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Monday, March 30, 2015

Candy Buffet Store, Light Blue Rock Candy

The Rock Candy Crystals are outstanding and the perfect addition to any party or event. They are not only sweet, but possess the right amount of flavor, giving you a plethora of great flavor.
These Candy Buffet Store additions give you the right amount of texture, taste, and presentation. The Cotton Candy is outstanding. As novel as they appear, I love to eat them alone, especially if I am in the mood for something sweet or enjoy them right from the freezer. They are also excellent dipped in teas too.
I'm contemplating and debating whether or not I want to make Breaking Bad cupcakes with them. They are fun.
I am obsessed and I think you will be too. If you haven't tried these, you are truly missing out. For more information about the Candy Buffet Store's Light Blue Rock Candy, visit the Candy Buffet store on Amazon.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


We will never see a number like this for another hundred years. What are two things that I love aside from family and friends? Zebra print and candy, especially lollipops. To show dedication for this special day, I have decided to present you with 12/12/12 in candy.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I helped make this basket for St. Patrick's Day...

Lately, I have garnered a hobby for making gift baskets for just about any occassion under the sun and most recently, I had the opportunity to help make this one. What do you think?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Power of Candy, An Acrostic

Power of Candy.
(Photo by Sarah Afshar/Yahoo!
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Pure bliss of delectable indulgence.

Optulent portions of sugary mystery.

Wide range varieties that start at just a pence.

Enthusiastic thoughts of immediate joy.

Riveting sweet tooth illustrated in epic proportions and decoy.

Oblivious sugar highs that last for minutes and hours.

Flavorful truffles, caramels, jelly beans, gummy bears, cow tales, licorice, and marshmallow flowers.

Chocolate is a satisfaction fueled from an addiction.

Anticipating a reward as melodious as life you want to live.

No where will you find candy dislike, untying truth from fiction.

Delicious and as powerful with a dopamine practically dandy.

You can never defeat the power of candy.