Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy 20th birthday World Wide Web

It is hard to believe the internet has existed for 20 years. I first discovered a computer when I was a child. It wasn't until 1996 where I discovered the internet as an unique platform. I remember the first time I typed, it took me forever as I would look at the keys. I think I typed 20 words per minute. Now, fast forward to 2009. I do a lot of work online (writing especially) where I type in the dark and flush out at least 100 words per minute with no errors.

At the time, the internet was an hourly rate. Provided by Yahoo!, MSN and AOL, you could have access to the internet. Those were the three main providers back then. Google was just a twinkle in the eye of technology and only dial up internet existed. There was no such thing as a modem let alone a router and cable and DSL connections were just ideas that had yet to exist.

Internet was also monitored heavily and many websites didn't exist. In fact, there was no such thing as social networking and because it (the world wide web) was an hourly rate, many didn't use it. I used it sporadically from 1996 until 1999. I used it also in the first year of college, but not so much as I didn't have a computer.

In early 2000 I bought my first computer. It was a Gateway. The monitor was super big yet thick. It was brand new and I also bought several accessories to go with it. In addition, I purchased a printer to go with it along with a laser scanner. Everything was incredibly expensive back then so I ended up spending thousands of dollars. As a broke college student, I charged everything.

That computer actually lasted until 2008 before I purchased my latest Toshiba which I bought several months ago.

Going back to the internet. HTTP and HTML were both heavily utilized for years before new programs began to take over. And speaking of new, the first time I heard about Google, I was in college. It was the main search engine back in the Fall of 2000. I remember asking the librarian at the time about Google where she informed it was a new browser the school was using. Needless to say, I was pleasantly intrigued and happy to see technology evolve.

And with that said, I am very happy to see technology evolve. To exist in an era where internet is growing rapidly. In the years of social networking. A whole new world that once ceased to exist, now exists. To be able to shop without actually leaving your house. To be able to talk to family and friends without leaving your bedroom. Convenient, efficient and effective. The internet truly is something.

Thank you for existing.

Happy 20th birthday world wide web!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

DIY: Persian Gold Facial

Once you go Persian, there is no other version are wise words to live by. Especially if you are Persian. I have to admit, I am proud of my Persian culture and the richness it exudes. Looking back into history, there are so many great things Persians have accomplished. As one of the oldest cultures in the world, the eminent of Persia is extremely diverse.

Recently, I have been busy and finding myself picking out a project to do daily. I am starting to get older, as I am 28 and therefore, finding myself really appreciating my natural born roots in more ways than one. And speaking of one, one day I decided to take the initiative and create an actual gold facial inspired by my Persian culture.

For this particular facial, you are going to need a half of a cup of yogurt, one tablespoon of rose water, one tablespoon of pistachio oil, one tablespoon of pomegranate juice and the secret ingredient - one fourth of a cup of 24 karat gold flakes.

Just combine all ingredients in a small bowl and apply the mixture directly to your face. Let the mixture set into your skin for 30 minutes. Using a lukewarm cloth, just wipe the product off your face.

This facial is great for the skin for a variety of reasons. The ingredients are all heavily inspired by Persian culture, yes, but they also work to do great things to the skin. And when used together, they create magic on your face. Whether you suffer from acne, acne scars, depigmentation, age spots, dry skin and even fine lines this facial will work to correct your skin naturally without any risk.

I don't know about you, but I can't think of anything more amazing than that.

Monday, March 9, 2009

DIY: Persian Gold Paradise Facial

Lately, I have been really experimenting in the kitchen with a lot of  'do-it-yourself' (DIY) beauty items. After all, I find that so many products today are filled with an array of parabens, sulfates, and synthetic ingredients.

I am not trying to sway you not to use those, as I am guilty of using them, but to be honest, I want to kind of distance myself from using them daily and look at healthier alternatives to use on my skin. Recently, I discovered ways to utilize gold in homemade, DIY facials at home.

For this particular facial, you are going to need a half of a cup of yogurt, one tablespoon of manuka honey, one tablespoon of saffron oil, one tablespoon of lime oil and a half of a cup of 24 karat gold flakes.

Combine all of the ingredients in a small bowl and apply directly to your face. I want to also add that you are going to want to make sure your skin is well cleansed before applying this. Let the facial product set into your skin for 30 minutes before taking a lukewarm cloth and generously wiping it off.

I am 28 and want to look 28, when I am 38 without having to go to the plastic surgery for help. You know what I mean?

I am definitely looking forward to trying a new facial very soon.

BTW, this is bliss.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

RIP Bettie Page

Bettie Page was one of the most iconic women in history, as she was one of the first models to take a risk. She was unique as she was curvy and had an appeal that was different from most women during the 50's era. Lets not forget about her trademark jet black hair that was fringed in the front, fair skin and pale blue eyes. 

If you can think of the word "pin-up" Bettie Page defines every aspect and sense of the word. In fact, I would say she probably epitomized pin-up persuasion where she brought back the original burlesque in a modernized fusion. Her look made an immense impact on society, as she was timeless with a lot of spirit to match.

In fact, if you look at photos of her back in the 1950's, you would think most of them were taken this year. She was ahead of her time and definitely left a legacy behind, especially to those who enjoyed the glamorization of all things pin-up.

Today, Bettie Page died. She was 85. Although she lived in a very sad life (in and out of mental institutions, etc.) she did more good than she did harm. She will be forever remembered as the world's most popular pin-up model.

RIP Bettie Page.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lancome Courbe Virtuose mascara

One day, as I was sitting in my room, turning the pages of Vogue magazine, I came across an ad for Lancome Courbe Virtuose mascara. Although, I was skeptical about their entire marketing concept in general, I was utterly determined to test this mascara, to actually see if it lived up to it's promise. I have been searching for a great quality mascara for a long time and it was about time, I actually found one.

I decided to make a trip to Belk and head straight to the Lancome makeup counter. In browsing the variety of Lancome products, I started to browse the mascaras. Although, I originally was looking for the Courbe Virtuose, I had noticed quite a few others. I asked the beauty specialist what she recommended and she informed me about Courbe Virtuose. That is when it hit me and I had mentioned to her, that I had seen Lancome's ad in Vogue magazine and although, I was highly impressed, I just wasn't convinced that this mascara lived up to it's promise. I am a quite a fan of Lancome cosmetics, as I have tried an array of products. Some of the products worked amazingly and better than others, whereas; some worked mediocre and just didn't work.

As she asked if I wanted a sample, in a rather selfish, yet determined mood, I said "no thanks" and as she asked if I still wanted the mascara, I simply blurted out "I'll take it". When she handed me the silver box, I just wanted to take out the mascara and apply it right away. In fact, I did. "Divine Lasting Curves Mascara" is the motto, promoting a sales pitch that lives heavily up to it's name. This mascara truly is a force to be reckoned with, as it provides an array of benefits that range from Curl-Guard and Keep-Curl. What I loved most was the fact I only needed a few coats of this exquisite mascara and my lashes looked incredible. What I truly loved about Courbe Virtuose is the fact that it didn't smudge or rub off, making it that much more impressive.

The mascara was a tried and true treat to my lashes, as it is right now. I am not sure if I should mention that I am wearing it, as I write this review, but nevertheless, I am always honest with you. I truly recommend this product to anyone looking to achieve a slightly curvier, yet curlier lash with a hint of length and volume. Although, you can apply as much as needed, this amazingly fluent mascara was obviously created for those that love glamor, but appreciate it for it's simplicity, rather than the hype of overcoating the lashes.

Now, if you are a makeup fanatic that loves to coat the lashes multiple times in hopes of achieving a false eyelash look, forget it. It just won't work. I do not recommend this product to those looking for an extreme or dramatic effect. Applying too much of Courbe Virtuose mascara can actually give you the reverse effect it is suppose to or you are expecting, so please use wisely. As visibly satisfying as this product is, it should not be abused. The last thing you want is to look like a tarantula !@#$ your face. Excuse my language.

Courbe Virtuose mascara by Lancome is sold at Sephora, Macy's, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Belk for about $24. You can also purchase this amazing fluent mascara at a Lancome boutique or straight from their
official website . This mascara comes in brown and in black. Would I purchase Courbe Virtuose mascara by Lancome again? Yes. Would I use it again? I am wearing it now.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Originality, the key factor that contributes to a successful business

So, I am sitting here thinking about what makes a business successful. When professionals refer to the purpose of a business, they believe that marketing and innovation are two very important provisions. Based on my experiences, I believe that these two very important formations of a business, integrate to form the ultimate macrocosm, making them radically important, as a result. However; in order to form the ultimate macrocosm, you must be an independent thinker that doesn't solely rely on concepts and individual philosophies, that have been repeated and/or are guaranteed to fail. You must also think ahead and think about what your consumer will want most.
Problems don't exist without creators. If these problems were created by us, then we also have the ability (and stability) to fix any trial and tribulation we are faced with. The world has a weakness and it is banality.  In order to sell a good and/or  a service and market it's strengths in a positive notion, one must create an innovation that is original and will benefit the consumer, as the consumer is the business. In addition to creating a product and/or service that can suit many people's needs, one must collaborate several individual factors that makeup a business and separate their tasks.
Although business is filled with an array of risk and expected concern, your goal is to not worry about whether a product and/or a service will triumph other innovations, let alone competition. Your goal is to find ways and means of allowing your innovation to succeed and develop, while catering to individual demographic. In order to create a successful product and/or a successful service, one must know their product/service inside and out, with the intent to deliver it on a professional wavelength, using a strict informative approach. You can make many promises, but if they don't sell, you have nothing. In my 26 years of living I have yet to see any logic that can really refute this particular mindset.
The statement that several business professionals believe that marketing and innovation are the two most important aspects of a business is not only applied to the advertising, selling, and delivering side of the business structure, but also determines those key elements as being the most important out of other significant factors. With that stated, I believe the most important key factor of a business that elaborates beyond the standard marketing and innovative quo, is originality.

Why? Because when you stand out, many people are going to be interested in you. Difference equals uniqueness. And the equation is like a domino effect and makes perfect sense - uniqueness equals success.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Iranian-American student at UCLA being tasered for not having his ID

What are your thoughts about the Iranian-American student at UCLA being tasered for not having his I.D. on November of 2006?

I have been asked about this quite a few times. Someone recently brought this issue back to my attention and asked me to address my individual thoughts on the situation, here on this blog. I watched the video a few times, as well to kind of understand the incident. I watched it quite a few times (in case I missed something relevant); I, then, realized the horrible distinction and example it gave.

I always praised cops and still do, but now I know that "dirty" cops do exist and the UCLA police are some fine examples of what "dirty" are depicted as. I think the cops here are incompetent and truly an insult to the uniform. I say this because I believe that it was truly unethical for the UCLA police force to taser him (as in UCLA Iranian-American student), let alone 5 times for extended amounts of time.

Just because someone is cocky or has a bad attitude, does NOT mean it is acceptable to taser them. Tasers are used as a last resort, before a gun. They are a weapon. They are for defense purposes only. I can understand if they tasered him once (even though, that is unethical), but they tasered him continuously, even after he was completely defenseless. He was completely unconscious after being tasered the second time.

When someone is tasered, they lose mobility and control. The loss of mobility varies per person/per shock, from the taser. The muscles spasm create an immediate paralyzing sensation that can last for a long period of time (which again, varies). Although, it is temporary, it's been said that there are deadly effects from taser guns resulting in death. In fact, there have been 75 cases of death in a 4 year period from taser usage just here in the United States. Yes, there is no question, you can die. I can understand if they tasered him once (as I stated previously), but they did it five times. The UCLA police asked him to "get up" and continued to taser him, when he couldn't get up, let alone speak. He was completely unconscious from the effects.

The UCLA police abused their authority and went way out of their jurisdiction. Even after the Iranian-American student was completely defenseless, they tasered him multiple times, after he was already tasered twice. The police could have escorted him out (he was defenseless and they outnumbered him), instead they continued to abrasively taser him, until he fell to the ground.

All for what?

Because he gave an attitude and didn't have his ID. As a 26 year old Iranian American woman, I find this completely wrong.