Growing up as an Iranian American woman in a small town, Sarah always aspired to be successful. Although being happy has always been in her forte, she learned to appreciate the good more than the bad, as the good is always what is remembered. As an optimistic woman by nature, she subsumes the stylistic reverie of happiness and perspicacious development as a modern samurai. 

As the daughter of an American woman from Philadelphia and an Iranian man from Tehran, Sarah grew up in the Bay Area of California. Her mother worked as an engineer making microchips before finding her tried and true passion in the medical field. Her father was an architect. Over the years, Sarah relocated to various states and cities before ending up in a small town located in the heart of Pennsylvania. Immediately after she graduated from high school, she moved to the steel city of Pittsburgh where she pursued her BBA in Business Administration with a focus on International/Global Business at the University of Pittsburgh's main campus location. Just a few years later, she became a licensed esthetician at the Montana Academy of Skincare before chasing a AAS Culinary Arts degree at the Le Cordon Bleu College and garnering a certificate from the Wharton Business School online (University of Pennsylvania) in Organizational Leadership. Although she worked many years in business development, Sarah started writing online in 2006 and has amassed a strong passion for it. Eventually this lead her to obtain multiple awards (2009-2013) for Yahoo! Voices and the 'content producer of the year' achievement (2014-2015) for the now defunct Examiner platform. Additionally, Sarah has been an avid volunteer for various organizations including the Humane Society of the United States, LOVE Inc., and Samaritan's Purse. Her mother was a very kind and kindred soul, so Sarah strived to fill her shoes by devoting her time to those in need. 

When it comes to political affiliation, Sarah identifies as a conservative. She is a Republican. Previously, she identified as Independent, but her views have changed over the years. When it comes to political brouhaha and radical conspiracy theory pushed by extremists from any party, she refuses to get involved. She has family and friends who identify as Democrat and family and friends who identify as Republican with a few in the central part of the political spectrum. Sarah is not racist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist, nor xenophobic. Although she is a Trump supporter, she does not support the QAnon subculture nor any apophenia that involves making connections between things without any evidence and/or proof. She is also disinterested in any ad hoc hypothesis that pushes fringe science or any other mumbo jumbo. Furthermore, she does not support groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, Antifa, Proud Boys, Anonymous, Nazis, White Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, or any of the sort. Sarah believes everyone has the right to choose whether or not they want to get vaccinated. Just recently, her mother (who was also her best friend) passed away from Covid-19. Her mother wasn't vaccinated. 

Moreover, she has an unflinching ability to not care about those people who think lowly of her nor the propaganda they spread because she is fearlessly skookum in standing up for what she believes in. Sarah has completely immersed herself with various interests, which distract her from any of the resistance she encounters. Even though she can be a little obstinate, she is an independent, well-balanced thinker with more drive than NASCAR and cannot be swayed by piffling, pettifogging, profligates who anticipate her failure. Sarah is one of the few women in this world who makes herself a better person despite the adversity she faces. She currently resides in Meridian, Idaho with her three cats—Sephora, Trump, and Mercury. 

Who is Sarah Afshar? 

She is a business executive, and: a producer, a student, a victim's rights advocate, a human rights activist, an animal rights activist, a realist, and a writer. In fact, her content has been featured in numerous publications including: Examiner, AXS, Yahoo! Voices, Yahoo! News, Blasting News, and more. As there is always some goal or project in Sarah's life to keep her busy, she loves engaging in quite a few endeavors and has an extensive amount interests. 

Sarah believes that learning is the key to evolving and evolving is the key to being a brilliant, well-rounded person. Whether it means discovering a new hobby and passion or investigating the truth about something controversial and standing up for what you believe in. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything and if you give up, you lost. She also believes that learning keeps you busy and being busy promotes a healthy state of well-being for yourself. She also thinks being busy creates a long-term yet balanced sense of self-worth that is not only implied, but expressed. Sarah heavily embraces the concept of individualism and believes that we should love ourselves because we can rely less on others to do so. 50 Random Facts About Me

Sarah epitomizes creativity and moderates her inner nerd often, as she is a woman with a voice, a vision, and importantly—a message. Although some may allege that her arguments are counter-intuitive, she is only human after all and will always admit if and when she is wrong. It's evident by those who know her that she is a woman with conviction, class, and cognizance. Although somewhat savoir faire, I guess you could say she is more Gucci than Target. 

While Sarah is inspired by words more so than people, she fondly appreciates those who contribute a lot of good to this planet. She also has love for God and spiritualism, including the light at the end of the tunnel. She tends to question the nullification in the world, but has come to realization that not everything can be explained. She loves being inspired and therefore loves to inspire. No matter what walk of life you come from, Sarah will respect you as long as you give her the same reciprocation in return.

As Sarah is a lawfully loyal and loving woman by nature, eventually she wants to have children and start a family of her own. Either you like Sarah or you don't. One thing is certain; if you hate her, hate her for who she is and not for who she is not. Sarah does not care what anyone thinks about her because whatever anyone thinks is none of her business. Sarah believes you should be true to yourself and never give up on your goals, your dreams, or your passions. Stick to the goal, not people or things. Sarah is the voice behind her message, the face behind her voice, and the voice for the voiceless.


Sarah has a fond appreciation for life, for liberty, for loyalty, for love, and for happiness and she has God and the universe to thank for that. She loves our galaxy and appreciates our planet, as well as, the sun and the moon. In addition to this, Sarah cherishes her family, her friends, her best friend (who is also her boyfriend) Billy, and her pets—Sephora, Trump, and Mercury. 

When it comes to religion, Sarah identifies as Hindu, Christian, and most recently —Baha'i. She also appreciates monotheistic religions such as Zoroastrianism which provide the same polytheism pieces as Hinduism. She was raised by a Muslim father and a Christian Baptist mother, but finds numerous facets of Hinduism fascinating. Theology and faith have a major role in her life. One of her favorite theological texts to date is the Bhagavad Gita. She enjoys ancient vedas, Bhakti, and Anekantavada, as well as, yoga, sun salutation, and meditation. 

When she isn't implementing and executing her next project, Sarah finds herself enjoying some of the best things in life. When she isn't spending time in her bedroom reading, relaxing, and sleeping; she is spending time in her kitchen cooking, baking, and eating food that she believes tastes as good as any 5-star restaurant. Although she loves cooking and baking virtually anything, Sarah gravitates towards country Italian cuisine such as lasagna, tortellini, calzone, margherita, ziti, and tiramisu the most. She does; however, appreciate all cuisines and dishes within them. She can cook anything, but chooses to eat plant-based. Gourmet cheese has a place very near and dear to her heart and just recently she became somewhat of a Moscato wine connoisseur. Not quite a sommelier, but you can kind of understand the point being made. Sarah has a strong obsession with smoothie bowls and she drinks a lot of pressed coconut water, smoothies, green juice, sweet iced coffee, masala chai tea, and bubble tea. 

Music has always been a real ardor in Sarah's life. Not only does she love songwriting and composing, Sarah loves to sing too. Music has been in her blood at a very young age, as her great-grandfather owned a music studio in the heart of Philadelphia. Sarah taught herself how to sing at a very young age and learned how to read music on her own. The piano has been her go-to instrument, but she also cherishes her Hammond organ. She loves blues and rock music, but doesn't define good, great, and amazing music by genre and can appreciate almost everything she hears. In addition to this, Sarah interviewed multiple artists and bands for AXS, Examiner, and Yahoo! including: Lil Jon, Judas Priest, LMFAO, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Samantha Ronson, Otep, Sky Nellor, Eric DLux, Caroline D'Amore, Justin Credible, Havana Brown, Pussy Cat Dolls, Arch Enemy, Bad Boy Bill, and SKAM Artist's very own Sujit Kundu, just to name a few. She also auditioned for the first season of the popular television singing competition X factor USA. You can read all about her experience here

Furthermore, Sarah worked as an esthetician, a nail technician, a makeup artist, and a beauty counter advisor for one of the most eminent beauty brands in the world today. Like most women, she has a strong admiration for beauty which started since childhood. It is because of this Sarah gravitated towards all elements of beauty and found herself passionate about makeup, skincare, bath & body, nails, and fragrance. In fact, she enjoys this field so much she produced digital journalism for years about it including Examiner's 'Best in Beauty' awards which reached over 20 million views in just one month. She started her own beauty brand in 2007, but didn't follow through with it as there were issues with the manufacturer she used at the time. Eventually she may finish what she started. Currently, she is obsessed with face scrubs, face masks, toothpaste, lip scrubs, lip masks, and lip gloss. 

Sarah is an avid traveler and has visited many destinations all around the world. She has traveled both domestically and internationally, yet believes that there is so much she has yet to discover. Every time she visits any place, she always notices something new the second time she visits that destination again. Out of all of the places she has traveled, her favorites are Yellowstone National Park and the Himalayas. To her, there is just no place on earth like them. She's also lived in various states such as California, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Georgia, Indiana, Montana, and now Idaho. On top of that, she has even lived in Europe for a little over half a year. 

Turning trash into treasure has always been one of Sarah's hobbies and favorite pastimes. She is a huge fan of upcycling and enjoys the concept of DIY. Besides this, she likes decorative and visual art such as artisan crafting, final finishing, and reconstructing. Sarah also loves being unorthodox when it comes art in general and has a bit of an avant-garde imagination. She loves fine art such as pottery, drawing, sculpting, and painting. She also enjoys digital art and graphic design. You can see some of her work on Pinterest. During the holiday season, Vita Coco showcased Sarah’s innovative use of the Tetra Pak coconut water packaging by transforming them into unique and festive 'Christmas trees'.  

Sarah has a passion for flipping homes and, in particular, she cherished the time she spent renovating and cleaning an old Victorian home built in the mid-1800s in Montana. She has a keen interest in interior design, and she enjoys decorating her home regularly, especially during the Fall season. Holidays are a significant occasion for her, and she takes pride in celebrating and decorating for them. Though she cherishes holidays like Nowruz, Easter, Holi, and Diwali, Sarah is most fond of Christmas.

What truly happens when we die? No one truly knows what happens. Although we can speculate what happens next, needless to say it is relatively difficult to make sense of something we truly know nothing about. As it is evidently clear an afterlife exists, one thing Sarah has garnered since the death of her mother is a fond admiration for science and philosophy and even a bit of an obsession with metaphysics, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, epistemology, astrobiology, and cosmology. She disagrees with Stephen Hawking's rendition of evolution, as she believes amino acids do not create the soul, but rather the physical suit that holds it. Sarah believes the universe is one massive positive vibration of infinite energy and light. She believes God controls everything within the universe and everything around us. Sarah strongly believes that when we die, we become energy without a body and our energy lives on forever in the universe. We will no longer have the requisites that come with having a physical suit and every material thing will eventually cease to exist. Depending on how we are here on earth will determine the level of energy that we will have when we cross over to the other side. Every time someone prays to us or for us, our energy becomes stronger. And depending on our frequency, we are closer towards being with God. We only have one physical life, but Sarah believes there is life after death and it is even better than the life we have now. That is only if you are a good person here on earth. 

When Sarah lived in Montana, she discovered a love for all things outdoors. Some of those interests include: hiking, backpacking, fastpacking, camping, glamping, jewelry digging, fossicking, geology, noodling, caving, spelelogy, hot springs, and road trips. She has encountered quite a few obstacles and even discovered some life threatening situations along the way, but it has never stopped her from enjoying the best of the best in outdoor recreation. Her passion for geology ignited when she stumbled upon a massive smoky quartz crystal near a Montana picnic table where she was enjoying her meal.

But the adventure and yearning for discovery didn't stop there. It is evident to anyone who knows her that adventure has always been in Sarah's forte and believe it or not, she is a major enthusiast for all things outdoors. In the Summer, she loves jet skiing, rollerblading, mountain biking, scuba diving, whitewater rafting, trail boating, snorkeling, paddle boarding, water tubing, canyoning, paragliding, parasailing, kayaking, and flyaking. In the Winter, she loves snowmobiling, snow skating, ice skating, and snow tubing. This is in addition to the other interests she discovered when living in the treasure state. 

Science has always been something of interest in Sarah's life. As a child, she developed a radical interest in biochemistry and still maintains an interest in the field still til this day. With a major interest in phototherapy, photoautotrophs, and photosynthesis, as well as, macromolecules, amino acids, proteases, and peptides; Sarah strongly approaches biochemistry with an unbiased mind accompanied by the possibility of developing a hypothesis that can improve her state of well being, as well as, prevent any problematic hindrances in her life later. She is not a doctor nor an academic expert, but she does enjoy this branch of science enough she can engage in strong dialogue with some of the finest minds on the subject. Furthermore, she has a strong interest in biophysics and abstract algebra. 

As an Iranian-American woman with a strong passion for writing, she highly values free speech and believes in the importance of allowing individuals to express their opinions without censorship. She acknowledges that everyone has the right to speak freely, even if she disagrees with their words. While she enjoys writing in her home office, she also frequents the public library. Sarah appreciates the concept of self-publishing but believes that everyone should maintain a journal, blog, or diary to capture their experiences and memories.

Sarah believes that the best things in life, including health and wellness, are either earned or natural. To live a long, healthy and productive life, she emphasizes the importance of exercise, consumption of organic food and natural substances rather than synthetic ones. Though she doesn't completely oppose lab-made supplements and medicines, she finds herbalism, Ayurvedic medicine, and holistic health admirable. Sarah likes LED light therapy, working out at the gym or home, and eating wholesome food. According to her, strength and cross training are equally important. Moreover, Sarah loves to grocery shop at Albertsons Market Street, Trader Joes, Albertsons, Whole Foods, Boise Co-Op, and Grocery Outlet. She has an admiration for localism, so she enjoys supporting local brands such as Cloverleaf Creamery. She also loves shopping at local fruit stands and farmer's markets.  

Her passion for hydrology, botany, and gardening reflects in her love for growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Roses hold a special place in her heart, and she takes pride in her extensive rose garden. Additionally, she has a mint garden where she cultivates different types of mint. Sarah views plants as more than soulless life forms; they hold energy and medicinal properties. Annually, she plants something in her backyard on Earth Day every year to honor her favorite planet and mother. Sarah values the significance of preserving the planet, which sustains our existence in comparison to the infinite number of planets in the universe.

Sarah prefers using Apple products, such as iPhone Max Pro and MacBook Air, although she has experience using Windows products as well. She invests in the latest and greatest Apple products and enjoys all things tech. With over 20 years of internet experience, she has gained a considerable amount of knowledge about the world wide web. Billy, her boyfriend, is a tech expert, and she has learned a lot from him. Besides embracing technology in the internet and computer domains, she values anything that enhances an individual's quality of life.

As a child Sarah always found true crime to be somewhat riveting. She use to watch Unsolved Mysteries in the dark at just seven years old. As an adult, she finds herself more interested in this entrancing subculture that explores the darkness of the world. Whether it is in criminology or even dermatopathology, she enjoys forensic sciences, evidentialism, toxicology, and methodology. In 2012, she dipped into the realm of investigative journalism (the case of Morgan Ingram being her first real story) and then in 2020, she both wrote and produced an award-winning true crime podcast. Sarah respects the law and has developed an interest in the field. One thing you should know; however, she believes when a criminal dies they have to face everything they have done here on earth and eventually their energy burns out and/or completely dissolves into the universe. She has a modest fascination with ghost hunting and paranormal activity, as well as, ufology and extraterrestrial life too. Sarah has endured harassment by true crime sleuths who simply disagree with her narrative on a crime case; however, despite their intimidation, fabrication, ad hominem, and menacing, she continues to stand up for what she believes in. 

Sarah recognizes the importance of investing and considers the stock market an excellent way to invest for future gains. However, she emphasizes that day trading, although interesting, should not be abused as it presents similar risks as gambling. Sarah, herself invests in several companies and believes that cryptocurrency is the future of finance, which could significantly benefit humanity. She thinks that increased investment in crypto could lead to increased value, benefiting all parties involved. Sarah also finds NFTs unique, not only in art and individualism, but in the idea of owning something significant, which could gain recognition and even increase in value in the future.

Ever since the pandemic started, Sarah has gravitated towards watching movies, television shows, documentaries, and docuseries. More than she ever has in her life. When she was diagnosed with Covid-19, Sarah would spend her time watching these things as they served as a healthy distraction. Although she's watched an array of streaming services, she really likes Plex. Popular culture is often expressed through performance art, especially in this era which she enjoys. She believes that HBO makes some of the best television shows she's ever watched and she finds the Hallmark Channel a favorite because it is such a positive outlet with stories she finds to be inspiring. Sarah loves holiday movies. 

Fashion has played a significant role in Sarah's life since her youth. She started reading Vogue magazine at the age of 8. She has always had a unique sense of style and during junior high and senior high school, she was ridiculed for wearing clothes that others were afraid to wear. She loves wearing minimalistic attire, especially dresses, when working. While she appreciates color, she prioritizes looking and feeling her best. Sarah believes that presentation and aesthetic are essential factors to consider. Not only does Sarah appreciate purses and handbags, she has a collection so big they could fit into a small house. She's sold quite a lot, but still has so much left over. Some of her favorite brands consist of Louis Vuitton, Chloe, BCBG, Dolce & Gabbana, Laura Byrnes, Dress The Population, Sergio Hudson, Oscar de la Renta, Herve Leger, and Burberry. Currently, she has a huge leggings and athleisure collection that is just as big. She is a fan of multiple brands and stores. Although she maintains a massive collection of Victoria's Secret branded intimates and athletic wear, Sarah enjoys brands such as Carbon38, Heroine Sport, Koral, Zella, Lululemon, Outdoor Voices, Cycle House, Sweaty Betty, Calvin Klein, and Beyond Yoga. Sarah loves shoes. Her favorites right now are ASICS running shoes and Jimmy Choo heels.  

With a plethora of interests and hobbies, there is something to be said about playing video games. As one of her favorite escapisms and pastimes, Sarah enjoys battle royale themed games such as PUBG and Apex Legends and first-person shooting games such as Call of Duty and Halo. She also appreciates action adventure games if they have great graphics and a compelling storyline. She is a fan of the entire Diablo series. Sarah loves word games especially if they are competitive. She also enjoys arcades when she ever gets the chance to frequent them and appreciates retro varieties for shaping the gaming industry. 

Sarah enjoys helping people and believes that in order to restore hope in humanity it is important to encourage people to be the best version of themselves, whether or not you like them as a person. Less hate, more love. Less blame, more praise. Less objections, more objectives. She also loves animals and takes a portion of her paycheck to fund food for multiple organizations and the stray cats that visit her house on a daily basis. She has also designed a cat toy collection which will be available online soon. Currently, she is designing and implementing tiny homes for stray pets that will keep them warm during bad weather conditions and safe from predators. 


Whether you want to share interests and ideas, make new friends, or create a virtual network, social media makes this possible. We live in an era where social media is one of the most effective tools to promote any kind of website, brand, and platform. With just one click, it is one of the fastest ways of spreading news. With that said, here are my social media accounts.

My official Facebook account is @SarahAfshar. Currently, I have only two Facebook pages; however, I am only active on one of them. My most active one is @SarahAfsharBlog where I share everything. This is a work in progress. 

Right now, I find myself using Twitter at least once a day. I have been known to share my Design Home designs relatively often on the platform. I am @SarahAfshar on Twitter. I also use the pseudonym @BeautyBloggette, but I am not very active on that profile much. 

Instagram is an app I truly do enjoy; however, I have not been active in several years. Truth be told, I decided to kind of take a step back from this particular platform for a bit. I think I will definitely start publishing again in the near future. My username is @SarahAfshar

Pinterest is one of the most underrated websites on the world wide web. Recently, I started pinning posts from this blog directly to the website. My profile is @SarahAfshar which is connected to my Facebook. This is my only profile on the website. I am currently active on this platform.

I do use Tumblr, but I'm not active on it. At least as active as I should or could be. I guess, I should change that sooner or later. My blogs on Tumblr include: Sarah Afshar, Sarah Afshar Beauty, Sarah Afshar Music, and Sarah Afshar Food

About.me is one of those platforms I rarely use. I think I created this originally because I wanted to generally network. As a business owner, I was hoping to advertise one of my coffee shops on it, but instead it ended up being a minor mirror of this page. 

Muck Rack is a website that I didn't join by choice, but rather a site I discovered randomly when trying to recover old content I produced over the years for Yahoo! and Examiner. Although the website claims I produced 142 articles for AXS, Examiner, and Blasting News, the number is a lot larger. 

YouTube is a platform I enjoy to watch videos. Occasionally, I also enjoy commenting on some of my favorites. I watch a variety of things on this platform, but find myself gravitated towards food, animals, music, fashion, beauty, news, true crime, and travel-friendly content the most. I use to upload videos and was a YouTube partner in the past, but I haven't been active much on it. @SarahAfshar is my username

Social media is so complex because it is constantly growing. Some days I don't even think I have it all figured out and I have been using the internet for many years. I joined Medium, but haven't posted much on this particular platform yet. My username is @SarahAfshar. I have never contributed to this website, but find it interesting and may in the future.

LinkedIn is an outstanding platform for professionals and job seekers looking to engage with others, as well as, build and/or join a network. The opportunities are endless here, which is why I am happy to say that I am a member of this platform. I am @SarahAfshar here. 

Hoosh Designs is a work in progress. Created by college professor, director, producer, crypto oracle, and comedian, who is also my best friend and my boyfriend—Billy Housh, I am hoping to blog often on this particular platform in the near future.

I am currently the writer and co-producer of the podcast Even Salt Looks Like Sugar. A podcast that explores true crime, paranormal activity, and unsolved mysteries. Even Salt Looks Like Sugar is available on Spotify, Apple, iHeartRadio, Audible, Google Podcasts, Amazon, Stitcher, Spreaker, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. We are also on YouTube and Facebook. We even have an IMDB. This is a contingent, part-time project created by my boyfriend Billy. We haven't worked on it since my mother died, but will in the near future.

My newest project, Life, Liberty, and Lip Gloss is a work in progress. A Facebook page and Twitter profile are also in the works connected to this project. My mother died recently, so I haven't had the opportunity to work on this project. I'll let you know more in the near future. Loving life, liberty, and lip gloss. Stay tuned. 

When it comes to reviews, I usually write them here on this blog; however, I have been reviewing some of my favorite businesses and services on Google for quite sometime. As of 2022, I am a level 7 contributor for Google Maps. My content alone on this platform has achieved millions of views just in 2021 and in 2022 alone.

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia and one of the top websites on the world wide web. I have been contributing sporadically to Wikimedia Commons for almost a decade. Some of my photos have been used to support numerous content including Wikipedia articles. 

Currently, I am not writing for any publication; however, I did publish on Blasting News a few years ago; however, I have not been active here. This platform would be fantastic if they didn't throw so many ads on the website. I feel like this will eventually be their downfall. 

I’m @MissSarahAfshar on Daily Motion. I am also on Vimeo. Truth be told, I don’t use these platforms often and haven’t logged into either one in years. I am not active on Daily Motion or Vimeo.

When it comes to communicating, I really love the LINE app. I prefer this platform over WhatsApp and Skype. The connection is encrypted. Everything from the stickers to the filters and more, makes LINE the best calling application there is. I use the alias GolpariSarah. I haven't been active on LINE since my mother died. 

Although I haven't been active on Smule, it is an app I truly do love and enjoy. I will definitely get back to recording some songs on there someday. My username on Smule is GolpariSarah. I haven't been active in a few years.

When I have free time, I love playing games. I enjoy Diablo and am a fan of the entire franchise. I play Diablo Immortal. My username is Golpari. I use to be obsessed with playing PUBG, especially PUBG Mobile. Although I haven't been active lately, my username is Golpari. When I am not so busy, I intend to login. I also enjoy Call of Duty including Call of Duty Mobile. I use the pseudonym GolpariSarah. I haven't been active for several years.

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