Orblue Pastry Blender

Some people refer to them as dough blenders, as others referred to them pastry cutters. I like to call them pastry blenders. If you haven't had the opportunity to try a hand held pastry blender, then you really need to. Recently, I had the chance to try Orblue's Pastry Blender. So, what did I think?


First and foremost, I am so impressed with the quality of this product. It is a stainless steel. What I loved most about this dough or pastry blender is the fact that it does not break, it does not bend, and it does not rust.

The blades on this pastry blender are outstanding. When combining ingredients, the mixing is virtually effortless. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect from a hand held device like this one.

Speaking of hand held, the grip is another thing that I love about this pastry blender. The handle is a soft-grip handle that is rather tight and won't move around. I have used pastry blenders or cutters in the past that spin around and even some that were loose and would actually slide off. This one doesn't do that, like at all.

Not only is this product effective, it's efficient and easy, as well. Not only does it save so much time, but it's so easy to use and easy to clean too. It's also dishwasher safe too.


Although the blades are relatively thick for a pastry blender/cutter, it is a great product. I guess my only con would be that the product itself is quite lightweight, but nothing to complain about.

The Orblue Pastry Blender is available at Amazon for $10.87. With a 54% savings off the list price of $23.81, that is an amazing deal. Would I use this product again? Would I recommend this product to a friend? For more information about this amazing Orblue addition, simply visit Amazon right now.