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Get the makeup look: Kim Kardashian at the 2016 MTV VMAs

Kim Kardashian at the 2016
MTV Video Music Awards.
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/
Getty Images)
Kim Kardashian really blew up the spotlight this evening at the MTV Video Music Awards. Wearing a simple yet sultry sheer black dress courtesy of John Galliano. As her hair laid low, it still looked amazing; however, Kim's makeup really slayed bringing the entire look together. It is no surprise that celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic touched Kardashian's face tonight, as he consistently delivers some of the best looks for the reality star. For tonight, Dedivanovic wanted Kim to look like a Greek Goddess, with a dewy complexion and a natural glow.

So, is it possible recreate Kim's makeup look at home? Absolutely.

First and foremost, Dedivanovic prepped the beautiful Kardashian's skin with the Laura Mercier Infusion de Rose Nourishing Cream. This product was used to give Kim's skin a soft, moisturized base. As Dedivanovic continued, he applied the Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation in Maple to even out Kardashian's complexion and give her a “lit from within” glow.

As he continued, the celebrity makeup artist dusted the Laura Mercer Translucent Loose Setting Powder all over her t-zone. Then, Dedivanovic contoured Kim’s hairline, nose and cheekbones using the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Bronze-03 to give her skin a sun-kissed, radiant glow.

To give the cheeks a Summer-like, peach flush, the celebrity makeup artist lightly dusted the Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Peach Whisper. Dedivanovic, then, applied the Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder in Addiction to the inner corners of Kim’s eyes and on her cupid’s bow to brighten her complexion. As he continued with Kardashian's makeup look, he dusted the Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder in Devotion along her cheeks to highlight her striking cheekbones.

Moving right along, Dedivanovic, then gave Kardashian's skin a warm glow using the Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder in both Addiction and Devotion on her chest, collarbone and legs. To finish the face, he lightly spritzed the reality beauty's complexion with Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, giving her skin a fresh gleam.

The eyes are the mirror to the soul. To make Kardashian's eyes look sultry and bronzed, the celebrity makeup artist lightly swept the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Sand Glow across the lid. He, then, applied the Copper shade from the Laura Mercier Eye Art Caviar Colour-Inspired Palette on the outer corners of the eye and across the lower lash line to make her eyes pop. As he continued with the makeup look, specially the eyes he applied the Laura Mercier Brow Dimension Fiber Infused Colour Gel in Brunette to the outer corners of her brows, using a mascara wand to create more drama and apply a thicker layer of product. He then colored the middle of the brows with gel, using light strokes to create a softer look.

To complete the look, Dedivanovic lined the lips with the Laura Mercier Lip Pencil in Hazelnut Tea before applying the Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Colour in Sensual.

Congratulations! You have just recreated Kim Kardashian's makeup look for the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. #VMAs

Get the makeup look: Britney Spears at the 2016 MTV VMAs

The beautiful Britney Spears.
(Photo provided by ColorProof)
Britney Spears continues to prove why she is a pop princess. The beautiful singer really slayed tonight in both performance and in appearance, as her hair and makeup totally blew up the spotlight tonight at the MTV Video Music Awards. Spears teamed up with celebrity makeup artist Melanie Inglessis for clean makeup look to complement her style.

"I wanted Britney's make up  to look very youthful and fresh with a little definition around the eyes and a nude lip," Inglessis shared.

So, is it possible to recreate this makeup look at home? Yes.

First and foremost, the celebrity makeup artist prepped the pop star's face by cleaning it with the So Fresh and So Clean Cucumber cleansing wipes. These wipes work to cleanse, refresh and prepare your makeup.

As Inglessis continued, she used the Westmore Beauty Lasting Effect Foundation in Tan. "This foundation truly feels like skin and is undetectable to the eyes! Flawless!" the celebrity makeup artist shared.

For the eyes, the celebrity makeup artist used the Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil in matte Dark Brown by the lash line and extended as a wing line and under the lower lash line. CHANEL Illusion D'Ombre in New Moon blended into the liner for a softer look both top and bottom. Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes in Spice in the crease of the eyes and putter corner to create depth.

So, what about the brows? Inglessis used the Westmore Beauty One Step Brow Gel in Light before applying the Westmore Beauty Eye Effects Red Carpet Lashes Mascara in Black. She applied two coats on the top lashes and one coat on bottom lashes, for amazing red carpet lashes.

The celebrity makeup artist used the Westmore Lasting Effects Body Coverage in Golden Radiance on the pop star's body to complement Spears dress. "This is such a perfect body makeup. It covers yet has a illuminating finish," Melanie Inglessis shared. This long wear cream body make up doesn't  rub on cloth once it dries, even outs skin tones and covers imperfections.

To finish the look, the celebrity makeup artist applied the Surratt Beauty Moderniste Lip Pencil in Faire La Bise mixed with Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Punk Soufflé.

Congratulations! You have just recreated Britney Spears' makeup look at the 2016 Video Music Awards. #VMAs

Get the hair look: Britney Spears at the 2016 VMAs

The amazing Britney Spears at the 2016 MTV
Video Music Awards.
(Photo provided by ColorProof)
As one of the best-selling artists of all time, Britney Spears has still got it going on. In fact, the pop princess slayed the red carpet at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. As her makeup looked amazing, her hair really made a statement. Spears teamed up with celebrity stylist Lorenzo Martin for a haute hair look to complement both her fashion and performance.

So, is it possible to recreate this hair look at home? Absolutely.

Celebrity stylist Lorenzo Martin shared with me "I began styling Britney's hair by using the ColorProof Evolved Color Care LiftIt Color Protect Foam Mousse on wet hair from roots to ends."
"As I continued, I followed by blow drying hair with the Bio Ionic Ultralight Speed Dryer until the hair was smooth," he shared.
As the celebrity stylist continued, he wrapped Britney's hair around with a curling iron. "I wrapped hair around with the Bio Ionic Long Barrel Curling Iron and left the ends out, adding a little shake at the end to loosen the curl." He shared, "this product is typically designed for people with long hair!"
To finish the entire hair look he applied the ColorProof Evolved Color Care PowderFix Texturizing Powder to Spears' locks before adding a little ColorProof Evolved Color Care HumidityRx Anti-Frizz WeatherProof Spray.

Congratulations! You have just recreated Britney Spears' hair look at the 2016 Video Music Awards. #VMAS

Get the nails: Rihanna at the 2016 VMAs

The beautiful Rihanna continues to prove why she unstoppable. With two performances down and two more to go, Rihanna is really blowing up the spotlight tonight at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. As her outfit, makeup and hair slays, her nails really looked amazing. In fact, the iconic pop star teamed up with celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees for a haute nail look.

“Rihanna will be on stage multiple times during this year’s VMA’s,” Rihanna's manicurist, Kimmie Kyees shared. “We wanted to find a color that would match any outfit and makeup changes she may have throughout the show– so we chose a beautiful mauve color with a subtle shimmer that looks gorgeous against her skin tone,” she added.
So, is it possible to get Rihanna's nails at-home? Absolutely.
According to Kyees, Rihanna’s nails were filed into a narrow, pointy stiletto shape and then polished with Red Carpet Manicure’s newest formula – the instant gel manicure. This polish requires no base or top coat, which is amazing. For Rihanna's nails, Kyees used the Red Carpet Manicure Red Carpet Ready 1-Step LED Gel Polish in Hopeless Romantic, a stunning mauve with a shimmer finish.
Kyees proceeded to brush on the color, cured it for about 30 seconds and then the iconic Rihanna was ready for what should be one of RiRi’s most iconic VMAs yet.

Congratulations! You have just recreated Rihanna's nails for the 2016 Video Music Awards. #VMAs

Friday, August 26, 2016

NAKED Green Machine Juice

I have to be honest, I love healthy juices; however, I am not one to really enjoy the pre-made, store bought kind as they tend to be extremely overpriced for what you get and taste just "ok". And most of the time, you never know what is exactly in them. Recently, I discovered how much I love and appreciate the NAKED Green Machine juice. The juice combines 2 apples (with an additional 3/4 of an apple), 1/3 of a mango, 1/12 of a pineapple, a half of a banana, and 1/3 of a kiwi fruit. This is just one serving. In addition to these fruits, the juice is boosted with spirulina (1,335 mg), alfalfa (409) mg, broccoli (102 mg), spinach (102 mg), barley grass (76 mg), wheatgrass (76 mg), kale (51 mg), garlic (51 mg), ginger (51 mg) and parsley (51 mg).
Not only does it taste amazing, but it is filled with so many incredible nutrients. The taste is sweet, but not sickening sweet where you can barely stand it. You can barely taste the savory notes from the nutrients, but you can tell they exist. With 63 grams of carbohydrates in just one serving, this juice 270 calories. It is high in vitamin B12 and vitamin C. And it contains 4 grams of protein per serving.

It is free of genetically modified organisms (or GMOs) and contains no added preservatives or fillers, which is quite impressive to find. I want to also note, I am so happy a lot of these companies are not modifying ingredients anymore. I understand they are trying to increase shelf life, but this will not increase human life and/or expectancy.
On a practical note, I enjoy this juice because it gives me great energy and on serving is great for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner and those special moments in between those meals. If you are looking to incorporate a great, healthy juice into your diet, I highly recommend this one. For more information visit NAKED Juice today.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

NARS introduces Velvet Lip Glides

NARS introduces the Velvet Lip Glide
in 13 stunning shades.
If you have can imagine a hybrid of lipstick and a lip gloss, the result would be the new NARS Velvet Lip Glide. This amazing new NARS addition features a new formula that slays virtually every lip it touches. In fact, the new Velvet Lip Glides strike the perfect balance between softness and strength, coverage and comfort. Velvet Lip Glide contains NARS' new Oil Infusion Complex, allowing the formula to glide on effortlessness like a gloss with the coverage and comfort of a lipstick. Amazing right?

And it only gets better. This amazing new addition to the NARS family includes 13 stunning shades.





Shades shown, left to right: Stripped (beige pink), Unlaced (nude pink), Playpen (pink coral), Bound (rose pink), Danceteria (fuchsia). Next row, left to right: La Main Bleue (rich berry), Mineshaft (poppy red), No. 54 (raspberry red), Le Palace (deep cherry red), Unspeakable (garnet). Final row, left to right: Toy (deep aubergine), Area (rich chestnut), and Deviant (deep burgundy).

Deviant is a NARS boutique & exclusive

The NARS Velvet Lip Glide will cost $26 and will be available Tuesday, September 6th and Wednesday, the 7th exclusively on for the VIB & VIB Rouge preview. They will be available Thursday, September 15th at NARS boutiques and on the official website,, then Saturday, October 1st at Sephora, Nordstrom, and other department and specialty stores.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tavalodet Mobarak Morgan Ingram

Light a candle to remember
Morgan Ingram and her life.
Morgan Ingram was a beautiful and bright soul with a bold personality to match. She had more drive than NASCAR and a penchant for the pen, but one dark day in December it was all taken away from her.

You see, Morgan was an individual who welcomed many different people into her life. As some of those people were light who shared the same big dreams and passions, there were those who were dark and had no direction unless it was to the nearest party to get loaded and laid.

As a gifted woman with a polished yet free-spirited personality, Morgan was stalked. Of course, if you have never been stalked, you would have zero idea of what she went through. As a result, her entire life was turned upside until one day everything changed forever.

Morgan Ingram was murdered on December 2, 2011 in her Carbondale, Colorado home. Today, we honor the force and face of stalking, as we celebrate her birthday. I decided to light a candle and I encourage you, my readers and friends to light one too. May karma find its way, so we can eventually have justice one day. Gone, but never forgotten. RIP Morgan Ingram!

August 16, 1991-December 2, 2011

For more information about Morgan Ingram, visit the official site today.

Get the hair look: Kendall Jenner's Vogue Cover

R+Co Co-Founder Garren
at work.
Kendall Jenner is a true runway beauty and recently, the ravishing reality star teamed up with R+Co Co-Founder Garren for the ultimate style. In fact, Garren chopped off Kendall Jenner's locks for the September 2016 cover of Vogue. The real question remains; however, what inspired Garren to create this style and how did he do it?

"I first worked with Kendall at an Estee Lauder shoot where I cut her hair into a layered lookI cut about four inches. They pulled together a team of big names to expose Kendall to the world of modeling for the first time. This time, for her first Vogue cover, Kendall requested me because she knew something was going to happen," Garren shared.

"She trusted me to do the cut because she knows my history with changing the looks of big celebrities and she did her homework so there was nothing to be afraid of. In the end we decided to cut 12 inches into a blunt cut that was all one length and fell right above the collarbone. The cut is classic and coolKendall was very excited to show the world that she can be more than a long-haired ‘it’ girl and that she is growing up."

So, is it possible to recreate this hairstyle at-home? Absolutely.

First and foremost, the celebrity hairstylist prepped the reality starlet's hair with the R+Co Cactus Texturizing shampoo. This shampoo will be available next month.

Then, Garren applied the R+Co Chiffon Styling Mousse all of the way from the mid-length of the hair to the end. As he continued, he started to blow dry and style the hair.

Once he accomplished this, he used about a dime-sized amount of the R+Co High Dive Moisture + Shine Crème. He applied this product to Jenner's ends for separation. This product will also be available next month.

To finish the look, he sprayed the R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hair Spray.

Congratulations! You have just recreated Kendall Jenner's Vogue Cover hair look. The Vogue cover will hit stands Tuesday, August 23, 2016.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Get the hair look: Khloe Kardashian's double-bun style

Khloe Kardashian wearing
her double-bun style.
(Photo by Justine Marjan)
Khloe Kardashian is one of the most popular reality star personalities on the planet. And just yesterday, she teamed up with celebrity stylist Justine Marjan for a 90's inspired double-bun hair style. The hairstyle was so cute and really embodied the Star Wars Princess Leia persona with a hint of mini mouse, which complemented Kardashian's style.

So, is it possible to recreate this hair look at-home? Absolutely.

First and foremost, Marjan prepped Kardashian's hair with the SacaJuan ocean mist followed by the Ouai soft mousse. Then, taking a Mason Pearson brush, the celebrity stylist blow dried Kardashian's hair with the ghd blow dryer.

Taking a rat tail comb, Marjan split the pretty reality star's hair down the middle before splitting each section horizontally and individually. As she continued, she sprayed the Kardashian Beauty Hair dry shampoo onto the television personalities hair. This works to add texture to the style.

Then, Marjan took a RSession Pro detailing brush and started gathering the front section of one side of her head into a high pony before securing this into an elastic. The celebrity stylist allowed pieces of hair around the face and hairline to fall loose.

She continued to repeat this step before doing the same thing to other side of her head, creating the double-bun style. Marjan, then, gathered each pony and looped them into a knot right before securing them with French pins.

To finish the look, Marjan sprayed the Kardashian Beauty Hair pure glitz hairspray. She also added some Marula oil treatment wherever needed.

Congratulations! You have just recreated Khloe Kardashian's double-bun style.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Candace Smith introduces the Lady Warrior shirt

The beautiful Candace Smith
wearing one of the Lady Warrior
If you haven't noticed this Summer, Bravo's "Millionaire Matchmaker" made the move over to WE tv and rebranded the show as "Million Dollar Matchmaker".  There is a new format along with matchmakers from the past, but one thing remains the same is Candace Smith. In fact, matchmaker Candace Smith returns as a senior matchmaker; actually the only matchmaker to appear in every episode this season. In true Candace fashion, she keeps it sexy and so much fun every Friday night at 10pm/9c.  
In addition to the new show, Candace stars in the film My Father, Die, which premiered at South by Southwest and will be in theaters at the end of the year. This action thriller is set in the South and is written and directed by Sean Brosnan and produced by Pierce Brosnan, Sanja Banjic and Orian Williams. Amazing right?
And if that wasn't enough, the beautiful and brilliant philanthropist created the Lady Warrior Shirt, which gives a portion of proceeds to the Downtown Women's Center in the heart of Los Angeles, where she has been a longtime volunteer.  
Miss Hawaii 2014 Moani Hara
wearing the Lady Warrior shirt.
The Lady Warrior shirts are available
at Candace's official store.
When asked about the inspiration behind the shirts, Candace said, "The Lady Warrior Shirt was inspired by all the fascinating women in my life who are not at all the one-dimensional image perpetuated by the media. Some of these women include the young girls I have the pleasure of coaching; the resilient women at the Downtown Women’s Center I interact with; the boss women in the entertainment industry; the strong, Southern women in my family and my Miss USA sisters."
"Many have endured much more than anyone would ever know because of how high they hold their heads, the warmth in their hearts and the swag in their steps. I worked closely with Frank Denbow of Startup Threads (Shopify) to bring my vision to life and I'm eternally grateful," she continued.
What is Candace's mission? What inspired her to create the Lady Warrior Shirt? "I hope to not only spread awareness for the Downtown Women's Center but to also empower women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds to find their inner warrior.  We are taught as young women to be ladies but it is also crucial that women learn to be fighters as well.  Women should be comfortable with this duality and celebrate it," she shared.
The Lady Warrior shirt is all about
women's empowerment. An
incentive to the soul.
So, how will the purchase of a shirt help the Downtown Women's Center? According to Candace, they will help the shelter immensely. "I worked with the Downtown Women's Center, where I have volunteered for many years, to arrange for a portion of all proceeds to go directly to the center. The Downtown Women’s Center is so important because it is not just a shelter; they provide permanent supportive housing and a safe and healthy community fostering dignity, respect, and personal stability with the goal of supporting the women until they feel strong again to be independent."
To support the Downtown Women's Center, simply purchase a Lady Warrior Shirt at Candace's official store. Just remember, when you do rock it to share the link along with the hashtag #LadyWarriorShirt all over social media.
Catch up with Candace on her official website as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Check out my latest interview with her about Million Dollar Matchmaker here.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Get the makeup look: Cara Delevingne at the Suicide Squad premiere in NYC

Cara Delevingne at the New
York premiere for Suicide Squad.
(Photo provided by Rimmel London)
As one of the most beautiful supermodels in the world today, Cara Delevingne made an appearance in New York City at the Beacon Theatre for her latest film, Suicide Squad. Delevingne stars as June Moone aka the Enchantress in the Suicide Squad. She blew up the red carpet Monday evening wearing an Anthony Vaccarello dress with Christian Louboutin boots accessorized with Hstern jewelry. As her style was fabulously fleek, her hair slayed. However, what stole the spotlight was her makeup. In fact, the supermodel starlet teamed up with celebrity makeup artist Romy Soleimani for an amazing rockstar inspired makeup look that was both dramatic and bold for the premiere.

So, is it possible to recreate this look at-home? Absolutely.

First and foremost, Soleimani applied the Rimmel London BB Cream in Medium to even out the skintone, followed by Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation in Sand to set the look. Then, the celebrity makeup artist applied the Rimmel London Kate Sculpting & Highlighting Kit in Golden Sands. Soleimani used the deepest shade as a contour while blending the pink blush subtly into the apples of Delevingne's cheeks.This gave the Suicide Squad starlet a warm glow.

As the celebrity makeup artist continued with this look, she applied Rimmel London Exaggerate Auto Waterproof Eye Definer in Earl Grey and Blackest Black over the whole lid. She, then added more Blackest Black along the lashline, the crease of the eye, and on the supermodel starlet's inner rim, smudging it underneath. As she continued, Soleimani pressed in some theatrical silver glitter before finishing Delevingne's eyes with the Rimmel London Scandal’Eyes Mascara.

To finish the look, Soleimani applied the Rimmel London Provocalips 16HR Kissproof Lip Color in Kiss Me You Fool as a base. She, then, topped Delevingne's lips with the Rimmel London The Only 1 Lipstick in Call Me Crazy. 

Congratulations! You have just recreated Cara Delevingne's makeup look at the New York premiere of Suicide Squad. #SuicideSquad

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