Tuesday, March 31, 2015

MeasuPro BPM-80A Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

When it comes to health and wellness, I find it to be extremely important. In fact, I find it so important that when I was offered the chance to try the MeasuPro BPM-80A Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, I was actually pretty stoked because I have never owned anything like this before. I want to also add that I find this device extremely vital, especially when you are aiming for longevity in your life.

But the real question is, does this work? So, what did I think? 


This amazing MeasuPro BPM-80A Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor device is extremely convenient, as you can check your vitals at-home. Also, it is quite efficient because you have instant access without having to make a doctor's appointment.
What I found really interesting was the user modes. This device has a two-user mode that is connected to one button, making it sublimely simple to work with. The LCD display is quite large, as well so it's visible to virtually anyone.  
The memory recall feature is outstanding. What I found incredible about this device is the fact that it stores up to 120 measurements with 60 records per user. This makes it very easy for those looking to keep track of their blood pressure.
The Smart IHB indicator has such an outstanding alert system, which tells you whether or not your heartbeat is in fact irregular. The graphical display bar is really easy to understand, as well.
My mother works in the medical field and it was amazing to have my blood pressure checked prior to this device to see how accurate the readings were. Well, guess what? This amazing MeasuPro addition has an accurate reading and matched the healthcare professional reading. Amazing right?

The cuff size is about 22 cm and designed to increase up to 32 cm. If your arms are bigger than 32 cm, you will not be interested in this device. This cuff is for small/medium-to-medium/large arms. If you have extremely small or extremely large arms, you will not be able to use this device.
If you are someone who follows the traditional method of visiting a medical professional, you may not find this device appealing.

If you are someone who simply doesn't want to spend over $50 on this device in spite of the $45 savings, then you may not find this great MeasuPro device appealing.
The MeasuPro BPM-80A Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is available at Amazon for $54.99. The original price is $99.99, so this is a $45 savings. I think this is a great deal considering my mother works in the healthcare field and said this device is modestly decent. Would I use this device again? Yes. Would I recommend it to a friend? Absolutely. For more information about the MeasuPro BPM-80A Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, simply visit Amazon today.

FTC: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Candy Buffet Store, Light Blue Rock Candy

The Rock Candy Crystals are outstanding and the perfect addition to any party or event. They are not only sweet, but possess the right amount of flavor, giving you a plethora of great flavor.
These Candy Buffet Store additions give you the right amount of texture, taste, and presentation. The Cotton Candy is outstanding. As novel as they appear, I love to eat them alone, especially if I am in the mood for something sweet or enjoy them right from the freezer. They are also excellent dipped in teas too.
I'm contemplating and debating whether or not I want to make Breaking Bad cupcakes with them. They are fun.
I am obsessed and I think you will be too. If you haven't tried these, you are truly missing out. For more information about the Candy Buffet Store's Light Blue Rock Candy, visit the Candy Buffet store on Amazon.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Splendid Chef Garlic Press

When Tomoson offered the opportunity to try a garlic press, I have to admit that I was really interested simply because I have been searching for a good one for the longest time. And recently, it was great to have the chance to try Splendid Chef's Garlic Press. So, what did I think?


What I found so amazing about this garlic press is the fact that it is not only easy to use, but it makes everything a lot more efficient and as a result, it is as effective if you do it the traditional way. You don't have to chop anything, peel anything, and worry about cleaning up really anything unless you want to clean up the garlic press after use.
This garlic press is made with the highest quality of stainless steel, which is quite impressive. Especially if you are looking for a product that will never fall apart and last a long time. There is nothing better than a strong and durable product that really works. It is also quite easy to wash and even works in the dishwasher.

If you are suffer from an allergy to stainless steel, you are obviously not going to be interested in this garlic press.
This is amazing for garlic, but if you try to press other herbs and vegetables such as Ginger and Turmeric root, you may have a tough time doing so.
Splendid Chef's Garlic Press is available at Amazon for $12.99. With a 68% off savings from the original price of $39.99, this is an incredible deal. Would I use this garlic press again? Yes. Would I recommend this garlic press to a friend? Absolutely. For more information about this garlic press, simply visit Amazon right now.

Supernova 300 LED Camping and Emergency Lantern

When browsing Amazon, I discovered the 300 Lumens Ultra Bright LED Camping and Emergency Lantern. It is a hand-held, LED device powered D batteries. I am a woman who loves adventure, as I am always hiking and camping. So, I decided to purchase it. What did I think?


When I first received this product, I really enjoyed the size of it. Although it isn't extremely small nor portable, it is compact and very easy to work with.
Using 300 lumens of brightness, this light is fantastic for hiking, camping, and even an emergency. The slow-pulse indicator really helps tremendously, especially in emergencies. I live in Bozeman, MT so of course, I found myself really appreciating this when the power went out. It is phenomenal for emergency type situations.
The LED lights generate heat, which can last up until a week. This lantern is guaranteed up to 100,000 hours of use. That is 6 million minutes.
This lantern is made with sturdy materials , such as plastic molding and rubber. It is quite durable and because of this, it is also water resistant too.
When it comes to safety and security, this device is a safer than candles are. It also lasts much longer.

Although I am fan of the blinking emergency LED, I can see how it can annoy someone. There is no way to disable this feature. It was designed to make sure you can find the actual switch itself, so there is no way of disabling this.
The color is a forest green shade. Although it is decent, I think it would be better if Supernova offered other colors such as pink, gold, silver, etc. If you are looking for another color, you may not find this one appealing.
Like many products, this one uses foreign manufacturing. If you are not a fan of products made in China, you may not find this LED lantern appealing.
You can purchase Supernova's 300 LED Lumens Ultra Bright LED Camping and Emergency Lantern at Amazon for $35. Would I use this product again? Yes. Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes. For more information about this product, simply visit Amazon.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

KeepCool Wine Chiller Stick

I have a confession to make, recently I have been obsessed with wine. I wouldn't say that I am a connoisseur, but I am definitely savvy in a sense where I am getting there. When browsing Tomoson, I discovered a really great opportunity to try a wine chilling product. Recently, I had the opportunity to try Amor-Vinum's KeepCool Wine Chiller Stick. So, what did I think?


The simplicity of this item is fantastic, as it is extremely versatile. All you have to do is freeze the chiller for about a half an hour. As you are doing this, uncork your favorite wine (and don't forget to remove the foil crown, before doing that). Then, place the rod into the wine. As you continue, just screw the pourer attachment to the rod, and pour your drink into a wine glass.
Not only does this product work to chill your wine, it keeps your wine quite fresh. I put this to the test after opening a bottle of my favorite Moscato. I noticed that the bottle without this particular feature went very flat at a rapid rate.
This is very easy to clean, as well as, store.
What I found great about this wine chiller stick is also that it comes with a complimentary foil cutter, informative instructions, and a great eBook full of amazing facts about wine, etc.

The cooling rod itself is stainless steel. If you do not prefer to use any type of product with this particular metal compound, you may not find this wine chilling product appealing.
If you are not one who wants to place something in a freezer for 30 minutes or you are looking for something a little less cumbersome, you may not be interested in this Amor-Vinum essential.
The KeepCool Wine Chiller Stick is available at Amazon for $19.97. Would I use this product again? Yes. In fact, I just did. Would I recommend it to a friend? Absolutely. For more information about this product visit Amazon today.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Orblue Pastry Blender

Some people refer to them as dough blenders, as others referred to them pastry cutters. I like to call them pastry blenders. If you haven't had the opportunity to try a hand held pastry blender, then you really need to. Recently, I had the chance to try Orblue's Pastry Blender. So, what did I think?

First and foremost, I am so impressed with the quality of this product. It is a stainless steel. What I loved most about this dough or pastry blender is the fact that it does not break, it does not bend, and it does not rust.
The blades on this pastry blender are outstanding. When combining ingredients, the mixing is virtually effortless. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect from a hand held device like this one.
Speaking of hand held, the grip is another thing that I love about this pastry blender. The handle is a soft-grip handle that is rather tight and won't move around. I have used pastry blenders or cutters in the past that spin around and even some that were loose and would actually slide off. This one doesn't do that, like at all.
Not only is this product effective, it's efficient and easy, as well. Not only does it save so much time, but it's so easy to use and easy to clean too. It's also dishwasher safe too.

Although the blades are relatively thick for a pastry blender/cutter, it is a great product. I guess my only con would be that the product itself is quite lightweight, but nothing to complain about.
The Orblue Pastry Blender is available at Amazon for $10.87. With a 54% savings off the list price of $23.81, that is an amazing deal. Would I use this product again? Would I recommend this product to a friend? For more information about this amazing Orblue addition, simply visit Amazon right now.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

BakeItFun Silicone Baking Mat

I have worked with an array of silicone baking mats, but to be honest, this is the first one that I have worked with in my home. Needless to say, it has been an experience getting to try BakeItFun's Silicone Baking Mat. So, what did I think?

The half sheet baking mat measures 16.7"x11". This perfect to not only roll out dough, but for making cookies, crackers, and more. You can use this product not only in the oven, but the dishwasher, freezer, and even microwave. It is also modestly easy to store and wash, as well.
When it comes to quality, the silicone in this product is premium food grade. The strong fibreglass mesh covers the silicone, so your baking experience is always good because the heat production is effective.
What I found ultimately amazing about this fun baking mat was the fact it was so incredibly durable. The quality is really good for the value. Plus, you can use it many times. Anything reusable is always a good thing.
The ruler is a special bonus to this baking mat. It makes baking so incredibly easy, that it becomes so much fun. I think when BakeItFun created this product, they had a vision in mind. They wanted baking to be fun. This is a great product to use with the kids.
This sheet is free of BPA (or Bisphenol A). As you may or may not be aware, BPA is used often to coat the inside of metal products. Although it is not said to be deadly or even unsafe, there have been studies conducted that prove it is a concern later on in life. Kind of like GMOs.
Not only is it German food grade safe, it is FDA safe, as well.
The eBook that comes with this product is fantastic and gives you a lot of great ideas.

Evidently if you are allergic to silicone or suffer a reaction from silicone, you are not going to find this product appealing at all.
Although this product is reusable, after you use this product 2,000 times, it is pretty much done. This is definitely a con for most silicone baking mats.
When it comes to temperature, you can only use this in temperatures that are 450 F degrees or lower, with -40 F degrees being the lowest. If you are thinking of using the broiler with this sheet, think again. Why? Because it will melt.
You can find BakeItFun's Silicone Baking Mat at Amazon for $11.99. Originally $47.99, one can not only love, but appreciate the 75% off savings. Would I recommend this baking mat to a friend? Yes. Would I use this product again? Absolutely. In fact, I just used it 10 minutes ago. For more information about BakeitFun's Silicone Baking Mat, simply visit Amazon right now.

System Sharpener Knife Sharpener

I think it's safe to say that if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you are definitely going to need a good sharpening system. One that is not only effective, but efficient too. Something safe that brings dead knives back to life. Recently, I had the opportunity to try the Knife Sharpener from System Sharpener. So, what did I think?


The ceramic bond wheel is definitely an amazing feature. It allows you to control how you want to sharpen the blades. Not only did this feature make this System Sharpener addition effective, but efficient too.

What I found appealing about this knife sharpening system is the two stages. The average knife takes about 3-5 pulls, which is modestly decent in comparison to most that take much longer. This makes the entire sharpener easy to use and a lot of fun to work with.

The suction pad is very sturdy and stays in place. It grips and locks immediately after placed on the counter. A good quality to find in a knife sharpening system.

For under $15, this is a very affordable knife sharpening system that works great for virtually every budget. You don't have to break the bank investing in something that is more of a need than a want, especially if you spend time in the kitchen or you collect knives.


This doesn't work on every knife. I tried a ceramic knife and this sharpening system simply did not work.

The Knife Sharpener System from System Sharpener is available at Amazon for $14.75. Would I use this product again? Absolutely. Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes. For more information about this knife sharpener, simply visit Amazon right now.

Are you interested in winning one? Now is your chance. Why? Because I am giving away a System Sharpener Knife Sharpener to one lucky reader of this blog. Stay tuned as I update you on chances to win.

Orblue Bag Heat Sealer

One common kitchen essential that I have never owned, but have always wanted to is a bag sealer. I know it may sound crazy, but I see them often and as much as I contemplated and debated whether or not purchase one, it wasn't until recently, I was offered the opportunity to try Orblue's Bag Heat Sealer. So, what did I think?

I am very impressed with the airtight seal of this product. The vacuum effect is amazing. To be honest, I wasn't expecting such an airtight seal. Not only did this prevent my food from becoming stale and tasting bland, but it locked in the freshness and flavor, as well. Something to not only appreciate, but love.
What I found amazing about this sealer was the magnetic bottom feature. This allows you to attach this product to the refrigerator or any kind of metal surface, so it is accessible to you.
Not only is this sealer amazing for food, it is great for packing cosmetics for traveling too.
And speaking of traveling, this fantastic Orblue addition is so compact and portable, it is great for traveling.

Doesn't really seal thin bags well. The seal is created best with medium to thick bags.
Although I am content with the orange and white color, I would really like to see this product offered other colors.
The Orblue Bag Heat Sealer is available at Amazon for $14.87. Would I use this product again? Yes. Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes. For more information about this Orblue addition, simply visit Amazon right now.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Strapsnake Cotton Guitar Strap

If you are musician and play the guitar, more than likely you will be interested in reading this review. Why? Because it is for StrapSnake's Cotton Guitar Strap. Truth be told, I can play a little guitar, but I am definitely no where near as my boyfriend Joe, who did an amazing review about this guitar strap (which you can view here). Recently, I had the opportunity to discover the Cotton Guitar Strap from StrapSnake. So, what did I think?


Made with 100% woven cotton material, this strap is not only soft, but thick and tough too. Unlike nylon straps that tend to be thinner and slip off the shoulders, this one is quite secure. The leather ends of this strap provide you with a much better fit, as well.

The amazing fit is one thing, but the fact that the materials are soft yet sturdy and don't dig into your shoulder, well, that is something to not only love, but appreciate too.

If you are searching for a guitar strap that is very durable and doesn't provide the hassle nor stress of weariness, this StrapSnake addition is definitely a guitar strap you will be interested in.

When it comes to working with virtually every guitar under the sun, this guitar strap works incredibly. Whether you have a standard acoustic, a dirty electric, a strong bass, or even an epic 12-string; every guitar will fit. This strap extends for bigger guitars (up to 56") and cinches for smaller guitars (33.5"). So, even though it is great for adults, it is also great for kids too.

If you are looking to perform without your instrument falling, you don't have to worry because you can move left-to-right, as well as, up and down and guess what? Your guitar strap won't slip, slide, or fall.

Here is a review by Joseph Valo III about this guitar strap via YouTube.


Although this strap is available in black (and I am not complaining because let's face it, it's one of the most universal, flexible shades ever) I would like to see this guitar strap available in other colors too.

The Guitar Strap by StrapSnake is available at Amazon for $15.88. With a savings of 36% off the original $25 price, this is a great deal. Would I recommend this guitar strap? Absolutely. For more information, just visit Amazon right now.

The GrillJunkie Burger-A-Day Cookbook

As a lacto ovo vegetarian, I am always finding ways to execute the carnivore classics into my lifestyle. Meaning: I truly embrace the alternative concept of substituting meat, poultry, and fish for plant-based protein. Recently, I discovered the GrillJunkie Guy website which offers an array of recipes. As you can see from this website, a lot of the recipes are not vegetarian. Then, in my quest for searching "veggie burgers" I discovered the GrillJunkie Burger-A-Day cookbook by Arnie Tomaino. So, what did I think?

This cookbook offers an array of recipes that cater to individual protein selections, including vegetarian, plant-based protein. My personal favorite recipes from the GrillJunkie Burger-A-Day cookbook are definitely the Smoked Portobello Mushroom Burger, the Chick Pea and Curry Burger, and the Spicy Bean Black Burger. I have tried every single recipe and just find them fantastic. This cookbook also offers a recipe on how to create a basic veggie burger, which is great for those just getting started.
The amount of options are endless. When looking at the basic beef burger recipes, as well as, the chicken, bison, lamb, etc. I envisioned various ways to substitute the main source of protein for plant-based protein. The possibilities are extremely endless.
Aside from the many recipes, this cookbook also features a "recipe a day" incentive which allows you to try something new, everyday. If you can't decide what to prepare, just choose a recipe or go in chronological order. What I found interesting about this cookbook is the fact that you are provided with a variety of grilling tips & tricks, as you are provided with other recipes which include everything from side dishes to desserts.
The GrillJunkie Burger-A-Day Cookbook is available for $17.96 at Amazon. Would I recommend this cookbook to a friend? Yes. Especially those burger lovers that are looking to enjoy an endless selection of recipes. For you, will never get bored. For more information about the GrillJunkie Burger A Day Cookbook, simply visit Amazon right now.

5 Ways To Win People Over In An Argument

Winning an argument is a lot harder than you realize. An argument has several sides that are connected to one valid point. Each side, however; is connected to several points which deliver full dimensional reason and logic that is either "pro" or "con". It is entirely up to you to make your point and be done.

But, how easy is it to make your point? The reality is it is not easy. Especially if the people you are arguing with are tough. So, how do you win people over in an argument?

1. Be Confident. Possessing knowledge is one thing because in actuality knowledge is such a powerful yet useful tool. Being confident in the knowledge you have is what winning an argument is all about. If you are not confident, you will never win anything especially arguments.

2. Use Deconstructionism. An extensive vocabulary is impressive, however; it doesn't always work. What does work though? Deconstructionism. Surprisingly when you present your points to the appropriate third parties nothing is more rational than expressing yourself using slang that they have a hard time translating.

3. Be Aggressive. Building a strong, solid foundation is the key to winning just about any argument. As you build your argument and create supporting facts to why you possess the logic and reasoning that you do, you can then apply those facts and present them in a fashion that is sturdy. Eventually your opponent will know that you are not going to back down without a fight.

4. Avoid Ad Hominem. Unfortunately the sticks and stones rule applies heavily when winning people over in argument. Insulting another's logic with an actual tangible or intangible insult is quite banal and is a lot like looking in the mirror and pointing to yourself saying "you you you". It makes you look like a narcissist and narcissists never win arguments.

5. Make Your Point. If you believe in something, make sure that you deliver your argument instantaneously. No one likes explanation unless they ask you for it. If someone is trying to win an argument over you, more than likely they will continue expressing themselves through dialogue without question. There is nothing more annoying than fluff.

A wise individual once said that giving up is as good as losing and losing is as good as death. Although one can object, there is a lot of truth to this quote. Luckily, you don't have to be the loser today.

Friday, March 20, 2015

2015: Sale No Mobarak

Omidvaram halet khob bashe. kara khob pish mire? Bahar khosh migzare? In hame rooz migzare zood, Bahar. In bahar ecki az garm tarin tabestoonast. Omidvaram dar taameme zendegit movafagh bashe. Irani jam'at beh qoleh goftani az tarigh internet nemituni befahmi. Enshallah hamechi ok hast. Joe, oo manoto ra beham resandeh keh be hamdigeh rahati bedam. Baleh, khahesh meekonam sokout mara bepazir, az in rah behtar ast. Raste, yadam raft begam. Boos Joe joon, dooset daram. Mersi. Falan khodahafez. Sale No Mobarak. Happy Norooz.

National Ravioli Day: Sundried Tomato Raviolis

Today is "National Ravioli Day" so I decided to share with you my homemade Sundried Tomato Raviolis with Sundried Tomatoes, Ricotta, Mascarpone, Buffalo Mozzarella, Parsley, and Salt & Pepper.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Norooz 2015: Celebrating in Chicago

Chicago is home to almost 3 million residents. As the third largest city in the United States, you can expect a lot from the windy city. Especially since Chicago is known for quite a few things including their creation of house music. Norooz is approaching us and as the Persian New Year is almost here, there are quite a few things happening in the windy city. So, what are they?

On Sunday, March 15th the Chicago Persian School is holding their annual Bazaar from 11 am until 2 pm. Located in the school's cafeteria, you can enjoy Persian pastries, haft seen, and more. This special day also includes Persian language classes for both children and adults. For more information, call: (847) 868-0577.

On Saturday, March 21st you can enjoy live music from Shervin Arya and incredible food provided by the Caravan Restaurant. Starting at 8 pm, this Chicago eatery and hot spot will be having their Norooz 1394 party. Tickets are $30 for dinner buffet and cover. Must be 21+ to attend. Valet parking is available. For more information, call: (312) 493-5600.

On Saturday, March 21st you can bring on Spring with a Persian Dinner for Nowruz hosted by Jay Savsani, Carlos C., and Anthony Chicago residents who are major foodies and decided to host a meet up for the Persian New Year. From 7 pm until 10 pm, you can enjoy great food and company on Grand Boulevard. Only a few spots available. The cost is $16. If you are looking to sign up, visit: https://www.mealsharing.com/mealshares/bring-on-spring-persian-dinner-for-nowruz-persian-new-year/happenings/2015-03-21.

On Saturday, March 28th the 6th annual Chicago Norooz parade and festival will be held. Starting at noon, you are going to want to be at Chicago's Federal Plaza for this incredible event. The parade starts at 1 pm and ends at 2 pm. Afterwards, head to the festival from 2 pm until 6 pm for entertainment which is provided by DJ Sultan, Dance Fairies, and Donya Dance. Also included are food trucks, Persian sweets, flowers, a kid zone, and various contests and raffles, and more. The one and only Chicago parade and festival to celebrate the Persian New Year. For more information, call (312) 922-2300.

On Saturday, March 28th from 7 pm until 2 am, you can attend the Zartosht's Nowruz 1394 party in Elmhurst. Live music provided by Ahmad Azad and Atta, as well as, DJ Armin, so be prepared to hit the dance floor for the New Year. Persian food, drinks, and desserts will also be provided. Tickets are $70-$80. For more information, call: (847) 209-8147.

If I have missed any events (which I am sure I may have) or you have an event you would like to share, please post a comment and I will get it published, ASAP. Thank you.

Norooz 2015: Celebrating in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is not only home to one of the greatest football teams, Pittsburgh Steelers, it is home to some of the greatest culture you will ever experience. With a population of almost 400,000; Pittsburgh is not only an exciting city, it is a city that I hold very near and dear to my heart. It is also my second home. So, what is happening in the steel city for Norooz this year?

On Tuesday, March 17th (Happy St. Patrick's Day) join Persian Student Organization and the Persian Panthers for the Chahrshanbe Suri, the last Wednesday before the Persian New Year. You must be 18 years or older to attend. Hookah Bar is provided, but you must bring your own booze if you are 21+. For more information, email: admin@iraniansptgh.com.

On Friday, March 27th you can experience an epic time at the Connolly Ballroom at University of Pittsburgh. Sponsored by the Persian Student Organization and the Persian Panthers, this is a Norooz event you don't want to miss. Starting at 7 pm, you can join laughing factory comedian, Tehran along with Radio Javan resident DJ Taba for a night of fun. The Halal dinner is provided by the Shamshiry Restaurant. Vegetarian options are available, as well. Tickets are $15-$25. For more information, email: admin@iraniansptgh.com.

If you have an event you want to share, please share it in the comments and I will go ahead and add it here. Mersi. Falan khodahafez.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Donyaye Vaghei, a Ghazal

Where is the truth in what you say? Is there a way you can make it glad today?
Will there be a bad tomorrow, a bad day, or a bad today?

Those endless dreams of wanting more than what is there—to give me hope that there are those who care—to express and project my feelings—a tad today.

The past is a reflection of who we are—the present defines who we are—the future is something to look forward to—if we disregard the ignorance and rip the chad today. 

Accomplishing more than your enemy is the best revenge—because in the end amazing minds talk about accomplishments. Do you feel at all rad today? 

Writing emotions down on paper as a way to reflect generates excitement—keeping note of experiences of feelings are supremely gad today. 

Losing a loved one hurts us more than the end of their suffering—loving one who hurts you in this life feels painful, as if you have been had today. 

When life hands you lemons, do you make lemonade or a lemon sugar face scrub? Do you eat the lemon with Stevia? Do you squirt those lemons in the eye of your enemy? Where is dad today? 

Do I want to go home today? Will I find my way today? When I write, I am inspired by words more than people—Oh, what shall I write on the pad today? 

Chances are only regrets if you never take them—reality is fake, but dreams are real—giving up is losing—society can be beautiful, as society can be ugly and can turn flad today. 

As we lose the ability to appreciate the finest—we lose grasp of value—look into my eyes and let me show you the way—let me take you by the yad today.

I beg for the ability to forget and forgive others around me, as I honor self love and hate self loathe—time gives me hope not to feel sad today. 

Giving up and depending upon a substance for help is never the answer because happiness depends upon ourselves—giving up is losing—I never want to rely on vad today. 

Where there is a will in this life—a reflection of hatred, disrespect, and inability to relate—a sign of the time is not now to be cad today. 

Defending your dignity is important, but not as strong as defending the truth—And it is those who refrain from defending what is right that are in danger of being sad today. 

Much love and light, much evil and dark, much black and blue—emotionally disconnected from the truth and reality of the world that is mad and sad today.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Norooz 2015: Celebrating in Los Angeles

Celebrating Norooz.
Mersi Pejman Akbarzadeh.
A new dawn, a new day and new life begins and that day is on Norooz. Marked as the first day of Spring, it is the start of a brand new year. Celebrated by Persians all around the world, Norooz begins on Friday, March 20th. Los Angeles is often dubbed "Tehrangeles" for it's extensive Persian population. As Norooz approaches, a lot of amazing events are happening in the city of angels. So, what are they?

On Saturday, March 14th the Farhang Foundation will be celebrating the Iranian New Year at the Norman P. Murray Community Center from 11:30 am until 5 pm. Located in the heart of Mission Viejo, if you are looking for an event to attend, this is definitely where you will want to be. For more information, call: (310) 666-1546.

On Saturday, March 14th the Aliso Viejo Library and Persian Storytime presents the 2nd Annual Persian New Year Celebration. From 1:30 pm until 4:30 pm, you can celebrate Nowruz with children's art gallery, crafts, short video clips, storytime, face painting, and more. For more information, call: (949) 360-1730.

On Sunday, March 15th the ISCC (or International Society for Children with Cancer) will be featuring an array of delicious Persian food including pastries and jams at the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach from 11 am until 6 pm. Aside from amazing food, you can expect amazing entertainment too. The time is now to celebrate. For more information, call: (949) 679-9911.

On Sunday, March 15th the Child Foundation will be holding their annual Nowruz Bazaar. Located at the Hilton in Woodland Hills, you can expect great food, great entertainment, and even greater people. Admission is free. For more information, call: (310) 453-0809.

On Tuesday, March 17th the Norooz celebrations continue at the 6th Annual 4Shanbe Soori Party. Starting at 8 pm at the Port Restaurant in the heart of Corona de Mar, you can expect nothing less than a good time here. For more information, call: (949) 439-7097.

On Tuesday, March 17th starting at 6:30 pm you can enjoy a Persian Feast at Ray's and Star Bar. Hosted by the LACMA, you can explore the museum after-hours and enjoy great art, food, and more. Located in the heart of LA, the Cur-ate Series is the opportunity to explore a Persian themed four course meal prepared by executive chef Viet Pham (Food Network Star, Iron Chef America, etc). The cost is $90-$100. For more information, call: (323) 857-6180.

On Tuesday, March 17th join Kayham Kalhor and Shujaat Husain Khan as they entertain you with a Persian/Indian Fusion Concert with the Ghazal Ensemble and Sandeep Das. Located in the heart of Irvine, this event will be held at Barclay theatre and starts at 8 pm. For more information, call (949) 854-4607.

On Tuesday, March 17th you can enjoy yoga and meditation at the Iranian American Center in San Diego from 6 pm until 7:30 pm. Hosted by the PCC (or Persian Cultural Center) releasing tension can be an amazing thing to do for the new year. For more information, call: (858) 552-9355.

On Wednesday, March 18th the Rancho Park Rotary is holding their Nowruz Party. Located in the heart of Los Angeles if you want to eat, drink, and dance, this is the time to do so. For more information call: (310) 722-1817.

On Friday, March 20th join the ISTA (or Iranian Students Association at University of California in San Diego) from 7:30 pm until 11:30 pm at the Price Center in San Diego for the ISTA Norooz Celebration and After Party. Enjoy a banquet dinner followed by live music and entertainment provided by DJ Mohsen and DJ Al. For more information, email: ista@ucsd.edu.

On Saturday, March 21st the Persian Cultural Center and Association of Iranian Professionals is holding their Annual Nowruz Gala at the Marriot Hotel in La Jolla. Starting at 6 pm, this celebration includes a seated dinner, comedy by Tehran, a featured dance performance by the Persian Dance Academy, and music by DJ Julius. For more information, call (858) 522-9355.

On Saturday, March 21st the IPAA (or Iranian Psychological Association of America) and the IADA (or Iranian American Dental Association) are holding their annual Nowruz Gala. This event is located at the Grand Ballroom in the heart of Los Angeles. Starting at 7 pm, you can expect an amazing time. For more information, call: (310) 499-5622.

On Saturday, March 21st celebrate Norooz at Club Pardiss in Laguna Woods at Club House 7 for their annual Persian New Year Festival. From 6:30 pm until 11 pm, you can enjoy amazing entertainment from Nader, Nadia, Eddie, Lucia, and more. Complimentary Persian tea and pastries are available. For more information, call: (949) 268-2417.

On Saturday, March 21st you can celebrate Norooz at the Grand Park with award winning actress and activist, Mary Apick. Located in the heart of "Tehrangeles" from 1 pm until 5 pm, you will have an amazing time. Discover Persian culture at it's finest. With special guests Mayor Erick Garcetti, Edward James Olmos, actor Paul Sorvino, and Parviz Sayyad, you are going to want to attend. Guests can eat, drink, and enjoy the finest Persian dishes. Live entertainment is also provided and to top it off, everyone will have the chance to explore Persian culture through the arts. Admission is free. Proceeds benefit the arthritis foundation. For more information, call (818) 288-4050.

On Saturday, March 21st the Metropolitan Nightclub in West Hollywood is holding their Norouz Mega Bash. Starting at 10 pm, you can expect real excitement celebrating the Persian New Year. Music is provided by Bobby K, DJ Sepi, Aaron Sparxx, and Alex. #NorouzMegaBash For more information, call: (310) 363-0311.

On Saturday, March 21st the PCC (or Persian Cultural Center) and the AIAP (or the Association of Iranian American Professionals) will host their annual Nowruz Celebration at the Marriott in La Jolla. Featuring DJ Julius, Tehran, and a performance from the Persian Cultural Dance Academy, you can expect an amazing time. Tickets are $100-$110 per person. For more information, call: (858) 552-9355.

On Sunday, March 22nd, LACMA (or Los Angeles County Museum of Art) is celebrating their 7th Annual Nowruz Celebration. Located in the heart of LA, this event is also hosted by the Farhang Foundation too. For more information, call: (310) 666-1546.

On Sunday, March 22nd you can join the IAC Group (or Iranian American Community Group) of Orange County at the Colonel Barber Park from 1 pm until 6 pm for their Persian New Year Festival. Located the Rose Garden in Irvine, you can enjoy live entertainment and amazing Persian food. Plus, it is free. For more information, email: contact@iac-group.org.

On Sunday, March 22nd you can celebrate the 9th Annual Norooz Festival in Pasadena. The action starts at 2 pm. Not only will there be complimentary tea and pastries served, entertainment for both adults and kids, and contests. Is there anything better? Sponsored by Trader Joes, US Bank, Adspace, Inc. and more, you will want to be here to celebrate the Persian New Year. Guest of Honor, mayor Bob Bogaard will be attending. For more information, call: (626) 351-9631.

On Thursday, March 26th celebrate the Persian New Year with the IALA (or Iranian American Lawyers Association) from 6:30 pm until 10:30 pm at Flame Restaurant in Los Angeles. Enjoy a Persian style buffet, as well as, appetizers and desserts. Entertainment and music provided by DJ Hessam. For more information, email: IALAlawyers@gmail.com.

On Saturday, March 28th Essence and Avesta Empire proudly present their Kurdistan Nowruz Gala Party with Foad Naraghi and Nidar at the Eretz Cultural Center. Starting at 8 pm, you can enjoy a wonderful time. For more information, call: (424) 261-5873.

On Saturday, March 28th IMAN is hosting their annual Persian New Year celebration. At the Iran Hall, in the IMAN center, you can enjoy a wonderful time. For more information, call: (310) 202-8181.

On Saturday, March 28th celebrate Norooz Eve at Club Mahin in Laguna Woods. From 6 pm until 11 pm, you can enjoy an epic time at Clubhouse 7. For more information, call: (949) 468-6899.

On Saturday, March 28th you can enjoy the musical stylings of Shahkar Bineshpajooh. Starting at 8:30 pm at the Dolly Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, you can enjoy an amazing part of Persian culture. For more information, call: (310) 710-3040.

On Sunday, March 29th the NIPOC (or Network of Iranian Professionals in Orange County) is celebrating the 13 Bedar at Mason Regional Park. Starting at noon, you can enjoy a wonderful time in celebrating Norooz. For more information, call: (949) 851-3993.

If you know of an event that is not listed, please share the event in the comments and I will go ahead and publish it. Thank you.

Los Angeles: Best Persian Restaurants of 2015

Koubideh, courtesy of Persian Dutch Network.
Nicknamed "Tehrangeles", LA is known for its culture, its milieu, its bricolage, and its entertainment. With over 10 million residents alone in the metropolitan area, Los Angeles is also the second largest city in America.
Are you looking to enjoy a fantastic Persian dinner? So, what are the best Persian Restaurants in Los Angeles? Just click here to find out.

Norooz 2015: Celebrating in New York City

Norooz Haft Sin.
Mersi Masoud Ramezani.
According to the 2013 census, There are 8.4 million residents alone in the metropolitan area of the big apple. New York City, the city that never sleeps and is home to many great things. And like every major city on this planet, the Persian population is quite extensive. The Persian New Year is approaching. So, what is happening in NYC for the Norooz?

On Monday, March 16th you can enjoy a Norooz Dinner at Porsena from 5:30 pm until 10 pm. As Norooz approaches, so does the demand to enjoy great entertainment and even greater food. The cost is $55. For more information, call: (212) 228-4923.

On Wednesday, March 18th from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm, the Whole Foods Bowery is hosting a Persian cooking class. NYC's best chefs, artisans, and growers will come together to give you an experience you will not only love, but appreciate too. For more information, call: (212) 420-1320.

On Friday, March 20th Cafe Nadery is holding their annual Persian New Year Celebration. Starting at 6:30 pm, you can the new year with an outstanding dinner followed by incredible entertainment. The cost is $70. For more information, call: (212) 260-5407.

On Saturday, March 21st you can visit The Beard House for their annual Norouz Celebration. Join chefs Josh Lewin and Katrina Jazayeri as they take you through a taste of Persia with an amazing French fusion. The cost is $130-$170 per person. For more information, call: (212) 627-2308.

On Saturday, March 21st Cafe Nadery is having another annual Persian New Year Celebration, so in case you missed it Friday night, you can enjoy it again. The action starts at 6:30 pm. The price is $70. For more information, call: (212) 260-5407.

On Sunday, March 22nd join the Ghazal Ensemble: Kayhan Kalhor and Shujaat Husain Khan the Shimmel Center. From 7:30 pm until 9:30 pm, you can enjoy a rare yet unique Iranian meets Indian collaboration to celebrate the Persian New Year. For more information, call: (212) 316-1715.

On Friday, March 27th join Dance of Oneness, the Liquid Grace at the L’Atelier for a Nowruz celebration. Explore Persian culture in depth, watching performance art at it's finest. For more information, call: (917) 842-0520.

On Sunday, March 29th the IABA and the PAAIA are holding their annual Nowruz Dinner at the New York County Lawyers Association Ballroom to celebrate the Persian New Year. From 6:30 pm until 9:30 pm, you can enjoy an epic dinner from Colbeh and Shiraz, an open bar, and live music. Admission runs from $40 to $75. For more information, call: (646) 580-5118.

I will continue to update this, as more events are shared. If you know of an event, please do share it in the commons. Thank you.

New York City: Best Persian Restaurants of 2015

Ghormeh Sabzi, Iran's National Dish. Mersi
Amin Majidi.
New York City, the most populated city in the United States. With almost 20 million residents in the metropolitan area alone, the city that never sleeps is definitely a global power city and one of the most exciting places in the world.
The question remains: can you find Persian food here? Absolutely. In fact, some of the best Persian food can be found in the big apple. So, what are the best Persian Restaurants in New York City? Just click here to find out.

Chicago: Best Persian Restaurants of 2015

Baba Ghanoush. Mersi Takaokun.
With over 9 million residents alone in the metropolitan area, Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States. Home to the busiest airport in the world, Chicago is known for it's culture, sports, and even as pioneers of electronic dance music. 

Chicago is also home to some of the best Persian food in the country. So, what are the best Persian Restaurants of 2015? Just click here to find out.

Monday, March 2, 2015

How To Dodge Peer Pressure

Peer pressure, nature's way of trying to make you give in and human's way of trying to make you fit in. Whether it means doing something spontaneous and daring or simply trying something new, peer pressure still puts you in between a rock and a hard place.

Even when you feel reluctant and unsure, you still find yourself saying yes in an effort to please the masses. So, what if you don't want to say yes? How do you dodge peer pressure?

Say your friend invites you to a party. Although you feel a little reluctant to go, you really believe it would be a great social opportunity for you so you decide to cave in and attend. As you walk through the door, you look to your left and notice a group of people playing beer pong. You look to your right and see people socializing, as they sip on cocktails in effort to drink away bad memories. Then, you look straight ahead and see multiple dancing and enjoying the entertainment.

As you observe, you are approached by good looking man (and if you are male, just pretend this is a woman, hahaha). They lure you into the kitchen for conversation and small talk. They ask you a few questions, before finally asking if you would like to go upstairs for a little "fun". You have doubts. You are not promiscuous and you know that there are many consequences to such actions. You fear saying no because you don't want to hurt this man's feelings, but then again you don't want to be ignored either. You fear saying yes because you don't believe you should. What do you do?

This is an example of peer pressure. You are being put on the spot. If you have to question it even once, you must say no. Why? Because even if you only live once, giving in to what you question will only create unhappiness for you, as you will not enjoy yourself and you just may regret it later.

The power of no allows you to confirm that you do not agree. Almost like a reassurance clock that is being set off. You can make excuses and tell a white lie, but what happens when you don't have anything to support them? The best way to dodge peer pressure is to simply tell the truth and say no.

If you stand your ground, you will never give into anything. Remember the key ingredient to dodging peer pressure is being true to yourself and what you believe is right and appreciating the individualism you have. Don't be afraid to say no.