I'm writing for Associated Content

It is official, I am writing for Associated Content. In case you are unaware, Associated Content is an open writing platform which allows virtually anyone to produce content on any topic of their choice. 

You can give Associated Content 50% rights non-exclusively, as you can give them 100% rights exclusively. You submit your work and they will give you an offer. I do believe exclusive rights pay more, but I am not sure how much more. You will also be compensated for the traffic you generate to your articles. They refer to this as a performance bonus. I kind of like how that sounds. 

Associated Content is looking for content on certain subjects which pay more. I've been told writing for them isn't as easy as it seems. They said the editors are tough and it is very tough to become a white-listed writer for them. Either way you put it, I am happy about writing for them. 

I will keep you updated with how this goes. I am only writing part-time, as I currently have a job. I will let you know when I submit my first article.