Happy Birthday to my wonderful boyfriend Sumit

Beautiful yellow roses.
Today my amazing boyfriend Sumit turns 29. I decided to surprise him with money, cake, and roses for his birthday this year to show and celebrate my love, honor, respect, and appreciation for him, his life in general, and our relationship. 

For this birthday, I got him yellow roses simply because he loves yellow (well, we both do) and because today is the day to honor his life. Yellow is the color of hope and happiness, and represents loyalty, intellect, enlightenment, security, and joy which Sumit represents. In Hinduism, yellow symbolizes happiness, competence, strength, loyalty, peace, and a strong mental development. These flowers epitomize what Sumit is all about. 

Additionally, I bought him a cake, which ended up getting messed up. Although the baker messed up on the size, design, and color of the details, Sumit still appreciated his priceless, heart-shaped gift. The cake was shaped like a heart with a small design on the side and consisted of vanilla buttercream frosting and a double-layer of strawberry cream cake flavor. Strawberries symbolizes Venus, the goddess of Love. 
Sumit with his roses
from me. 

The money I gave Sumit was simply for him to have a wonderful time. Artha is one of the four aims of human life in ancient Indian philosophy which still applies today. As wealth is health and health is wealth, I wanted Sumit to have a great day without any tension or anything that would in anyway compromise or jeopardize his physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Ever since I met Sumit, I have discovered so much about myself that I never have before and learned so many vital lessons along the way. Sumit has taught me so many things about life, liberty, and happiness. And it is for this reason alone, I am truly grateful and blessed that we found one another and love with each other.

If you are reading this Sumit - Happy Birthday!