Psychic Joseph Valo channels Caylee Anthony

Tonight, I talked to Joe and asked him if he could use his psychic abilities and channel the death of Caylee Anthony. He said he was tired, but was open to doing so, as he himself, was concerned and wanted to know what really happened. 

What if I were to tell you that the person we least expect to be involved, is actually the murderer? According to Joe, Nathan Lezniewicz is the man behind Caylee Anthony's death. If he isn't the man involved, who is "Nate" the man mentioned in various psychic testimonies as being the killer? Having described as this person being close to Anthony's then boyfriend, will there ever be justice for the death of Caylee Anthony?

Listen to Joe's psychic channel about Caylee Anthony now. Just click here

I use to think Casey Anthony was responsible, but now I don't so much anymore. Warning: do not listen to Joe's psychic channel if you are sensitive to graphic content or anything of a true crime nature. What you are about to hear, will change your perception of this entire case. 

Rest in Peace Caylee Anthony. Gone, but never forgotten. I pray that justice finds its way and the truth eventually comes out about what really happened to you. 

Update: Joe has deactivated his Tumblr account to focus on his new job. He is going to upload the full psychic channel of Caylee Anthony onto his blog. You can visit his blog here


Anonymous said…
Joe’s channel is spot on. I got the same thing. I didn’t get the guy’s name at first but then it came to me. I do see Nate. Was he watching her the night she disappeared? I’m seeing that Casey went out and left her daughter with him.
Anonymous said…
If she (Casey) is close with him, she may not believe he’s involved. When Joe mentioned the keystrokes, that’s when I realized that was probably the main reason she was acquitted. Has anyone confronted Nate? I have despised this woman for years. She’s been caught in many lies. It’s hard to believe but Joe’s channel was thorough and included stuff that happened on the sidelines.