I am a great boss because I am not your friend

Today is Boss Day hence why I am writing about this today. You see, as a boss, I have experienced some of the greatest work environments in my life; however, my work ethic has always remained the same. And because of this, I have been relatively successful. 

When it comes to being a boss, it is so important to embrace the virtue of communicating effectively. It is extremely important to have effective communication skills, especially in the workplace. Without communication in the workplace, there is no production, and without production, there is no success. 

Another important quality that I have embraced over the year is listening to my employees. Listening is one of the most important qualities any great boss should have.  But, the real question is - what else makes a boss great? Here are a few things I have discovered within myself that have not only helped me and my employees, but my overall work environment.

Macro-managing. Micromanaging embodies workplace bullying at its finest. Therefore, it is quite malicious. I am a great boss because I refuse to do it. In order to have an effective team, kicking someone when they are down is never the answer and will never solve any problem, let alone any trial or tribulation they are enduring. Building a person up is crucial because you have to make them want to work for you. 

Empower and Empathize. Going back to the previous, it is key to make your employees realize their worth in any business environment. I invest my time in empowering my team, not rejecting them. One of the most problematic issues that occur in workplaces today are that some leaders focus on being negative and critical without a hint of positivity and encouragement. Since day one I believe the key to being a great leader is to have a strong decorum and ability to empathize with a worker.

Optimism. In order to be a great boss, one must be open-minded yet optimistic. Sure I possess self-awareness, as any effective leader should, but I am also relatively universal in terms of decision making and look at every situation fully rather than one dimensionally. Keeping an open mind is always important because you represent the business, so it is important to remain optimistic at all times. 

Encourage Strengths. Don't blame your employees if they make a mistake. Encourage them to do better. Pick them up when they fall. It is important to recognize the strengths over the weaknesses. I believe in order to develop a successful team and an overall integrated business plan, you must recognize a worker's individual strength and morale. And if there is room for improvement, it is important to tactfully work with them to strive better. 

Put out Fires Quickly. I believe in addressing problems instantaneously before they become a major issue. Without addressing the obvious problem before it turns into an even greater issue, you'll never find a real solution. It is important to extinguish the fire quick before it takes over the office. 

Love the Job. This is the key to being a great boss and leader. To possess the experience, education and skills to complete the job is one thing, but to actually love your job - well, that love triumphs everything. In order to be a great boss you have to love what you do or you're never going to be successful.

Avoid Personal Friendships. I am a great boss because I am not your friend. When it comes to establishing a strong work ethic with a team of hard workers, I never mix business with pleasure. When you are working, it should always be about business and nothing else.