Donyaye Vaghei, a Ghazal

Where is the truth in what you say? Is there a way you can make it glad today?
Will there be a bad tomorrow, a bad day, or a bad today?

Those endless dreams of wanting more than what is there—to give me hope that there are those who care—to express and project my feelings—a tad today.

The past is a reflection of who we are—the present defines who we are—the future is something to look forward to—if we disregard the ignorance and rip the chad today. 
Accomplishing more than your enemy is the best revenge—because in the end amazing minds talk about accomplishments. Do you feel at all rad today? 
Writing emotions down on paper as a way to reflect generates excitement—keeping note of experiences of feelings are supremely gad today. 
Losing a loved one hurts us more than the end of their suffering—loving one who hurts you in this life feels painful, as if you have been had today. 
When life hands you lemons, do you make lemonade or a lemon sugar face scrub? Do you eat the lemon with Stevia? Do you squirt those lemons in the eye of your enemy? Where is dad today? 
Do I want to go home today? Will I find my way today? When I write, I am inspired by words more than people—Oh, what shall I write on the pad today? 
Chances are only regrets if you never take them—reality is fake, but dreams are real—giving up is losing—society can be beautiful, as society can be ugly and can turn flad today. 
As we lose the ability to appreciate the finest—we lose grasp of value—look into my eyes and let me show you the way—let me take you by the yad today.
I beg for the ability to forget and forgive others around me, as I honor self love and hate self loathe—time gives me hope not to feel sad today. 
Giving up and depending upon a substance for help is never the answer because happiness depends upon ourselves—giving up is losing—I never want to rely on vad today. 
Where there is a will in this life—a reflection of hatred, disrespect, and inability to relate—a sign of the time is not now to be cad today. 
Defending your dignity is important, but not as strong as defending the truth—And it is those who refrain from defending what is right that are in danger of being sad today. 
Much love and light, much evil and dark, much black and blue—emotionally disconnected from the truth and reality of the world that is mad and sad today.