Monday, May 28, 2018

Asics GEL-Flux Running Shoes

I am really loving my Asics GEL-Flux Running shoes. They are not only comfortable, but they last a long time. Never have I ever discovered a pair of sneakers with such long-lasting wear to them like these. 

The quality of these shoes are my favorite. I have owned virtually every brand under the sun (Nike, Reebok, Adidas, New Balance, K-Swiss, etc.) yet I find myself relentlessly wearing Asics the most. 

Today, I am working out and once again, I find myself really appreciating my Asics. They curve to fit your entire foot, which I enjoy. I also love how they add extra cushion towards the heel of the foot. This is so vital when wearing any kind of shoe, especially a running shoe. The toe area of these shoes give you extra room yet still possess that much needed snug. 

I have yet to find a running shoe that possesses the quality that these shoes do. I really love the fact that they are so comfortable and really provide my feet with extra added benefits including supreme comfort and shock absorption. The support system is unreal. Especially if you are active and are searching for that spectacular shoe.

Whether you love to workout, walk, run or have fun in the sun, the Asics GEL-Flux Running shoes are definitely the best pair of shoes you can own. 

God Bless The USA by Sarah Afshar

I am very proud to be an American. Why? Because I am free. Free to think what I want and free to say what I want. I am able to embrace my liberties and exercise my rights as a citizen of the United States. Does this make me superior? No. I just love my country and proud to be an American. 

I just recorded God Bless The USA on Smule

To listen to my version of God Bless The USA, just watch/listen to the video above. If it doesn't play, just click here to listen now. America, I am honored to be a part of your life, as I am honored that you are a part of mine. 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

FOTD: May 20, 2018

I know I haven't been active on this blog as much I would like to be, hence why I am writing this message tonight. I guess you can say that I am very busy with my life. I work full-time during the day and managed to take on an additional part-time job in the evening for some extra money. 

In addition to this, I have a new man in my life. It has been over a year (late 2016, to be exact) since I had anyone in my life, so when I met Sumit (my new boyfriend) I guess you could say my life has been busier than ever before.

I have so much to be thankful for as I have so much to be proud of. I am very content in my life, but I know that my life can be much better than what it is. I've noticed a pattern; however, when thinking, that I tend to overthink more than I should. That overthinking is worse than thinking, as overthinking is worse than not thinking at all. I've come to realization that overthinking is a sign of rumination (and ruination) and can do more harm than good. 

When it comes to overthinking, I truly believe that it can create problems. Especially problems that do not exist. Instead of living happily in the moment, I always think hypothetically. "What if this happens?" or "What if this doesn't happen?" And thinking hypothetically truly has no solution, as it is clearly the wrong way to think. When you start to overthink, you tend to dip into the realm of the hypothetical. This isn't good. 

I've been really looking at my life practically. What can I do to improve without overthinking about it? What can I do to make it better than what it is without thinking hypothetically? Recognizing and acknowledging the problem is vital, as is eliminating it without giving it too much value. That is my approach to solving my own problems and it works. 

Today I realize how much I love the Japonesque Velvet Touch PrimerLa Prairie Skin Caviar Foundation + Concealer, KIKO Milano Sculpting Touch Creamy Contour StickUrban Decay Eyeshadow in Serious, Smokeout and in Loaded, eyeko Fat Liquid EyelinerEstee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara, Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil and Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Lipstick in Commando and in Bare. And in case you are wondering why, these are the products I am wearing it in my photos today. I also want to add that I am also very obsessed with applying the Giorgio Armani Beauty Armani Prima Glow-On Moisturizing Balm to my face before applying any makeup. This product is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

On a serious note, I haven't ate all day long, so I am thinking of having something great for dinner. As much as I want to have pasta, I am kind of too exhausted to cook right now, so perhaps I may just order a pizza from the local pizza joint here in town. In fact, that is what I will do right now. I hope everyone is doing well and having an amazing evening.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Why Haven't I Heard From You by Sarah Afshar

I just had to hop on Smule to record Why Haven't I Heard From You by Reba McEntire. This is the reason why I love Reba McEntire. The woman is literally one of the greatest singers there is and this is the reason she is. This song is literally one of the most catchy songs I have ever heard and the reason why I love Reba so much. And most of you women who read my blog know very well you can relate to this song or have experienced something similar in your life.
To listen to my rendition of Why Haven't I Heard From You, just watch the video above. If the video isn't playing, just click here to listen. I think I may re-record this one in the future.

Update: I re-recorded this. Instead of making a brand new blog post, I wanted to edit this one. You can listen to the new version here. I used the Super Pop filter with the new one and added a little more rock and soul to make it roll.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Perfect by Sarah Afshar

The moment I heard this song, I just loved it. Everything from the melody, harmonizing and composition to the lyrics themselves. I can see why this song is very popular. It's like a modern "Unchained Melody" and Ed Sheeran sings it so beautifully.
And if I am bragging, in my honest opinion, this song is one of the greatest love songs from past until present. It is in the same league as some of the greatest hits that even existed before we existed. I don't think there is anyone on earth who doesn't love this song. And if they don't love it, they appreciate it in some way.
Check out the video to hear my latest collaboration with ADD3H, who sounds amazing. If you cannot hear it, just click here. Remember to listen to this with headphones.

Bohemian Rhapsody, the movie

I am not usually excited about movies, as I haven't watched many lately; however, I really want to see this movie. There is speculation about its release, but I am hearing from sources that it will be released sometime around Fall of this year. I would assume October or November.
This is the trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody. If you cannot see the trailer, simply click here to watch it now. Rami Malek is going to be play Farrokh Bulsara (Freddie Mercury) and I am really looking forward to what he does with the role. Originally, Sasha Baron Cohen was going to be play Freddie, but was later dropped for reasons unknown. I would assume Cohen would deliver an epic character of Mercury, but it is hard to say if the remaining band members would agree due to his comedic background.

This movie was planned over a decade ago, so I can understand if the band is finicky in regards to who they want to play the roles of their characters including Freddie himself. There is obviously a reason they chose Malek over Cohen and based on this trailer, Malek definitely did a great job. If this trailer epitomizes what we can expect to see, I think Malek just may polish an Oscar in the near future.
Queen is one of the greatest bands to exist and Freddie Mercury is one of the greatest artists of all time. He lost his life way too soon. I cannot wait to see Bohemian Rhapsody, as I am looking forward to doing so in the Fall.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Stand My Ground by Sarah Afshar

More than likely you have never heard of this song, as it isn't well known. At least here in the United States; however, if you love symphonic rock and metal music you will know this tune. Originally by Within Temptation, Stand My Ground is a song about empowerment. It is clearly one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs I have heard yet. 

So as I am loving the Smule app, I took it upon myself to record it just now. I added the super pop filter to make it sound a little more commercial. I also added some soul and a tad more rock to make it roll. What do you think? 

To listen to my rendition of Stand My Ground just watch/listen to the video I have shared. If the video will not play, just click here right now. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

E.T. by Sarah Afshar

When it comes to music, Katy Perry is one of those women who takes so many risks and as a result, tends to actually come out with a real reward as a result. Her music is fantastic. Although I am certain I've heard some of her background music before, there is no denying her creativity in comparison to most in the industry. When she first came out, I was a fan and today, I am a fan.

Today on Smule, I took the liberties of recording E.T. The song is very trance yet has a very modernize new age twist to it that I love and enjoy. The message is crystal clear in this song. 

To listen to my rendition of E.T. simply watch/listen to the video above. If it doesn't play, just click here right now. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Oh Lord by Sarah Afshar

Once again, I am on Smule. I try to sing as much as I can, as I find myself on the app so often. I decided to record From This Moment's "Oh Lord" which is a song that I really love and enjoy. It's dark yet has so much soul that I can relate to. The lyrics are very deep and the message is something mysterious.

I put a Sarah Afshar spin on this song. I added a little more soul to make it roll because this song already rocks. To listen to my rendition, simply watch or listen to the video above. If it doesn't play, just click here right now to listen to it. And remember to listen to this song using headphones.

Rock On \m/

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Dream On by Sarah Afshar

Aerosmith is one of those bands that proves rock and blues go together like Starbucks and mornings. As I have quite a few favorite songs by Aerosmith, I truly do love Dream On. I originally recorded this song in December of last year. You can listen to that recording here

And to be honest, I wasn't really happy nor content with that recording. So, a few minutes ago I decided to record it on Smule. What do you think?

To listen to my rendition of Dream On simply watch/listen to the video above. If it doesn't play, just click here right now. And if you love to sing and haven't joined Smule, you truly need to.