Strapsnake Cotton Guitar Strap

If you are musician and play the guitar, more than likely you will be interested in reading this review. Why? Because it is for StrapSnake's Cotton Guitar Strap. Truth be told, I can play a little guitar, but I am definitely no where near as my boyfriend Joe, who did an amazing review about this guitar strap (which you can view here). Recently, I had the opportunity to discover the Cotton Guitar Strap from StrapSnake. So, what did I think?


Made with 100% woven cotton material, this strap is not only soft, but thick and tough too. Unlike nylon straps that tend to be thinner and slip off the shoulders, this one is quite secure. The leather ends of this strap provide you with a much better fit, as well.

The amazing fit is one thing, but the fact that the materials are soft yet sturdy and don't dig into your shoulder, well, that is something to not only love, but appreciate too.

If you are searching for a guitar strap that is very durable and doesn't provide the hassle nor stress of weariness, this StrapSnake addition is definitely a guitar strap you will be interested in.

When it comes to working with virtually every guitar under the sun, this guitar strap works incredibly. Whether you have a standard acoustic, a dirty electric, a strong bass, or even an epic 12-string; every guitar will fit. This strap extends for bigger guitars (up to 56") and cinches for smaller guitars (33.5"). So, even though it is great for adults, it is also great for kids too.

If you are looking to perform without your instrument falling, you don't have to worry because you can move left-to-right, as well as, up and down and guess what? Your guitar strap won't slip, slide, or fall.

Here is a review by Joseph Valo III about this guitar strap via YouTube.


Although this strap is available in black (and I am not complaining because let's face it, it's one of the most universal, flexible shades ever) I would like to see this guitar strap available in other colors too.

The Guitar Strap by StrapSnake is available at Amazon for $15.88. With a savings of 36% off the original $25 price, this is a great deal. Would I recommend this guitar strap? Absolutely. For more information, just visit Amazon right now.