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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Victoria's Secret: Pink Citrus with Patchouli + Seafoam with Galaxy Grape

When it comes to fashion-forward bra and panty sets, Victoria's Secret has immensely evolved as a brand. Recently, the brand has featured an extensive selection of bra and panty sets including these new additions to the Very Sexy collection - Pink Citrus with Patchouli Lace (P49) and the Seafoam with Galaxy Grape Lace (18R).
The bras are different from the original Very Sexy push-up, as they offer a very sensual lace material which gives a more lingerie appeal. They are gorgeous and fit like the classic, but as stated they are made for lingerie purposes due to their lace material. Would I recommend these two bra and panty sets? Absolutely. For more information about Victoria's Secret, simply click here.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Victoria's Secret: Rose Foil + Neon Hot Pink

My amazing boyfriend Joe goes above and beyond when it comes to surprising me with gifts. Especially those little gems from one of my favorite stores, Victoria's Secret. I was only a child when I first discovered Victoria's Secret and back then, the brand was different. And although it has always been a great brand, it has evolved immensely since then.

Everything is intensified now. Back then, they had an array of beautiful styles, but it wasn't original let alone different than what you could find in your nearest department store. Now, they have unique things that you cannot find other places that in short, stand out.
The Very Sexy in the Rose Foil (which you can find here) and in the Neon Hot Pink (which you can grab here) are stunning. The colors really embody romance at it's finest and are the perfect dynamic duo to wear during the holidays, including Valentine's Day which is approaching us soon. My boo said he loved these colors hence why he got them for me for Christmas.
Remember, today is the start of their semi-annual sale online so you can expect to save up to 60% off, sometimes more. The deals are endless and this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of them considering the brand is offering free shipping when you spend $50 on clothing or $100 or more on your entire purchase. To get started shopping at Victoria's Secret, just click here.

Victoria's Secret: Love Red Lace with Nude Illusion Embellished + Silver Foil

Do you know what today is? Today is Victoria's Secret's semi-annual sale online. Not sure when it is suppose to happen in-stores, but I think if you tweet @VictoriasSecret you could probably find out when. I am a huge fan of Victoria's Secret. I don't care what anyone says, I love their bras. My favorite collections are both the Very Sexy and the Dream Angels; however, for Christmas this year my boo bought me a lot of bra and panty sets from the Very Sexy line.
The two new additions include the Very Sexy in both the Love Red Lace with Nude Illusion Embellished and in the Silver Foil. You grab these two gems both here. The matching thongs really make me love and appreciate these stunning VS additions even more so. Absolutely gorgeous and look even more beautiful in person than in the photos.
To get started shopping at Victoria's Secret just click here right now.

Victoria's Secret: Ivory Embellished

As many of you already know, I love shopping at Victoria's Secret. I love everything from the bra and panty sets to the underwear (bikini, cheekini, brief, hipster, thong, G-string, etc.) to the pajamas and lounge wear to even their beauty products including their fragrances. Recently, I have also garnered a liking towards their swimwear along with their athletic (or sport line). Last year, I was very proud of my bikini purchase, as earlier this year I was very proud of my sports bra and matching pant purchase, so of course when my boo asked me what I wanted for Christmas, one of the first things I said to him was "Victoria's Secret".

I don't know a single woman who would turn down Victoria's Secret, as the brand has evolved and offers an extensive selection of bras, panties, lingerie, sleep, beauty, swim, sport and clothing. They also offer and individual PINK line and an array of ongoing clearance. Every time I go into a store or look at the official website, I am like a kid in a candy store.

One of my very first choices was the Very Sexy push-up in Ivory Embellished. The matching thong of course is gorgeous too. Included with the purchase was this beautiful yet quite chic and simple backpack kind of bag. I really enjoy Victoria's Secret's gift with purchases (or GWPs) because they offer a great selection quite often. I am so happy I grabbed this bra and panty set while I did, as I looked on the website today and it is sold out. I am unsure if they are still offering it for sale or if you have to shop via catalog to find it or if they are going to include it in their semi-annual sale which started at 3 am this morning on the website.

If you are looking to shop at Victoria's Secret, I suggest heading to the official website today, as they just started their semi-annual sale this morning. You can save a lot of money. If you make any clothing purchases of $50 or more, you can receive free shipping. And if you spend $100 or more, you can receive free shipping on your purchases too. I am unsure when the semi-annual starts offline (or in-store) but I am sure you can ask one of the representatives on the site, as they offer online chat. You can also tweet them @VictoriasSecret and ask them when it starts in-store.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Victoria's Secret Shopping: Very Sexy Plumeria Pink

One thing that I love about Victoria's Secret is the fact that they offer such a diversified selection of bra and panty sets and this one is definitely proof of that. The Plumeria Pink is stunning. It's a bright pink that leans towards hot pink and fuchsia with lilac purple accents. Online it was cute when I first looked at it, however, in person it is absolutely gorgeous. The next time you visit Victoria's Secret, I highly recommend checking out the Very Sexy Push-Up Bra in Plumeria Pink along with the matching panty. You may just decide to pick it up. I know that I did.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Victoria's Secret Shopping: Very Sexy Red Glitz

A few months ago, my amazing boyfriend Joseph Valo bought me the limited edition Very Sexy bra from Victoria's Secret in Red Glitz. Ever since, I was having so much trouble finding panties to match it. Then, when Victoria's Secret started having their semi-annual sale online, I found the thong skirt to match. I absolutely love the red glitz because the color and style is wild and exciting yet fashion forward. If you are looking for a great addition that is not only stunning, but sexy too, I recommend this one.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Victoria's Secret Shopping: Very Sexy Orange Ombre

I bought this bra from the Victoria's Secret website. In the picture on the website, it looks like a cross between neon peach and sunset glow. However; this is what it looks like in person. I actually think it's prettier in person than in the picture on the website. The ombre style, the color morphing is stunning.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Victoria's Secret Shopping: Very Sexy Pink Daisy

When I walked into Victoria's Secret in Bozeman, MT I found myself leaving with a Very Sexy bra in Pink Daisy. As I proceeded to shop for matching panties, I could not find any  panties to match in my size, as they were either in a small or a large (I am a medium). So I decided to browse online. It was then that I noticed they were available in a medium. I ordered the panties to match from the official website. I love the color collaboration of bubble gum pink and bright red. Quite fun yet seductive at the same time. Not only perfect for Valentine's Day, but any day of the week.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Victoria's Secret Shopping: Very Sexy Lilac Glitz

When I was browsing the official Victoria's Secret website, I discovered one of the most beautiful bra and panty sets ever, Lilac Glitz. The best way to describe Lilac Glitz (other than the fact it is gorgeous) is the color Sunset Glow with stunning lilac lace.
For those of you that shop at Victoria's Secret, you know how gorgeous Sunset Glow is by itself. And for those of you who do not frequent VS often, it is an amazingly gorgeous bright peach color. Now imagine a light purple shade on top of a bright peach. That is the result of Lilac Glitz.
As I continued browsing the website, I was so happy to know that the Lilac Glitz was available in the Very Sexy collection. So, I guess you could say that I am quite a happy girl right now.
If you are looking for a strikingly beautiful bra and panties set that is innocent yet sultry and seductive at the same time, I recommend this one.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Victoria's Secret Shopping: Very Sexy Blue Ombre

Recently, I have to admit, I've garnered quite an interest in Victoria's Secret. In fact, I am obsessed with the Very Sexy collection. And, as of late, I love everything in this collection, especially the Very Sexy Push-Up bras and the panties to match. Whether a cheekini, hipkini, thong, or g-string, I love the matching sets.
One of their latest additions "Blue Ombre" is the ultimate color morph. If I can describe this color, I would say it is an iridescent combination of both scuba and spa blue, which are both popular colors within the Victoria's Secret brand. Needless to say, it is gorgeous.
If you are looking for a gorgeous bra and panties set, I highly recommend this one.