One of many surprises this holiday from my amazing boo

Thank you so much, Joe for the amazing flowers. I love them so much. The 'Red Velvet Roses' from Pro Flowers are stunning. Even more beautiful in person than in the picture. When I look at these roses, I think of the beauty of life, the power of love and all of the wonderful things that have happened, are currently happening and will continue to happen in the future.
When I look back 17 years ago from past until present, what we originally had evolved into something greater. I feel like our love is stronger today. Thank you for everything you do, as I appreciate you so much too.
For those of you reading my blog (including those new readers), I hope you will find love soon and if you already have one - love and appreciate him for everything he does for you. Happy Holidays!


Unknown said…
Sarah, you define perfection at it's finest through and through. You make me the most happiest and luckiest and the most honored man in the universe<3 You are my one and only true love and the love of my life my soulmate, best friend, lover and everything else in between<3 You are extremely welcome my love<3 and I cannot wait until we are husband and wife and have our amazing children and huge family<3 You are the best and the greatest Sarah and I'm deeply and madly head over heels in love with you<3