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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Martial Arts Talk: Exclusive Interview with Elaina Maxwell

MMA Fighter Elaina "Beef"
Back in late 2012, I had the opportunity to talk to MMA fighter Elaina Maxwell. As one of the toughest women on the planet, Maxwell has an array of experience in women's mixed martial arts, as she has quite a few fights under her belt.

Recently, I caught up with her again. Only this time we talk about training, the UFC, and Gina Carano. Elaina also answers some questions from her fans. Here is what Elaina had to say...

(Q) Hello Elaina! It's been quite a while since we both spoke. How are you?

I have been great! I have been training at two gyms. The CSA Gym ( in Dublin, CA and Unlimited MMA in Milpitas, CA. I've been working with a boxing trainer by the name of Tony Clayton.

(Q) You have been training a lot. Taking you through an average day of training, what is your current training regime? Tell me a little more about it...
I train around my work schedule, which is different every week, so it keeps me on my toes as far as finding time to do both. I'm getting in 5 days of training every week!

(Q) Let's talk about the UFC (or Ultimate Fighting Championship). What are your thoughts about women's MMA being added?
I'm in love with women's MMA being in the UFC. On my Warrior Nation episode on MSNBC in 2006 (vs. Gina Carano), Dana White said that women will never be in the UFC. I am very glad he changed his mind. The fans want to see us in the UFC!

(Q) I believe UFC President Dana White needs to add the Women's Featherweight (or 145 pound) category. I also believe you need to be in the UFC, as well.
I know I belong in the UFC, so thank you for your support!

(Q) If you could say anything to Mr. Dana White right now, what would you say?
I'll fight Gina right now!

(Q) One of your fans named George writes: "If you could get down to 135 just to fight with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, would you do it or are you going to wait until Dana adds the 145 pound weight class?"
If I could make the drop to 135 easier, I would, but I am hoping Dana adds a FW 145 class, ASAP. In the meantime, I am going to fight a kickboxing fight and then get right back into the cage.

(Q) One of your fans named Troy writes: "Who do you think is the toughest woman in MMA right now? Why?"
Catch 22, LOL! Naturally, I think the toughest women in MMA are the FW female fighters, but is only because I pay more attention to the women in my weight class than others.

(Q) A lot of people have contacted me about your skincare routine. In fact, another fan, Rachel writes: "I am a big fan of Elaina Maxwell. I am curious Elaina, what do you do to make your skin look so luminous?"

Thank you for noticining. I drink a lot of Kangen water since I have a machine at home and in addition to that, I don't spend much time in the sun. If I do, I make sure to overdose on sunscreen, as you can never wear too much. Plus, I use all natural skin products by Chen Skin Health ( in NYC.

(Q) Is it possible to train without music? Another fan, Keith writes: "When you are training Elaina, what do you listen to? What is on your iPod?"
Of course it is. I will run without music sometimes, but for the most part, I listen to whatever is playing at the gym because my iPod Touch was stolen. #frownyface.

Elaina Maxwell doing extensive
pad work with her trainer.
(Q) For all of your fans reading this interview, what would you like them to know? What is next for Elaina "Beef" Maxwell?
I almost took a boxing fight, but the promoter could not find a match for me, so for now, I'm getting ready to visit Thailand in July, if funds allow me to do so. I will be fighting there, as well and would like to take a Muay Thai fight in the states before I return to MMA. My last MMA fight was in 2012 (vs. Ashley Sanchez) and since then, I have been married and moved.

I would like to thank my sponsors for taking care of me during this hiatus: Knoxx Gear, Tussle Fight Gear, CSA, Gracie Fighter, and of course, my chiropracter, Dr. Dan Russell at Main Street Chiro in Pleasanton, CA. I will be back in 2014! Get ready!
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Interview with Womens MMA icon, Elaina Maxwell

Training in the heart of Dublin, California at CSA Gym under trainer Kirian Fitzgibbons, Elaina Maxwell remains to be one of the best women's MMA fighters in the world today. I discovered Elaina when I watched her face Gina Carano on Strikeforce: Triple Threat and became a fan almost instantaneously.  
With her first title win in 2002 as a Gold medalist at the Born to Fight II, her professional MMA title win in 2007 as the Golden State Light Middleweight MMA Champion to her latest win in 2012 at the Resurrection Fighting Alliance, Maxwell is making many waves in the MMA world.

Elaina discovered martial arts when she fell in love with kickboxing. As an athlete, it was a workout trend and completely worked as an off-season workout. It was then that Elaina discovered her love for contact sports, as she loved the intensity and competitive environment. While finishing her volleyball career and pursuing her educational goals at San Jose State University, Maxwell made the USH! Fight Team in 1997. Since then, her career as a martial artist took off.

To Maxwell, martial arts consists of many different elements. When I asked her what martial arts she currently trains, she told me - "I currently train MMA, but since it consists of so many different elements, I practice boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Strength Training, Conditioning, Clinch, and Running."

There is always a memorable fight. When I asked Elaina about the toughest woman she fought she told me "Sun Li of China". When I asked her why, she said "I fought her at the 2005 Wushu Sanshou World Championships in Hanoi, Vietnam in the finals. She captured the gold that night, as she won by decision. I walked away with a silver medal & from Sanshou that day. With every ending, there is a new beginning, so with that said...I discovered MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the next year. Since then, I have gone on to win titles in MMA, BJJ, and look forward to my return to the cage in early 2013."

Even the toughest women on the planet get intimidated and scared of a fight. When I asked Elaina if she has ever been intimidated or scared of a fight, she told me "Yes, but it is the fear that makes you perform."

Maxwell told me that her favorite MMA fighter is "Anderson Silva" saying "He is very humble yet very successful."

When I asked her what her favorite food was, she was not hesitant to tell me - "They call me BEEF for a reason. My absolute favorite food is steak, especially the filet." She went on to tell me - "I know red meat is hard to digest, so I eat it sparingly. Maybe once a week, along with dairy."
Is dieting during the holidays possible? I asked Elaina if she thought dieting during the holidays was possible. She told me "Yes, I believe in cheat meals." When I asked her if she followed a diet, she directed me to the "Dolce diet."

There are many women all over the world that struggle with their weight. I asked Elaina what tips she had for women who are struggling with their weight. She told me "Take one day at a time, write down what eat, weigh yourself the first thing in the morning and repeat this once a week. Believe in yourself and see yourself at your ideal weight. If you can dream it, you can achieve it!"

Outside of MMA, Elaina loves spending time with her husband. She said "My absolute favorite thing to do is spend time with my husband. He is from South Africa, so there is always something new and fun to do in the Bay Area/Northern California."

We can appreciate the past and admire it for developing us into who we are today. I asked Elaina what her plans were for the future. She said "I plan on being the new Invicta FC Featherweight Champ in 2013 and look forward to spending the rest of my days with my new husband."

Elaina would like to thank KNOXX, Tussle, CSA, Gracie Fighter, Main Street Chiro, and my family, including her twin sister and her husband for all of their continued support, both in and out of the cage.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Biography: Bruce Lee

If there were an award given to the actor that moved so fast, no one could catch him, the recipient of that award would be Mr. Bruce Lee. He was so fast that his speed was considered "inhuman". On November 27, 1940 a martial arts legend was born in the heart of San Francisco, CA. Although Bruce Lee's original name was "Jun Fan" in Cantonese, he chose to use the English translation of Bruce Lee.

At only age 12, Bruce was forced to move to Hong Kong to attend an all boys school. Bruce was very educated, but he always felt as if he were meant to do something bigger than what he was doing at that time. It was quite obvious that Bruce has always been a fighter since the moment he was born, hence why he won several championships on and off throughout his life, up until this point. It wasn't until about age 14 that Bruce started a variety of martial arts training that would prepare him to be the master he was and the legend he would become.

As time proceeded and a variety of conflicts floated in Bruce's direction, he decided to make the move back to the United States where he was born. Bruce was determined as a child to become an actor one day, but was more into teaching and educating others about what he learned. He wanted to inspire people and give them a purpose for living and a reason to believe that they can have much more than what they have.

After living in San Francisco, at 19 years of age Lee decided to relocate to Seattle. At this point, Bruce was very skeptical about pursuing a career in entertainment, so he enrolled in the Philosophy program at the University of Washington. At this time, he met his wonderful wife. Lee was heavily influenced by a variety of philosophical teachings such as the Jeet Kun Do, as well as, Taoism and Buddhism. He would also construct a variety of regimes he used that would make a huge impact later on, as a result. Bruce took himself seriously, as well as, anything that became a part of him.

He decided to create a martial arts school and use his what he learned, as well as, what founded himself to help others benefit from his knowledge. After days of thinking and working, as well as, many hours of soul searching, Lee decided he wanted to become an actor and pursue that particular route. It wasn't until the 1960s era that Bruce decided to pursue acting. Although Lee acted as a child, he became internationally known as playing Kato, the limo driver and guard in The Green Hornet.

As time proceeded, he gave birth to his son Brandon in 1965 (another actor who ends up sharing a similar fate 20 years later) and to his daughter Shannon in 1969. After working over a decade as an actor, Lee was determined to find his big break and eventually found out when he was offered the role of a lifetime as Lee in Enter The Dragon. In 1971-1972 Lee began filming Enter The Dragon. Little did anyone know, this movie would become his biggest success yet.

After over 30 different movies and television sets, as well as, numerous appearances luck did not find Mr. Lee. On July 20, 1973 Lee's life came to a halt, when he mysteriously died. He was only 32 years of age. At this time, he was a success and praised in the media as someone who should be respected for bringing something new to the industry. All anyone could do was question - "Why Bruce?".

Some theorists believe that Mr. Lee was murdered by a private martial arts organization because he introduced martial arts into cinema, however; others believe it was an allergic reaction to a drug he used, to attempt to treat a headache he endured, earlier that day. Some theorists still are questioning his death and there are still many unanswered questions.

As someone who is a huge fan of Bruce Lee and possesses a collection of Bruce Lee movies, I am reluctant to state that if I had to choose my favorite Bruce Lee film, I would definitely choose "Enter The Dragon" as it was not only one of his very first American films, but his final film.

The film was created with a budge of a little over $750,000 and has managed to grow a revenue of over $30 million. After shedding many tears, for many years from Bruce's unexpected death, Lee's legend remains. Although tears have fallen and Bruce is gone, Bruce's spirit and soul lives on