Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ruszoni's "Triple Cheese" Pizza is amazing

Idaho is quite possibly the most underrated state in America. And lately, I have been discovering more than just beautiful ambiance, but actual proof the food is some of the best. Recently, I found myself in a small town in the heart of Washington County called Weiser. About an hour from Boise, this small town seems to have quite a few places wrapped under its belt including Ruszoni's Pizza. 

Located on 540 State Street I noticed a small pizza joint with writing on the windows. I didn't know what to expect, but realized I wanted to eat there because after all, I was hungry. After glancing at the menu, I noticed everything from various pizzas. The menu wasn't really extensive. I decided that I wanted to order a cheese pizza. 

Most of you already know me by now and know that I have a huge love and appreciation for cheese, especially cheesy pizza. After discovering that cheese pizza was available, I decided to request extra cheese. Then, I asked if they could do double cheese shortly before asking for triple cheese. They agreed and my order was officially placed. I didn't have to wait long before it arrived. 

I have tried so many pizza places around the world and the pizza here literally competes with some of the greatest pizza places to exist. In fact, the "Triple Cheese" pizza here is probably one of the best there is. The combination of flavors is one thing, but the cheese really brings this dish home. I literally felt like I was eating a rustic pie in Naples only to realize I was in Weiser.

The next time you are in Weiser, you must try the "Triple Cheese" pizza at Ruszoni's Pizza. It is quite possibly one of the best pizzas you will have, especially in Idaho. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Annie's Organic Vegan Shells & Creamy Sauce

As a vegetarian, I have been really appreciating vegan food more than ever. In fact, I am contemplating and debating whether or not I want to go vegan full time, as I am really enjoying some of the vegan alternatives I have discovered. Recently, I had the opportunity to try the Annie's Homegrown Organic Vegan Shells & Creamy Sauce

This is by far the best boxed macaroni and cheese pasta dish I have had in years. It is like a more flavorful and natural tasting Kraft minus the preservatives and synthetic dyed sauce that stains your fingers. I literally could eat this everyday. 

What I love most is the flavor. It is so healthy yet doesn't taste healthy. One thing I was worried about when eating this was whether this would actually taste like health food or taste like food I grew up loving. 

Granted the Kraft Easy Mac is a cult-classic staple that has graced the aisles of every supermarket around the world, it has nothing on this incredible addition to Annie's. This is by far one of the best boxed pasta dishes I have ever ate and the best money can buy. 

If you are vegan, you will love this. If you are not vegan, you will still love this. With that said, I recommend this to everyone. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

October 4, 2015: Dinner

So, I went to Whole Foods in Boise, Idaho earlier this evening and found myself lost in the aisles trying to decide what to buy. I went into the store hungry, which isn't something I recommend unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars. As I love the vegetarian and vegan options here, what I found very intriguing was their incredible selection of cheeses as well as bakery section.

I love cheese and have become sort of a connoisseur over the years. The area of Whole Foods offers the best cheese selection I have discovered for a commercial grocery store. Of course I've been to actual cheese shops which offered thousands of varieties, but if you are looking for a great selection, Whole Foods definitely offers the best I have discovered in any grocery market.

Today, I decided to splurge on the Rogue River Bleu - Special Reserve Cheese. After trying a sample in the store, I just loved the taste of this. It has a very unique, acquired taste which leans towards sweet and savory. The rind itself consists of leaves soaked in brandy. As a creamy, semi-soft bleu cheese, it is a "melt in your mouth" kind of cheese which tastes incredible paired with sweet fruit. I was shocked to find out this cheese comes from Oregon, as this compares to some of the best Parisian bleus I tried in the finest cheese markets.

Another cheese I decided to try was one I have tried many years ago. It is the Fromage de France Brie de Melun. To be honest, I found this brie at an actual cheese shop several years ago when I traveled overseas. It is literally the best brie I have ever had. It has the best flavor I have tried. The rind has a clean taste and is very fresh in comparison to other bries, especially any you would find in the grocery stories here in the United States. I have tried many brie varieties so I am quite selective in my tastes.

In addition to the two cheese I picked up, I decided to buy several flavors of macaroons. The macaroons are good, but not to brag, I think mine are a little better. The flavor is relatively stale, but not as bad as some I have discovered when purchasing them in commercial bakeries or in grocery stores.

Although I bought much more than this, this is what I am enjoying for dinner tonight. I am not drinking wine (although a glass of cold, sparkling moscato sounds like heaven right now) I am enjoying a mineral water compliments of Perrier.