Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Starbucks Green Tea Creme Frappe

I feel like I have become such a Starbucks enthusiast in the last 5 years. It is like I always find myself going there every other day. Sometimes once a day. I love the people who work there as they are always so kind and do so much to accommodate me and my tastes. I think I have tried probably every frappe they have ever made and anything with the word "chai" in the name.

Lately, I have been wanting to try their green tea frappe. I am not a fan of green tea (the matcha has an acquired taste that isn't something I enjoy); however, I thought I would give this drink a shot considering I have always wanted to try it. And just because I don't care for green tea, doesn't mean others will not.

I am a fan of cold coffee and tea drinks more than warm or hot coffee and tea drinks. Sometimes my mood wants a warm or hot drink if I feel cold enough to crave one, but most of the time I tend to gravitate towards the cold drinks. As I am a huge fan of iced coffee and iced tea, I have recently garnered a huge love and appreciation for the classic Starbucks Frappuccino (or frappe).

So, I decided to pick up the Green Tea Crème Frappe. I got the venti size (which is usually the size I get) with almond milk. And of course, I got the whipped cream topping as no frappe is complete without it.

I just love the flavor this frappe possesses. I am not even a fan of green tea, but find myself loving this drink. The whipped cream complements the green tea, as it brings out a certain sweetness that is hidden by little savory notes. I wasn't sure if I would like this, but I do.

The drink itself is 370 calories if you get it as a venti size with almond milk. It also contains 82 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of protein. The entire drink contains 92 mg of caffeine which is substantial for a tea drink, but not a lot compared to some of their other drinks. This is not a coffee drink, this is a tea drink.

So, what is the verdict? This is 100% Sarah approved.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sari Foods: Spirulina, Acerola, and Nutritional Yeast

Brandbacker is always full of surprises, when it comes to connecting bloggers with businesses. It was really great to be able to discover Sari Foods. Located in the heart of Las Vegas, Sari Foods Company has managed to bring ancient foods to modern life, empowering the conscious consumer. Recently, I had the opportunity to try the Spirulina, Acerola, and Nutritional Yeast. So, what did I think?


When it comes to nutritional value, these Sari Food additions have it. And because of this, they are extremely versatile. Whether you want to add them to your favorite dishes or create smoothies and shakes or simply use them on their own, they work incredibly.

Whether you want to boost your immunity or simply looking to lose weight, you are going to enjoy these products immensely. They are great for virtually every diet too.

Spirulina contains about 50-70% of protein and includes all of the essential amino acids. It has an array of benefits and is known to improve your entire digestive system. Spirulina is also known to help with arthritis and heart disease. It is also known to help prevent hair loss, as well.

The Acerola (Vitamin C powder) is great for an array of individual health issues. Whether you are looking to boost your immunity or treat any flu-like symptoms, this is perfect for that. With over 1,670 times more mg of Vitamin C than an orange, a little goes a long way. A Brazilian doctor recently engaged in a comparative analysis about antioxidant potency and Acerola was the highest scoring domestic fruit. It is also good for preventing cancer, cardiovascular and chronic diseases. Whether you want to treat Allergic Rhinitis or simply a common cold, Acerola will definitely do that.

As a huge source of potassium, as well as, complete protein, Nutritional Yeast is the perfect health addition to those who do not eat meat, dairy, or eggs. It is also gluten-free and sugar-free, as well. Do not mistake Nutritional Yeast with Yeast Extract, as the two are very different. This taste is very "cheesy" and light and resembles a beige to yellow color, whereas; the extract is very bold and strong and looks brown (i.g. Vegemite).A little bit of product goes a long way, which I really enjoy. You don't have to use a lot of these products to enjoy them.

On the plus side, I will say that the nutritional yeast is by far the best tasting I have ever tried. It has a very buttery yet cheesy flavor. When eating vegan, adding this with a little bit of avocado is like eating pleasantly healthy velveeta.

And speaking of vegan, if you are vegan, you will enjoy these additions for their versatility and their overall nutritional value and contribution to some of your favorite dishes. When it comes to Spirulina, the protein content is as big, if not bigger than using milk and/or meat as your source.

A little bit of product goes a long way, which I really enjoy. You don't have to use a lot of these products to enjoy them. I've used them everyday for several weeks now and they are a little over a half full.

These products are not only free of synthetic ingredients, they are free of genetically modified organisms (or GMOs) too.


The Spirulina powder contains an array of ingredients such as Protein, Calcium, Gamma-Liolenic Acid (or GLA), Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, Iron, Beta-Carotene, Chlorophyll, Folate, and more. If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, you are obviously not going to be interested in the Spirulina powder.

The Vitamin C (Acerola) powder contains quite a few ingredients. Some of them include: Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Aceronidin, and more. If you are allergic, you may want to refrain from using this product.

The Nutritional Yeast powder includes several ingredients. These ingredients include: Iron, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Niacin, Biotin, Zinc, Phosphorus, Molybdenium, Selenium, and more. If you are allergic or find yourself garnering a reaction to any of these ingredients, you are not going to want to use this product.

If you are going through antihrombics, fibrinolytics, or thrombolytics or any treatment that is anticoagulant related, it is key to consult your doctor before using Spirulina.

You can find Sari Foods Nutritional Yeast for $12.95, Spirulina for $23.95, and Vitamin C Powder (Acerola) for $29.95 at Amazon. Would I use these products again? Yes. Would I recommend them to a friend? Yes. For more information about the Sari Foods - Spirulina, Acerola, and Nutritional Yeast, simply visit Amazon right now.

The TRUTH about ProFlowers

The Deluxe Pink Sapphire features a
dozen pink roses complemented by asters,
baby's breath and a half a dozen of pink
Peruvian lilies. This was a gift from my
amazing boyfriend Joe.
What happens when you combine the essence of convenience, character, and condition? An emotional experience that is not only appreciated, but memory breeding too. The sense of smell is the only sense that goes directly to our brain and when we smell flowers, we will forever be reminded of that moment. Especially when we smell them again. When it comes to searching for the perfect place to find that perfect plant, there are quite a few options on the world wide web. One in particular, ProFlowers.

When you browse various social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, you will discover various "pros" and "cons" about this online flower power seller. As reluctant as one can be, I recently discovered that although the cons are evident, the strengths in this company certainly outweigh them.

I have had the pleasure of receiving multiple flowers from this company. Everything from three-dozen red roses ($79.95) to various pre-created settings such as the Deluxe Pink Sapphire ($59.98) which includes a dozen pink roses that are complemented by asters, baby's breath, and about a half a dozen of pink Peruvian lillies. This popular online flower retailer also features an October Birthstone Rose Bouquet ($49.99) which offers a dozen white roses complemented by five clusters of pink tourmaline picks, ruscus and leather leaves.

The latest I have received from ProFlowers includes about two-dozen pink and red tulips ($39.99) along with one-dozen multi-colored roses ($29.99). With proper maintenance the tulips really came to life shortly after the stems were trimmed. Needless to say, I was modestly happy with everything I have received thus far.

In fact, as of right now, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about ProFlowers. Everything I have received thus far has been fantastic. As far as customer service, I truly believe based on experience that the customer service here is quite excellent, as they are attentive and make an effort to resolve any issue you may have.

ProFlowers offers beautiful, fresh flowers from the field directly to your door. As convenient as they are, the verdict is - they are definitely one of the best places to find a last minute gift that not only anyone can love, but appreciate too.

The truth about ProFlowers is: their flowers are terrific. If you would ask me today, would I shop at ProFlowers or recommend this internationally known flower business to a friend? Absolutely. For more information, visit ProFlowers today.

Cell PRO iPhone 6 Armband + Giveaway

Tomoson is one of those sampling opportunity websites that I recently discovered. Offering an array of products, one of the greatest opportunities that I found was the chance to try the iPhone 6 Sports Armband, courtesy of Cell PRO.

I absolutely love this armband for many reasons. I use my iPhone often, especially when I workout. In fact, I prefer it over my iPod. The sound quality is outstanding. This amazing Cell PRO addition keeps my phone protected without moving all over the place, making it modestly comfortable to wear. Speaking of working out, this armband is sweat-proof.

There are two slots in this armband, so say you want to take a walk and don't feel like taking your purse or wallet with you. Aside from your phone, you can take your credit/debit card, driver's license or state ID, and even take a little bit of cash with you if you need to.

What I love about the iPhone 6 Sports Armband is the fact that the neoprene material is very soft yet lightweight, so it doesn't get in the way of what you are doing. It also fits every arm. So, whether you have small arms or large arms, you can benefit from using this by adjusting the velcro strap, which extends.

I was relatively worried about the touchscreen working through the clear cover. Needless to say, it works fantastically.

Looking to take take a walk at night? Well, you will enjoy this product even more simply because of the reflective band which is completely visible during the night hours.

Although originally $29.95, you can purchase the iPhone 6 Sports Armband right now for $12.95 on Amazon. For more information about the iPhone 6 Sports Armband, simply visit Amazon right now.

I have wonderful news to everyone who reads my blog, SarahAfshar.com. Cell PRO is offering the opportunity for you to win one. Yes, this is your opportunity to grab an iPhone 6 Sports Armband. One of my lucky readers will have the chance to win this product.

How can you do that?

It's simple, share this post all over social media. Whoever shares the post the most wins the prize. Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Over 50 creative ways to ask someone to the prom

Prom is one of the most highly anticipated
events of the year for every junior and senior in high
school. Will you be going this year?
(Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
Prom is not only the biggest high school dance of the year, but the most important. As the big dance approaches, so does the pressure for having a wonderful yet memorable time. While there are a lot of things that create an amazing experience, it is important to have a great date.

You find yourself in a dilemma, as you are uncertain how to ask that exceptional person to the prom. Although texting is efficient, it isn't the most applicable source in asking them to great ball. Even though you have the audacity to ask you are not sure how to do it. The good news is there are many great, creative ways to ask that special someone to the prom.

CUPCAKES CAMPAIGN Everyone loves cupcakes and because this treat is an easygoing way to the win the heart of that unique someone you want to take to the prom, they work impeccably as a way to ask someone to the prom. Use each cupcake for a word "Will-You-Go-To-The-Prom-With-Me" which not only spells out your question, but gives your possible date 8 cupcakes to enjoy.

WRITE ON YOURSELF To you boys hoping to take that beautiful girl to the prom, one of the best ways to ask her is to show up at her house shirtless with the question "Will you go to the prom with me?" in big letters written all over you. Not only is this creative, but extremely successful too.

PUT POST-ITS ON THEIR VEHICLE If you are going to ask that special someone to the prom, you are going to want to invest in a lot of post-its. And I am not talking about enough just to cover a windshield; I am talking about enough to cover an entire vehicle. After seeing their car covered in post-its, they will have no choice but to say "yes".

RUMOR HAS IT Tell everyone you can who you plan to ask to the prom and ask them to spread the rumor that your heart will be broken if they didn't go to the prom with you. Then tell the person you intend to ask "Rumor has it" (point to yourself) "...that [insert name] wants to go to the prom with you" and pop the question.

MUSIC TO THE QUESTION Whether you want to play that special someone a song using your favorite instrument or even sing to them using your human one, whoever the recipient is will not only appreciate it, but the love this gesture much more so.

START A RALLY Even though holding a sign asking that one significant question which consists of eight words is commendable, what makes it more exciting is if you get a bunch of your friends together and even your acquaintances in on it and have them carry signs asking "Will you go to the prom with [insert your name here]?"

BALLOON LIFT OFF One of the most imaginative ways to ask that special girl or boy to the prom is by attaching a bunch of balloons to your vehicle and their vehicle and by getting your friends together to hold even more balloons that spell out the big question.

CREATE A FACEBOOK PAGE Ask that SOS to the prom using the popular social media website by making a page asking them the question. Post their pictures. Get a lot of people to like the page before inviting your friends and their friends, etc. to like it. Then, at the best moment send them an invite to like the page.

SUSHI SPELL OUT After you ask her out for sushi, have the sushi chef spell out "Prom?" Not only is this incredibly ingenious, but after seeing this creative way of asking her to the biggest high school dance of the year she is going to absolutely say yes.

DRESS UP AS A CHARACTER Whether you want to dress up as Santa Claus and have one or two of your friends pose as elves or you want to dress up as one of your favorite characters having your friends pose as characters to support your character, nothing is more flattering than you showing up at their house asking them to prom in this way.

PLAY DEAD Simply play dead on the middle of school hallway and attach a sign saying "I am dying to go to the prom with [insert their name]." If you can inform others about it ahead of time, you can make a sign directed in first person, allowing the potential date to discover you lying on the hallway floor. This innovative way to ask a date to the prom has proved to be one of the most effectual ways there is and I also believe it will work for you.

SIGN PICTURE SALUTE Create individual signs with each word you intend to use in your question. If you intend to say "I, [insert first and last name], want to go to the prom with you" create a sign for "I" followed by "[first name]" then "[last name]" etc. Take a picture holding the sign, whether in the same theme or different theme. Email them the pictures and if you don't have their email, print them out and stick them on their locker.

DARING WITH DONUTS It's a well-known fact that everyone loves donuts and what better way to ask that special boy or girl in your life to the prom with them. Spell out "Prom?" using the donuts and wait for your answer.

RUBIK'S CUBE TRICK A brilliant way to ask a date to the prom is to write individual words on each Rubik's cube square. For instance; write "will" on say the blue square followed by "you" on the red square followed by "go" on the yellow (...I think you get the point), scramble it up, and give it to the person who want to ask.

CHECK HERE T-SHIRT Whether you want to have one custom made or you want to make your own, one of the best ways to ask a girl or guy to the prom is by wearing the famous check here t-shirt. Just think if you do wear this shirt you will be able to hold flowers and candy in your hands.

ALL ABOUT BALLS Fill up their locker or car with balls and then write something on paper like "I didn't have the balls to ask you to the prom in person, but I am hoping you will go with me." Not only is this creative, but has a 90% rate of actually winning the date.

SCHOOL INTERCOM Attention! Attention! "Hello [insert their name here], it's [insert your name here], will you go to the prom with me?" Before you clear your throat and take a drink to brush the nerves away, asking that special someone to the prom using this way will not only be effortless, but helpful too.

FAKE PARKING TICKET What a wonderful surprise for them if they go to their car only to discover they received a parking ticket with the question on it. Not only is this an excellent way to ask a date to the prom, it's creative too.

VLOG VLOVE Take a video popping the question. Keep it brief and simple and upload it onto any video hosting website (YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc.) Invite family, friends, and strangers to check out the video. As more traffic is driven to the video, have someone send the link to the person you intend to ask. Then, send them the link directly.

BANANAS FOR YOU You boys who are hoping to take that cute, sweet girl to the prom need to seriously consider dressing up as a monkey or gorilla and spelling out "Prom?" with them. This original idea has not only worked for decades, but it is one of the most novel ways to ask her to the big dance.

SCHOOL BATHROOM With a little help from their friends, you will easily pull off this amazing way to ask a date to the prom. Go in and decorate the bathroom of choice. Get their friends to lure them into the bathroom.

CANDLES LEAD THE WAY One of the best ways to ask a date to the prom is simply by lighting a bunch of tiny little candles and then placing them up their driveway to their house. This is perfect particularly when you direct them to a creative sign popping the question.

YOUR DOG WILL HELP When all else fails, one of the most successful ways to ask a girl or boy to the prom is to attach a small sign asking the big question to your dog. Either walk your dog to their front door or better yet, have your dog approach them as you wait from the bushes.

DECORATE THEIR ROOM In order to pull this off effectively, you need to first ask permission from their parents. Nothing screams I want you to be my date to the prom more than this creative way.

WRITE-A-WAY One of the best ways to ask a date to the prom is to write all over their vehicle. Whether it is "will you go to the prom with me" or "I want to go to the prom with you, [insert their name here]" they will love it. Use special window markers and avoid permanent markers at all costs.

TEST TRICK There are many ways to get your hands on a blank SAT test. Take the time to fill out the ovals to say "PROM" with pencil. Hand it to them directly and wait for their response.

PIZZA DELIVERY Have a pizza delivered to their and on the pizza, have them spell out the question. As cheesy as it may be, this tactic works amazingly and will definitely get your date to say yes.

FORK THEIR LAWN If you are looking for a creative way to ask a date to the prom, a great way is to add plastic forks in their law spelling out "Will you go to the prom with me?" When they see you made the effort, they will say yes.

THE PROM CONJECTURE Your prospective date doesn't have to be a genius mathematician for you to create a simple "You + Me = Prom" ticket. Place this in their locker or on their car and whenever they receive it, they will be more than flattered.

SIDEWALK CHALKING IT Even though this is a more mundane way of asking him or her to the prom, it has always shown to be effective. Write in huge letters "Will you go to the prom with me?" But make sure they know who you are.

FLY A KITE You can create your own aircraft piece or simply add onto one you bought from the store. All you have to do is simply write "Prom?" and your date will not only shed a tear of appreciation, but have no choice to say yes.

CANDLING THE DRIVEWAY To some people prom is a ritual. In fact, some people regret attending their prom, however, you can make the prom so incredibly memorable with the right way to ask. Light some candles, spell out "Prom?" and your date will yes.

FORTUNE COOKIES One of the most creative things you can do is to spell out "Will you go to the prom with me? My fortune says yes!" Meanwhile, every fortune cookie is customized to say "Will you go to the Prom with me?"

THE EXTRA MILE What happens when you ask "Will" followed by "You" and then "Go" followed by "To" and "The" followed by "Prom" and "With" followed by "Me?" for a mile? Write each word on cardboard and fork it into the grass for a mile and your date will see you are going the extra mile and say yes.

BASE-BALLER Do you finally have enough balls to ask her out? How about writing "I finally have the balls to ask you to prom!" on a banner, while covering them with baseballs? You can't ever go wrong with this creative way.

YIMO LIMO Cost of renting a limo, check. Cost of making the sign, check. Prom date proposal, ready. A date to the prom, priceless. You can write on the limo in washable paint and/or marker, as you can also have a sign within reach, but either way, they will say yes.

RING OF FIRE Whether you want to lay out tinfoil and rocks or simply want to use a little bit of charcoal and/or wood, writing out "Prom?" and lighting it on fire can definitely be one of the most fascinating ways to ask someone to prom. Proceed with caution, as this is one of the riskiest prom proposals. Please be careful.

NAKED LOVE If you are willing to go the extra mile to ask your date to prom, simply get naked, hold up a sign saying "Let's go to the prom together because I'm not going to put my clothes back on until you say yes". Your date will die of laughter and have no choice, but to accept your invite.

HONEY I DEW Edible art is one of the most visionary ways of asking that potential steady to the dance of the year. What better way than to purchase a honey dew at your market and create edible art. You don't have to be DaVinci or Monet, just do what can and they will say I do.

DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP It doesn't cost a cent to get your car or truck so sublimely dirty that you can spell out the word "Prom?" Not only does this take effort in a sense that you are doing something completely out of your comfort zone, but your date will see the effort for what it is and accept your offer.

POLICE PULLOVER Some of the best kept secrets are those staged offenses. Ask a police officer to pretend to pull you over, as you are out and about with your potential prom date. Then, in the heat of the moment surprise them by asking them to go to the prom with you.

BREAKFAST FTW Sure you can spell out prom with eggs, bacon, and hash browns or you can spell it out with pancakes and/or French toast, but either way you choose, the result is always the same. And you can expect a yes.

LOLLIPOP BRIBE What happens when you create a sign that says "Let's go to prom because it would really suck if you would say no!" and 50+ lollipops? A yes. If you are running out of ideas, try this one.

RAIN OVER ME Who knew that rain can make any scenario a memorable one. Why? Because it's so incredibly romantic. Simply wait until it rains and pay your potential date a visit with a cardboard sign that says "I am willing to do anything to go to the prom with you. Even stand out in the rain" and your date will have no choice, but to accept your offer.

WING IT Some of the most innovative ways to ask a date to prom are those that involve food. Spell out "I'm nervous and I'm just gonna wing it, will you please go to the prom?" with chicken wings. If the potential date is a vegetarian, just use veggie wings. Either way, they are going to say yes.

PRETZEL PROMISE I know you are reading and thinking about what to do. How about making a homemade pretzel, spell out "Prom?", and give it to the person you are going to ask? Not only is this a fun way to get creative, it's something yummy too.

ZIGGY STARBUCKS I cannot think of anyone on earth who would deny a cold yet flavorful frappe from Starbucks. Why not have the barista spell out "Prom?" on the cup? This will be quite a surprise to your future date.

PUBLIC SIGNING You know when you see a restaurant, hotel, or even a church sign that mentions the specials and/or hours of operation? Ask the particular establishment with the sign to help you out by spelling out "Will go to the prom with me?" Your potential date will have no choice, but to become your official one.

MAKEUP MESSAGE If you are a female and want to ask your friend about the prom, one of the most creative ways is to write on your face using makeup. Sure, you can contour your face and strobe your cheeks, but what would stand out most is if you incorporate a message using your favorite eyeliner.

DIGGITY DOGGING IT When it comes to preparing a hot dog or even a veggie dog, it's quite simple, however, when writing in mustard, ketchup, or even nacho cheese "Prom?" it has an even bigger meaning.

SCRABBLE SPELL-OFF Believe it or not, this type of offer is not as banal as you think. You can spell out "Will you go to prom with me?" or simply "Prom?" and whoever you decide to ask will take this as a fun gesture. Add some flowers and candy and they will say yes.

After using one of these creative ways to ask your date to the prom, they will have no choice but to say yes. Good luck and have a great time!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

When I think of life now versus life several years ago, I think a lot of amazing things have happened. I have discovered new experiences, garnered new knowledge, met some amazing people, and managed to rekindle a romance with my first love, Joe. And ever since, life has been great.
"Flowers heal me. Tulips make me happy. I keep myself surrounded by them as soon as they start coming to the island from Canada, and after that when they come from the fields in La Connor, not far from where I live." - Rebecca Wells, NY Times Best Selling Author

When I look at the word "love" I see something that is virtually impossible to define because it's a plethora of feelings, moments, states, and attitudes which connect to the physical, mental, social, emotional, and even spiritual affection towards another party. Love has many sides, but if a person is one's soul mate, all of these one dimensions of love come together to create a full, everlasting romantic ardor. When I met Mr. Valo, I was a teenager and now, being in my 30s, I have come to realization that we are in fact, soul mates and are truly meant to be.
"I'm calling for you, under the moonlight, staring at the daylight shining through. I see the sunrise, shining in through your eyes. I look up to the sky, I'm calling for you." - I'm Calling For You, Unchained Echo (Sarah Afshar & Joseph Valo III).

If love is real or if love is true, the person that you loved long ago will come back to you eventually. A love lost is never fully gone, if they return. Throughout the years, you will recognize this. I have dated an array of men, but have always wondered how Joe was. I guess you could say, he was always in the back of my mind.
"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." Charles M. Shultz, cartoonist.
My Valentine's Day message to Joe that I recorded using my iPhone 5 memo last year. Just click here to listen to it.
"I see the sun, when two become one. I'm running away from you, I'm running to the way of the moon. I see the stars, shining on the way to Mars. I'm running back to you." - Running, Unchained Echo (Sarah Afshar & Joseph Valo III).

Love happens naturally. If you go searching for love, you are never going to find it. Sure, you may feel like it exists right away, but can honestly say "I know that he is going to come back into my life" and that the feelings, the states, the attitudes, and the emotions are reciprocated? Every single person that I know that chases love, never finds it. And when they do, it doesn't last long. To me, love is not temporary, as love should never be pursued. Sure, lust can be pursued, but you will never find love that way.
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - William Shakespeare, poet and playwright.

If you believe you won't find love it is because you have spent your time chasing the wrong person. I believe there is someone out there for everyone, so don't believe for one second, you will be alone forever. That is, of course, you choose to think pessimistically and self sabotage. True love, real love does not go away. You don't have to work for it, as it happens naturally between two people.
What is your favorite love song? Check out mine here. Also, do not hesitate to check out my favorite classic rock love songs too. Just click here. And, if you are looking for an amazing song to make love to, just click here.
"I can't stop loving you, I'll never want to leave you, no matter what we've been through, it is you. I'll never surrender, our hearts will be together, the days we'll always remember, it is you." - It Is You, Unchained Echo (Sarah Afshar & Joseph Valo III).

Through thick and thin and through black and blue, the love Joe and I have is true. Sure, we have had to endure the trials and tribulations of what every couple goes through in life, but without struggles in life, you will have no progress (thank you Frederick Douglass) and that my friends is the reality of everything. Read our love story here. I love you, Joe.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 13, 2015

NYC: Lil Jon at LAVO in NYC tomorrow (2/14/15)

Located in the heart of the Mideast part of New York City on 39 E 58th St. lies LAVO Nightclub and Restaurant. If you frequent the Green Café, it is just right across the street. It is also directly next to Fratelli Rossetti. As part of the TAO group, you can expect one of the best party experiences you will ever have.
LAVO offers one of the best subterranean ambiences you will ever experience, as the atmosphere is something to desire. They also offer some of the best food you will enjoy in the big apple. In fact, I recommend the Rigatoni Melanzana and the Tiramisu with a glass of Moscato D'Asti. Check out the menu here.
The entertainment is dope, as you can expect a bank party filled with memory breeding experiences. Tomorrow, hip hop sensation, SKAM Artist Lil Jon will be throwing down and spinning beats starting at 11 PM EST. General admission at the door. To make a reservation, just go here.
For more information about this amazing Italian establishment, simply call  (212) 584-2700 right now.
Check out my interview with Lil Jon last year. Just click here right now.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Joseph Valo predicts the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown

Tonight, I was talking to my boyfriend Joe and asked him if he could channel what really happened to Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of the late Whitney Houston. As many of you may or may not be aware, Bobbi Kristina Brown was found face down in her bathtub last month. It is now February 12th. She was found on January 31st.

She is currently in a coma, where she is fighting for her life. Although Joe was exhausted, I asked him if he could channel using his psychic abilities to see what happened and what will happen to her. According to Joe, Bobbi Kristina Brown did attempt to end her life (suicide attempt) and the movie which aired on Lifetime about her mother had something to do with it. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

When I asked my boyfriend when he thought she was going to die, he told me somewhere in between July and August, but leaned more towards the end of July. I get goose bumps just thinking about this and really praying this isn't true, as this beautiful woman deserves a second chance at life. To listen to Joe's channel on Bobbi Kristina Brown simply click here right now.

Update: Joe has deactivated his Tumblr account to focus on his new job. He is going to upload the full psychic channel of Bobbi Kristina Brown onto his blog. You can visit his blog here

Throwback Thursday: Valentine's Day 2014

My amazingly handsome boo, Joseph Valo went all out last year for Valentine's Day. Needless to say, it was the best yet most memorable Valentine's Day ever. Valentine's Day 2015 is this Saturday, so I am very excited to see what my soulmate, lover, and best friend has planned.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Red Velvet Rose Cake from Neiman Marcus

Although my amazing boo, Joseph Valo III bought me this cake for my birthday, I wanted to share this simply because this is one of the perfect gifts I would recommend to give for Valentine's Day.
I love everything about this cake. Not only does it look absolutely beautiful, as the white, pink, and red icing are well blended to create depth and mimic roses, but this cake tastes incredible. The cake itself is flavorful and provides the palate with something to be desired.
Another thing that I loved about this cake is that the icing is sweet, but not sickening sweet to the level that it is overpowering or complicates the cake. It is a nice buttercream with a hint of cream cheese, which is perfect because it allows you to enjoy the flavor of the cake too. My cat actually attempted to eat this cake believe or not.
Check out a full image of this cake on my Instagram too. For more information about this incredibly beautiful yet delicious cake, simply click here right now.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Party President, 8ky 6lu talks new music, MMA, and Missy Elliot

Although he is best known for being part of the dynamic duo LMFAO, where the duo was most famous for their Party Rock Anthem (the third best-selling digital song of the year), he is also the grandson of Motown founder, Berry Gordy, Jr. What you don't realize is he is a genius in the music world on his own and has recently taken his music to the next level as a solo artist with his latest hit "We Love Girls" which he recently performed at Miss World and at the MMA Awards. It is now 2015, a new dawn, a new day, and a brand new year and there is so much to come, but the question remains: what can we expect from the Party President? Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to 8ky 6lu, the Party President himself about music, MMA, and Missy Elliot. Here is what he had to tell me...

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Joe Dancing To We Love Girls

If you haven't had the chance to listen to the newest hit We Love Girls, you just have to. It's an incredibly catchy, upbeat tempo that really makes you feel like you are at a party every single time you hear it. Totally bank. Check out Joe dancing to a snippet of the The Party President aka 8ky 6lu's latest hit song, We Love Girls.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Joe Dancing To Canned Heat

My boo once again takes on the classic "Canned Heat" by Jamiroquai. As a fan of the British Funk band, I have to say that in spite of being a little out of breath, Joe is an amazing dancer. Well done doll. I love you.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Joe Dancing To Morphine

My amazing boo, Joseph Valo III once again proves he is a man of many things including talent. He is truly an outstanding dancer and continues to prove he is unstoppable when it comes to performance art. Check out the video of him dancing to Morphine by Michael Jackson. 

I love how he executed this performance in his dancing and really conveyed the art in his dancing, as he truly made you believe what the song was about. Fantastic job, Joe.