Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tips for good dental hygiene

When it comes to having great hygiene, it is extremely important, as it makes up a huge part of who we are, as individuals. Hygiene is not just something we see, it's something we feel and experience, as a result. When we have great hygiene, we feel great. When we have wonderful hygiene, we feel wonderful. Dental or oral hygiene is important because it is a huge contribution to our individual hygiene. As a oral health fanatic, here are some great tips to having great dental hygiene:

1 - THE "BRUSH, FLOSS, RINSE" REGIME: Do more than just brushing your teeth. Follow a plan that you can stick to that will benefit you, as a result. When you brush your teeth, ask yourself do you also floss your teeth, as well as, rinse your teeth? It's important to follow the best the "Brush, Floss, Rinse" regime. Brush your teeth, floss your teeth, and rinse your teeth everyday.

2 - THREE TIMES DAILY: It is extremely important to brush your teeth at least three times daily. It's best to brush your teeth balanced out. To do this, it is best to brush in between or after meals. If you can follow the "Brush, Floss, Rinse" regime, that would be great, as well, although that isn't recommended.

3 - WATER: People say drink eight glasses of water to maintain individual refreshment and moisture content. It's healthy to drink water and it is the only thing in the world, you can't ever have too much of (besides money *kidding*). Water is very easy on the teeth, as opposed to soft drinks, tea, wine, beer, liqueur, and coffee. Some water companies that distribute their products in grocery stores also offer water with fluoride in it, to give it extreme health benefits.

4 - DENTIST: Whether for a checkup or teeth cleaning (or both) it is important to visit the dentist. A professional opinion may be as good as your own or better. One thing you will notice, most individuals who visit a dentist daily have great oral and dental hygiene.

5 - SUGAR FREE: Foods that possess no or low sugar contents are always good. Gum works a great sealant (kind of like a baby chewing on a toy or a dog chewing on a bone, the toy and the bone are the sealants) It is best to chew a piece of sugar free gum because not only does the gum chewing action itself make your jaw stronger, as well as, teeth, but the sugar free gum will provide a flavorful taste that is healthy for your teeth, as a result.

6 - QUALITY PRODUCTS: If a product is more expensive, it usually means that it is better quality in comparison to something that is cheaper or lesser value, because it's more expensive to market and product. Some people say the cheaper stuff is as good as the expensive stuff, but don't let that fool you. A good quality toothbrush, as well as, toothpaste, floss, and rinse will go along way and make an amazing different. I've tried everything from store brand and generic to quality brand and there is a difference. Use products that are high quality and if it means spending a little more money to do so, do it because it will show as a result.

7 - THE "BAKING SODA AND PEROXIDE MIXTURE": If you take baking soda and add enough hydrogen peroxide to create a paste-like substance, you are destined to put it on your teeth. If you leave it on for a few minutes, it has been proved to be healthy for your teeth. Not just as a fighting guard to erasing plaque, but it is great whitening, which is linked to good hygiene. It works as a good holistic fluoride home remedy.

8 - VITAMINS: Take vitamins daily. For the best results, take multi-vitamins. Calcium is extremely important for enamel, as well as, overall strength. Other vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E help, as well. Eat foods that are on a healthy wavelength such as fruits and vegetables.

9 - COCONUT OIL: When you are done brushing, flossing, and rinsing use some cold-pressed organic Coconut Oil on a cue tip and spread it on your teeth. This will not only prevent dryness, but provide a great medium that is linked to great dental and oral hygiene. Some models and women that are in beauty pageants tend to use Vaseline on their teeth on a daily basis. This also works with the traditional, Persian oil-pulling method, a technique that is amazing for good dental hygiene.

10 - DO NOT OVER BRUSH: Some dentists say it's a myth to over brush and that some people can't ever brush enough. That is completely 100% false. You can over brush your teeth and as a result, it can lead to the wearing away of enamel, as well as, permanent nerve damage. It's best to never over brush.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

What is a continuous improvement plan

The continuous improvement plan impacts all individual responsibilities of the business, but creates higher alternatives that can develop within the business. In order to make this or anything happen, it's a fact that individuals must be willing to contemplate the problematic issues and work through ways and means of fixing them. This can be anything from a standard evaluation of the overall organization that links directly to the problem to specific actions that can be taken to improve the business immediately from the problem. The continuous improvement plan is more than just evaluating and analyzing, as well as, organizing and planning, the continuous improvement plan is the future. It is a goal every business should aim to achieve and it represents evolution, transformation and change - for the better.

Every business is different and therefore; will use a variety of different continuous improvement plans, as a result. If you are an entrepreneur or a business (whether sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation) chances are you will never settle for less than excellence. Does excellence exist? I think many would like to think so, so yes, it does. With the continuous improvement plan, you are destined to be on the road to excellence. Some people would love to settle in the beautiful cottage in the Paris with multiple waterfalls and peace, however; some people would rather have all of France.

Do you see the distinction?

If the business is doing well, you will want to maintain that level of performance and overall productivity. But like anything that is good, it doesn't mean it cannot be better. If the business is doing well, does it mean that your business is well? Absolutely not. The "If It's Broke, Don't Fix It" only applies to smaller things and is clearly hypothetical in this scenario. Businesses are big, whether sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. Like anything that exists today, there is always room for improvement to create something better, as a result. If the business is doing bad or poorly, you will want to improve the level of performance, as a result. This is where you put the continuous improvement plan to use and develop a keen likeness to the method.

Monday, May 14, 2007

How to deliver bad news for project managers

No one loves to hear bad news. Especially, if the news is something that makes a huge impact on your overall business and work ethic. In fact, you never know how an individual will react towards something that is "bad" or of a negative nature. Although delivering bad news is very hard because everyone is different and impossible to predict, it is something we must do if that person (in this case, project manager) is not working up to standard.

The important part of delivering bad news is simply "knowing" the person. If you know nothing about the project manager, including his/her work ethic and overall business contributions and benefits to the business, you need to simply find all of that out. Take sometime to separate the individual from his/her job and position, to focus on who this individual is as a person. If you haven't done so, it is also best to prepare yourself with questions you may expect the project manager to ask you. Perhaps, think of the most common and make sure you have an answer for them, because they may put you on the spot.

It's ok to be professional, but do not be afraid to be a little personal. The key is being impersonal, yet personal. This doesn't mean befriend them. This doesn't mean they must be your best friend. You want to find out what you can, because when you present them with bad news, you can use several alternatives in your method, involving things you know about them (good things that is) that will give them hope.

What kind of bad news are you delivering to the project manager?

When presenting bad news to project managers, it is best to be passive, yet alert, but also direct. It is important to use tact, no matter how they act because you are the professional and you are the person that has a standard to set. To react in a negative sense would be not only selfish, but rather foolish. You are also representing a company and therefore, should always respect the company you are representing.

After you deliver the bad news, it is best to tell them what they want to hear, without being personal. For instance, you used tact in your approach, now you need to sympathize, although empathy works best. Perhaps, think of something that occurred in your life and use that as an example of what it has done to improve your work ethic and overall stance. Give the project manager the same guidance and hope, as no hope should ever be lost.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

What is Equalism?

Everyone is individually different and possesses a lot of uniqueness that separates them from being the same person. Since individuals are in fact different, does that mean they are not equal? Equalism is simply a promotion of equality that embraces the conception, all people should be treated as equal, despite their differences. This can be anything from the color of their skin to the religion they follow and much more.

The term "equalism" was created by philosophical originators and later applied to promote activism, including feminism. Equalism is most commonly known as a philosophy, based on the premise of substance. However, there are many who believe it's more of a tool or guide to promote change for a less polarized society. Individuals who are more "pro" towards equalism believe that if an individual is black or an individual is white, despite the color of their skin, they are equal because they both bleed red.

Although it's been stated that equalism only applies to gender, race, and society, it also applies to much more by association alone. In fact, when it comes to equalism associated with a person, a place, or a thing; equalism elaborates standard differences, but specifically promotes their equals and provides reasons for believing why.

Equalism plays a role in life and in spite of its negatives, the positives or strengths tend to exceed the weakness, as a result. Some theorists believe that equalism is a way of being "blind" to not just people, but the individual's actions. However; if someone's right is right for them, does it mean that it is right for you? Equalism allows us to ponder those thoughts, but accept that it is ok to be different, possess different beliefs and/or opinions and approach things differently. In the age of status quo, those are some thoughts to ponder.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The role of the Swiss Federal Council

When it comes to the role of the Swiss Federal Council, there are quite a few things to contemplate. The Swiss Federal Council works as the primary decision maker and taker for Switzerland. As the council consists of about 7 members, who are part of the executive branch, each individual that makes up the council has a specific role they must follow, depending on their department in which they work, their general credentials and background and overall duties which apply.

Although, most of these roles are quite extensive and vary from individual to individual, the Swiss Federal Council provides a medium for all decisions. Members of the Swiss Federal Council are often compared to ministers in other forms of government, but that is traditionally in theory. The Swiss Federal Council is a rather discreet group for quite a few reasons, hence why their official website is private. Each member of the Swiss Federal Council belongs to a specific department, therefore; each member is in charge of those individual departments including votes and general decision making.

If you are from Switzerland and have an idea or want to talk to someone at the Swiss Federal Council, it is best to contact they directly or visit them in person (or offline), so they can set you up with the right Swiss Federal Council member, with the appropriate department.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

2007: Top 5 Living Influential People in America

When it comes to being a major influence on the majority of status quo population in the United States today, it involves much more than making an impact. Being influential is about being universal, while knowing your place in this world. It's about being independent and not fearing or regretting what you say nor what you do.

I find individuals influential who make themselves better citizens, despite what is being said about them or the criticism they endure. Individuals who are compassionate, yet true to themselves and continue on with their lives, despite the adversity they face. Individuals who know their purpose on this planet. Being influential is nothing more than an individual being human.

Although, I believe the most individual influential people in America are deceased and believe that I could categorize all American individuals as heroes who benefit from what I defined as "influential" (see above), I believe the top 5 most living influential people in America are:

1) Bill Gates (computer software developer, innovator, marketer, and icon)
2) Oprah Winfrey (talk show host, humanitarian, and icon)
3) Steven Spielberg (film director, writer, and icon)

4) Donald Trump (businessman)
5) Michael Jackson (singer, songwriter, entertainer, and icon)

Bill Gates has done a lot for technology. He is moving upward and forward which makes me not only believe, but rightfully know he is the most influential person on the planet. And without him, we wouldn't have internet access.

Oprah Winfrey is a journalist turned talk show host who worked hard to get where she is. Although I don't always agree with her, I respect her for using her voice to and for a higher purpose.

Steve Spielberg has brought so much to the world of entertainment and continues to do great things, which have a major influence on many. Especially those who enjoy his movies and work.

Donald Trump is a very strong, witty business man with a lot of influence. As he continues to build more to add to his empire, he proves that he is a very important citizen of the United States.

Michael Jackson is the king of pop and has such a strong influence on so many people, especially those who love and enjoy his music. He is the most popular pop star on the planet.