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Hello. How are you? Welcome to my website. As you may already be aware, I enjoy reading your messages. Whether it is about your day and your night or what you ate today for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—I love and appreciate them all. For all general inquiries including comments, suggestions, and other feedback, you can contact me using the form below. I encourage you to say hello in the comments of your favorite blog posts. 

If you are another blogger or content creator and you are interested in working together and collaborating, reach out via form below. I am also open for guest writing services. 

Do you have a story you want to share with the world? Are you interested in telling me your story? If so, contact me and we can schedule an interview and/or Q&A.  

If you have received any profane messages from a "Sarah Afshar" linking back to this blog—be smart and check all information when examining the alias. Look at the IP address, DNS address, as well as, MAC ID or identity of the device. Although I am honest, I am very picky about what I say online and truth be told, I rarely contact people directly especially to be critical simply because it isn't in my nature to do so. If you see anyone using my name and identity and they are linking back directly to this blog, contact me immediately. I take identity theft seriously and will take the proper litigation if necessary.

As a content producer and writer of many years (with Examiner, AXS, Yahoo!—just to name a few) I offer independent freelance services including ghostwriting work. I can also work with you on your latest and greatest projects. Moreover, I offer graphic design services and would be honored to help you achieve your goals as a brand. If you are interested, please reach out to me.

For all marketing, business, and PR inquiries—please contact me here. For all professional or job related inquiries, you can reach me on LinkedIn


If the above form is having technical difficulties (which does tend happen, but not too frequently) you can leave a comment under a specific blog post of interest with your name and your contact information, and I will get back to you shortly.

Thank you for visiting and have wonderful day!

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