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Strikeforce Weigh-Ins for November 17th 2011 - Ronda Rousey and Julia Budd

My friend Rob Mikitarian (who is a very good friend of Ronda's) sent me this picture via cell phone. This is the Strikeforce weigh-ins happening right now at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, NV. For tomorrow's WMMA 145 lb main card fight Ronda Rousey will face Julia Budd.

I think that Ronda will win. How? Possibly a rear naked choke, but I guarantee that Ronda will have the submission. I am going to watch the fight tomorrow (Friday, November 18th 2011). Strikeforce Challengers: Britt vs. Sayers airs on Showtime. Check your local cable listings for the exact time.

Good luck Ronda!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Top 15 Gifts for Pittsburgh Steelers Fans

Pittsburgh Steelers
Rubik's Cube.
(Photo by Sarah Afshar)
I don't know about you, but I absolutely love the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Pittsburgh Steelers are more than just a strong NFL team with a great offense, as well as, phenomenal defense. They are a team that works together, as they play with both the heart and the soul. They are passionate about how they play and they take their losses serious and strive to do better the next time, as a result. Most people who love the Steelers usually already own a jersey, a t-shirt, or some article of clothing (whether it be a sweatshirt or a hoodie or a fleece, ie.), as well as, a hat or a pair of slippers. I have been a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers for many years and because I am a huge Steelers enthusiast, I have decided to countdown the numerous Steelers memorabilia (from over 15,000) to only the top 15 gifts for the ultimate Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

15. Ice Scraper. Don't let those frosty nights and icy days take over your life, as the Pittsburgh Steelers ice scraper is there to save you. This amazing addition to Pittsburgh Steelers memorabilia proves why it is not only ultimately gift worthy, but one of the best gifts you can purchase for the Pittsburgh Steelers lover in your life. Whether you live in Pennsylvania or California or Georgia or Montana or any other area, everyone needs an ice scraper. The holidays are approaching, so the time is now to get the Pittsburgh Steelers ice scraper.

14. Bottle Opener. If you know a Steelers fan that doesn't own a bottle opener, well the time is now to purchase one today. Enjoying a fine wine during an intimate dinner with a loved one doesn't have to be hard with the Pittsburgh Steelers bottle opener. Available at, this wonderful necessity is destined to attract the Pittsburgh Steelers devotee, making it a top gift for a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

13. Universal Turbo Charger. You can charge just about anything under the sun with the Pittsburgh Steelers Universal Turbo Charger, making it one of the best gifts for the ultimate Pittsburgh Steelers fanatic. The time is now to keep all of your important gadgets charged fully with the universal turbo charger. It also includes surge protection, making it relatively supportive. For under $25, you just cannot go wrong with the Pittsburgh Steelers Universal Turbo Charger. It is, what it is and that is a great gift for a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. For more information, just click here right now.

12. Garden Gnome. If you know one who has everything from the Pittsburgh Steelers, chances are they don't own the Pittsburgh Steelers garden gnome. Available at, if you have run out of Pittsburgh Steelers gift ideas and can't think of a last minute gift, the Pittsburgh Steelers garden gnome is one hot concept. You can also get the Pittsburgh Steelers garden gnome ornament, which is a great side gift. And...for only a few dollars more, you can purchase the solar gnome, which is dressed in Pittsburgh Steelers attire and includes the actual logo on it's hat. Whether "Happy Holidays" or "Happy Birthday" or "Thank You" or simply "Just Because" the Pittsburgh Steelers garden gnome is a top Pittsburgh Steelers gift for the ultimate Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

11. Bean Bag. Our minds travel so much in a fraction of a second, as we use so much energy. Sometimes we over think to the point, we drive ourselves insane. Especially when it comes to shopping, we over think the to point we literally feel like we haven't accomplished anything. The time is now to collective yourself and recognize that you can find a great Pittsburgh Steelers gift with just the click of a mouse. Available at Fans With Pride, the Pittsburgh Steelers bean bag proves why it is not only ultimately worth your inquiry, but one of the gifts you can buy for the Steelers lover in your life. You don't have to drive yourself insane to find a last minute gift. I absolutely love my Pittsburgh Steelers bean bag and because I love it so much, I just know that you will too.

10. Umbrella. Although Rihanna said it best, you can't ever do wrong with an umbrella. Whether regular, patio, or even golf, there are numerous Pittsburgh Steeler umbrellas available to purchase for the Pittsburgh Steelers enthusiast. Available at, if you are looking to purchase a great gift for your father, your mother, your sister, or your brother, you definitely should consider the Pittsburgh Steelers umbrella because everyone needs one.

9. Shower Curtain. You have shopped repeatedly and you have run out of ideas. You contemplate on making several other purchases, but you want something that is affiliated with the Pittsburgh Steelers. You then realize and recognize that there are thousands upon thousands of Pittsburgh Steelers memorabilia to choose from and you ponder what to purchase. It is then, that you realize, you cannot go wrong with the Pittsburgh Steelers shower curtain. Most Steelers enthusiasts want a Pittsburgh Steelers shower curtain because it's a gift that is catchy to the ultimate admirer of the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you can't think of a gift, give the gift of the shower curtain, as whoever receives it will not only love it, but appreciate much more so.
8. Toilet Seat. Sometimes finding a gift of any sort can be difficult. Of course, you can purchase gift cards, but none of them really are memory generating or priceless. In the case of the Pittsburgh Steelers toilet seat, well it is priceless. When all other gifts fail, you just cannot go wrong with the Pittsburgh Steelers toilet seat, as it is not only a top Pittsburgh Steelers gift, but a must-have, as well. Whether "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Hanukkah" the Pittsburgh Steelers toilet seat is one of the best gifts you can get for the Pittsburgh Steelers aficionado.

7. 14K Pittsburgh Steelers Med Logo Cut Out Pendant. If you have bought everything under the sun for your significant other and you have ran out of ideas because your significant other has everything "Pittsburgh Steelers" then you haven't had the opportunity to discover this. Created by Jewelry Web and sold directly at this amazing piece of jewelry is great for just about any Pittsburgh Steelers fan. The pendant is round and provides you with the Steelers logo, making it ultimately gift worthy for the Steelers fan in your life.

6. Salt & Pepper Shakers. Available at and, the Pittsburgh Steelers salt & pepper shakers are clearly a hit, making them ultimately one of the hautest Pittsburgh Steeler gifts for Pittsburgh Steelers fans. Although the game day theme salt & pepper shakers tend to be the most popular, I love football helmet theme salt & pepper shakers the best. The time is now to bring team spirit to the dinner today. The time is now to purchase the Pittsburgh Steelers Salt & Pepper Shakers set today.

5. Team Shoes. Searching for a gift for a true Steelers devotee can be hard, but once you discover the team shoes, you will realize that finding a gift for the ultimate fanatic is actually much more simple than it appears to be. Brought to you by Reebok and available on, these shoes not only represent true fan ship, but they promote Pittsburgh Steelers passion to the p, making them a top Pittsburgh Steelers gift.

4. Magnetic Dart Board. I absolutely love this gift. I received this from a friend and it has become one of my favorite Pittsburgh Steelers toys. Available at, this fantastic addition to Pittsburgh Steelers memorabilia demonstrates why it is one of the best gifts for Pittsburgh Steelers Fans. Even if one doesn't play darts, they will learn to appreciate such a gift, once they receive this the Pittsburgh Steelers Magnetic dart board. In fact, most people who are Pittsburgh Steelers fans that claim to have never played darts or don't care to play, learn to love playing once they receive this gift. This is also under $40, making it fairly affordable and easy on the bank account.

3. Calculator. I don't know about you, but I always feel like I need a calculator for something. If you are looking to purchase a wonderful gift that is under $20 for the ultimate Pittsburgh Steelers enthusiast, you truly need to purchase the Pittsburgh Steelers themed calculator. Available at, this amazing item proves why it is one of the best gifts to purchase. I think anyone who loves the Pittsburgh Steelers is going to love this too.

2. Monopoly. Every year the Pittsburgh Steelers team up with USAopoly to create a new and improved monopoly game, making this more than just a the number one gift for the ultimate Pittsburgh Steelers fan, but a collectible. Not only is this a gift that creates memory breeding moments that are amazing on a variety of wavelengths, it is a game that is fun, while promoting the Pittsburgh Steelers logo, as a result. Whether you have run out of ideas on what to get your dad or your brother or even your SO, you just cannot go wrong with the Pittsburgh Steelers monopoly game. No matter who the recipient of this gift may be, if they love the Pittsburgh Steelers, they are going to truly love this gift.

...and the number one Pittsburgh Steelers gift is...
*drum roll*
1. Rubik's Cube. One of the rarest, yet practical Pittsburgh Steeler fan toys is definitely the Pittsburgh Steelers Rubik's Cube. Available at and also, the Pittsburgh Steelers Rubik's Cube proves why it is the hottest gift for the Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I, personally, own this item and find it to be incredible. I decided to get this for family, as well as, friends of mine who are Steelers fans as a gift for the holidays this year and they loved it. Whether you are purchasing "just because" or for the "birthday" or even the "holidays", anyone who receives this gift is destined to appreciate it. This gift is colorful, confusing, and addicting and a true must have, making it the number one gift for the Pittsburgh Steelers Fan.

Christmas of 1995, a Christmas that Will Forever Remain in My Heart

It's came upon a midnight clear, that after turning back time and utilizing rational deep thinking that the Christmas of 1995 was a Christmas I will never forget. I was 15 years old and it was the first Christmas where I lived in a home, that I could call my home. Yes, my mother was a single parent, who worked as hard as she could to provide for me and my sister, but what she could do was not enough. There were days and nights that felt long, where we went to bed starving. Each struggle we endured felt like a million and the adversity we faced from others who noticed was absolutely awful.

Christmas of 1995 really impacted my life because it changed me. It made me appreciate all of the wonderful things that I received over the years, as it has allowed me to give back. Not only did my mother manage to afford a mortgage on a new home, she managed to give us amazing gifts. For the first time in life, we had a telephone, so I could call my other family members, as well as, friends. For the time in life, I could wear a pair of Airwalks. For the first time in life, I didn't go to bed hungry. For the first time in life, I realized that my life is actually worth something.

Poverty is a problematic issue that plagues Americans from all across the country. The vast majority of status quo society complains about the taxes being deducted from their paychecks, as they grumble about living from paycheck to paycheck. Although many people have toiled and fought for things of value, they don't know what it is like to be poor, living in low-income housing, with only a moderate amount of food stamps to get by. That is how it was for me, for many years before the Christmas of 1995.

Although one can say if you have a roof over your head, clothes to wear, and food to eat you are still richer than over half the world. No matter how poor I was, no matter the type of hardships, no matter the type of misfortune I tolerated, I have managed to overcome those struggles and it's made me a better person today, in the present time. My life continues to get better with time, but it was those struggles growing up that made me realize what life actually stands for. I think it is true about what they say about life. Life really does have a gift and it is called, the present.

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Cocktail Recipes: The Bearded Clam Sensation

The Bearded Clam.
(Photo by Sarah Afshar)
If you are a fan of whiskey, amaretto liqueur, and cranberry juice, you are destined to love and appreciate the "Bearded Clam". The first time I ever made a "Bearded Clam" was a few years ago, when working in a club. The Bearded Clam is simply a drink that is made up of Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey, Amaretto Liqueur, and Cranberry Juice.

The drink has received significant praise and reviews in the modern mixed drink and cocktail persuasion by critics. It remains to be one of my personal favorite drinks, essentially because I appreciate the Amaretto Liqueur, as well as, Cranberry Juice. Although the traditional Bearded Clam is made up of Crown Royal Whiskey, Amaretto Liqueur, and Cranberry Juice, I decided to create my own original, yet unique rendition of the drink.


The Bearded Clam Sensation

1 oz. Whiskey (Crown Royal)
1 oz. Amaretto Liqueur
1 oz. Almond Cream Liqueur (Crème de Noyaux)
1 splash of Cranberry Juice
1 splash of Grenadine

Combine the Whiskey and Amaretto Liqueur together, followed by the Almond Cream Liqueur, Cranberry Juice, and Grenadine and serve on the rocks in a chilled, high (or highball) glass with a maraschino cherry. You can also serve the Bearded Clam Sensation in a chilled cocktail glass.
"Winning is the aptitude of talent, wisdom, ambition, and genius, but it is the content of your character that allows you to repeat it" - Sarah Afshar
"The duplicity of existence transcends into the hypocrisy of life. When you fall, people don't want you to get back up. When you rise and stand tall, they anticipate your fall" - Sarah Afshar
"Jealousy is a malady that is manifested from stupidity. Stupidity is the only disease one can laugh at." - Sarah Afshar

Blue Tailed Skink

Photos by Sarah Afshar

Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Boulevard, Endless Hopes and Dreams - a haiku

Christmas Boulevard
located in
Santa Claus, Indiana.
(Photo by Sarah Afshar)

Christmas Boulevard
Walking Down The Street Today
Endless Hopes And Dreams

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Best Ski Resorts in the Western Part of the United States (The Top 3)

Skiing is one of my favorite past times and as an enthusiast, I have had the opportunity to discover some of the best ski resorts in the great west. One thing is certain, there are hundreds upon hundreds of great ski resorts in the west alone, so I have decided to narrow down the numerous ski resorts to only the best in the west.

3. Whitefish Mountain Resort. Back in 2009 I had the greatest pleasure of not only discovering, but skiing at one of the greatest ski resorts, Whitefish Mountain Resort. Whitefish Mountain Resort is located in the beautiful Whitefish, Montana. There are a total of four individual parks. One of the most popular is the Fishbowl Terrains (which includes the Magic Park, Depot Terrain Park, Armory Park, Central Ave Park, The Fishbowl Quiver, and Goat Haunt Skier Cross/Boarder Cross Course). are the most exciting in the entire park. They also include 12 individual rails, making it that much more exciting. There are many different trails, as there are maps available.

Don't forget to check out the Ski & Snowboard School (which offers a great deal of 2 days for just $72), especially if you are a first time skier, looking to learn from some of the best skiers in the world today. It is a well known fact that prices will vary, however; there are many deals available. The events at Whitefish Mountain Resort are fun, including the various amount of events in December including one of the most exciting parades I have ever seen in my life, Santa's Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade which happens on the 24 th of the month. There are numerous attractions in Whitefish and the events are nothing in comparison to that. There are a lot of great eateries such as Base Lodge Bar & Café, Ed & Mully's, The Bierstube, Aunt B's, Summit House, Village Market, and more.

For more information about the Whitefish Mountain Resort, simply call: 1-800-858-4152 or (406) 862-2900 right now. You can also visit for more information too. Looking to ski at the best in the west, why not give Whitefish Mountain Resort a try, as it is clearly one of the best.

2. Vail Ski Resort. Vail Ski Resort is located in the heart of Vail, Colorado. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Vail when I passed through Aspen, Colorado and managed to stop on my way back to Montana via road trip. With three major terrain parks alone (Golden Peak Terrain Park, Bwana Terrain Park, and Terrain Park Safety), Vail clearly proves why it is one of the best ski resorts in the west. The Vail Ski Resort includes over 30 individual lifts alone and if you can imagine the total uphill capacity is over 59,000 making it a relatively large ski resort. There are many trails and maps are available.

Make sure that when you visit the Vail Ski Resort that you check out Ski and Snowboarding school too. There are numerous tourist attractions to also visit, including an array of restaurants such as Bistro Fourteen, The 10 th , Game Creek, Wildwood Restaurant, Golden Peak Grill, and much more. Some of the best anticipated events happen in December (Snow Daze, Vail Family Holidaze) and go on until February (Carnivail) and April (Spring Back To Vail).

For more information about the Vail Ski Resort, simply call: (970) 754-8245 today. You can also visit for more information. Like all other ski resorts, prices do vary. There are all kinds of special deals available. Whether you are an enthusiast, a connoisseur, or just someone looking to engage in the sport for the very first time, Vail Ski Resort will guide you in the right direction, as it is clearly one of the best ski resorts in the west. In between 2010 and 2011 alone, Vail Ski Resort had it's highest amount of visitors at 1,750,000.

1. Big Sky Resort. I first discovered this ski resort when I moved to Montana back in 2009. It remains to be one of my favorite places to visit in the Winter. For those of you that do not know, Big Sky Resort is located in Big Sky, Montana. Not only does Big Sky Resort offer some of the best downhill skiing topography (areas such as Lone Mountain and Flat Iron Mountain) in the great west alone, it also offers extensive areas for cross country skiing too. Whether you are a novice and beginner or a master and expert, Big Sky Resort has a little something for everyone.

With 18 individual lifts (Cascade, Challenger, Dakota, Derringer, Explorer, Headwaters, Iron Horse, Little Thunder, Lone Moose, Lone Peak, Lone Peak Tram, Lone Tree, Pony Express, Ramcharger, Six Shooter, Shedhorn, Southern Comfort, Swift Current, Thunder Wolf, and White Otter) and over 150 trails alone (and there are way too many to list here, but luckily there are maps available), Big Sky is destined to be one of the best skiing spots in the west. Big Sky Resort also has 5 individual service lifts, as well. The Summit (Lone Peak) is the highest in elevation at a little over 11,165 feet.

Despite being relatively large, it is a well known fact that Big Sky Resort has a lift capacity of 29,000 skiers per hour. Just make sure that when you visit the Big Sky Resort, that you do not hesitate to check out the International Big Sky school, among the many great tourist attractions including Yellowstone National Park which is close by. Lodging and dining are a must, as there are over 20 establishments to choose from just in the area alone. Olympic bronze medalist Bryon Wilson is known to frequent the Big Sky Resort often, so don't be surprised if you run into him.

For more information about the Big Sky Resort, simply call: 1-800-548-4486 right now. You can also visit for more information. Prices vary, but special deals are available. If you are looking to ski in one of the best ski resorts in the west, you cannot go wrong with the Big Sky Resort.

Questions and Answers about The Illiad...

1) The marriage of Peleus and Thetis--how is it involved in the run-up to the war? Who is their son? - Thetis left Peleus after Peleus interrupted the process of making Achilles immortal. An Oracle predicted that Achilles would fight in the Trojan war and later on, Achilles went on to fight in the war. Peleus and Thetis’s son is Achilles.

2) The Judgment of Paris: Again, who is/are involved? Why does it happen? What does it have to do with the war and its progress? - Zeus held a formal meal that was basically an ancient America’s Next Top Model amongst goddesses. Although Zeus was expected to judge the three goddesses (since he held the affair) on who is fairest and brightest, as well as, most beautiful, he invited Paris, a Phrygian mortal, to attend and judge these women. Of course Paris consented his invitation. As time ensued and the goddesses attempted to manipulate and dictate Paris into choosing them, his eyes were drawn to “Helen of Sparta” who was the wife of Greek King Menelaus, who was the king of Sparta at that time. Helen was beautiful, but Helen was also a pushover. Helen was sublimely unhappy with Menelaus because he was radically insecure and a bit timid in a fearful sense, which led to physical, mental, and emotional abuse. Helen was scared of Menelaus because he had also made threats on her life and although she loved him, she didn’t want to cross him in fear he would reciprocate. Helen was charming and that was certain, however; because Paris was vulnerable and has fell for women before, he had a different feeling about Helen. After a secretive affair between Helen of Sparta and Paris, he decided to sneak her out of Menelaus’s palace and onto a boat with the Trojans back to Troy. Once Menelaus discovered Helen was gone, he questioned several individuals who were surrounding the territory, later to find out that Helen left with Paris to Troy. Menelaus became enraged with anger and proposed an agenda that would seek revenge. Although Hector was a warrior who fought as the leader for the Trojan’s, he was smart enough to realize what Paris has done. Keep in mind that Paris cannot fight to save his life, let alone handle the situation he created. Hector loved his brother and that was certain, so it was quite finalized that “Helen of Sparta” was now “Helen of Troy” and there really wasn’t anything he could do. After many years of attempting to make peace with Menelaus and his people, Hector knew that a possible war would fuel. Despite Menelaus’s insanity, Sparta had many allies. Menelaus contacted his brother Agamemnon who was even more nuts than his brother Menelaus because he wanted to help his brother more on the glory of destroying Troy rather than doing the ethical thing. He actually persuaded that a war is the only way for him to get Helen back in which Menelaus accepted. He, then, gathered other kingdoms to help the Spartans in the war which included the Argos and the Mycenaes. He also manipulated Achilles into fighting for his side in an effort to win the war, but he and Achilles did not get along. In fact, Achilles knew his agenda and that was the only thing that stopped him from fighting this war. Anyways, as time proceeded, so did the war. There were thousands upon thousands of boats from all over the world that supported the Spartans, without knowledge of the reality of why the war actually existed. It was then that “Helen of Sparta” who later became “Helen of Troy” was known as “The face that launched a thousand ships”.

3) The abduction/seduction of Helen "of Troy"--the basic story of its connection to Paris's "judgment," who is/are involved, what it has to do with preparation for the war. - When Paris first met Helen, she was “Helen of Sparta”. Helen was married to Menelaus, who was King of Sparta. Menelaus’s family had a history of crime and severe mental illness, which lead to Menelaus acting overly controlling with Helen. Not just this, but he was abusive towards her that sometimes he would lock her up. She was on watch 24/7 by misc. guards because he was paranoid. Paris was invited by Zeus to judge three goddesses and although Paris found these women beautiful, in the eye of his beholder, none of them even compared to Helen. Helen was gorgeous, but she was humble and had an aura that was more sex appeal than beauty, although she was stunning. Kind of like an ancient Angelina Jolie or Monica Bellucci. Anyways, Paris was notorious for being vulnerable and Hector recognized this immediately. When Paris said that he loved Helen, Hector immediately attempted to correct him by saying he was brainwashed and knew absolutely nothing about love. Hector knew immediately that although peace was finally made with the Spartans, that the entire situation would create outmoded anguish among all parties in which a war would definitely have be to fought. It was then that this would later to become certain and a war would actual exist.

4) The sacrifice of Iphigenia/Iphigenia--who is/are involved? How is it related to the war? - In order to appease Artemis, Agamemnon sacrificed his daughter Theorists believe that Artemis punished Agamemnon for killing a deer in which Agamemnon would later sacrifice his daughter for this crime. Artemis propelled a divergent wind, which held the Greek flotilla in the bay of Aulis. This was where it had amassed before sailing to Troy. The spiritualist Calchas divined that the daughter of Agamemnon would have to be sacrificed to importune and concur for the encroachment. Agamemnon then mustered Iphigenia from home under the ploy that she was to be married to Achilles, who would later fight in the Trojan war.

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The Freedom Tower almost looks finished...

Although the estimated completition for the Freedom Tower (or one, World Trade Center building) is expected to be completed sometime in early April of 2013, it seems as though the workers have managed to get a lot of completed already. I am looking forward to the end result.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Interview with Billy Housh, an Internationally Known Canadian Comedian Superstar

William Hooshmandi (aka Billy Housh) is a Canadian comedian that is internationally known for his YouTube videos. Most importantly, he is a man who represents the term comic genius, as he is the epitome of a naturally funny guy. Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Billy about life, love and liberty. Here is what he had to tell me…
Sarah - Hey. How are you? Tell me a little about yourself and your background…

Billy Hooshmandi - I'm a Canadian born superstar just like Justin Bieber but with a massively hairy chest. I call them my gorilla tits.

Sarah - Behind every great comic genius, lies a true source of inspiration, as a result. I am curious to know, who or what influenced you to get involved in entertaining other people?

Billy Hooshmandi - I grew up watching sketch comedy. SCTV, Kids in the Hall, SNL and In Living Color were my favorite shows growing up. It just looked like they were having so much fun and I knew I wanted to be part of that. Oh, and my dad is pretty CRAZY!

Sarah - Dana Carvey, John Candy, Billy Connelly, Chris Farley, Andy Dick, Dave Chapelle, Mike Myers, Chris Rock, Phil Hartman, Adam Sandler, Robin Williams, etc. Tell me a little more about some of the comedians who have influenced you…

Billy Hooshmandi - My first experience of stand up comedy was listening to an old Bill Cosby cassette tape. I grew up watching the Cosby Show so hearing him candidly discussing his childhood and being able to relate was amazing. He also wasn't afraid of making goofy faces and sounds for the hell of it. JELLO PUDDIN POPZ!#@

Sarah - I know that out of those comedians, there are a select few that are incredibly funny because they are naturally funny. What makes your favorite comedian or comedians stand out?

Billy Hooshmandi - There are two types of comedians: ones that have to work hard at it and build traditionally structured jokes and those that are just naturally funny and are able to project their unique perspective of life on to an audience. Richard Pryor was awesome at that. He would just go up on stage and giv'er. He could just talk honestly about his life and people would laugh cause it was real. It also helps being a gifted storyteller.

Sarah - The thing I love most about entertainment on a comic wavelength is the fact that it makes me happy and creates a huge amount of dopamine, as a result. With comedy there are absolutely no limits. Laugher is truly the best medicine there is. Comedy also allows you to do so much and a lot goes a long way, as a result. Tell me a little about some of your acts that you like to do…

Billy Hooshmandi - My first love is live comedy. I enjoy performing stand up and doing live improv games. I also write sketch. If comedy is a drug than I deal all forms of ecstasy. I just wouldn't recommend plugging it up the butt.

Sarah - A lot of videos you create are in Farsi, however; you do a lot in English too.

Billy Hooshmandi - Yeah I started doing a lot of my videos with my dad and of course his first language is Farsi because he's a Persian sex god. Before YouTube had the subtitles feature, I noticed a lot of English speaking viewers would still enjoy the videos despite not understanding the dialogue. I guess comedy is universal and I can see how the language could give it some sort of foreign aesthetic, which later became popular with stuff like Borat and shit.

Sarah - When did you your father get involved with making videos with you?

Billy Hooshmandi - Well long ago I got my dad a digital camera for father's day and it turned out to have a pimpin' video recording feature so we started goofing around with it and posted a video of my dad saying one of his funny Iranian poems online. It turned out to be a viral hit and people started subscribing to my channel and demanding more. We had so much fun doing it we just didn't stop.

Sarah - You both seem to make a great team together.

Billy Hooshmandi - Well he helped conceive me. I dunno, a lot of people are surprised how well we get along with each other. I honestly thought everyone made sketch comedy with their dads and maybe I was the first one that posted it online. I guess I was wrong…

Sarah - Do you write, direct, as well as, produce all of the videos that you shoot?

Billy Hooshmandi - I sure do! I can also make awesome peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. If you catch me on the weekend I get all silly with eggs and mayo. My room is fairly tidy and I can do laundry. Are you asking me out?

Sarah - That is amazing. I am curious, when did you become a YouTube partner?

Billy Hooshmandi - Whoa, it had to be like three years ago now. No maybe two. I dunno I guess I could search my Gmail account for the email. I was really excited that day. Baba and I made a lot of sandwiches.

Sarah - It is quite obvious that celebrities are modern royalty and influence the vast majority of status quo society on several wavelengths, including when it comes to comedy and Youtube. Since you've become a Youtube partner, I am sure you can relate to this, as you are technically a celebrity. Tell me, what is it like being an Internet sensation?

Billy Hooshmandi - I can't go online without being bombarded by random messages. Basically, say goodbye to social networking sites if you become an e-celebrity. This totally should be an episode of iCarly.

Sarah - I absolutely love your videos on YouTube and I truly feel that you are capable of a lot of amazing things. Taking you through the entire video process, tell me what goes into creating a great video?

Billy Hooshmandi - It's an organic process with no added preservatives. I just make some shit up the night before or an hour before and film it. I always like to be in the moment so basically we smoke a lot of saffron.

Sarah - There is nothing better than knowing several tricks of the trade, especially with those things that are original. Tell me, what is one trick you know about the entertainment industry, that others, more than likely, do not know?

Billy Hooshmandi - When you have nothing to lose you are unstoppable.

Sarah - Out of the several comic "don'ts," what seems to be the biggest one that you have had the opportunity to come across or encounter?

Billy Hooshmandi - Don't insult your audience and never apologize for something you have done because someone out there might have loved it.

Sarah - Have you ever had a bad experience with creating a video? If so, tell me more… If not, what do you continue to do that prevents such an occurrence or what advice would you have for those looking to create a comedy related video?

Billy Hooshmandi - I advice people to take as much risks as they can and to follow your heart. All those Disney movies are right.

Sarah - For those individuals out there (and they do exist, as they read my content page) that are trying to achieve success in comedy. What advice to have for those people?

Billy Hooshmandi - Don't use too much teeth whitening cause the acid will give you a residing gum line and your stomach will burn like hell. You don't need white teeth to be funny.

Sarah - When it comes to comedy, you should be careful about the content you produce. As they say, once something is on the world wide web, it is pretty much on there forever unless it ends up deleted mysteriously somehow.

Billy Hooshmandi - Stay true to your heart and you wont regret anything and if you do regret something just blame the saffron.

Sarah - What kind of camera do you use when shooting your videos?

Billy Hooshmandi - My best stuff was shot using a regular Canon Powershot camera. Now I use a "pro consumer" HD camera. I'm a Canon guy. I'm most likely going to start shooting using a HD SLR that all the hipster kids seem to dig. Can't be a square, man. Honestly it doesn't matter as long as content is as good as your sound.

Sarah - One who loves entertainment, as well as, comedy in general will appreciate your videos. If you had to choose a favorite video that you made, which one would you choose? Why?

Billy Hooshmandi - My favorite video is Pashmak ( ) it was the first video that editing and pace really clicked for me. It was a simple video that also had a Hitchcock reference in it who is one of my favorite directors.

Sarah - I have to tell you, I love your projection in the videos you create.

Billy Hooshmandi - A lot of people love my hairy man body but not everyone can handle my monkey strength.

Sarah - You have to love the entertainment industry, as the demand continues to grow and as a result there are so many people trying to make it famous from their talents. You are definitely talented. Tell me about the latest video you are working on…
Billy Hooshmandi - Right now I'm in preproduction for the 50th episode of Pedar va Pesar so I am working on making it a special one. It's a big thank you to our fans.

Sarah - Out of the many videos you have had the opportunity to shoot, which one has managed to create the most controversy? Why did it create so much?

Billy Hooshmandi - Goat Head ( ) was one of the most controversial because people found it disturbing. I had submitted it to a film festival and it was rejected. The irony is I am now hosting that same film festival this year. I also made a video called Tea Time which was removed from Youtube for being obscene. I have no idea why…but you can view it on my Facebook fan page:

Sarah - Is controversy necessarily a bad thing?

Billy Hooshmandi - Anything attention is good attention in my book. That's why girls wear hooker boots.

Sarah - What is a basic regime that you would recommend to others that you tend to follow most of the time, yourself?

Billy Hooshmandi - Work work work work and don't stop.

Sarah - It is so hard to believe that we are approaching 2012. One thing is certain, I am truly excited, as there is so much to look forward to. I am curious, what do you have in store for your fans?

Billy Hooshmandi - Not much since the world will end soon. Vol. 2 of the Street DVD series should be out before that though…

Sarah - Aside from being a current Youtube partner, do you have any projects you are currently working on? Tell me a little more about your involvement with BrockTV…

Billy Hooshmandi - I'm a senior producer at BrockTV which is my university's TV channel. I'm the funny guy there in charge of the funny but I have some surprise projects coming down the pipe. Hehe, pipe…

Sarah - That is so awesome!

Billy Hooshmandi - Yeah, hehe…pipe.

Sarah - Separating fact from fiction, of course you will have endure mixed opinions of many. How do you deal with critical people?

Billy Hooshmandi - I rail it in the shower.

Sarah - I think if you don't have at least five haters, you are not doing something right.

Billy Hooshmandi - I know all my haters are really secret lovers - they just don't know how to express their love 'cause they aren't used to being with a hairy monkey man. OO OO OOO

Sarah - Do you believe comedy is more entertainment or more for art? Why?

Billy Hooshmandi - I think it's both but good comedy is more of an art and bad comedy is more entertainment and both are good in context.

Sarah - For those people reading this interview for the first time, what would you like those individuals to know about you?

Billy Hooshmandi - I'm a Virgo.

Thank You!