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Whether you want to share interests and make new friends or simply exchange new ideas and create virtual networks, you can do that with social media. Social media is one of the most effective tools in marketing and advertising any business and/or service, as it is one of the greatest ways to spread news. It is also one of the most popular computer-mediated mediums in the world today.

Here are my social media accounts:

Facebook (Feel free to "like" my Facebook beauty page too, although I must admit that I am not very active on it and haven't been for years.)
Word Press 
Tumblr (You can also check out my beauty, food and music blogs too)

I have officially joined the Smule app. My username is GolpariSarah

I play PUBG Mobile. My username is Golpari.

Any social media account out there, that is not included in the list above is not me.

For all marketing, business and PR inquiries please contact me here.

For all general inquiries, including comments, suggestions and other feedback you can contact me here.