Morgan Ingram: 4 years since her murder

Today is December 2, 2015.
Today I am lighting candles for Morgan Ingram.
A very bright yet beautiful young woman from Carbondale, Colorado tragically lost her life to murder four years ago from today, December 2, 2011. When you look at this figure, it's been 1,460 days since Morgan was murdered. That is over 35,000 hours. That is how long it has been since her death. That she has been gone.

When I think about what has happened these past few years, there is a lot of contemplation and observation. I have been under scrutiny for quite sometime since publically defending Toni and Steve Ingram as well as, the homicide theory. I have been libeled, slandered, cyber-stalked and bullied. My face and name are associated with a plethora of lies created by only a handful of people. Yet, these lies are not even true. What I have contemplated stems from thoughts in the beginning which lead to big questions - do I regret supporting Morgan? Do I regret supporting Toni? Do I regret supporting Steve? My answer - absolutely not. Because I know what is true and I know what is false. I also know that the truth about what happened to Morgan Ingram will eventually come out.

This leads me to the question - do I believe justice will happen? Absolutely. Why? Because a lie can only be hidden for so long. Every single lie that is being told and sold to you-whether it is by Morgan's murderer, his family and friends, along with those who support and believe him and them, cannot continue as those people are sublimely comforted by them. These people did not know Morgan, they did not know Toni nor do they know Toni now, and they do not know me or anyone else who supports the homicide theory.

The facts speak for themselves. With 7,909 ng of Amitriptyline in Morgan's blood, there is no way she committed suicide. Absolutely impossible. Especially when looking at the drug ratio of Amitriptyline to Noratriptyline. Even if she would have taken the entire pill bottle, how does one explain that amount in her blood stream? It's easier for law enforcement to sweep this under the rug of lies and deceit while abrasively attacking the victim, her family and those who support them, but if you look at the facts you will see this is a homicide based on the level of drug in her blood. A suicide is easier to create because let's face it, this means not having to spend money, let alone time or make any efforts to do anything at all. A suicide is easier for those who refuse to do their job and fear they will lose their job.
It's very evident that the truth hurts, but it's better to be hurt by it than to be fully supported and comforted by a lie. A lie that is so deceptive and big, it is being sold to you right now as I type this out. Truth be told, the big lie that is being sold to you is just a way to distract and prevent the truth from being exposed. Time is relative and the waiting game sucks, but evidently things must happen before that happens. And when I say that, I mean the truth.

Lighting candles and praying there is justice
for Morgan Ingram.
I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, as I believe the truth is a very powerful thing. So no matter how many lies are told, how many lies are spread about Morgan, her mother, myself and anyone else who believes/knows Morgan was murdered, those lies are just words and bare absolutely no influence on the truth. It is the truth that triumphs those fabrications, those useless lies, as it is the truth that is strong and cannot remain hidden for long.

With 2016 approaching us in less than a month, I can only have high hopes for what is in store for the future. What does the future hold? I am quite auspicious and confident that the outcome will be good and I will forever anticipate the big reveal, the truth. A lot of you ask why I continue to support Toni Ingram. Mark Twain once said "if you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." What Toni Ingram has shared with everyone are her words as a mother and not just any mother, the mother of Morgan Ingram who knew her daughter more than anyone in the world. Do I think Toni Ingram is telling the truth? Absolutely. Yes, I do.

Morgan Ingram loved life and embraced it for what it is. As there was always a project, a purpose - when I read some of Morgan's work, her creative writing that was shared with me from Toni, I cannot help, but ponder the idea of why she never left a suicide note. It is because she didn't take her own life. Buddha once said that there are three things in this life that cannot be hidden - the sun, the moon and the truth. And guess what? I agree.

Morgan's life, love, and light is not lost. In fact, it is her life, her love, and her light that lives on. Her spirit will forever remain in our hearts. Morgan is a face and a force of stalking and for change. And I will continue to support Morgan, Toni, Steve and the homicide theory forever. No matter how many lies are spread about me, I will never give up on the quest for justice. A wise individual once said "giving up is as good as losing and losing is as good as death." There are no truer words spoken and I will never give up on Morgan. For more information about the stalking and murder of Morgan Ingram, please visit the official site today. Rest in Peace, Morgan Ingram.

Everything Morgan:
Interview with Ryan Ingram (Morgan's brother)


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much Sarah for this post. Today is an extremely painful day for us - 4 years ago when Morgan's life was taken against her will a piece of me died with her. I know I will carry that pain for the rest of my life.

Now the one thing that keeps me going after all these years is the quest for justice for Morgan, as well as all other victims that no longer have a voice. I greatly appreciate your support after all this time - you are a strong person. I truly believe there will be justice for Morgan and when that happens people will finally get to see all the layers of deceit that were involved in keeping her case covered up.

Blessings to you and all those who have been so supportive to Morgan as well as our whole family throughout this horrible ordeal. Toni (Always Morgan's Mom)
Anonymous said…
I am an observer of everything. At first, I thought Mrs. Ingram was falsely accusing an innocent, young man of murder. I've read people say she has Munhausen by Proxy, but that seems like a lie someone came up with and ran with to be honest. After investigating independently (myself), I noticed there are dozens of hate sites about Mrs. Ingram. In the sites created, I also noticed your name mentioned. Upon further research I could only question why so much effort? Now I believe there is something hidden. Not sure if these people are conspiring to cover up the murder or simply believe this man is innocent because law enforcement says he is innocent. Colorado is the worse state when it comes to covering up crimes. A lot of suicides have been later discovered to be homicides. I think I believe now she (Morgan) is one of those cases. The trouble is, if the case cannot be opened there isn't much they can do due to Colorado law. It's all politics and the sheriff and DA and everyone else is going to do everything to keep it closed. Maybe justice is not meant to happen in this lifetime, but what you are doing is a good thing and I commend you for supporting the Ingrams and being the voice for Morgan, who doesn't have one at the moment.
Anonymous said…
I am a psychic medium and Toni Ingram is telling the truth. Someone tweeted me a long time ago and said I was asked to channel about this case. I never did and I responded back that I never did. It was odd and then asked if I knew someone and I had no idea what they were talking about. Well that night, Morgan came to me instantly and I was shown everything that happened. She was murdered and justice will happen, but the only thing you can do (at least right now) is not engage those people trying to get a reaction from you. Just continue supporting the Ingrams and good things will come to light.
Anonymous said…
You can tell that Mayra woman is a very cunning and calculating woman. I don't believe a word she says. I read where she denied being behind the truth for morgan account and then admitted about a year later to being part of it. I think she's behind it along with that Tricia woman who runs that forum. Their story has been so inconsistent and they both keep pushing that the stalker was cleared from the crime because he was in another state when Morgan was found. There is proof all over the internet the stalker was in Colorado working. I believe Toni Ingram is telling the truth. I don't think Ingram is an investigator but she has admitted it when she was on the Dr. Phil show that she is not.
Anonymous said…
You can definitely tell they are lying about you and Toni. They want people to believe he's an innocent man and you are both falsely accusing him of murder. Everyone who knew Morgan knows she never took her own life. What these women are doing is derailing an investigation from happening by spreading lies. Most people don't believe them, but they are backing the sheriff and the sheriff is really doing everything to keep this case closed. I wonder why the sheriff won't let the CBI come in and investigate. What do you think he's hiding? Anyone that knows anything about true crime can see he's up to something. The question everyone wants to know is what exactly.
Anonymous said…
They are lying about you and Toni because you both speak the truth and discredit their theory and overall intellect. I have watched these wannabe crime fighters attack Mrs. Ingram for years and they just continue to get more pathetic.
Unknown said…
Toni is telling the truth. Well said hon. I think everything you said is spot on. I just wanted to also say that the people harassing Toni are also using that Odegard as a way to spread lies about me and my girlfriend. Sort of like trying to discredit us just because Morgan was murdered. I have been harassed by Michael Odegard for a few years now. And have several police reports filed too as a result of the harassment. Also I have been harassed by Mayra as well. I remember in one of Mayras posts on Truth for morgan on twitter Saying how she wants the case re opened up, but they are doing everything to not get the case re opened up. So she is contradicting her self when she said that. And I do see an outside person wanting the case to remain unopened for various reasons. No parent should have to go through what Toni, Steve and their family went through. Also Mike Boudet is also friends with Tricia Griffith and Mayra too. And Stipp is also friends with Tricia. They have also tried to get me hacked and us as well. And With Mike Boudet working in the SEO field he can show Tricia and Mayra and Odegard how to manipulate the search engines. Also you can check out my blog to see some of the harassment from Odegard and so forth. Stipp used to be a moderator for Tricia's forum and then some blogger exposed Stipp as an unregistered sex offender and although Tricia maintains she has no affiliation with Stipp, I was able to use my psychic ability and channel and see them and hear them talking about all of us on the phone. Morgan Ingram was murdered and I did see that. Mayra was contributing to his site for years as well. Michael Odegard has been in trouble multiple times that involve his actions. All this started with Odegard because I told him over facebook to cut his losses and move on. and he is obsessed with Sarah's mom as well. And as soon as I said that to him that was when he started with the harassment. and then Mayra and Tricia got into contact with him and has been trying to use him as a distraction to mask what they are really trying to do. Also Its Stipp Tricia and Mayra behind the hate blogs too. All the harassment and everything from these people opened my eyes up to the real crazy and messed up people out there and the lengths that they go too. Tricia has a history of impersonation that goes back over a decade and Stipp used to be a moderator for Tricia until she found out what Stipp did as well. I pray everyday for justice. I pray for Toni and Steve most of all. I pray that the truth about what happened to Morgan comes out. I think 2016 is going to be a year that will reveal many things. Also with everything going on the Ingrams cannot properly grieve. And they cannot move on with their lives and remember all the positive moments and memories because they are still reliving that tragic moment over and over again because there has not been justice for Morgan. Toni, if you are reading this I want you and Steve to know that like my girlfriend, I will always support you until the day that I die. They can call me a liar, insult me but they are not God. They are people trying to derail an investigation with an opinion that really makes no sense. I'm praying for you and Steve and will also pray that justice will happen.
Anonymous said…
Sorry you are being harassed Joe. I have followed this entire saga since the beginning. I have always believed Toni to be telling the truth simply because of what Dr. Michael Dobersen said. He's like the best pathologist ever in the state of Colorado. Also, who changes the cause and manner and then says it is porphyria? Right there you can tell it's a scam.
Anonymous said…
Why would they ignore Dr. Dobersen's testimony?