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Monday, March 9, 2015

Donyaye Vaghei, a Ghazal

Where is the truth in what you say? Is there a way you can make it glad today?
Will there be a bad tomorrow, a bad day, or a bad today?

Those endless dreams of wanting more than what is there—to give me hope that there are those who care—to express and project my feelings—a tad today.

The past is a reflection of who we are—the present defines who we are—the future is something to look forward to—if we disregard the ignorance and rip the chad today. 

Accomplishing more than your enemy is the best revenge—because in the end amazing minds talk about accomplishments. Do you feel at all rad today? 

Writing emotions down on paper as a way to reflect generates excitement—keeping note of experiences of feelings are supremely gad today. 

Losing a loved one hurts us more than the end of their suffering—loving one who hurts you in this life feels painful, as if you have been had today. 

When life hands you lemons, do you make lemonade or a lemon sugar face scrub? Do you eat the lemon with Stevia? Do you squirt those lemons in the eye of your enemy? Where is dad today? 

Do I want to go home today? Will I find my way today? When I write, I am inspired by words more than people—Oh, what shall I write on the pad today? 

Chances are only regrets if you never take them—reality is fake, but dreams are real—giving up is losing—society can be beautiful, as society can be ugly and can turn flad today. 

As we lose the ability to appreciate the finest—we lose grasp of value—look into my eyes and let me show you the way—let me take you by the yad today.

I beg for the ability to forget and forgive others around me, as I honor self love and hate self loathe—time gives me hope not to feel sad today. 

Giving up and depending upon a substance for help is never the answer because happiness depends upon ourselves—giving up is losing—I never want to rely on vad today. 

Where there is a will in this life—a reflection of hatred, disrespect, and inability to relate—a sign of the time is not now to be cad today. 

Defending your dignity is important, but not as strong as defending the truth—And it is those who refrain from defending what is right that are in danger of being sad today. 

Much love and light, much evil and dark, much black and blue—emotionally disconnected from the truth and reality of the world that is mad and sad today.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Beauty of Christmas Day, a poem

The holidays are looming towards the present, as the stars up above shine ever so brightly. A holy night where we come together with everything we are grateful of, ever so tightly. Near the old, habitual chimney lies the stocking and greeting cards given by friends and foes. Under the Christmas tree lies gifts and presents worthless to and worthy of those. 

Dead leaves continue to fall off the leafless trees, as the ice continues to cultivate and grow. Splendid wind chimes move readily, as you're inside wrapping each gift alone, with a bow. Unanticipated guests show up at the front door, hoping to earn your admiration and overall respect. The phone rings off the hook, as you occupy your precious and treasured time to reflect.

Mucky incognito populace attempt to ruin the moment and encourage the plight. Optimistic people who live in the moment with goals and accomplishment have the spotlight. Holiday galas have their ups and downs, the life we inhabit is sublimely imperfect precision. The life we choose is the life we befall, one big accomplishment, one big mission.

Santa Claus, Christmas Gifts, Cards, Fruitcake, and Old Fashioned Egg Nog. Glossy chestnuts roasting peacefully on a fresh new wooden log. Christmas is a celebration that promotes immaculate joy and splendid glee. Despite the adversity endured, we are approaching a special day. Can't you see?

This is the time to cherish, a time to bear, the love of God and the birth of his son. Christmas is the time that brings us together, together as one. The old and the new, the rich and the poor, the black and the blue. The weak and the strong, the fat and the thin, no matter who we are, no matter what we do, we all belong.

The circle of life, controls the prosperity and richness of the soul. Peaceful meetings of sublime happiness are in our control. Stillness is golden, in that final month, six hundred hours until the day. A time to give, a time to receive, and a time to love the beauty of Christmas Day.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day, Words of Wisdom

Once upon a time over a billion years ago.Our mother earth was born and that's all we know.
Although the birth of our planet is one big mystery.Our earth, our mother has generously made history.

Today is a wonderful time to honor our mother.The energy we give and the energy we receive, is like no other.
We are the helping hand that feeds.Let us love our earth, as she has very special needs.

Endlessly separating fact from fiction.The earth's controversy has created intense friction.
Our lives depend solely on our planet.Do yourself a favor and make sure the earth's demands are met.

Whether we are weak and whether we are strong.Let us gather for this special day, let us all get along.
Human beings and species from around the globe and across the ball.Let this be an honorable day to walk tall.

You don't have to be rich to plant a tree.The earth loves you all, can't you see?

Whether you are black, white, purple, or green...Please take care of our planet, don't be mean.
Whether you are black, white, orange, or teal...You only have one earth and that is what's real.

In this world...we live, we die, and we remain.One thing is certain, the earth is what keeps us sane.
The circle of life that breeds within our hearts.Treat our earth right by planting seeds in endless parts.

Eight days before May...Let us celebrate Earth Day!

-Sarah Afshar

Friday, March 16, 2012

Family Ties, a poem

The eclectic secrets lie,
Within the universal truth.
Life originates,
Around our youth.

Through thick and thin,
Through black and blue.
We are bonded together,
The reality is true.

On every divine wavelength,
We are connected.
The thoughts we have,
Are indeed respected.

Gifted notions of parallel fantasies.
Empty waters of purity.
We may be weak, but we are strong.
In the end, we do belong.

Blood is thicker than water.
We love our father, our mother,
Our sister, our brother -
Like no other.

Three plus three plus three equals nine.
Our strengths exceed our weaknesses,
So step in line.

At least she cries,
At least he tries.
It's only part of being human -
Family Ties.

Faithful good, may always remain.
Separating fact from fiction,
Eats away at our brain.

Scorched ties that conjugate,
The light of day.
Understand the wisdom we learn,
From our family.

Universal and diversal perks,
Of being connected.
Despite the adversity we face,
We are never rejected.

Guiding our way through the desert sand.
Past, present, future tense.
Follow your heart,
Make a mense.

Exceptionally destraught and sad about nothing.
Inspirational talks and homecooked meals,
The love one receives, the love one gives,
The love one has, The love one feels.

Despite what we endure,
Those can continue to try.
We are human,
We can continue to cry.

Say your hellos' and your goodbyes'.
The bond, the ties that last forever -
Family Ties.

Karaoke Day, a haiku

Karaoke Day
Turn Up The Microphone Now
Let's Have Fun Today

Oh Why, a haiku

Looked Up At The Sky
Watching The Day Pass Me By
Light To Dark, Oh Why

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Green Rainbows, a limerick

The rainbow that follows the pot filled with gold
Is the green that garnishes the life of the hot and the cold,
But the beautiful ones I get to see everyday,
Are always a rarity two months before May,
And those ones I see two months before May never get old.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Boulevard, Endless Hopes and Dreams - a haiku

Christmas Boulevard
located in
Santa Claus, Indiana.
(Photo by Sarah Afshar)

Christmas Boulevard
Walking Down The Street Today
Endless Hopes And Dreams

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Power of Candy, An Acrostic

Power of Candy.
(Photo by Sarah Afshar/Yahoo!
Associated Content)
Pure bliss of delectable indulgence.

Optulent portions of sugary mystery.

Wide range varieties that start at just a pence.

Enthusiastic thoughts of immediate joy.

Riveting sweet tooth illustrated in epic proportions and decoy.

Oblivious sugar highs that last for minutes and hours.

Flavorful truffles, caramels, jelly beans, gummy bears, cow tales, licorice, and marshmallow flowers.

Chocolate is a satisfaction fueled from an addiction.

Anticipating a reward as melodious as life you want to live.

No where will you find candy dislike, untying truth from fiction.

Delicious and as powerful with a dopamine practically dandy.

You can never defeat the power of candy.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Arduous Conundrum, a Tritina

Sweltering fire that energizes the decorum of quintessence, momentarily, by the sugarcoat of lies.
Defective apologizes are inconsequential banter, spurring, extricating reality from falsehood.
Into the great wide open, drudgery and obliging, neglecting the derivation of the conundrum.

Life is a scientific phenomenon, encouraging, creativity fueled by raw astuteness and gifted conundrum.
The path of excellence is only created, smoothly, without overanalyzing is unhelpful and deeming the lies.
Attempting to be, what you are not destined to be, boorishly, is a melancholic and lively falsehood.

Once being lighthearted and joyful, passionately, craving continuous love shaped by tremendous falsehood.
Exceptional viewpoint of the castle in the sky, yearning, from a cryptic and mystifying conundrum.
A prototype of never ending plucks, contemptuously, produced by acquiescent and vicious lies.

Horrendous lies, enduring, into a poignant falsehood that started from an arduous conundrum.

-Sarah Afshar

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Ask Why, a Haiku

Look up to the sky
The sun, the clouds, I ask why
We live, just to die.

-Sarah Afshar

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tempted Night, a Villanelle

Reality is faux, dreams are for real. Praying before and after, every meal. The lure, the persuasion, the tempted night.

Epitome of free thinking, why conceal. Deception of status quo masks the kite. Reality is faux, dreams are for real.

Women elude the dubious clear sight. Whether you are black, white, orange, or teal. The lure, the persuasion, the tempted night. 

Pleasure does not define sex, dear tonight. Glee does not always mean gay, the human right. Reality is faux, dreams are for real.

The air is tarnished with flawed banter fight. Within the night, the falling can heal. The lure, the persuasion, the tempted night.
Verity is my strength, dignity, light. Miracles of urges bring a new height. Reality is faux, dreams are for real. The lure, the persuasion, the tempted night.

-Sarah Afshar

Monday, June 27, 2011

Fictious Ardor, A Shakespearean Sonnet

Sincere belief in positive true love.
Looking for the real soul of endless hope.
Optimism was all I could think of.
Time is a virtue, impatience to cope.
Desperately wanting happiness and peace.
From past to future it is history.
Seeking a pristine fairytale and lease.
Glory of life is one big mystery.
Unpredictable outcome, vile ways.
Errors are valid strengths, you will endure.
Counting down the minutes, hours, the days.
Exhilaratingly, I want it more.
Lingering ideas that exist in time.
Right value, you are worth more than a dime.
-Sarah Afshar