DIY: Sarah's Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo isn't something I see on a daily basis. In fact, I am unsure it exists. I am sure the concept has been looked at and examined thoroughly. Imagine not having to use water and using a product that will soak up the oils in your hair without stripping away anything. Recently, I decided to create my very own dry shampoo using only a few ingredients.

For my dry shampoo, you will need a half of cup of cornstarch. Preferably something organic. You will also need a quarter cup of baking soda. You will also need a tablespoon of clay (preferably bentonite clay), a tablespoon of flour (rice flour works fine) and a tablespoon of collagen powder.

In addition to these ingredients, you are going to want to add five teaspoons of your favorite fragrance oil to the shampoo. Why? To make it smell amazing, of course.

Combine all ingredients. Make sure all ingredients are blended accordingly and complete diluted into the container of choice. Then, apply the dry shampoo lightly to your hair, starting the top where your hair tends to be the oiliest.

This is literally the perfect, pick me up for your hair and a great refresher for those days you simply don't want to wash your hair.