Growing up as an Iranian American woman in a small town, Sarah always aspired to be successful. Although being happy has always been in her forte, she learned to appreciate the good more than the bad, as the good is always what is remembered. As an optimistic woman by nature, she subsumes the stylistic reverie of happiness and perspicacious development as a modern samurai. 

Sarah has an unflinching ability to not care about those people who think lowly of her and is fearlessly skookum in standing up for what she believes in. Often dubbed a "renaissance woman" by family and friends, she is one of the few women in this world who makes herself a better person despite the adversity she faces. 

Who is Sarah Afshar? 

She is a business executive, and: a student, victim's rights advocate, human & animal rights activist, realist, and writer. In fact, her content has been featured on Examiner, AXS, Yahoo! Voices, Yahoo! News, Blasting News and more. As there is always some goal in Sarah's life, she loves engaging in quite a few projects and ventures.

Some of her other interests include: life, liberty, love, family, friends, pets, animals, her boyfriend, writing, beauty, music, reading, activism, the earth, the sun, the moon, food, cooking, baking, Hinduism, fashion, traveling (both domestic and international), Yellowstone, the holidays, veganism, sanctuaries, the Himalayas, photography, chemistry, volunteering, stock market, the universe, candles, sports, philosophy, culture, entertainment, gold, science, the gym, technology, pottery, candy, fitness, the gym, nature, adventure, zebra print, drafting, hiking, jewelry digging, caving, iPhone, Christmas, gardening, roses, glitter, independence, the library, politics, economics, theology, true crime, paranormal, UFOs, news, psychology, wine, jet skiing, snowmobiling, video gaming, mobile gaming, researching, brainstorming, investing, DIY, shopping, meeting new people, justice for the innocent (i.e. Morgan Ingram), helping others and much more.

Sarah believes that learning is the key to evolving. And evolving is the key to being a brilliant, well-rounded person. Whether it means discovering a new hobby and passion or investigating the truth about something controversial and standing up for what you believe in. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. She also believes that learning keeps you busy and being busy promotes a healthy state of well-being for yourself. She also thinks being busy creates a long-term yet balanced sense of self-worth that is not only implied but expressed. Sarah heavily embraces the concept of individualism and believes that we should love ourselves because we can rely less on others to do so. 50 Random Facts About Me

Sarah epitomizes creativity and moderates her inner nerd often, as she is a woman with a voice, a vision, and importantly a message. Although some may allege that her arguments are counter-intuitive, she still makes mistakes and isn't afraid to admit when she is wrong. It's evident by those who know her that she is a woman with conviction, class, and cognizance. Although somewhat savoir faire, I guess you could say she is more Gucci than Target, even though she enjoys Target a little more. While Sarah is inspired by words more so than people, she fondly appreciates those who contribute a lot of good to this planet. She also has love for God and spiritualism, including the light at the end of the tunnel. She loves being inspired and therefore loves to inspire. No matter what walk of life you come from, Sarah will respect you as long as you give her the same reciprocation in return.

As Sarah is a lawfully loyal and loving woman by nature, eventually she wants to have children and start a family of her own. Either you like Sarah or you don't. One thing is certain; if you hate her, hate her for who she is and not for who she is not. And remember to be true to yourself and never give up on your goals, your dreams, or your passions, as giving up is as good as losing. Thank you for visiting!


Whether you want to share interests and ideas, make new friends, or create a virtual network, social media makes this possible. We live in an era where social media is one of the most effective tools to promote any kind of website, and platform. With just one click, it is one of the fastest ways of spreading news. With that said, here are my social media accounts.

My official Facebook account is @SarahAfshar. Currently, I have only two Facebook pages; however, I am only active on one of them. My most active one is @SarahAfsharBlog where I share everything. This is a work in progress. 

Right now, I find myself using Twitter at least once a day. I have been known to share my Design Home designs relatively often on the platform. I am @SarahAfshar on Twitter. I also use the pseudonym @BeautyBloggette, but I am not very active on that profile much. 

Instagram is an app I truly do love and enjoy; however, I have not been active in two years. Due to outmoded drama, I decided to kind of take a step back from this platform for a bit. I think I will definitely start publishing again soon. My username is @SarahAfshar

Pinterest is one of the most underrated websites. Recently, I started pinning posts from this blog directly to the website. My profile is @SarahAfshar which is connected to my Facebook. This is my only profile on the website. 

I do use Tumblr, but I'm not very active on it. At least as active as I should and could be. I guess, I should change that sooner or later. My blogs on Tumblr include: Sarah Afshar, Sarah Afshar Beauty, Sarah Afshar Music, and Sarah Afshar Food

About.me is kind of one of those platforms I rarely use. I think I created this originally because I wanted to generally network. As a business owner, I was hoping to advertise one of my coffee shops on it, but instead it ended up being a mirror of this blog. 

Muck Rack is a website that I didn't join by choice, but a site I discovered once randomly when trying to recover old content I produced over the years for Yahoo! and Examiner. Although the website claims I produced 142 articles for AXS, Examiner, and Blasting News, the number is a lot larger. 

I do use both Wordpress and Home.Blog (a subsidiary of Wordpress) to host content on this blog. I feel like you can't ever have too many backups. I think it is an excellent blogging platform; however, I don't use as much as I should. Currently, these websites have been made private in case I decide to switch hosts in the future.

YouTube is a platform I enjoy to watch videos. I watch a variety of things on this platform, but find myself gravitated towards food, music, beauty, and travel-friendly content. I use to upload videos and was a YouTube partner, but I haven't been active much on it. @MissSarahAfshar is my username on there, although I created another channel just to upload videos which are exclusive to this blog.

Social media is so complex because it is constantly growing. Some days I don't even think I have it all figured out and I have been using the internet for many years. I joined Medium, but haven't posted much on this site yet. My username is @SarahAfshar

LinkedIn is a great website. I have only joined once. Recently, I forgot I had an account. I will definitely have to take advantage of this platform. @SarahAfshar on LinkedIn. 

Hoosh Designs is a work in progress. Created by director, producer, comedian, and good friend Billy Housh, I am hoping to blog often on this particular platform in the near future.

I am currently the writer and co-producer of the podcast Even Salt Looks Like Sugar. A podcast that explores true crime, paranormal activity, and unsolved mysteries. 

My newest project, Life, Liberty, and Lip Gloss is a work in progress. A Facebook page and Twitter profile are also in the works connected to this project. Stay tuned. 

I have been contributing sporadically to Wikimedia Commons for almost a decade. Some of my photos have been used to support numerous articles including Wikipedia articles. 

Currently, I am not writing for any publication; however, I did publish on Blasting News, but I have not been active here. This platform would be fantastic if they didn't throw so many ads on the website. I feel like this will eventually be their downfall. 

I’m @MissSarahAfshar on Daily Motion. I am also on Vimeo. Truth be told, I don’t use these platforms often and haven’t logged into either one for years.

When it comes to communicating, I really love the LINE app. I prefer this platform over WhatsApp and Skype. The connection is encrypted. Everything from the stickers to the filters and more, makes LINE the best calling application there is. 

Although I haven't been active on Smule, it is an app I truly do love and enjoy. I will definitely get back to recording some songs on there. My username on Smule is GolpariSarah

When I have free time, I love playing games. I use to be obsessed with playing PUBG, especially PUBG Mobile. Although I haven't been active lately, my username is Golpari. When I am not so busy, I intend to login. I also enjoy Call of Duty including Call of Duty Mobile. I use the pseudonym GolpariSarah

If you come across any profiles that are not included on this page—they are not me. If you discover someone using my photos or identity—contact me immediately. And if you find anyone impersonating me on any sites excluded in the list on this page—
contact me right away. 

If you receive any profane messages from a "Sarah Afshar" or anyone using my name as their pseudonym that links directly back to this website—be smart and check the IP and device information of the content. Contact me directly with all information. I take identity theft very seriously and will take the proper litigation necessary if anyone is using my identity. If you do come across any profiles that seem questionable or receive any threatening and harassing messages from a "Sarah Afshar" directly, contact me immediately. Thank you. 


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