Ruszoni's "Triple Cheese" Pizza is amazing

Idaho is quite possibly the most underrated state in America. And lately, I have been discovering more than just beautiful ambiance, but actual proof the food is some of the best. Recently, I found myself in a small town in the heart of Washington County called Weiser. About an hour from Boise, this small town seems to have quite a few places wrapped under its belt including Ruszoni's Pizza. 

Located on 540 State Street I noticed a small pizza joint with writing on the windows. I didn't know what to expect, but realized I wanted to eat there because after all, I was hungry. After glancing at the menu, I noticed everything from various pizzas. The menu wasn't really extensive. I decided that I wanted to order a cheese pizza. 

Most of you already know me by now and know that I have a huge love and appreciation for cheese, especially cheesy pizza. After discovering that cheese pizza was available, I decided to request extra cheese. Then, I asked if they could do double cheese shortly before asking for triple cheese. They agreed and my order was officially placed. I didn't have to wait long before it arrived. 

I have tried so many pizza places around the world and the pizza here literally competes with some of the greatest pizza places to exist. In fact, the "Triple Cheese" pizza here is probably one of the best there is. The combination of flavors is one thing, but the cheese really brings this dish home. I literally felt like I was eating a rustic pie in Naples only to realize I was in Weiser.

The next time you are in Weiser, you must try the "Triple Cheese" pizza at Ruszoni's Pizza. It is quite possibly one of the best pizzas you will have, especially in Idaho.