Karva Chauth 2018

Me today. Dedicating 24 hours
to my love.
Karva Chauth is an honorable holiday traditionally celebrated by married women (Hindu women) and wholeheartedly observes the love, light, and loyalty a woman has for her husband. As this holiday embraces dedication and conviction in more ways than one, it promotes a healthy, long-lasting relationship between a woman and her husband. 

What started out as a day for soldiers who left their wives and children to go fight in war turned into a Hindu holiday of love. As this holiday is often one a woman should always be prepared for, this is my first time celebrating Karva Chauth. 

Karva Chauth starts in a half an hour (or 30 minutes) here. To honor and celebrate my love for my amazing boyfriend, I will fast from sunrise to moon rise. I will not have anything to eat or drink. I will not access the internet; however, I will only talk to my boyfriend, family, and friends if they call me via phone. 

Once the fasting is complete, I will offer water to the moon. I will also have breakfast with the moon and enjoy an abundance of great food, including desserts and sweets. Some of the foods I will enjoy include: chapatis (or rotis), puris, parathas, matar paneer, chana masala, malai kofta, vegetable biryani, and raita. For dessert, I will enjoy gulab jamun, rasmalai, jalebi, gajar ka halwa and boondi ka laddo. To drink, I will enjoy mango lassi. 

To all of the amazing Hindu women around the world who are honoring their husbands this year - Happy Karva Chauth! Jai Mata Di. 🌞🌑🌟💛👀🌲🌎


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