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Friday, April 5, 2019

Word of the Day: Sesquipedalian

April is national English month. Today's word is: Sesquipedalian. Sesquipedalian is pronounced as sess-kwip-pay-day-lee-ann. Sesquipedalian is a formal adjective derived from the Latin language. Often referred to as a polysyllabic, sesquipedalian basically means "loving of long words" or "loving of overusing long words." This can also be referred to as the love of using long syllables too. 

According the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word was first used in 1656 by English literary theorists and critics when describing the overuse of using long words. 

A sesquipedalist is a noun. This term is simply the person who uses sesquipedalian. A sesquipedalist is a person who loves to use long words or loves to overuse long words. 

Additionally sesquipedality is a noun which represents the quality of being sesquipedal or the quality of being sesquipedalian

Sentence example: "My best friend uses sesquipedalian quite often, so I always make it a priority to use big words when we communicate." 

Synonyms: Euphuistic, Lengthy, Long, Pleonastic, Polysyllabic, Polysyllable, Pretentious, Sententious

Antonyms: Brachysyllabic, Monosyllabic, Short, Unpretentious

Monday, April 1, 2019

April is National English Month

As we Spring into Summer, we still find ourselves stuck in Spring for a few more months. Luckily, we have reached the month of April. Although today is officially April, today is also April Fools Day too. 

And as much as I would love to play an April Fools prank on my readers, it would be quite hard to do so considering you already know what day it is. April is officially "National English Month" a month filled with appreciation, recognition and celebration of this incredible West Germanic language. English is constantly evolving, as a new word is constantly being introduced and used daily.

What started as an idea turned into reality. Over the sequence of 1,500 years, English has grown. As National English Day is primarily on April 23rd (to celebrate the birthday of William Shakespeare) it was TOEFL USA who wanted to extend the celebration and make one day become a full month. 

Amazing right?

Explore, practice, plan and connect are wise words to live by, thanks to the TOEFL Test, an English language assessment test that is often required by many institutions and establishments when studying and traveling. The TOEFL Test is also one of the main organizations promote National English Month. 

For today, this internationally recognized test encourages to follow them on Facebook. They also ask that you vote for the word of the year. To kick off National English month, TOEFL asks that you watch one movie in the English language. They also want you to listen to music in English too. Additionally, they want you to memorize at least one poem in English and start a conversation with a native English speaker. 

English is my first language and I love it. Although some of you are already native speakers, I am well aware that there are many of you who are still learning English, as it is not your first language. My boyfriend who is from India speaks English fluently, but it is not his first language so he's relentlessly learning a lot from me. 

English is a very universal and diverse language with a lot of uniqueness, comprehensiveness and vastness. Once you learn English, you will be able to tackle and learn virtually any language.