Chicago: Best Persian Restaurants of 2015

Best Persian Restaurants in Chicago 2015
Baba Ghanoush. Mersi Takaokun.
With over 9 million residents alone in the metropolitan area, Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States. Home to the busiest airport in the world, Chicago is known for it's culture, sports, and even as pioneers of electronic dance music. 

Chicago is also home to some of the best Persian food in the country. So, what are the best Persian Restaurants of 2015?

1. Pars Cove Cafe. If you love Persian food, raise your glass. If not, raise your standards. Located in the heart of Lincoln Park on 435 West Diversey Parkway lies the best Persian eatery in Chicago, Pars Cove Cafe. With everything from Dolmeh and Hummus to Ghormeh Sabzi and Shirazi to various Fesenjans and Kabobs, there is no place like the Pars Cove Cafe in the Windy City. Vegetarian options are available. Catering is also available. For more information, call: (773) 549-1515 right now.

2. Noon O Kabab. Located in the heart of the Wind City on 4661 N. Kedzie Ave. #1, you can enjoy an amazing ambience, service, and even better Persian food at Noon O Kabab. With everything from Dolmeh Felfel and Pomegranate Mushrooms to Olovieh and Caspian Eggplant to Joujeh and Chenjeh to an extensive selection of Kababs and more, Noon O Kabab is one of the greatest Persian eateries in Chicago. There are a lot of vegetarian options here. Catering is also available. For more information, call: (773) 279-8899 today.

3. Kabobi. Once you go Persian, there is no other version applies to quite a few things. In this case, food. This fine dining Persian restaurant is located on 4748 N. Kedzie Ave in the heart of Chicago. With everything from Kashkeh Bodemjan and Dolmeh to Maust Khiar and Maust Museer to various Kabob and Koubideh entrees and more, Kabobi is a place you have to check out the next time you are in Chicago. Vegetarian options are available, as well. Catering is also available at this amazing Persian eatery. For more information, call: (773) 583-1400 right now.

4. Masouleh. Ghazaye Irani shegeft angiz ast! Located in the heart of the Windy City on 6653 N. Clark Street, this Persian restaurant offers some of the most flavorful Persian food you will ever find here. With everything from Kookoo Sabzi and Mirza Ghasemi to Torshe Tareh and Shishandaz to Gheimeh Bademjan and Chenjeh to various Kabob entrees, there isn't a place like Masouleh. Enjoy your meal with Masouleh's house doogh and complete it with some Persian ice cream. Vegetarian options are available here. For more information, call: (773) 262-2227 today.

5. Caravan. This Persian eatery is located on 4810 North Broadway Street in the Windy City. With everything from Kash-Ke-Bademjan and Baba Ghannous to Olovieh and Shirazi to Soltani and Borani to various Kabob and Koubideh entrees to even a Sabzi artisan pizza and more, Caravan is proof that once you go Persian, there is no other version. Enjoy a glass of in-house doogh and complete your experience with some Persian Baklava. They also have the most extensive vegetarian selection yet. For more information, call: (773) 271-6022 right now.