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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Psychic Joseph Valo predicts Donald Trump as next president

The Psychic Twins were recently interviewed regarding the election, stating they believe Hillary Clinton will win. I noticed that some other psychics were also saying the same thing. This bothered me, as I noticed quite a few "red flags" per se in their channeling and accuracy. 

Immediately I told my boyfriend. I asked Joe, who is psychic what he thought. As a result, he ended up channeling to see who would become president. Joe swears that they are wrong and says he sees Donald Trump becoming the next president. He also sees him being sworn in, wearing a red tie. 

Because of the election, most psychics are saying they think Clinton will be the next president; however, Joe and a few others are claiming our next president will be Donald Trump. 

What do you think? I know I cannot think that far ahead, but what I do know is that I am voting for Donald Trump as president of the United States. Do I think he will win? Absolutely.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

January 2016: Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale Haul

 Recently, me and my amazing boyfriend Joe went shopping. About a week ago, we found ourselves at one of my favorite stores, Victoria's Secret. Victoria's Secret started their semi-annual sale early last week both online and in-store. I grabbed the Hottie Halter swimsuit in four different colors along with matching bottoms. The Hottie Halter tops were originally $54.50-$64.50 and I was able to get them for $19.99 each with an additional $3.99 savings, bringing down the price to $15.99. The Strappy Bottom was originally $24.50 each and I was able to get it for only $7.99. I was also able to get an additional $1.59 savings. So, the price was brought down to $6.39. The price of the Skimpy Bottom was originally $22.50 and I was able to get it for the bargain price of $7.99. Instead of paying $79-$89 for a bikini, only $22-$23 per set. Talk about an amazing savings.
Aside from those four bikini sets, I was able to find another bikini along with a Very Sexy bra and panty set that was marked down. I had my eyes set on this particular bra and after much contemplation, it made it's away into my shopping bag. The bra was only $31.99. Originally almost $60. The panties were on sale for $5.99. The original price is $18.50. The mesh bikini was another bargain find during the semi-annual sale, as I was able to get it for $9.99 for the top $4.99 for an addition savings of $1.99 and $.99, making the price only $11.98. The original price was over $40.
The Lace Halter Babydoll was not on sale, at least not at the time. These two colors caught my attention more so than the other colors, but I do love them. I made the mistake of getting a small which fits around, but does not fit the bust area. If you are a DD or DDD, you may want to think of getting a bigger size. I should have got a medium. The best time to get started shopping is now, as the semi-annual sale is one of the best times to shop. As Victoria's Secret makes room for their new inventory, they offer an array of amazing savings and incentives both online and in-store. #VSSemiAnnualSale

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Today Joe and I celebrate our 2-year Anniversary

One of Joe's many surprises this year.
When I first met Joe, I was only 17 years old. At the time, he was 19 almost 20. We hit it off the very first time we met. Joe took me to my junior prom dance and we continued to spend every single day together for the next month before he traveled to Texas.
Joe was in the military so for the next few weeks he would be in another state serving our country in the United Armed Forces. He would call me every single day. At the time, cell phones were existent yet not readily available. At least compared to today. Kind of like the internet. Technology has evolved a lot since then. Joe would purchase a calling card or I would get one and we would call each other at different times. We spent months spending every single day and hour together to spending weeks apart.

When Joe came back from Virginia, he and I continued to spend every day together. We had a lot of fun. There was never a dull moment in our relationship. Joe had a convertible and we would go places. Whether it was cruising the back roads blaring music or simply going out to eat, we were always together. We would even spend our nights driving to the lake to fall asleep looking up at the stars. My mom never really allowed me to date and Joe was the first guy she ever let stay over.

Joe and I decided to part ways before he would travel to Texas where he would spend a few years being stationed in Fort Hood. He called me about a year or two after we broke up to say hello and that he was engaged. I noticed something different in his voice. He sounded like someone who had something to say, but didn't know how to say it. As meek as he was, at that very moment I could hear the depression and exhaustion in his voice. I didn't know the entire story, so I never really pried. After all, I was young (a senior in high school) and was planning my future.

Words from Joe.
Needless to say, his marriage didn't last that long (only a few months) and he had to endure quite a few things throughout life, but in spite of the adversity he faced, he continued to improve his life for several years. We parted ways, but as Joe was the first man in my life, I always had him on the back of my mind. Why? Because he was my first. We both dated different people and basically lived life without each other for years.
I began to realize that everything in this life happens for a reason. There is always a purpose for everything in this life. Joe and I remained friends for years before deciding to make that next step and get back together. Joe hit rock bottom in late 2011 and continued to go down instead of up until early 2013. Instead of watching a nightmare evolve in front of my eyes, I decided to intervene. Without getting into too many details, let's just that it was the first time I really did such a thing and it was then that I realized how much I cared about Joe.
 It was December 13, 2013 we made our relationship a reality and decided to officially get back together. And ever since, our relationship has been nothing short of amazing. Never a dull moment at all. More passion and love than the first time we were together. Not only is this the longest relationship that both of us had, but it is a second chance that I am confident will last for many years to come.
Thank you so much Joe for everything you do. Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Psychic Joseph Valo channels Morgan Harrington

Morgan Harrington was a beautiful woman from Roanoke, Virginia who has been missing since 2009 after attending a Metallica concert on October 17, 2009. When I had Joe originally channel, he said he saw a black guy with long hair with a white guy with long hair being involved in her death. 

But, what really happened to Morgan Harrington? 

According to Joe's psychic channel, she was murdered by the two guys he described. She was beat, raped and left for dead all because she refused these two savages sex and rejected their advances. When these two low life psychos discovered she was still alive, they went back to kill her. What you are about to hear is one of the most disgusting, disturbing, and despicable acts you will ever hear. 

To listen to Joe's psychic channel regarding the murder and disappearance of Morgan Harrington, simply click here today. 

This is graphic, so I am advising you only to listen if you think you can handle subjects of a true crime nature. 

Rest in Peace Morgan Harrington. You may be gone, but never forgotten. I hope karma gets the men who did this to you. 

Update: Joe has deactivated his Tumblr account to focus on his new job. He is going to upload the full psychic channel of Morgan Harrington onto his blog. You can visit his blog here

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Psychic Joseph Valo channels Caylee Anthony

Tonight, I talked to Joe and asked him if he could use his psychic abilities and channel the death of Caylee Anthony. He said he was tired, but was open to doing so, as he himself, was concerned and wanted to know what really happened. 

What if I were to tell you that the person we least expect to be involved, is actually the murderer? According to Joe, Nathan Lezniewicz is the man behind Caylee Anthony's death. If he isn't the man involved, who is "Nate" the man mentioned in various psychic testimonies as being the killer? Having described as this person being close to Anthony's then boyfriend, will there ever be justice for the death of Caylee Anthony?

Listen to Joe's psychic channel about Caylee Anthony now. Just click here

I use to think Casey Anthony was responsible, but now I don't so much anymore. Warning: do not listen to Joe's psychic channel if you are sensitive to graphic content or anything of a true crime nature. What you are about to hear, will change your perception of this entire case. 

Rest in Peace Caylee Anthony. Gone, but never forgotten. I pray that justice finds its way and the truth eventually comes out about what really happened to you. 

Update: Joe has deactivated his Tumblr account to focus on his new job. He is going to upload the full psychic channel of Caylee Anthony onto his blog. You can visit his blog here

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Psychic Joseph Valo channels JonBenet Ramsey

JonBenet Ramsey was only six years old when she was found December 25, 1996. As an American child beauty queen, her case remains unsolved. I was talking to Joe tonight via Skype asking him what happened to JonBenet. 

As so many people are blaming the parents and family, including her older brother Burke. However, after investigation, it is very clear they are innocent. And as outlandish as Burke's infamous smirk is when being interviewed, I don't believe he is behind the death of his sister. 

I do believe; however, someone else is. So, I took it upon myself to ask my boyfriend to channel what happened to JonBenet Ramsey. What happened to her on December 24, 1996? Was she stalked? Was she murdered? What happened?

To listen to Joe's psychic channel regarding the death of JonBenet Ramsey, simply click here now. 

Joe mentions a man named Timothy James Darovich in his podcast as being the man who killed JonBenet Ramsey. I have looked on the internet to find information regarding this person and what I found was some of the most sinister, sadistic and downright evil things. I cannot believe Timothy James Darovich was overlooked as a suspect, as I cannot believe no one questioned him or has tested his DNA.

Hopefully others will expose this child predator and justice will eventually happen for the death of this beautiful girl, who lost her life way too soon. 

Update: Joe has deactivated his Tumblr account to focus on his new job. He is going to upload the full psychic channel of JonBenet Ramsey onto his blog. You can visit his blog here

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Golpari (unedited demo version)

This is the latest and greatest song I wrote called "Golpari". Although this is unedited, it is a demo version of the song. Part English, part Persian. There is no song on earth like it. I hope you all enjoy this and like it. Listen with headphones. This will be produced better soon. This is just a general idea and rough cut of the song. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Strapsnake Cotton Guitar Strap

If you are musician and play the guitar, more than likely you will be interested in reading this review. Why? Because it is for StrapSnake's Cotton Guitar Strap. Truth be told, I can play a little guitar, but I am definitely no where near as my boyfriend Joe, who did an amazing review about this guitar strap (which you can view here). Recently, I had the opportunity to discover the Cotton Guitar Strap from StrapSnake. So, what did I think?


Made with 100% woven cotton material, this strap is not only soft, but thick and tough too. Unlike nylon straps that tend to be thinner and slip off the shoulders, this one is quite secure. The leather ends of this strap provide you with a much better fit, as well.

The amazing fit is one thing, but the fact that the materials are soft yet sturdy and don't dig into your shoulder, well, that is something to not only love, but appreciate too.

If you are searching for a guitar strap that is very durable and doesn't provide the hassle nor stress of weariness, this StrapSnake addition is definitely a guitar strap you will be interested in.

When it comes to working with virtually every guitar under the sun, this guitar strap works incredibly. Whether you have a standard acoustic, a dirty electric, a strong bass, or even an epic 12-string; every guitar will fit. This strap extends for bigger guitars (up to 56") and cinches for smaller guitars (33.5"). So, even though it is great for adults, it is also great for kids too.

If you are looking to perform without your instrument falling, you don't have to worry because you can move left-to-right, as well as, up and down and guess what? Your guitar strap won't slip, slide, or fall.

Here is a review by Joseph Valo III about this guitar strap via YouTube.


Although this strap is available in black (and I am not complaining because let's face it, it's one of the most universal, flexible shades ever) I would like to see this guitar strap available in other colors too.

The Guitar Strap by StrapSnake is available at Amazon for $15.88. With a savings of 36% off the original $25 price, this is a great deal. Would I recommend this guitar strap? Absolutely. For more information, just visit Amazon right now.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

When I think of life now versus life several years ago, I think a lot of amazing things have happened. I have discovered new experiences, garnered new knowledge, met some amazing people, and managed to rekindle a romance with my first love, Joe. And ever since, life has been great.
"Flowers heal me. Tulips make me happy. I keep myself surrounded by them as soon as they start coming to the island from Canada, and after that when they come from the fields in La Connor, not far from where I live." - Rebecca Wells, NY Times Best Selling Author

When I look at the word "love" I see something that is virtually impossible to define because it's a plethora of feelings, moments, states, and attitudes which connect to the physical, mental, social, emotional, and even spiritual affection towards another party. Love has many sides, but if a person is one's soul mate, all of these one dimensions of love come together to create a full, everlasting romantic ardor. When I met Mr. Valo, I was a teenager and now, being in my 30s, I have come to realization that we are in fact, soul mates and are truly meant to be.
"I'm calling for you, under the moonlight, staring at the daylight shining through. I see the sunrise, shining in through your eyes. I look up to the sky, I'm calling for you." - I'm Calling For You, Unchained Echo (Sarah Afshar & Joseph Valo III).

If love is real or if love is true, the person that you loved long ago will come back to you eventually. A love lost is never fully gone, if they return. Throughout the years, you will recognize this. I have dated an array of men, but have always wondered how Joe was. I guess you could say, he was always in the back of my mind.
"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." Charles M. Shultz, cartoonist.
My Valentine's Day message to Joe that I recorded using my iPhone 5 memo last year. Just click here to listen to it.
"I see the sun, when two become one. I'm running away from you, I'm running to the way of the moon. I see the stars, shining on the way to Mars. I'm running back to you." - Running, Unchained Echo (Sarah Afshar & Joseph Valo III).

Love happens naturally. If you go searching for love, you are never going to find it. Sure, you may feel like it exists right away, but can honestly say "I know that he is going to come back into my life" and that the feelings, the states, the attitudes, and the emotions are reciprocated? Every single person that I know that chases love, never finds it. And when they do, it doesn't last long. To me, love is not temporary, as love should never be pursued. Sure, lust can be pursued, but you will never find love that way.
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - William Shakespeare, poet and playwright.

If you believe you won't find love it is because you have spent your time chasing the wrong person. I believe there is someone out there for everyone, so don't believe for one second, you will be alone forever. That is, of course, you choose to think pessimistically and self sabotage. True love, real love does not go away. You don't have to work for it, as it happens naturally between two people.
What is your favorite love song? Check out mine here. Also, do not hesitate to check out my favorite classic rock love songs too. Just click here. And, if you are looking for an amazing song to make love to, just click here.
"I can't stop loving you, I'll never want to leave you, no matter what we've been through, it is you. I'll never surrender, our hearts will be together, the days we'll always remember, it is you." - It Is You, Unchained Echo (Sarah Afshar & Joseph Valo III).

Through thick and thin and through black and blue, the love Joe and I have is true. Sure, we have had to endure the trials and tribulations of what every couple goes through in life, but without struggles in life, you will have no progress (thank you Frederick Douglass) and that my friends is the reality of everything. Read our love story here. I love you, Joe.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Joseph Valo predicts the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown

Tonight, I was talking to my boyfriend Joe and asked him if he could channel what really happened to Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of the late Whitney Houston. As many of you may or may not be aware, Bobbi Kristina Brown was found face down in her bathtub last month. It is now February 12th. She was found on January 31st.

She is currently in a coma, where she is fighting for her life. Although Joe was exhausted, I asked him if he could channel using his psychic abilities to see what happened and what will happen to her. According to Joe, Bobbi Kristina Brown did attempt to end her life (suicide attempt) and the movie which aired on Lifetime about her mother had something to do with it. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

When I asked my boyfriend when he thought she was going to die, he told me somewhere in between July and August, but leaned more towards the end of July. I get goose bumps just thinking about this and really praying this isn't true, as this beautiful woman deserves a second chance at life. To listen to Joe's channel on Bobbi Kristina Brown simply click here right now.

Update: Joe has deactivated his Tumblr account to focus on his new job. He is going to upload the full psychic channel of Bobbi Kristina Brown onto his blog. You can visit his blog here

Throwback Thursday: Valentine's Day 2014

My amazingly handsome boo, Joseph Valo went all out last year for Valentine's Day. Needless to say, it was the best yet most memorable Valentine's Day ever. Valentine's Day 2015 is this Saturday, so I am very excited to see what my soulmate, lover, and best friend has planned.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Joe Dancing To We Love Girls

If you haven't had the chance to listen to the newest hit We Love Girls, you just have to. It's an incredibly catchy, upbeat tempo that really makes you feel like you are at a party every single time you hear it. Totally bank. Check out Joe dancing to a snippet of the The Party President aka 8ky 6lu's latest hit song, We Love Girls.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Joe Dancing To Canned Heat

My boo once again takes on the classic "Canned Heat" by Jamiroquai. As a fan of the British Funk band, I have to say that in spite of being a little out of breath, Joe is an amazing dancer. Well done doll. I love you.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Joe Dancing To Morphine

My amazing boo, Joseph Valo III once again proves he is a man of many things including talent. He is truly an outstanding dancer and continues to prove he is unstoppable when it comes to performance art. Check out the video of him dancing to Morphine by Michael Jackson. 

I love how he executed this performance in his dancing and really conveyed the art in his dancing, as he truly made you believe what the song was about. Fantastic job, Joe.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Joe Dancing To Blurred Lines

My amazing boo, Joseph Valo III has to be the most talented guy I know, as he can do almost anything. In fact, I truly believe he is a renaissance man. He's a lot of fun and this is only a little bit of proof. Check out the video of him dancing to Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.
Joe taught himself how to dance and literally learned from watching the hit show "In Living Color". I think he does really bank for not having a lot of room to do his killer moves.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy 11th Birthday Murphy

Today is my amazing cat's 11th birthday. I remember when I first got her 11 years ago. She was about a month old. She was already meowing the moment she walked through the front door, unleashed and ready to take over. My dogs wouldn't allow anyone near her, due to their protective yet maternal instincts. It was the cutest thing.

It's hard to believe she is 11 years old. Where has time gone? I hope she lives until I have my first child. One thing is certain, I am honored and blessed to have a wonderful cat like her. She was amazing then and she's amazing now.
Happy Birthday Cleopatra Dutchess Thomasina Murphy Marilyn Laura LaShonda Afshar Valo!

Check out the video of her singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

If you can't see the video, simply click here.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hot In Music: 100 Steamy Songs To Have Sex To

Music is more than just art, it is a connection to the world. Music is varied in a sense that it can be intimate and it can consist of various sexual innuendo. With everything from strong ballads to intoxicating uptempos, the soundtrack to my sex life is as exciting as it gets. So, what are the best songs to have sex to?

100. Sex Therapy by Robin Thicke. When it comes to dirty R&B pop and Robin Thicke, the two just go together like roses on Valentine's Day. The next time you are contemplating on music choices for that special moment, keep this jam in mind.

99. Bed by J Holiday. Love is as special as the people who experience it. When you make love, do you like to make love in a bed?

98. Wait by Ying Yang Twins. Do you put out on the first date or do you wait? The next time you decide to get your groove on, make sure this jam is turned on.

97. Rough Sex by Lords of Acid. When it comes to enjoy a little one-on-one, do you like it slow and soft or fast and rough? Either way, you will love this song regardless of how the moment is.

96. Back In Time by Pitbull. This song is exciting and truly elevates the mood in a sense that it makes it more amazing. The next time you enjoy a special moment with your SO, make sure you play this song.

95. Shut It Down by Drake featuring The Dream. Not only is this current jam one of the best modern songs today, it's a great song to have sex to.

94. Bang! by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The moment is always set when the right song is playing. After this song starts playing, consider the mood already set.

93. Gorilla by Bruno Mars. When it comes to sharing a special moment with the one you love, what are your favorite things to set the mood? I don't know about you, but I love an amazing setting. I also love good music.

92. The Sex Is Good by Saving Abel. Have you ever had bad sex? Be honest. Is there such a thing as bad sex? I guarantee the sex will be good if you play this tune.

91. Saint Of Me by The Rolling Stones. Being innocent can be valued, but sinning is what makes ones' world more exciting. The next time you want to have sex, make sure you play this song and turn it up.

90. Up In It by Wiz Khalifa. You can maintain your state of mind or you can lose it, but either way, with the right jam in the right moment, you will be happy.

89. Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen by Rammstein. Nothing is as hot as dirty industrial metal with a message. The next time you engage in a sensual session with your SO, make sure this song is on and turned up full blast.

88. Sex Never Felt Better by TGT. As stimulating as it is, sex should never feel like a waste of time. In fact, if the mood is set and you love your partner, it makes it worth doing all of the time.

87. H-B-C by 2 Live Crew. When it comes to sexual hip hop, 2 Live Crew epitomizes the genre. Is there really a genre? If not, there needs to be.

86. Sexy Love by Ne-Yo. This song is very smooth, but contains a modern edge that makes it hot and steamy. Is love sexy? Does sexy love make love better?

85. Birthday Sex by Jeremih. This rythym and blues jam is absolutely amazing to make love to. Sex isn't always wild and crazy, so you can also appreciate this tune in your playlist.

84. Sit On My Face by Monty Python. The moment is never set if it's right. In order to have an amazing experience with the man or woman in your life, it is key to never plan your night and just go with the flow.

83. Pearl Necklace by ZZ Top. When I first heard this classic tune, I was cruising with my mother. I was young and didn't know what the song meant until years later. The meaning behind this song is really fascinating.

82. Bump N' Grind by R. Kelly. Some of the greatest songs you will ever hear are wild, passionate, and quite steamy. In fact, this is one of them.

81. Laichzeit by Rammstein. Connecting with someone on various levels makes you desire and appreciate the reality of sharing your mind, body, and soul with that special man or woman in your life.

80. Big Balls by AC/DC. Some of the greatest sex you will ever have will be to music. One of the songs that you may want to add to your playlist is this classic AC/DC tune.

79. Slide It In by Whitesnake. The moment where you make that connection. When you look into your partner's eyes. What can one expect from this chemistry?

78. Blood Sugar Sex Magik by Red Hot Chili Peppers. What is sweeter than sex? I can think of several things, but not many. Sex is magical in a sense that it makes everything sweeter.

77. Fever by Adam Lambert. As one of the best cover renditions of a Lady Gaga song, Lambert managed to make it hotter and steamier.

76. Dirty Love by Ke$ha. What is dirty love? I think we all know what it is. If this song isn't on your sex playlist, it needs to be.

75. Mope by The Bloodhound Gang. Quoting Mozart and Frankie Goes To Hollywood took a simple song to new heights, delivering the hottest sexual innuendo ever in music.

74. SexyBack by Justin Timberlake featuring Timbaland. The mood is always set before the moment begins. You can set the mood with the right tune and this is one of them. Are you bringing sexyback?

73. Put It In Your Mouth by Akinyele. When it comes to sex, do you have a set of demands? Do you make demands? Do you plan? If you do plan, you may want to consider adding this song to your next playlist.

72. Cherry Pie by Warrant. What do you do before you engage in a little hot and steamy, love making? You insert this song, hit play, and turn it up.

71. Pushin' Inside You by Sons Of Funk. Do you like it slow or do you like fast? Do you like it soft or do you like it rough? Set the mood and enjoy this tune.

70. You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate. Do you believe in miracles? Sure, but what would make a miracle something memorable is enjoying a heated, one-on-one moment together to this classic jam.

69. Supermassive Black Hole by Muse. This song has many meanings, but I think it's evident by the lyrics what the real meaning is. The next time you wanna get down and dirty, turn this up loud.

68. Freak Me by Silk. Do you want to get freaky in the bedroom? Do you want to do all of the things you want in the bedroom? If you do, just make sure this song is playing.

67. Sex In The Lounge by Nicki Minaj. You can go into the bedroom, you can go into the bathroom, you can go into the kitchen, you can go into living room, or you can go into the lounge. Yeah, that's what I thought.

66. Faith by Limp Bizkit. Not only is this an amazingly epic cover rendition of a George Michael classic, it's extremely hot after you take your clothes off.

65. Talk Dirty To Me by Poison. When you make love, do you like to spice things up by talking dirty? What do you do to set the mood? What do you do to finish the mood? How do you get things going?

64. In The Summer by Brookes Brothers. The next time you decide to enjoy a little fun, one-on-one, you may want to consider adding this song to your playlist.

63. Jungle Love by The Time. Sex can be innocent, as sex can wild. What makes it better? Having the right song playing is key and this is one of those songs to enjoy the moment to.

62. Tush by ZZ Top. You have to love this classic tune. Everything from the story itself to the innuendo definitely sets the mood. The next time you wanna enjoy a little one-on-one, consider this classic tune.

61. My Neck My Back (Lick It) by Khia. Sex can be smooth, as sex can be subtle. Sex can be wild, as it can be passionate. Sex is what it is and no matter what you are doing, this song always seems to work well in the heat of the moment.

60. Don't Cha by The Pussycat Dolls. When it comes to getting ready for that special moment, what kind of music do you think is appropriate? I know you like me, I know you like me. I know you do. Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don't cha?

59. Sex On The Regular by Miniature Tigers. When you like to share an intimate time with your loved one, do you do it everyday or just sporadically? I guarantee after hearing this song, you will want to do it all of the time.

58. Looks Like Sex by Mike Posner. If it looks like sex, what does that mean? Is it worthy of engaging in a passionate, one-on-one session? What do you think?

57. Candy Coated Sugar Sex by Kaila Yu. When sharing intimate passion with your significant other, do you find it sweet? Do you find it hot? Do you find it steamy? In this case, you have to add this to your playlist.

56. You Spin Me Round by Dope. Not only one of the greatest cover renditions I have ever heard, but this song really is great to enjoy in an intimate setting.

55. Go Down by AC/DC. You may not hear this on the radio, but it is great to hear when you are sharing passion with the one you love in the bedroom.

54. Lady In Red by Chris De Burgh. When it comes to choosing a song for that special moment, it is key to include both uptempos and ballads because moods are subjective. On that note, one of the best ballads you will have sex to is this one.

53. Do Me by Bell Biv Devoe. Some of the most passionate songs I have ever heard are those jams that I haven't heard in a long time. This is one of them.

52. Head by Prince. The next time you turn on the radio, I doubt you will hear this tune, however; the next time you decide to have an intimate love making session with your significant other, I am sure you will get into the groove with this Prince jam.

51. Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel. When I was a little kid, I did a baton twirling routine to this song. I didn't even know what the song was really about, as did the parents who chose this song. Now I know the meaning and it's perfect for sharing a passionate, one-on-one time with.

50. Light My Fire by The Doors. How about the classics? You know, those hauntingly dark, new wave tunes that take you to another place? Come on baby, light my fire!

49. Push It by Salt-N-Pepa. Some of the greatest songs to have sex to are those exciting classics that send off various innuendos. If you can't decide on what to put on first, try this jam. Push it real good!

48. Cream by Prince. One of my favorite Prince songs ever is this one. It is also one of my favorite songs to have sex to, as well.

47. Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO. When you make love, do you feel sexy? I guarantee that you will after you hear this song.

46. Kiss You All Over by Exile. Is it possible that a classic rock tune can be sexual? The answer is yes. Just listen to this one.

45. Face Down, A** Up by 2 Live Crew. When it comes to this band and dirty hip hop, the two go together like a cold frappe in a good morning. The next time you decide to enjoy a great love making session, make sure this jam is on and turned up.

44. New Position by Prince. When it comes to sexual innuendos in music and Prince, the two just go together like coffee and mornings. Although this tune was never played on the radio, it remains to be one of the best there is.

43. Careless Whisper by Seether. As one of the greatest cover renditions of a classic love song, Seether has managed to make this song have more meaning than the original. You just have to love it.

42. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC. Are dirty deeds really done dirt cheap? As one of the greatest classic rock tunes ever, it is also one of the best songs to have sex to.

41. Wet by Snoop Dogg. If you can imagine dirty rap, you will get this song. Whether you are a rap enthusiast, hip hop lover, or love variety, you will love this jam.

40. Gimme All Your Lovin' by ZZ Top. Not only is this one of the greatest songs to cruise to, it's great to have sex to, as well. Gimme all your lovin' and all your hugs and kisses to.

39. Feel Like Making Love by Kid Rock. It's a great cover song and yet it possesses all of the key qualities that make up a great time in the bedroom. Feeling like making love to you!

38. Candy Shop by 50 Cent featuring Olivia. If you want to take your significant other to the candy shop, you definitely can with this jam.

37. New Skin by Methods Of Mayhem featuring Kid Rock. There are a lot of factors that come into play when you give yourself to that special someone. Whether they are stimulating or affectionate is up to you. Can you feel what I feel?

36. The F*** Shop by 2 Live Crew. If you are looking to bring excitement into your romance or simply looking to spice things up, you need to play this tune the next time you get it on.

35. The Undertaker by Puscifer. Before you go, are you going to enjoy a little one-one-one with that special person in your life? What are your plans?

34. Paradise City by Guns N' Roses. There are a lot of benefits when it comes to having sex. In fact, studies show that intimacy increases the oxytocin in your brains. Can you believe? Take me down to the paradise city. Oh won't you please take me home.

33. Blue Monday by Orgy. When it comes to cover renditions, this is definitely one of the best. It is also one of the best songs ever to experience a first time to, as well.

32. Cry To Me by Solomon Burke. If you have ever watched Dirty Dancing, than more than likely you have heard this song. It's during the part where she (Baby) tells Patrick Swayze's character (Johnny) how much she cares about him and it scares her that she may never find someone like him.

31. Nookie by Limp Bizkit. When you look at your partner, do you speak those unforgettable words or do you just live in the moment and say nothing? What makes the moment special? Is it the connection or the satisfaction?

30. Darling Nikki by Prince. Have you ever watched Purple Rain? If so, then you know this song. You also know that it is perfect in the heat of the moment.

29. You Can Leave Your Hat On by Joe Cocker. Sure this is a great song to strip to, but it's an amazing song to have sex to. Enough said.

28. Walk On Water by Aerosmith. When you stare into your significant others eyes, do you see the mirror of their soul? Do you feel the passion? Do you lost control? Do you walk on water? Whenever you are ready, just hit play.

27. How Many Licks by Lil Kim featuring Sisqo. When it comes to dirty rap, Lil Kim definitely knows how to do it. When you combine her performance poetry with Sisqo's smooth voice you get a good song to have sex to.

26. Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. As a modern day hit, this is one of those songs that you have to play while having sex. It's just way too hot to ignore.

25. Wild Thing by Tone Loc. One of the greatest songs ever had a hidden meaning that was quite sexual. Can you guess what song that is? This one.

24. Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye. Copulation isn't always about bonding and affection, however; for the most part it is. If you love someone, the sex is better than if you don't.

23. Doin' It by LL Cool J. When it comes to having great sex, do you hold back or do you let go? There is a duration on penetration, but there isn't always a connection unless you know the person and love them.

22. I Want To Sex You Up by Color Me Badd. Back in the early 90s this song spoke a lot of innuendo and was able to back up the lyrics and story with great beats. Can you believe this song was actually performed by a pop group?

21. Bang A Gong (Get It On) by The Power Station. One of the things that I loved most about Robert Palmer was that he was not only a great singer, but was able to deliver and project the meaning of any song into every performance.

20. Cradle Of Love by Billy Idol. When it comes to creating a playlist just for that special moment, what kind of songs attract you most? I love a variety, but it's evident that this tune has to be a part of it. Rock the cradle of love.

19. Do You Wanna Touch Me by Gary Glitter. Some of the greatest tunes I have ever heard come from an era that I never lived in. Joan Jett did an amazing cover of this song, but the original is more glitter, making it more exciting.

18. Let's Talk About Sex by Salt-N-Pepa. This was considered some of the very first dirty hip hop ever in the history of music, making it a tune that has to be on your playlist. When it's time to get down and dirty, this always works.

17. Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Any kind of sexual activity including intercourse can encompass a sense of variety, but in the end, you have to relax in order to enjoy yourself.

16. Closer by Nine Inch Nails. A coital alignment isn't always violating. In fact, it can be hot and steamy. The next time you decide to get on top of your partner, make sure this song is turned up full blast.

15. Rev 22:20 by Puscifer. Whether you are standing, sitting, kneeling, or laying down; the moment this tune comes on, is the moment it is on.

14. I Want Your Sex by George Michael. Are you a lover? Some of the greatest songs to escape to are definitely the same songs that are stimulating and allow you to embrace the one-on-one experience.

13. Erotica by Madonna. The Queen of Pop knows a lot about dirty pop, as a lot of her music is based on coitus and pleasure. Out of the many songs by her, this one is definitely the best one to get physically intimate to.

12. Get Off by Prince. Is it possible to do twenty-two positions in a one-night stand? As one of the best hits ever, this is just another reason to love the artist, the one and only - Prince.

11. Wicked Game by Chris Isaak. Whether you like fast or slow is entirely up to you, however; it's only practical to include this classic ballad. Why? Because in the heat of the moment, there is always that connection you want to make before proceeding. I wanna fall in love.

10. The Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang. You know you are having amazing sex when you sweat. However; if you want to have an even better time, make sure you add this song to your playlist.

9. Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson. As one of the greatest cover renditions of a classic 80s hit, Manson managed to take a Soft Cell tune that was relatively boring and turn it into industrial genius.

8. Stripped by Rammstein. Some of the hottest songs ever are those you never hear on the radio and this song is one of them. Let me see you stripped.

7. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy by The Revolting Cocks. Not only is this one of the best cover renditions of a great song, it makes the song more exciting and believable. The next time you get down to business with that special man or woman in your life, make sure this song is playing.

6. Let Em Have It (Remix) by Tupac featuring Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. This jam epitomizes what dirty rap is all about - a good beat, dirty lyrics, exciting delivery, and a storyline like no other. The collaboration is pretty bank too.

5. Sexual by Goddess. When I was a young teen, I remember hearing this song and thinking about how great it was in a sense that it was dirty and logically fascinating. Now I am an adult and every time I hear it, I think it's a great song. Goddess is coming, goddess is coming, goddess is here.

4. Dirty Little Mind by Jackyl. When it comes to sex, do you think it is always dirty? If you are looking for a great tune to add to your sex playlist, look no further as this is the one.

3. Get Naked by Methods Of Mayhem featuring Fred Durst, Lil Kim, and George Clinton. Some of the hottest songs ever barely ever get radio play. This song is a perfect example of that. Ride the cot until you hit the spot.

2. Me So Horny by 2 Live Crew. Some of the best sex you will ever have will be to this song. Some of the greatest tunes ever possess an innuendo so dirty, you can't help but get busy to it.

1. P Control by Prince. Out of the many songs in the world today, to have sex to, this one is clearly the best. It epitomizes dirty hip hop at it's finest and delivers some of the hottest sexual innuendo ever. The next time you make love, this better be on your playlist.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Interview with AJ Jung about Morgan Ingram

Recently, Joe and I were approached by a friend of Morgan Ingram's for an exclusive interview where we both discuss Morgan Ingram and our stance on the case, as well as, the harassment, lies and defamation we (Toni Ingram, as well as, myself - Sarah Afshar and my boyfriend Joseph Valo III) have endured by Keenan Vanginkel supporter Mayra Martinez of Eugene, Oregon (or MayraMM) and cyberstalker Michael Odegard of Portland, Oregon because of our support for Toni Ingram, a mother who tragically lost her daughter to murder in Winter of 2011.

We also expose the connection between Tricia Griffith of Websleuths, Mike Boudet of Sword and Scale and their involvement with unregistered sex offender, Terry Cavitalo aka Terry Stipp (Terry Sholes) who is also involved along with Mayra Martinez in the libel against Toni Ingram and myself, Sarah Afshar, for supporting the homicide theory and my boyfriend Joe for standing with Morgan Ingram.

Thank you Andrew Jung for allowing us to use our voices for the right reason and exposing the untruths created by these people who attempt to silence us. Who refuse to see the truth let alone look at the facts. I will continue to support Mrs. Ingram, as I believe Morgan Ingram was stalked and murdered by Keenan Vanginkel, the man stalking her.

You can call us trolls as you can call us crazy, but at least we are not lying. We are telling the truth and will continue to do so.

To read the interview, click here right now.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to my followers and readers. I hope you are having a wonderful day.
And to my amazing boyfriend, thank you for everything that you do. Through thick and thin and through black and blue, I love you, Joseph Valo!