Friday, October 5, 2007

Originality, the key factor that contributes to a successful business

So, I am sitting here thinking about what makes a business successful. When professionals refer to the purpose of a business, they believe that marketing and innovation are two very important provisions. Based on my experiences, I believe that these two very important formations of a business, integrate to form the ultimate macrocosm, making them radically important, as a result. However; in order to form the ultimate macrocosm, you must be an independent thinker that doesn't solely rely on concepts and individual philosophies, that have been repeated and/or are guaranteed to fail. You must also think ahead and think about what your consumer will want most.
Problems don't exist without creators. If these problems were created by us, then we also have the ability (and stability) to fix any trial and tribulation we are faced with. The world has a weakness and it is banality.  In order to sell a good and/or  a service and market it's strengths in a positive notion, one must create an innovation that is original and will benefit the consumer, as the consumer is the business. In addition to creating a product and/or service that can suit many people's needs, one must collaborate several individual factors that makeup a business and separate their tasks.
Although business is filled with an array of risk and expected concern, your goal is to not worry about whether a product and/or a service will triumph other innovations, let alone competition. Your goal is to find ways and means of allowing your innovation to succeed and develop, while catering to individual demographic. In order to create a successful product and/or a successful service, one must know their product/service inside and out, with the intent to deliver it on a professional wavelength, using a strict informative approach. You can make many promises, but if they don't sell, you have nothing. In my 26 years of living I have yet to see any logic that can really refute this particular mindset.
The statement that several business professionals believe that marketing and innovation are the two most important aspects of a business is not only applied to the advertising, selling, and delivering side of the business structure, but also determines those key elements as being the most important out of other significant factors. With that stated, I believe the most important key factor of a business that elaborates beyond the standard marketing and innovative quo, is originality.

Why? Because when you stand out, many people are going to be interested in you. Difference equals uniqueness. And the equation is like a domino effect and makes perfect sense - uniqueness equals success.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Iranian-American student at UCLA being tasered for not having his ID

What are your thoughts about the Iranian-American student at UCLA being tasered for not having his I.D. on November of 2006?

I have been asked about this quite a few times. Someone recently brought this issue back to my attention and asked me to address my individual thoughts on the situation, here on this blog. I watched the video a few times, as well to kind of understand the incident. I watched it quite a few times (in case I missed something relevant); I, then, realized the horrible distinction and example it gave.

I always praised cops and still do, but now I know that "dirty" cops do exist and the UCLA police are some fine examples of what "dirty" are depicted as. I think the cops here are incompetent and truly an insult to the uniform. I say this because I believe that it was truly unethical for the UCLA police force to taser him (as in UCLA Iranian-American student), let alone 5 times for extended amounts of time.

Just because someone is cocky or has a bad attitude, does NOT mean it is acceptable to taser them. Tasers are used as a last resort, before a gun. They are a weapon. They are for defense purposes only. I can understand if they tasered him once (even though, that is unethical), but they tasered him continuously, even after he was completely defenseless. He was completely unconscious after being tasered the second time.

When someone is tasered, they lose mobility and control. The loss of mobility varies per person/per shock, from the taser. The muscles spasm create an immediate paralyzing sensation that can last for a long period of time (which again, varies). Although, it is temporary, it's been said that there are deadly effects from taser guns resulting in death. In fact, there have been 75 cases of death in a 4 year period from taser usage just here in the United States. Yes, there is no question, you can die. I can understand if they tasered him once (as I stated previously), but they did it five times. The UCLA police asked him to "get up" and continued to taser him, when he couldn't get up, let alone speak. He was completely unconscious from the effects.

The UCLA police abused their authority and went way out of their jurisdiction. Even after the Iranian-American student was completely defenseless, they tasered him multiple times, after he was already tasered twice. The police could have escorted him out (he was defenseless and they outnumbered him), instead they continued to abrasively taser him, until he fell to the ground.

All for what?

Because he gave an attitude and didn't have his ID. As a 26 year old Iranian American woman, I find this completely wrong.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Biography: Bruce Lee

If there were an award given to the actor that moved so fast, no one could catch him, the recipient of that award would be Mr. Bruce Lee. He was so fast that his speed was considered "inhuman". On November 27, 1940 a martial arts legend was born in the heart of San Francisco, CA. Although Bruce Lee's original name was "Jun Fan" in Cantonese, he chose to use the English translation of Bruce Lee.

At only age 12, Bruce was forced to move to Hong Kong to attend an all boys school. Bruce was very educated, but he always felt as if he were meant to do something bigger than what he was doing at that time. It was quite obvious that Bruce has always been a fighter since the moment he was born, hence why he won several championships on and off throughout his life, up until this point. It wasn't until about age 14 that Bruce started a variety of martial arts training that would prepare him to be the master he was and the legend he would become.

As time proceeded and a variety of conflicts floated in Bruce's direction, he decided to make the move back to the United States where he was born. Bruce was determined as a child to become an actor one day, but was more into teaching and educating others about what he learned. He wanted to inspire people and give them a purpose for living and a reason to believe that they can have much more than what they have.

After living in San Francisco, at 19 years of age Lee decided to relocate to Seattle. At this point, Bruce was very skeptical about pursuing a career in entertainment, so he enrolled in the Philosophy program at the University of Washington. At this time, he met his wonderful wife. Lee was heavily influenced by a variety of philosophical teachings such as the Jeet Kun Do, as well as, Taoism and Buddhism. He would also construct a variety of regimes he used that would make a huge impact later on, as a result. Bruce took himself seriously, as well as, anything that became a part of him.

He decided to create a martial arts school and use his what he learned, as well as, what founded himself to help others benefit from his knowledge. After days of thinking and working, as well as, many hours of soul searching, Lee decided he wanted to become an actor and pursue that particular route. It wasn't until the 1960s era that Bruce decided to pursue acting. Although Lee acted as a child, he became internationally known as playing Kato, the limo driver and guard in The Green Hornet.

As time proceeded, he gave birth to his son Brandon in 1965 (another actor who ends up sharing a similar fate 20 years later) and to his daughter Shannon in 1969. After working over a decade as an actor, Lee was determined to find his big break and eventually found out when he was offered the role of a lifetime as Lee in Enter The Dragon. In 1971-1972 Lee began filming Enter The Dragon. Little did anyone know, this movie would become his biggest success yet.

After over 30 different movies and television sets, as well as, numerous appearances luck did not find Mr. Lee. On July 20, 1973 Lee's life came to a halt, when he mysteriously died. He was only 32 years of age. At this time, he was a success and praised in the media as someone who should be respected for bringing something new to the industry. All anyone could do was question - "Why Bruce?".

Some theorists believe that Mr. Lee was murdered by a private martial arts organization because he introduced martial arts into cinema, however; others believe it was an allergic reaction to a drug he used, to attempt to treat a headache he endured, earlier that day. Some theorists still are questioning his death and there are still many unanswered questions.

As someone who is a huge fan of Bruce Lee and possesses a collection of Bruce Lee movies, I am reluctant to state that if I had to choose my favorite Bruce Lee film, I would definitely choose "Enter The Dragon" as it was not only one of his very first American films, but his final film.

The film was created with a budge of a little over $750,000 and has managed to grow a revenue of over $30 million. After shedding many tears, for many years from Bruce's unexpected death, Lee's legend remains. Although tears have fallen and Bruce is gone, Bruce's spirit and soul lives on

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tips for good dental hygiene

When it comes to having great hygiene, it is extremely important, as it makes up a huge part of who we are, as individuals. Hygiene is not just something we see, it's something we feel and experience, as a result. When we have great hygiene, we feel great. When we have wonderful hygiene, we feel wonderful. Dental or oral hygiene is important because it is a huge contribution to our individual hygiene. As a oral health fanatic, here are some great tips to having great dental hygiene:

1 - THE "BRUSH, FLOSS, RINSE" REGIME: Do more than just brushing your teeth. Follow a plan that you can stick to that will benefit you, as a result. When you brush your teeth, ask yourself do you also floss your teeth, as well as, rinse your teeth? It's important to follow the best the "Brush, Floss, Rinse" regime. Brush your teeth, floss your teeth, and rinse your teeth everyday.

2 - THREE TIMES DAILY: It is extremely important to brush your teeth at least three times daily. It's best to brush your teeth balanced out. To do this, it is best to brush in between or after meals. If you can follow the "Brush, Floss, Rinse" regime, that would be great, as well, although that isn't recommended.

3 - WATER: People say drink eight glasses of water to maintain individual refreshment and moisture content. It's healthy to drink water and it is the only thing in the world, you can't ever have too much of (besides money *kidding*). Water is very easy on the teeth, as opposed to soft drinks, tea, wine, beer, liqueur, and coffee. Some water companies that distribute their products in grocery stores also offer water with fluoride in it, to give it extreme health benefits.

4 - DENTIST: Whether for a checkup or teeth cleaning (or both) it is important to visit the dentist. A professional opinion may be as good as your own or better. One thing you will notice, most individuals who visit a dentist daily have great oral and dental hygiene.

5 - SUGAR FREE: Foods that possess no or low sugar contents are always good. Gum works a great sealant (kind of like a baby chewing on a toy or a dog chewing on a bone, the toy and the bone are the sealants) It is best to chew a piece of sugar free gum because not only does the gum chewing action itself make your jaw stronger, as well as, teeth, but the sugar free gum will provide a flavorful taste that is healthy for your teeth, as a result.

6 - QUALITY PRODUCTS: If a product is more expensive, it usually means that it is better quality in comparison to something that is cheaper or lesser value, because it's more expensive to market and product. Some people say the cheaper stuff is as good as the expensive stuff, but don't let that fool you. A good quality toothbrush, as well as, toothpaste, floss, and rinse will go along way and make an amazing different. I've tried everything from store brand and generic to quality brand and there is a difference. Use products that are high quality and if it means spending a little more money to do so, do it because it will show as a result.

7 - THE "BAKING SODA AND PEROXIDE MIXTURE": If you take baking soda and add enough hydrogen peroxide to create a paste-like substance, you are destined to put it on your teeth. If you leave it on for a few minutes, it has been proved to be healthy for your teeth. Not just as a fighting guard to erasing plaque, but it is great whitening, which is linked to good hygiene. It works as a good holistic fluoride home remedy.

8 - VITAMINS: Take vitamins daily. For the best results, take multi-vitamins. Calcium is extremely important for enamel, as well as, overall strength. Other vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E help, as well. Eat foods that are on a healthy wavelength such as fruits and vegetables.

9 - COCONUT OIL: When you are done brushing, flossing, and rinsing use some cold-pressed organic Coconut Oil on a cue tip and spread it on your teeth. This will not only prevent dryness, but provide a great medium that is linked to great dental and oral hygiene. Some models and women that are in beauty pageants tend to use Vaseline on their teeth on a daily basis. This also works with the traditional, Persian oil-pulling method, a technique that is amazing for good dental hygiene.

10 - DO NOT OVER BRUSH: Some dentists say it's a myth to over brush and that some people can't ever brush enough. That is completely 100% false. You can over brush your teeth and as a result, it can lead to the wearing away of enamel, as well as, permanent nerve damage. It's best to never over brush.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

What is a continuous improvement plan

The continuous improvement plan impacts all individual responsibilities of the business, but creates higher alternatives that can develop within the business. In order to make this or anything happen, it's a fact that individuals must be willing to contemplate the problematic issues and work through ways and means of fixing them. This can be anything from a standard evaluation of the overall organization that links directly to the problem to specific actions that can be taken to improve the business immediately from the problem. The continuous improvement plan is more than just evaluating and analyzing, as well as, organizing and planning, the continuous improvement plan is the future. It is a goal every business should aim to achieve and it represents evolution, transformation and change - for the better.

Every business is different and therefore; will use a variety of different continuous improvement plans, as a result. If you are an entrepreneur or a business (whether sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation) chances are you will never settle for less than excellence. Does excellence exist? I think many would like to think so, so yes, it does. With the continuous improvement plan, you are destined to be on the road to excellence. Some people would love to settle in the beautiful cottage in the Paris with multiple waterfalls and peace, however; some people would rather have all of France.

Do you see the distinction?

If the business is doing well, you will want to maintain that level of performance and overall productivity. But like anything that is good, it doesn't mean it cannot be better. If the business is doing well, does it mean that your business is well? Absolutely not. The "If It's Broke, Don't Fix It" only applies to smaller things and is clearly hypothetical in this scenario. Businesses are big, whether sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. Like anything that exists today, there is always room for improvement to create something better, as a result. If the business is doing bad or poorly, you will want to improve the level of performance, as a result. This is where you put the continuous improvement plan to use and develop a keen likeness to the method.

Monday, May 14, 2007

How to deliver bad news for project managers

No one loves to hear bad news. Especially, if the news is something that makes a huge impact on your overall business and work ethic. In fact, you never know how an individual will react towards something that is "bad" or of a negative nature. Although delivering bad news is very hard because everyone is different and impossible to predict, it is something we must do if that person (in this case, project manager) is not working up to standard.

The important part of delivering bad news is simply "knowing" the person. If you know nothing about the project manager, including his/her work ethic and overall business contributions and benefits to the business, you need to simply find all of that out. Take sometime to separate the individual from his/her job and position, to focus on who this individual is as a person. If you haven't done so, it is also best to prepare yourself with questions you may expect the project manager to ask you. Perhaps, think of the most common and make sure you have an answer for them, because they may put you on the spot.

It's ok to be professional, but do not be afraid to be a little personal. The key is being impersonal, yet personal. This doesn't mean befriend them. This doesn't mean they must be your best friend. You want to find out what you can, because when you present them with bad news, you can use several alternatives in your method, involving things you know about them (good things that is) that will give them hope.

What kind of bad news are you delivering to the project manager?

When presenting bad news to project managers, it is best to be passive, yet alert, but also direct. It is important to use tact, no matter how they act because you are the professional and you are the person that has a standard to set. To react in a negative sense would be not only selfish, but rather foolish. You are also representing a company and therefore, should always respect the company you are representing.

After you deliver the bad news, it is best to tell them what they want to hear, without being personal. For instance, you used tact in your approach, now you need to sympathize, although empathy works best. Perhaps, think of something that occurred in your life and use that as an example of what it has done to improve your work ethic and overall stance. Give the project manager the same guidance and hope, as no hope should ever be lost.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

What is Equalism?

Everyone is individually different and possesses a lot of uniqueness that separates them from being the same person. Since individuals are in fact different, does that mean they are not equal? Equalism is simply a promotion of equality that embraces the conception, all people should be treated as equal, despite their differences. This can be anything from the color of their skin to the religion they follow and much more.

The term "equalism" was created by philosophical originators and later applied to promote activism, including feminism. Equalism is most commonly known as a philosophy, based on the premise of substance. However, there are many who believe it's more of a tool or guide to promote change for a less polarized society. Individuals who are more "pro" towards equalism believe that if an individual is black or an individual is white, despite the color of their skin, they are equal because they both bleed red.

Although it's been stated that equalism only applies to gender, race, and society, it also applies to much more by association alone. In fact, when it comes to equalism associated with a person, a place, or a thing; equalism elaborates standard differences, but specifically promotes their equals and provides reasons for believing why.

Equalism plays a role in life and in spite of its negatives, the positives or strengths tend to exceed the weakness, as a result. Some theorists believe that equalism is a way of being "blind" to not just people, but the individual's actions. However; if someone's right is right for them, does it mean that it is right for you? Equalism allows us to ponder those thoughts, but accept that it is ok to be different, possess different beliefs and/or opinions and approach things differently. In the age of status quo, those are some thoughts to ponder.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The role of the Swiss Federal Council

When it comes to the role of the Swiss Federal Council, there are quite a few things to contemplate. The Swiss Federal Council works as the primary decision maker and taker for Switzerland. As the council consists of about 7 members, who are part of the executive branch, each individual that makes up the council has a specific role they must follow, depending on their department in which they work, their general credentials and background and overall duties which apply.

Although, most of these roles are quite extensive and vary from individual to individual, the Swiss Federal Council provides a medium for all decisions. Members of the Swiss Federal Council are often compared to ministers in other forms of government, but that is traditionally in theory. The Swiss Federal Council is a rather discreet group for quite a few reasons, hence why their official website is private. Each member of the Swiss Federal Council belongs to a specific department, therefore; each member is in charge of those individual departments including votes and general decision making.

If you are from Switzerland and have an idea or want to talk to someone at the Swiss Federal Council, it is best to contact they directly or visit them in person (or offline), so they can set you up with the right Swiss Federal Council member, with the appropriate department.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

2007: Top 5 Living Influential People in America

When it comes to being a major influence on the majority of status quo population in the United States today, it involves much more than making an impact. Being influential is about being universal, while knowing your place in this world. It's about being independent and not fearing or regretting what you say nor what you do.

I find individuals influential who make themselves better citizens, despite what is being said about them or the criticism they endure. Individuals who are compassionate, yet true to themselves and continue on with their lives, despite the adversity they face. Individuals who know their purpose on this planet. Being influential is nothing more than an individual being human.

Although, I believe the most individual influential people in America are deceased and believe that I could categorize all American individuals as heroes who benefit from what I defined as "influential" (see above), I believe the top 5 most living influential people in America are:

1) Bill Gates (computer software developer, innovator, marketer, and icon)
2) Oprah Winfrey (talk show host, humanitarian, and icon)
3) Steven Spielberg (film director, writer, and icon)

4) Donald Trump (businessman)
5) Michael Jackson (singer, songwriter, entertainer, and icon)

Bill Gates has done a lot for technology. He is moving upward and forward which makes me not only believe, but rightfully know he is the most influential person on the planet. And without him, we wouldn't have internet access.

Oprah Winfrey is a journalist turned talk show host who worked hard to get where she is. Although I don't always agree with her, I respect her for using her voice to and for a higher purpose.

Steve Spielberg has brought so much to the world of entertainment and continues to do great things, which have a major influence on many. Especially those who enjoy his movies and work.

Donald Trump is a very strong, witty business man with a lot of influence. As he continues to build more to add to his empire, he proves that he is a very important citizen of the United States.

Michael Jackson is the king of pop and has such a strong influence on so many people, especially those who love and enjoy his music. He is the most popular pop star on the planet.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Project Management Basics: People and Politics

When it comes to classifying people and politics, there is a lot to contemplate as both have a tendency to develop numerous conflicts. I will be honest, I have witnessed quite a few, when working in project management, however; nothing compared to one I had several years ago (which I will never forget).

I've had the pleasure of working on a group project with two individuals who clearly proved how unprofessional they are. I have never witnessed anything so "extreme" and had no idea that politics could set two people off. As I find politics important, I felt compelled to recognize these two individuals work ethic and selfishness. One of the individuals was a Democratic liberal and the other was a Republican. Both individuals were women and both were rather radical in their political beliefs' and their general views on government. Of course, I was unaware and never thought anything of it, as did our supervisor at the time.

I have always identified as Independent and although I wasn't radical in terms of general view, I was moderately swayed to never engage in political discussion in the work place or when working on any type of project, unless a political opinion or stance called for it. And even they, biting my tongue was always an additional skill I would enforce upon myself. I was rather extroverted, yet obscure and I tended to focus primarily on the project. After all, a project has deadlines and there is no time to engage those who share a different point of view than you do.

As I was writing a minor dissertation from an outline I created, I decided to go find a pen that would work. I'm not a fan of pencils and there were no pens in sight, so I attempted to go into the other room. All of the sudden, without hesitation, I heard yelling. Of course, I didn't think much of it, as I assumed it was two people arguing elsewhere. It continued and I began hearing it again. At this point, I knew something was wrong. I walked up the hall and could hear some vile words exchanged. In my mind, I was thinking "that sounds like, wait a minute" and as I entered the door, they were arguing with each other. I've never heard so much yelling in my life over political rants.

All I could think about was how immature and weak were these two individuals to argue over something that had nothing to do with the project we were all working on. Without hesitation, I told them both to stop and to grow up. Of course, they both blamed each other for the outburst and continued to argue, despite my attempts to break up the argument. I was so appalled, I just left the room. My supervisor wasn't around, so I just waited for him to show up, so he could witness their behavior for himself.

Eventually my supervisor showed up and had the opportunity to solve the argument. However; things took an interesting turn shortly after. These two people were not "done" with their argument. In fact, this was only the beginning. As both of these ladies were married, they decided to involve their husbands. The next day, I get to work and anxious to finish the project, I heard what sounded like an argument between two men. Neither of these men sounded like my supervisor nor any of the coworkers that generally show up early.

I proceeded to look outside and there are two men yelling, if not screaming at each other. In fact, it got so bad, that they started shoving each other and one of the women's husbands says "let's go". At this point, one of the ladies who worked for a company in the same building, threatened to call the police if they didn't stop, so eventually they did stop. I was rather shocked that these women, who are professionals, would allow an argument over government to affect their life to the extent, they had to involve others in their argument.

Politics are on the same level as religion, at least that is what it seems to be. I am speaking in terms of individual views and the general belief system to some people. I was unaware that politics would create such an affliction in the work place via project management to the extent that professionals would involve their loved ones. Although, political views and overall insights add a little extra to what you are delivering in a project, as well as, rational discussion (or potential rational discussion and/or dialogue), it truly depends on the people who embrace them. Politics are able to cause more damage than none and prove to be a true conflict in the work place.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Sunlights effect on Acne

As someone who has suffered from extreme acne during the teenage years of her life, I can tell you that sunlight was more of a friend, than an enemy. Sunlight has a positive effect on acne, as well as, acne scarring and I will you why.

I would break out constantly during my teenage years due to stress and hormonal changes in my life. In fact, I was going through a lot changes, that highly contributed to acne. This excluded genetics, of course which also play an immense role on breakouts. When exposed to sunlight, I've noticed that my acne would go away and the scars would fade daily. Of course, I did other things, but in my mind, I didn't understand why the sun was actually helpful and beneficial towards my skin.

One evening, I decided to log online a few years ago and research "Is the sun good for acne?" and found out that when we are exposed to the sun, we are exposed to vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important, as it prevents a variety of illnesses and cancers. Our skin is the largest organ we have. What I found out recently is, vitamin D from UV-B Rays some how enters your body and some how transforms into your entire body, effecting all of your organs including our skin, our largest organ. This includes everything from your bones to your blood to your liver to even your hormones.

Then it hit me. Hormones are a big contribution to acne. Stress and environmental factors also contributors to acne too. Then it hit me, sunlight is important to treating acne the way a plant uses photosynthesis because it releases a vitamin that triumphs all organs and benefits them, including hormones, stress and any problems caused from the environment.

I think that is why some individuals believe the sun is responsible for acne when it fact it is more helpful than hurtful. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Well, it looks like I am being impersonated. Why? I have no idea, but this looks like the first time I actually have someone using my identity and pretending to be me. At least to my knowledge. When I took the initiative to write to this person, they actually had the audacity to block me. I reported them for abuse. I am not sure if this is someone I know personally or just someone trying to make a joke and/or mockery of me, but it isn't funny. In fact, it is indirect cyberbullying (maybe even cyberstalking) and really pathetic. 

You will not believe this, but I saw a comment on Myspace bashing some guy and making comments about my lips. This is from the actual fake profile. What makes matters worse is that I saw the actual profile online as they were posting in the forums (it showed the active alert sign and said they were online). Based on the language, it sounds like someone who is uneducated and they are really making me look bad. The truncation looks like the person impersonating me is some attention starved low life.

I am a 26 year old woman who works two jobs. I have a full-time office job which I work during the day in Athens, GA and in the evening, I work at the Georgia Square Mall at a kiosk. I live with my pets and live across from the Wiggly Field (dog park) in Athens. I am really not that interesting for you to steal my identity. I am not a celebrity. I don't get it. Perhaps I won't ever "get it" as I cannot relate to the person doing it. And if you are actually reading this post (which I will assume you are) grow up.

What I find funny about it is they are using pictures of me from 2004. I don't even think I have those pictures on my computer anymore. I don't know whether to laugh and find this as a form of flattery or cry at the fact that some psycho is literally using my identity and I have no idea what they are doing, while using my name and image. I saw they created a few weird pages too while linking back to this one, so they definitely are reading this blog, including this blog post. I have contacted all platforms via email and am waiting on a response from them.

I have used ExoticSarah before, but not ExoticSarah1980. They are literally linking to my blog it looks like also, attempting to make it look like it is me which I previously addressed in the paragraph above. I've reported the profiles for abuse and impersonation/identity theft, so hopefully they are deleted and as I said previously have contacted the platforms directly by email. If nothing is done, I will definitely look into contacting some sort of litigator and getting everything they are posting taken down. If you see anything, please report them and send them links to this blog so I can contact them.

The whole thing is bizarre.

Friday, March 9, 2007

How to develop an integrated project plan

In college, I've had the pleasure of learning more about integrated project plans than the average student quo. In fact, one of my first projects consisted of developing an integrated project plan for a make believe company. How did I do it?

I wrote down several ways to start a project. This could be anything from a visual module to an experiment based on surveys and statistics to actual ideas in chronological order based on importance and relevance. In fact, I refreshed myself with marketing knowledge and created a huge outline of project ideas, as ideas are the starting line. Lets face it, it is crucial to be a visionary in this world. I wrote down questions I would ask someone, in terms of projection and connection. In order to create an integrated plan, you must possess knowledge of any type of project you tend to use or the company tends to use, but you must be original and offer commentary to support your idea.

In order for any integrated project plan to be successful, one must understand the individuals functions and contributions of the project. It is extremely important to assign tasks (unless your goal is to complete a singular project with no help at all) to different individuals participating in the project. You want to decide who is in control (or who are, as it can be more than one person). You want to decide who is in charge of organizing the project, as well as, analyzing the advertising and promoting of the project. You also want to focus on who will be responsible for the presentation, as well as, questions asked by individuals who you will present this project to.

When creating each individual project, several important factors come into play. In fact, these things are truly relevant in terms of developing a successful integrated project plan. Some of them include: actual idea or subject of the project, cost of the project, the risk of the result of following the project, how much time devoted to the project, time to complete the project, the benefit of the project, and the overall effectiveness and quality of the project. This excludes what the end result will be.

After you discovered answers to the actual idea and subject, you want to work on the project itself including the end result. That includes the content, as well as, overall presentation. Focus on the idea you choose, instead of flopping onto another right away (in fact, starting off with one idea is highly recommended) and if that idea doesn't work or make any sense, move onto the next idea. As you continue, work on connecting with your project by sharing it with others.

Believe it or not, developing a successful integrated project plan is hard work. You want to make individuals believe what you say and be interested and motivated in your integrated project, as they are your audience and most of the time, your capital and/or funding which will support the project and allow it to grow.

Once you have finished, it's important to analyze your project leaving no stone unturned. Once your project is analyzed, it can be finalized with additional editing from a third party source. Finally, you can present it to the appropriate individuals.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Overcoming the fear of selling

For many of you the fear of selling anything is a huge challenge and obstacle for you from day to day. The first thing you need to do is find out exactly what it is you're afraid of. It is crucial to identify what is holding you back.

Are you afraid of success? Believe it or not there is an actual fear of success, as with success comes consequences and sometimes those are extremely hard to endure let alone deal with. Are you afraid of failure or rejection? Everyone gets rejected as everyone has failed at something. Does that mean to not try and to stop? Giving up is as good as losing, as not trying is basically losing already. This leads me to the question - do you fear being perceived as being pushy or persistent? You shouldn't care what others think of you, as it is your work that will do the talking. Do you fear that your product may not meet the expectations of your customer? There are billions of people on this planet. There will be many who love your work, some who will hate it, but in the end those who appreciate it will be those who are willing to help you grow.

The fact is, you can't come up with a solution if you don't know what the problem is. There's a huge misconception in direct sales being that you think you're 'imposing' on your friends, family or just a customer in general. As long as you feel as though you're are. You need to love your product and feel as though you are offering a service. You're filling a need not a want and in the end, you need to be true to yourself and your product, as the rest will sell itself.

The reality is this - people are natural-born sellers. We just don't realize it when we're not making money from it. Let's say you go to a movie that you loved. And you have a friend who would enjoy it too. Wouldn't you recommend it to him/her?

So why is it that as soon as we go into sales we automatically feel as though we can’t recommend the products we sell? Especially if we possess knowledge about them and are confident about them. Wouldn't you want to recommend those to others? Why is it that we tend to feel guilty because we’re going to make a profit off of it?

If you are one that has a fear of selling, take some time today to figure out the cause of your fear, and take action to fix it. Don't think hypothetically, think practically. It is that simple.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

DIY: Sarah's Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo isn't something I see on a daily basis. In fact, I am unsure it exists. I am sure the concept has been looked at and examined thoroughly. Imagine not having to use water and using a product that will soak up the oils in your hair without stripping away anything. Recently, I decided to create my very own dry shampoo using only a few ingredients.

For my dry shampoo, you will need a half of cup of cornstarch. Preferably something organic. You will also need a quarter cup of baking soda. You will also need a tablespoon of clay (preferably bentonite clay), a tablespoon of flour (rice flour works fine) and a tablespoon of collagen powder.

In addition to these ingredients, you are going to want to add five teaspoons of your favorite fragrance oil to the shampoo. Why? To make it smell amazing, of course.

Combine all ingredients. Make sure all ingredients are blended accordingly and complete diluted into the container of choice. Then, apply the dry shampoo lightly to your hair, starting the top where your hair tends to be the oiliest.

This is literally the perfect, pick me up for your hair and a great refresher for those days you simply don't want to wash your hair.

Friday, February 23, 2007

DIY: Sarah's Beer Shampoo

I am a 26 year old beauty junkie currently from California currently residing in Athens, Georgia. I recently moved here and I find myself wanting to explore the entire realm of DIY (or Do It Yourself) beauty. To be quite honest, I think life is an adventure and I am always looking for multiple ways to use something. In this case, beer.

Beer is often consumed by those who are looking for a temporary buzz. I like to drink beer sometimes, but it is very rare that I drink. In fact, I would rather read, write or ride amusement park rides than drink anything, but having a glass of beer, wine or spirit isn't always a bad thing, if you use good judgment. I prefer to drink at home if I do have a glass rather than going out.

So instead of drinking beer, I discovered a very unique way to utilize it to my advantage. Or my hair's advantage, at least. I have made my very own beer shampoo. Crazy right? And guess what? It works!

All you need is one beer, a half a cup of apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon of baking soda, and one tablespoon of cold-pressed organic coconut oil. I also like to add one tablespoon of manuka honey simply because it adds an incredible scent to my hair and shine too.

First and foremost, you want to boil the beer in a small pan. Once you boil the beer, switch the heat to low and add the apple cider vinegar followed by the baking soda and coconut oil. And if you decide to use manuka honey, add that also. Let it cook on slow heat for 5 minutes.

Add the mixture into a container. Preferably one that makes just one hair shampoo/rinse. Let it set for a few minutes until it is at room temperature before applying it to your hair. Let it set on your hair for 5 minutes before rinsing.

DIY: Sarah's Facial Toner

Currently, I have dipped into the realm of organic beauty by creating my very own unique renditions of some of my favorite beauty products. Recently, I have find myself really embracing the "DIY" concept in more ways than one. I am 26 years old and always find myself examining what works best for me and what does not.
My skin is combination and tends to lean towards dry during the colder months (Fall and Winter) and oily during the hotter climates (Spring and Summer). If I use a product during the Winter, I don't like to use it during the Summer because my skin changes depending on my environment.

I have spent so much money on toning products, as my skin tends to suffer from sporadic breakouts. I don't want to destroy my skin's natural acid mantle, so I wanted to create my very own face toner.

For this particular product, you will need a half of a cup of filtered water, one tablespoon of alcohol (preferably benzyl alcohol), one tablespoon of witch hazel, one tablespoon of organic rosehip oil and one teaspoon of Himalayan salt.

Combine all of the ingredients together until the salt is completely diluted. Then, using a container of choice, add the ingredients to it. Then, take a cotton ball or sterile applicator and apply the product generously on the skin.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Importance of Philosophy (a simple theory)

When it comes to Philosophy, the reasons why philosophy is so important, vary. One of the reasons is Interest. Philosophy is the Love of Wisdom. To pursue philosophy on an intellectual level, allows you to discuss it's importance. As your true conception grows, it allows you to find your moral discipline and opens the doors to investigation. Whether that include nature, causes/effects, or principles of reality. Philosophy challenges what we already know and what we have yet to find out. Knowledge is power, but a power that trumps a systematically challenged value, based on logical reasoning rather than empirical methods. We can only inquire so much, without wanting to learn more about what we have inquired. There is much more to an analysis of fundamental assumptions and standard beliefs. Philosophy disciplines us and makes us "wake up". It allows us to realize we can't control everything in our life. You can create theories upon theories based on ideas, beliefs, and activities; and most likely, you will not have the correct answer.

Philosophy could also relate to someone's personal ordinary way of thinking. Not just their basic beliefs, opinions, and attitudes; but the standards they set for themselves and others around them. Philosophy contributes to one's growth and is crucial, yet effective to oneself. Some may "brush off" philosophy, but that is their philosophy. The intelligent seek knowledge, the wise seek knowledge for. Philosophy is for individuals who are both intelligent and wise. Those who seek a specific kind of knowledge and/or knowledge for another end, instead of truth are merely intelligent and not wise. Individuals who seek all knowledge in relation to the truth are both wise and intelligent and therefore deserve to be commended with the label of the "Philosopher". Everyone is different, therefore; everyone has a completely different perception.

Is a right something that is given to you by freewill or is a right something that cannot be taken away?

Is everyone's conception influenced by history, culture, and attitude towards life?

Is philosophy only required to find a way from unhappiness to happiness?

Personally, I take philosophy very seriously. I do not like to treat the matters in trivial form as it entails the beliefs of others and not just our own self. You can speak for yourself, as you should; but allow others to understand your remote way of thinking. Philosophy is an analysis of the concepts that we take for granted, an analysis of the concepts that we use to understand our relation to the world and our relations with each other. "Love of wisdom" really is passe, at least since Descartes. Philosophy no longer aims at "absolute truth" and creating systems, but at accurately describing what is before us. The post-modern collapse from monism to multiplicity (Nietzsche, Deleuze, Derrida, i.e.) entails that philosophy can only interpret and that it has a fragmented access to the world. Heraclitean difference, it seems, has won over Parmenidean monism.

Contemporary philosophy is essentially Heraclitean. We use Philosophy to question our naive beliefs, to free ourselves from narrow ways of thinking. It teaches us to analyze critically, rather than to calculate and tabulate. While some branches of philosophy are in danger of collapsing into psychology, there is much more to philosophy than trying to figure out what happens in the brain. There is moral philosophy, political philosophy, social philosophy, and many "philosophy of's" such as the philosophies of religion, art, technology, music, ETC. Granted, each of these different branches of philosophy may and do deal with psychology in their own respects, but once again they are not exhausted by it. Unless these skills are useless, philosophy will always have a place in the world, regardless of whether it spends its time coming up with new ideas or just studying the words of dead Europeans. Science may be the way of the future, but Philosophy is the guide of the future.

Whether you are a graduate of MIT with a doctorate degree in five different forms of Philosophy or a homeless person using the computer terminal at the local library and regardless, of your stance or view on a particular issue, the world needs you.

My thoughts on "Solipsism"


Solipsism is the philosophical idea that "My mind is the only thing that exists". Solipsism is an epistemological and metaphysical position that knowledge of anything outside the mind is unjustified. The external world and other minds cannot be known and might not exist. In the history of philosophy, solipsism has served as a skeptical hypothesis, which many philosophers have struggled to defend against.

There are three types of Solipsism. They are:

Metaphysical solipsism is the variety of idealism which maintains that the individual self of the solipsistic philosopher is the whole of reality and that the external world and other persons are representations of that self having no perceptual independent existence.

Epistemological solipsism is the variety of idealism according to which only the directly accessible mental contents of the solipsistic philosopher can be known. The existence of an external world is regarded as an unresolvable question, or an unnecessary hypothesis rather than actually false.

Methodological solipsism is the epistemological thesis that the individual self and its states are the sole possible or proper starting point for philosophical construction. The methodological solipsist does not intend to conclude that one of the stronger forms of solipsism is true, but rather believes that all other truths must be founded on indisputable facts about his own consciousness. A skeptical turn along these lines is cartesian skepticism.

My opinion:
Solipism embraces the concept that the "mind" is the only thing that exists, but anything outside of the mind is unjustified. I object. I believe that is simply an opinion, based on one's awareness. I believe that solipism is simply a perception. I believe that in order to have a perception, you must think about it, while conscious. For example: In one's mind, they believe that it is ok, it is their perception that makes it ok, to do something that is completely unethical because in their mind it is ok. This is like saying that entire world must possess the same perception, without thinking about it because it only exists in the mind. I believe that in order for the mind to exist, that "matter" must also play a role. I do, however; believe, that the mind trumphs over matter.

I do believe Solipism exists, but only in few individuals. These include:

- Individuals who are not developed (newborn babies and infants)
- Individuals with special needs (depending on type of need and factor, as well as, percentage of the brain that is affected, etc)
- Individuals who are near death (seniors in nursing homes, hospice, etc)
- Individuals who suffer from extreme mental illness (this varies, depending on the illness and percentage)
- Individuals who are huge drug addicts
- Zombies.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

RIP Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith has officially died. I heard about the news hours ago. It is very sad to hear that she died. As the cause of death is unknown, many are speculating she died from a drug overdose. I am also hearing stories that some think Howard Stern murdered her; however, I am unsure if I believe that. 

Her son died of a drug overdose only several months ago in September of last year. It seems like yesterday when that happened. Sometimes I believe the guilt and sadness of this forced her to overdose. We can only speculate, as not many facts have been released regarding this. 

I really loved Anna Nicole Smith because she reminded me of a friend of mine I met back in 2003 who lived near me. This friend (her name was Michelle) looked like Anna Nicole Smith. She even talked like her also. She was also tall too. Every time I would see Anna Nicole Smith on television, I was reminded of Michelle. 

Although some of you may have thought Anna Nicole Smith was weird or even a little crazy, she was a human being who brought something unique to pop culture. She was beautiful and she didn't care what others thought. Regardless of the negative, she will be deeply missed by millions around the world.

RIP Anna Nicole Smith.

Friday, January 5, 2007

I'm writing for Associated Content

It is official, I am writing for Associated Content. In case you are unaware, Associated Content is an open writing platform which allows virtually anyone to produce content on any topic of their choice. 

You can give Associated Content 50% rights non-exclusively, as you can give them 100% rights exclusively. You submit your work and they will give you an offer. I do believe exclusive rights pay more, but I am not sure how much more. You will also be compensated for the traffic you generate to your articles. They refer to this as a performance bonus. I kind of like how that sounds. 

Associated Content is looking for content on certain subjects which pay more. I've been told writing for them isn't as easy as it seems. They said the editors are tough and it is very tough to become a white-listed writer for them. Either way you put it, I am happy about writing for them. 

I will keep you updated with how this goes. I am only writing part-time, as I currently have a job. I will let you know when I submit my first article.