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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Brooke Houts is disgustingly vile

Most of you reading my blog probably have no idea who Brooke Houts is. In case you are unaware, she is an irrelevant YouTuber who gained notoriety for making super edited and cringe-worthy videos of her with her dog, a doberman pincher named "Sphinx". 

I am not sure if it happened early this morning or last night into the early morning, but Houts basically exposed herself by uploading a video onto her YouTube account. She actually went and uploaded the wrong video, the unedited version. Shortly after she discovered this, she deleted it (or made it private) and uploaded the edited one. 

With almost 330,000 subscribers, Brooke Houts subscribers noticed and the video went viral, as when one domino goes the rest follow. The video started circulating all over the world wide web as a result. I watched the video a few hours ago and was literally disgusted by this woman's outlandishly sinister behavior. In the video, you can see her yelling at the dog and sticking her finger in the poor dog's face. Shortly after, Houts is seen pushing the dog away, pinning it down, and even spitting on the dog. 

She is disgustingly vile.

Based on the video, I believe this is not the first time she has abused her dog, as you could tell by how Sphinx reacted to her abuse, he had to deal with this before. This low life should not be able to own a dog. And shame on anyone who defends this piece of shit and her abuse. To be honest, I am hoping the ASPCA and PETA get involved and remove this innocent dog from Brooke Houts care. Not sure if YouTube will delete her channel, but they do a major disservice glorifying this animal abuser simply for a quick buck. As the second most visited site online, it is evident and crystal clear why her channel still exists. 

Anyways, Houts attempted to save face and basically do damage control by uploading one of the most cringe-worthy apology videos ever. I don't believe her apology is sincere and if anything, I truly believe she's sorry she got caught more so than sorry for hitting her dog. 

I believe Brooke Houts is dangerous and clearly unfit to be caring for this precious sentient being let alone any dog at all. Hopefully she is investigated by authorities and charged with animal cruelty for her crime. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Gwinnett Georgia Animal Shelter Kills Wrong Dogs

I don't know what on earth is going on in Gwinnet County, but it has me and many others incredibly appalled. Recently, I discovered this story after watching Randy Travis from Fox 5 cover this story. In the Gwinnett County area of Georgia, as well as, Fulton County area, the local animal shelters there are killing the wrong dogs. What makes it more disgusting is they were told not to kill the animals, which makes a violation of the judge's original order. 

A total of four dogs have died so far, with the numbers going up. I mean, how can these people live with themselves doing this? They did this in January, where they originally killed three dogs which belonged to their rightful owner John Ahmadinia. Additionally, they killed two other innocent dogs. This excludes the four that have died just recently. 

I use to live in Athens, Georgia and Toccoa, Georgia once upon a time, so I found myself really dipping into this story. And as an animal lover, I am disgusted and appalled at how inhumane these shelters are here. This is unacceptable and should never be tolerated as ok. 

As of right now, both shelters are facing an array of pending charges. I do think that there will be some legal fights and I hope justice for these animals and their owners who loved them is rightfully served.