Friday, June 12, 2015

My thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner

Hello everyone. How are you? I do apologize for not blogging as much as I should be, as I have been extremely busy. It's not even Summer and yet it feels like it already. Only a few more days. I have so much to update you on, but in the meantime, I wanted to touch base on a subject recently. A few of my readers have asked me about my thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner).

Well, a few years ago I was walking through downtown Pittsburgh on Liberty Avenue. From afar I saw this stunningly beautiful African American woman. She looked like a hybrid of Iman and Tyra Banks. She was gorgeous. I admired everything about her, especially her free spirited personality and confidence. As I walked closer to her and went to compliment her, she complimented me and said she loved my eyes and eyebrows. What I didn't realize was, she was actually born a he and was/is a transgendered female.

Throughout the years, I kept in contact with her. She is one of the nicest people that I have ever met. She has a charismatic personality and just always brings a good energy to those she is around. She never talks bad about anyone and to be honest, when I hung out with her, I had a lot of fun. I really didn't look at her as being transgendered because I don't believe in judging anyone. That is, of course, if they are ignorant and give me a reason to do so.

I am not transgendered, so I cannot comment on what these people go through on a daily basis because I simply do not know, however; I believe that they should be whoever they choose to be or feel that they are. Why? Because in the end, it makes them happy. Life without happiness is like a relationship without love. If you can't be happy, you won't live the life you want and as a result, you will suffer in silence.

I don't believe that transgendered people should have to suffer because you don't understand their situation or cannot relate to them. Even though I cannot relate to them, I would never ever judge them because I don't know what they are going through. To judge someone without knowing them, let alone without walking in their shoes is ignorant.

As Bruce Jenner was a hero to Americans and individuals around the world in the 70s era for his contributions to sports, Caitlyn Jenner is currently a hero to those transgendered people who feel the need to hide who they are simply because they are different and fear people will not embrace their differences. So, my opinion is, what she is doing for those people is a wonderful thing because she is the voice, the face, and the force for the T in the LGBT community.

Share a Coke with Sarah

I don't normally drink Coke, but today I decided to make an exception after seeing this bottle. I don't know what it is about this, but I think it's definitely fun and interesting. "Share a Coke with Sarah" leaves a lot to appreciate in the world of junk food and soda that is really not good for you. 


Although I see these often, I notice that the Sarah ones are sold out in virtually every grocery store and convenience store. At least the ones I have frequented. Luckily I found my name today. 

It is like I want to buy all of my family and friends a coke with my name on it and give it to them as stocking stuffer for Christmas just to see how they will react. 

What do you think? 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Psychic Joseph Valo channels Morgan Harrington

Morgan Harrington was a beautiful woman from Roanoke, Virginia who has been missing since 2009 after attending a Metallica concert on October 17, 2009. When I had Joe originally channel, he said he saw a black guy with long hair with a white guy with long hair being involved in her death. 

But, what really happened to Morgan Harrington? 

According to Joe's psychic channel, she was murdered by the two guys he described. She was beat, raped and left for dead all because she refused these two savages sex and rejected their advances. When these two low life psychos discovered she was still alive, they went back to kill her. What you are about to hear is one of the most disgusting, disturbing, and despicable acts you will ever hear. 

To listen to Joe's psychic channel regarding the murder and disappearance of Morgan Harrington, simply click here today. 

This is graphic, so I am advising you only to listen if you think you can handle subjects of a true crime nature. 

Rest in Peace Morgan Harrington. You may be gone, but never forgotten. I hope karma gets the men who did this to you. 

Update: Joe has deactivated his Tumblr account to focus on his new job. He is going to upload the full psychic channel of Morgan Harrington onto his blog. You can visit his blog here

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Psychic Joseph Valo channels Caylee Anthony

Tonight, I talked to Joe and asked him if he could use his psychic abilities and channel the death of Caylee Anthony. He said he was tired, but was open to doing so, as he himself, was concerned and wanted to know what really happened. 

What if I were to tell you that the person we least expect to be involved, is actually the murderer? According to Joe, Nathan Lezniewicz is the man behind Caylee Anthony's death. If he isn't the man involved, who is "Nate" the man mentioned in various psychic testimonies as being the killer? Having described as this person being close to Anthony's then boyfriend, will there ever be justice for the death of Caylee Anthony?

Listen to Joe's psychic channel about Caylee Anthony now. Just click here

I use to think Casey Anthony was responsible, but now I don't so much anymore. Warning: do not listen to Joe's psychic channel if you are sensitive to graphic content or anything of a true crime nature. What you are about to hear, will change your perception of this entire case. 

Rest in Peace Caylee Anthony. Gone, but never forgotten. I pray that justice finds its way and the truth eventually comes out about what really happened to you. 

Update: Joe has deactivated his Tumblr account to focus on his new job. He is going to upload the full psychic channel of Caylee Anthony onto his blog. You can visit his blog here

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Psychic Joseph Valo channels JonBenet Ramsey

JonBenet Ramsey was only six years old when she was found December 25, 1996. As an American child beauty queen, her case remains unsolved. I was talking to Joe tonight via Skype asking him what happened to JonBenet. 

As so many people are blaming the parents and family, including her older brother Burke. However, after investigation, it is very clear they are innocent. And as outlandish as Burke's infamous smirk is when being interviewed, I don't believe he is behind the death of his sister. 

I do believe; however, someone else is. So, I took it upon myself to ask my boyfriend to channel what happened to JonBenet Ramsey. What happened to her on December 24, 1996? Was she stalked? Was she murdered? What happened?

To listen to Joe's psychic channel regarding the death of JonBenet Ramsey, simply click here now. 

Joe mentions a man named Timothy James Darovich in his podcast as being the man who killed JonBenet Ramsey. I have looked on the internet to find information regarding this person and what I found was some of the most sinister, sadistic and downright evil things. I cannot believe Timothy James Darovich was overlooked as a suspect, as I cannot believe no one questioned him or has tested his DNA.

Hopefully others will expose this child predator and justice will eventually happen for the death of this beautiful girl, who lost her life way too soon. 

Update: Joe has deactivated his Tumblr account to focus on his new job. He is going to upload the full psychic channel of JonBenet Ramsey onto his blog. You can visit his blog here