoy it. Whether you use Vanilla or Unsweetened Almond Milk bears no influence on the amount of nutmeg you want to use. Add the nutmeg to your glass.

Some people truly believe in order to enjoy eggnog, you must also make it a good time too. If you are going to use any rum, making it spiced rum. Spiced rum is more golden in color and possesses a flavor that is more refined. Please remember that Rum is completely optional. If you do use rum, make sure you use about 1 tablespoon to your glass.

I like to use Soy whipped cream as a dairy whipped cream substitute. Whipped cream is completely optional and does not change how you enjoy Sarah’s Veganog. Add as much as you want.

Congratulations, you have just made Sarah’s Veganog. Feel free to share this recipe with your friends. You don’t have to be a vegetarian or even a vegan to enjoy Sarah’s Veganog, as this is a drink for everyone. Enjoy! Happy Holidays!