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Tuesday, July 5, 2016 is closing: How to save your work

As you may or may not already be aware, is shutting down on July 10th. The website announced the close via email July 1st (Friday) with no real explanation. Media consumption has transformed dramatically over the years and as a result, content has been made more about the business priority rather than the meaning behind it. As of July 1st, is no longer taking submissions. With only 10 days to save your work, it can be modestly time consuming and virtually impossible if you have no help and thousands upon thousands of content. Today is July 5th so you now have only 5 days to save your work.

Although it's great to have a helping hand (Thank you so much, Joe, I love you) not everyone has the luxury of having someone help them backup their content. Recently, I discovered a program that has made this so much easier. You have no idea. It is called the Local Website Archive. You can download the program here.

Go to the page you want to save, select 'Add' followed by 'Continue' and let the program guide you through the rest. It's simple and allows you to save your work with just the click of your mouse. The Local Website Archive is efficient and quite effective when saving individual pages.

Since is closing, I will be writing with AEG's entertainment site, who purchased in 2014. As always, I will continue to publish and share great content with you. If you haven't already applied to write for AXS, I highly encourage you to do so as it is a great platform.  

In the words of Farrokh Bulsara aka Freddie Mercury, The Show Must Go On.

Friday, May 20, 2016

SKAM Artist remember Prince

Prince doing what he does best, performing live
at Coachella in 2008.
Photo by:
Prince was an iconic superstar, as he was songwriter and singer, the man was a true entertainer. As a little bit of rock n' roll, soul, funk and even jazz, Prince was a composer and a multi-instrumentalist who mastered over 20 instruments by the time he was 30. He also laid out the tracks and produced a majority of his music too. He was an innovator, creator, a teacher and most importantly, a hard worker.

And on April 21st the world cried nothing, but purple tears as Prince tragically lost his life at his Paisley Park home and recording studio in his hometown, Chanhassen. The world was shocked, as the world continues to grieve by the loss of perhaps the greatest artist the world of music has ever seen, Prince Rogers Nelson.

“Prince was in a class all his own. He inspired everyone in the music industry, from DJs, to singers and rappers, producers and beyond. Prince changed the game with the way he fought for his craft every single day. He will be missed beyond measure.” Sujit Kundu, founder of SKAM Artist told AXS.

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Norooz 2016: Celebrating in Los Angeles

A Norooz half-seen table.
(photo by Wikimedia Commons - Hessam)
As Spring approaches us, we come closer to the Persian New Year - Norooz. As this 'new day' is part of a tradition that started over 3,000 years ago, today Norooz is celebrated all over the world by people of an array of ethnicities and groups. Marking the first month of the Farvardin in the Iranian calendar, this day also marks the first day of Spring. Los Angeles is nicknamed "Tehrangeles" due to it's vastly populated Persian community. Since it is 2016, a lot of great things are happening for the Persian New Year this year. So, what is going on in the city of angels and surrounding areas for Norooz? For the list of events in Los Angeles for Persian New Year, simply click here right now.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Letters from the Labyrinth from Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Letters From The Labyrinth is the new and upcoming album from progressive and symphonic rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It is their sixth studio album, scheduled for release on November 13, 2015. Delivering the sounds of the season, the album offers 15 tracks by the band. Dubbed as the first hybrid album from Trans-Siberian Orchestra, this album was produced by Paul O'Neill, the founder of the band and co-produced by Dave Wittman. Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to new album - Letters From The Labyrinth. So, what did I think?
Time & Distance (The Dash)
Written by Paul O'Neill, Jon Oliva
The beginning of the song jumps right into an operatic chorus which reminds me of a Nightwish and Epica redux. The song is inspired by the changes of humanity through the years and is based on Night Castle from 2009. The lyrical delivery is majestic and consists of a choir of operatic sopranos singing through the entire song. The reverb works here and almost sounds natural. As the song continues, you can really get more of a rock sound. The sound is very much hard rock. The guitar riffs are good and really bring a whole meaning to the season.
Madness of Men
Written by Ludwig van Beethoven, Paul O'Neill, Jon Oliva
When I first heard this song, almost instantaneously, I could really tell this was going to be a song that would captivate the audience. The instrumental in this is so incredibly exciting, and I really love the delivery of this song. It's classical and timeless yet has that hauntingly beautiful symphonic rock vibe to it. I really love the piano sound in this song more than anything else. I think Beethoven would be very proud of this one. I love how the song starts light and yets darker and speeds up. This is what makes the Trans-Siberian Orchestra so magical.
Written by Ludwig van Beethoven, Paul O'Neill, Jon Oliva
First and foremost, the beginning of the song really starts out with a piano arrangement that is so exciting. I knew the moment it was played the angle it was going into. I really love how this song delivers both the classical and rock genres together instead of just starting with one and leading into the other. The guitar riffs are amazing. Jeff Scott's vocals are very strong and remind me of a 80's rock redux, which I really can appreciate. Out of the many renditions of this song I have heard, this is one of the best I have heard yet. In fact, I don't know if I would call this a rendition, but rather an enhancement.
Mountain Labyrinth
Written by Modest Mussorgsky, Paul O'Neill
This is one of those tunes that really grabs you instantly. The first thing that caught my attention was the ability to evoke such a hauntingly beautiful tune into something exhilarating. Like musical magic. It is very celestial yet virtuous. It starts out slow and innocent and really brings excitement towards the middle of the song which one can really appreciate. I really love the instrumental arrangement here, as it clearly works. This is definitely my favorite song from the album so far.
King Rurik
Written by Paul O'Neill, Vitalij Kuprij
The beginning of the song brings you a crepuscular keyboard solo which really renders a meaning here. Then about a few seconds short of a minute into the song, the song really picks up into an uptempo ballad. The song offers an amazing guitar riff that reminds me of The Who. The ending is something that leaves a lot to desire. Overall, the song is very powerful and the message is very clear here.
Prince Igor
Written by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Alexander Borodin, Alexander Glazunov, Paul O'Neill, Jon Oliva
The strings really come to life in this song and truly do take you to another place when the drum parts come in. At first, I was confused, but now I get it. The keyboard (the organ in particular) is really exciting in this tune. It is the 6th song of Letters From the Labyrinth and I find myself really appreciating the instrumental arrangement of the song here.
The Night Conceives
Written by Paul O'Neill, Jon Oliva
The classic guitar is the first part I hear and almost immediately I can hear various guitar riffs that tell me it's going to be more of a bluesy song. Shortly after, Kayla Reeves comes in. This song is very bluesy in comparison to most songs I have heard from the band. Kayla Reeves sounds fantastic. She's like a cross between Ann Wilson, Joan Jett, and Bessie Smith. The lyrics really depict a message. This is definitely not something you are use to hearing from Trans Siberian Orchestra yet it works. I really enjoy this song. If you are into blues music, I think you will not only love this tune, but appreciate it much more so.
Forget About The Blame
Written by Johnny Green
This is what is referred to as the Sun version of the famous song from Johnny Green. I really appreciate the execution of the song. It's more dark than the original and really brings something new and unique to the tune. Robin Borneman's voice is great on this track and you can feel the passion in his voice with this song. The lyrics really convey a purpose here.
Not Dead Yet
Written by Paul O'Neill, Jon Oliva
This song is truly something to desire. The opening bassline is quite uplifting. It reminds me of Walk this Way with more of a Funk spin on it. The rhythm is very evident here. The song is inspired by controversy based on the veracious lyrics. Russell Allen sounds great. He has a raspy voice that I really enjoy. After Allen sings his part, the composition starts to really take off. The guitars and drums are outstanding. I really love the use of the keyboard here.
Past Tomorrow
Written by Paul O'Neill, Jon Oliva
The strings and the piano are incredible here. Jennifer Cella has a stunning voice and really brings the song to life the moment she comes in. The song is dark Symphonic rock at it's finest with a classic crossover vibe to it. The song's storyline is stirringly striking too. If you are a fan of Epica, Within Temptation, Xandria, and Lacuna Coil, you will love this song. This is my favorite song from the album so far.
Written by Paul O'Neill, Jon Oliva
When you first hear this song, you are not sure what it is until the instrumentals start to really take off. This power-ballad is a Savatage cover. For those of you who are unaware, Savatage was a heavy metal band created by Jon Oliva and his brother Criss in the late 70s. (RIP Criss Oliva) Adrienne Warren has a beautifully dark voice in this tune. Not quite buoyant nor melancholy, but somewhere in between. I really love how this song starts very light and ends dark yet you can hear where the moments are. It's very different from the original and almost as good.
Not The Same
Written by Paul O'Neill, Ireland O'Neill
First and foremost, when I first heard this, I could envision a gospel redux. Almost like Yolanda Adams or Christina Aguilera singing in a church surrounded by a choir. The song depicts a message, a real message about ignorance and bullying. It is quite expressive. The instrumentals are one thing, but when Kayla Reeves comes in, the song really takes off from there. She sounds amazing here. Absolutely amazing. Reeves has a lot of soul and the soul really sold me here. The piano leaves so much penchant. The songs just keep getting better. This is my favorite song of Letters From The Labyrinth so far.
Who I Am
Written by Paul O'Neill
Virtually instantly, I was getting sounds of classic rock. Very much The Who meets Queen with a hint of Mozart. The operatic choir here really works with the drums. The lyrics do not go unnoticed, but with such powerful instrumentals and vocals, that is the main focus on this song. It's a very exciting song and reminds me of a tune you would hear during an adventure. Absolutely outstanding. The music just continues to get better.
Lullaby Night
Written by Johann Sebastian Bach, Paul O'Neill
This is by far the best enhancement of Ava Maria that I have heard in a long time. To be honest, I wasn't sure if this risk would pay off because this song is very big and has been recreated many times, but it really works here. The melody has been darkened and refined, the notes really blend well making a timeless tune into a modernized earworm of euphoria. I also love the backdrops of vocal modicums. I get goosebumps just listening to this song. Trans-Siberian Orchestra really proves they can deliver some of the greatest music the world has ever heard with this song alone. My only con is that I wish it were longer. Do you think Bach is dancing in Heaven right now?
Forget About The Blame
Written by Johnny Green
This is another fantastic Johnny Green cover. Lzzy Hale's voice is really unique with this song. This is the Moon version. The acoustics really bring a rustic sound that does not upstage the vocal, but merely hides beyond the vocal stylings of Hale. Speaking of Hale, Lzzy Hale's voice really brings a very avant-garde rock to this tune. The best way to describe it is Suzie McNeil meets Joan Jett. Needless to say, I prefer this rendition over the Sun version. As the 15th track and final song to Letter's From The Labyrinth, this is also a featured bonus track.
Trans-Siberian Orchestra is filled with some of the most talented musicians in the world. The members of the band include: Paul O'Neill, Jon Oliva, Al Pitrelli, Luci Butler, Chris Caffery, Roddy Chong, Angus Clark, Joel Hoekstra, Mee Eun Kim, Vitalij Kuprij, Jane Mangini, Asha Mevlana, Johnny Lee Middleton, John O'Reilly, Jeff Plate, Derek Wieland, David Zablidowsky, and Dave Wittman.
Letters From The Labyrinth will be released on Friday, November 13, 2015. This is symphonic rock at it's finest. A plethora of melodies that produce only magic to the ears. This album brings you both light and dark polyphonies that cross into various genres while depicting a story that goes beyond any plot or libretto. A story that is so intoxicating and yet delivered in a hauntingly beautiful way. That is what music is all about. Would I recommend this album? Absolutely.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Pittsburgh: Veggie Burger

Pittsburgh is one of the most underrated cities in the world today. Home to over 2 million residents, according to the CSA it is the 20th largest city in the United States. Although it is known as the steel city, it is also known for it's bridges and it's architecture. In fact, the city is filled with art. Pittsburgh is also known for it's sports teams. What you don't realize, however; is that the steel city offers some of the best cuisine you will ever experience.
As a vegetarian, it can be quite complicated trying to find great vegetarian food, but believe it or not, it does exist. But the question remains, can you find a veggie burger here? Absolutely. Don't believe me? Just click here now.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Top 10 best Tupac Shakur songs

Tupac Shakur (or 2Pac) was a rapper, poet, and occassional actor from the East side of the big apple. His claim to fame came in the early '90s after he lent his rapping skills to the song "Same Song" by Digital Underground which features actor Dan Aykroyd. He has sold almost 80 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling artists ever in music. He has an array of great songs, but the question remains, what are his best?
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Top 10 best Madonna songs

Madonna is not only a singer, songwriter, and entertainer; she is an entrepreneur, an actress, an author, and a philanthropist. She is a pop culture icon, as she is an inspiration to many artists including Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Pink, and more. The Queen of Pop has sold over 300 million records world-wide and as a result, she is the 2nd best-selling female artist in the US alone. So, what are the Queen of Pop's best songs? Just click here to find out.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Top 10 best Queen songs

Queen is an English rock band. Formed in the early 70s, they are one of the world's best-selling music artists. Queen's number one lead singer Farrokh Bulsara aka Freddie Mercury fronted the band up until his death in 1991. Since then, the band has has collaborated with everyone from Paul Rodgers of Bad Company and Adam Lambert. With almost 20 number one albums and number one singles, Queen officially became members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001. The question remains, what are the best Queen songs?
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Exclusive interview with 8ky 6lu, The Party President

Although he is best known for being part of the dynamic duo LMFAO, where the duo was most famous for their Party Rock Anthem (the third best-selling digital song in US history for 2011), he is also the grandson of Motown founder, Berry Gordy, Jr. What you don't realize is he is a genius in the music world on his own and has recently taken his music to the next level as a solo artist with his latest hit "We Love Girls" which he recently performed at Miss World and at the MMA Awards. It is now 2015, a new dawn, a new day, and a brand new year and there is so much to come, but the question remains: what can we expect from the Party President? Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to 8ky 6lu, the Party President himself about music, MMA, and Missy Elliot. So, what did he have to say? Just click here to find out.

Top 5 best Adam Lambert performances

Adam Lambert is an American singer and songwriter who achieved success after auditioning for the reality show American Idol and advancing to the finale. His career took off virtually instantly and as a result, Lambert attained world-class, superstar status. Lambert's vocal ability has no limits and when he takes off, it's as if a rocket has been launched. The question on everyone's mind is, what are his best, most memorable performances?
1. "Who Wants To Live Forever" at Hammersmith Apollo -- On July 11th 2012, Lambert took the stage with Queen to perform this super symphonic smash. Everything from the vocal delivery to the projection of this performance proves why Lambert is one of the greatest artists ever in music.
2. "For Your Entertainment" at the 2009 American Music Awards -- On November 22nd 2009, Lambert performed on the Nokia Theatre stage his hit song. Sparking up a lot of controversy, this memorable performance is as entertaining as it gets.
3. "National Anthem" at Broadway Bares -- On June 23rd 2013, Lambert graced the stage in efforts to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Little did he know that his performance that evening would become one of his best ever.
4. "Soaked" at Club Nokia -- On December 16th 2010, Lambert performed on the Club Nokia stage this beautiful progressive rock ballad, proving he is more than just an entertainer. This is a man with incredible vocals who delivers them in every performance.
5. "A Change Is Gonna Come" on American Idol -- Lambert graced the stage of the Nokia Theatre to perform this classic soul tune which was chosen by the creator of the show, Simon Fuller. Although it was a risk, Lambert delivered an epic rock soul song.

Top 10 best Adam Lambert songs

Adam Lambert is a singer and songwriter from Southern California. His claim to fame came in early 2009 when he graced the spotlight on the eighth season of American Idol. Lambert blew up in the pop music scene virtually instantly when he released his first album For Your Entertainment. As the first openly gay mainstream pop star, Lambert has achieved success by being the only one to ever launch a career with a major label. In most recent years, Lambert has had the opportunity of collaborating with other artists and even touring with quite a few, including Queen. The question remains, what are the best Adam Lambert songs?
1. "Whataya Want From Me" Recorded between September and October of 2009 and released a month later, this strong pop ballad tells a story, a story that many people can relate to. Written by Pink, Max Martin and Shellback; this is Lambert's very first song to ever become a top ten single.
2. "Trespassing" Released in October of 2012, this is a fun, invigorating pop track that lets you see the type of artist Lambert actually is. A little bit of leather and a little bit of glitter. Written by Adam Lambert himself along with Pharrell Williams; this song truly epitomizes current synthpop.
3. "If I Had You" Recorded in between September and October of 2009 and released in May of 2010, this uptempo electronic pop rock proves that fame and fortune cannot buy happiness. Written by Max Martin, Shellback and Savan Kotecha; this song proves money cannot buy love.
4. "Runnin" Released in May of 2012, this electro trance pop tune is a deluxe edition bonus track from Lambert's Trespassing album. Written by Lambert himself along with David Marshall, Fred Williams, Catt Gravitt and Marvin Williams; "Runnin" illustrates the clash between a existing situation and a hypothetical situation.
5. "Fever" Released in September of 2010, this glam rock dance pop is anything but leather. In fact, this is more glitter than anything else. Written by Lady Gaga, Rob Fusari and Jeff Bhasker; this uptempo song brings every color of the rainbow into one track, making it ultimately exciting.
6. "Time For Miracles" Released in October of 2009, this pop rock power ballad smash was one of the first songs to launch Lambert's career. This song was used in the movie "2012." Written by Alain Johannes and Natasha Shneider, Shneider lost her battle to cancer in 2008.
7. "Never Close Our Eyes" Released in April of 2012, this power synthpop song is Lambert's second major top ten hit. Written by Bruno Mars, Phillip Lawrence, Ari Levine, Luke Gottwald and Henry Walter; this tune was inspired by both the dance pop and Euro-pop genres with a hint of melodic influence.
8. "Want" Released in November of 2009, this pop rock power ballad really depicts a tale of true love. Although this song comes from Lambert's unofficial debut album, this song really deduces what Lambert is capable of doing with music, as a singer. Written by Andy King, Steve Jones, Maz Woolridge and Dean Gifford, there are many things a human wants in this life and one of them is love.
9. "Soaked" Recorded in the middle of 2009 and released in November of 2009, this power pop rock ballad tells a story about a lonely man who is tired of one night stands. Written by Matt Bellamy, this gloomy ballad remains as one of the best songs ever from Adam Lambert.
10. "Voodoo" Released in November of 2009, this tune was released as an international and tour edition bonus track to Lambert's first album, For Your Entertainment. Written by Adam Lambert, Sam Sparro and Jesse Rogg, this dance pop ballad really personifies the kind of artist Lambert is.

Top 5 best Christina Aguilera performances

Christina Aguilera is quite possibly the greatest female singer in popular music right now. Combining the essence of blues, soul, and jazz; Aguilera is as unique as her music. With five Grammy Awards alone, she is one of the most successful solo artists of our generation. Let's face it, Aguilera is officially a pop idol. But, the question remains, what are Christina Aguilera's best performances?
1. "At Last" at the City of Refuge Church -- On January 30th 2012, Aguilera lent her vocals to pay her respects to the late and great Etta James. Aguilera truly made you believe what the song was about. Although the vocals were criticized, no one can deny the gift that this blue eyed soul has. The tribute was not only moving, but Christina Aguilera's best yet. RIP Jamesetta Hawkins.
2. "It's A Man's World" at the 2007 Grammy Awards -- On February 11th 2007, Aguilera proved that she is not only a pop singer, but a soul singer too, when she paid her respects to Soul sensation James Brown. Most people were surprised by Aguilera's ability to project the song and those that didn't care for the song, loved it that night.
3. "Ain't No Other Man" at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards -- On June 3rd 2006, Aguilera once again truly showed the world that she can sing. Embracing the Jazz concept, this was not only one of her most memorable performances, but the first one she did in years at the time.
4. "Run To You" at the 2001 BET Awards -- On June 19th 2001, Aguilera graced the stage of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas to perform this Whitney Houston classic tune. Not only did she perform it amazingly, but she was personally recognized by Houston, as Houston made sure Aguilera knew that her rendition was the greatest one other than her own.
5. "Somo Novios" with Andrea Bocelli at the Sam Remo Music Festival -- On March 4th 2006, Aguilera joined classical crossover crooner Andrea Bocelli for a special duet of "It's Impossible." Not only was the collaboration one of the best ever in music, the performance remains to be one of the most memorable by both Aguilera and Bocelli.

Top 10 best Christina Aguilera songs

Christina Aguilera is a singer and songwriter from Wexford, Pennsylvania. Her claim to fame was after she appeared on Star Search at the age of 8. Later, she joined pop stars Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears on the Mickey Mouse Club. Almost a decade later, she achieved praise by lending her vocal contribution to the Disney film Mulan. About a year later her career took off. Today, she is a world-class superstar who has sold over 50 million albums around the world. The question everyone wants to know is, what are her best songs?

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Top 5 best Whitney Houston performances

She was a singer, a songwriter, and an occasional actress who did a little bit of modeling and producing too. Can you guess who she is? Whitney Houston. She has influenced everyone from Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga and remains to be one of the best-selling superstars ever on the planet. As one of the most critically acclaimed artists of her generation, Houston was (and still is) one of the greatest voices the world has heard. In fact, she has the records to prove it. The question on everyone's mind is, what are her best, most memorable performances? Simply click here to find out now.

Top 10 best Lady Gaga songs

Lady Gaga (aka Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is a singer and songwriter from the big apple. Before her big break in 2008 with her first album The Fame, Gaga was a songwriter for Sony/ATV Music Publishing. With 6 Grammys and 13 VMAs along with 13 Guinness World Records, Gaga is clearly one of the best-selling artists of all time. So, what are Mother Monster's best songs?
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Top 10 best Aerosmith songs

Aerosmith is a classic hard rock, glam blues band. After over 40 years, they still continue to record music and tour, wherever their music takes them. With almost 200 million records sold around the world, they are one of the best-selling bands of all time. Aside from the many record sales, they have achieved 12 multi-platinum, 18 platinum, and 25 gold status albums, which are the most certifications achieved by an American band. As of 2001, Aerosmith has become members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But, the biggest question remains, what are the best Aerosmith songs?
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Top 5 Celine Dion performances

Celine Dion is one of the greatest performers to ever come from Canada. As one of the most critically acclaimed singers in the world, she is one best-selling artists of all time. When it comes to memorable performances, Celine Dion definitely always has those magic moments. The question is, however, what are the most memorable performances by Celine Dion?
1. "My Heart Will Gone On" at the Shrine Auditorium
On March 23, 1998, Dion performed one of the greatest love songs of all time. As winner of "Best Original Song" this stunning ballad is what shaped Dion's career into world-class superstardom. Not only was this performance her best, it was this song that would become one of the best-selling singles of all time.
2. "I Believe In You" at the Greek Theatre
On June 27, 2006, Dion shared the stage with classical crossover pop stars Il Divo as they performed in Los Angeles for their world tour at that time. Not only is this song one of the best collaborations, it is one of Dion's most memorable performances.
3. "Have You Ever Been In Love" at MGM Grand
On May 22, 2003, Dion took the stage in Las Vegas for the VH1 Diva Duets concert which benefited VH1's Save The Music Foundation. Everyone from Whitney Houston, Beyonce and Jewel performed, but there was only one performance that stood out that night and it was Celine Dion's. Not only the best performance of the night, but one of Dion's best ever.
4. "Aren't They All Our Child After All" at the Arie Crown Theater
On September 14, 2002, Dion was part of a concert that was held at the McCormick Place. Out of every performance that day, the one that featured Enrique Iglesias, Josh Groban, Yolanda Adams and even Nick Carter was the best and when Dion came out amongst them, she proved why she is the best-selling female artist of all time.
5. "Show Must Go On" at the TD Banknorth Garden
On August 12, 2008, Dion performed for a sold-out crowd of almost 33,000 people. As she graced the stage in Boston for the Taking Chances tour, she paid respects to Queen and Farrokh Bulsara (aka Freddie Mercury). Little did she realize that her performance was one of the greatest and most memorable performances she has ever done. 

Top 10 best Celine Dion songs

Celine Dion is a singer and songwriter from Canada. Her claim to fame came in 1982 when she performed at the Yamaha World Popular Song Festival. Influenced by various genres such as Rock, Soul, and even Classical, Dion is notable for her recordings in French and English, but has dipped into various languages such as Italian and Japanese, making her a world-class superstar. Dion is not only one of the greatest voices the world has heard, she is the best-selling female artist of all time. So, what are her best songs?
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Los Angeles: Best Persian Restaurants of 2015

Koubideh, courtesy of Persian Dutch Network.
Nicknamed "Tehrangeles", LA is known for its culture, its milieu, its bricolage, and its entertainment. With over 10 million residents alone in the metropolitan area, Los Angeles is also the second largest city in America.
Are you looking to enjoy a fantastic Persian dinner? So, what are the best Persian Restaurants in Los Angeles? Just click here to find out.

New York City: Best Persian Restaurants of 2015

Ghormeh Sabzi, Iran's National Dish. Mersi
Amin Majidi.
New York City, the most populated city in the United States. With almost 20 million residents in the metropolitan area alone, the city that never sleeps is definitely a global power city and one of the most exciting places in the world.
The question remains: can you find Persian food here? Absolutely. In fact, some of the best Persian food can be found in the big apple. So, what are the best Persian Restaurants in New York City? Just click here to find out.