Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The NARS Unfiltered II palette

The NARS Unfiltered II palette.
The NARS Unfiltered II palette truly gives me life. When it comes to finding an amazing blush, NARS definitely has you covered, as they epitomize what makes a blush amazing. In fact, blush without NARS would be like a morning without Starbucks.
Recently, NARS came out with two unique blush palettes. When I saw the Unfiltered II palette, it was like love at first face. I just knew that I had to get my hands on this, as it is truly one of a kind.

'Conquest' is the pale peach shade to your top left. With more of a warm undertone, this shade is truly stunning. 'Undefeated' is the golden pink shade right next to it on the top row in the center. It reminds me of Orgasm in many ways. 'Power Play' is a very bright neutral pink shade. I actually just used this as an eye shadow in a makeup look.
'Hot Sand' is a golden pale caramel color. Almost like a light tan shade. This is to your left on the bottom row. 'Fame' is the beautiful neutral bronze shade in the center bottom. 'Candid' is the final shade in this palette. It is a light neutral red shade. Almost like a cool rose shade.
I just started using the palette and find myself reaching for the 'Undefeated' shade the most as it reminds me of my favorite NARS shade 'Orgasm'. I am really appreciating 'Hot Sand' because it is so versatile. I haven't used 'Candid' much, but am seriously thinking about dipping into that one later.
Pigmented to perfection, this blush blends flawlessly. Definitely a cult-classic staple and holy grail in color cosmetics. If I had to give a reward to the best blush palette of the year, this would definitely be it as it is clearly the best of 2016.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Just voted for Trump in Idaho

As an Iranian American, I can admit that I live in one of the best, if not the best country in the world. And as I love my life, I embrace my liberty and pursue only happiness. After all, the United States is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

As you can see from my ballot (which I have the right to post and share, as I live in Idaho where it is legal) today, I just voted for Donald J. Trump for president of the United States with Michael R. Pence as Vice President.

I voted for Trump because I believe in spite of his shortcomings, he is still a much better candidate than Hillary Clinton. And I am sick of having any "Clinton" as a leader of this country, as they prove they don't do anything while in office. With that said, I truly believe Clinton will not do anything while in office. Maybe collect funds to benefit herself and life. She has had many years to make change and has done nothing. I believe as an outspoken businessman, Trump will do so much more in office. I believe he cares about the people, which is why I support him for president.

And although Jill Stein isn't as bad as Clinton, I don't like those that spread misinformation about global warming and climate change. I also don't believe she would do anything for this country that would benefit the vast majority of status quo society. Overlooking these facts, she doesn't seem like a bad person and I think it is admirable she is running for president. Unfortunately she doesn't have my vote today.

Remember every vote counts. I have always identified with the "Independent" party in terms of political affiliation; however, I decided to go with who I thought would be a better choice for president of this country. And as much as I would love for a woman to be president, I cannot support Hillary Clinton or Jill Stein.