108 Beauty Content Ideas For Your Blog

108 Beauty Content Ideas For Your Blog
A blog is the biggest platform to share your thoughts on the world wide web and if you produce content daily, you will notice a change in your updated website. Not only will you receive more traffic, but you will garner a bigger following and generally more engagement. Even though creating content is easier said than done, coming up with an idea as little or as big as a blog post on a specific subject can be incredibly tough. Even those blog posts on those topics you love to write about.

Beauty is a subject that many women around the world write about. It has paved a pathway into our lives hence why it is one of the biggest topics among women. Sometimes it is hard to continuously review products because so many people talk about the same one relentlessly, so coming up with an idea can be considerably hard. 

Luckily there is a solution. 

Can you guess what that solution is? It’s simple—this blog post. Without any further delay of fluff and further ado, here are 108 beauty content ideas for your blog. 

Beauty Blogging 101

General beauty is always the easiest to write about because it is probably the most universal subject you will see. Most beauty bloggers already talk about this. What makes this content unique is what you have to offer that is different from what they have to say. 

1. The best/The worst (insert beauty type) products
2. My newest (insert beauty type and/or store) haul
3. FOTD (Make it stand out and be consistent with uploading for more engagement.) - Face of the Day, Photo of the Day #SelfieSaturday #SelfieSunday 
4. Gift Guides/Beauty Wish Lists (You can turn these into evergreen listicles.)
5. What's In My Beauty Bag? (Let your audience see what you carry daily.)
6. (Insert your blog) Beauty Awards (Start your own annual beauty awards event.)
7. (Insert month + Year) Beauty Favorites (A monthly favorite series is a must.)
8. My holy grail (insert beauty type) products (You can also turn this into a listicle.)
9. My daily (insert beauty type) routine
10. Create a product comparison guide (This can be everything from a product roundup to a dupe of something, etc.)

Keyword Suggestions: New Beauty Products, FOTD Makeup, Best Beauty Products, Holy Grail Beauty Products, Best Beauty Products Of All Time, Daily Beauty Routine, Skin Care Routine, Best Beauty Gifts, List Of Beauty Products, Gifts For Beauty Lovers, Sephora, Ulta Beauty, etc. 

The Best-The Worst Makeup

Beauty is extensive and subjective yet possesses a strong variety that caters to women (and nowadays men) of all demographic and psychographic factors. The most discussed beauty topic; however, is makeup. Makeup is probably the most talked-about beauty essential hence why the most popular blogs you see are makeup blogs. If you don't write about makeup, you may want to consider a few posts on the topic. Here are some to help you out. 

11. The best (insert makeup product) for (insert skin type)
12. #MakeupMonday (Share all things related to makeup on Monday.)
13. The best (insert color + makeup product) of (add month and/or year)
14. Why I love/Why I hate (insert makeup product)
15. Get the Look: (insert celebrity's name here) + (event)
16. The best makeup dupes for (insert product + shade) - note: This content always does well.
17. The best makeup for the (insert season/time of year)
18. (Insert number) minute face
19. How-To (Create a tutorial or a step-by-step guide on how to achieve a look.)
20. Review: (insert makeup product)

Keyword Suggestions: Makeup Products, Best Makeup Brand, Makeup Looks, Drugstore Makeup Must Haves, Best Makeup Products, Foundation Makeup, Sephora Makeup, Best Makeup Products Of All Time, Makeup Must Haves, Lipstick Lips, Bronzer Drugstore, ULTA, etc. 

It Isn't Just Makeup

Skincare is the most underrated beauty essential simply because it is something that everyone has used sometime in their life. It is the key ingredient to having amazing skin. If you have beautiful skin, you will feel beautiful too. As fun as makeup is, it is so important to utilize skincare also. Not discussing skincare on a beauty blog is like forgetting to add sugar to cookies.

21. Skincare Secrets (Have fun with this one and let your audience know your secrets.)
22. Get amazing skin using these products (Do not hesitate to spotlight your favorites.)
23. (Insert number + lifestyle) worth the splurge (luxury, mid-range, drugstore, etc.)
24. Top (insert number) best (insert skincare product) for (insert skin type)
25. The best skincare products from (insert skincare brand)
26. (Insert number) (insert skin care product) that I am loving right now
27. The best skincare tips for women over (insert age)/Skincare tips in your (insert age)
28. #SkincareSaturday/#SkincareSunday (utilize these hashtags to your advantage)
29. The best (insert skincare product) for (skin issue)
30. Review: (insert skincare product)

Keyword Suggestions: Best Skin Care, Best Face Cream In The World, Face Serum Benefits, Best Face Scrub, How To Use Face Toner, Skincare Routine Order, Holy Grail Face Wash, Best Drugstore Face Serum, Acne Causes, Laface, My Skincare Routine, Face Treatments To Look Younger, Face Mask, Skincare Brands, Skincare By Hyram, Face Scrub For Acne, etc. 

Hair Is Everywhere

Hair is the most undervalued beauty topics around. Although it is discussed often, it isn't talked about as much as it should be. Everyone on planet earth washes their hair. As a beauty blogger, it is your duty to discuss this subject. Not only will you notice more readers, but you will notice a different demographic reading your blog.

31. The best hair ideas for (insert event and/or time of year)
32. Get the Hair: (insert celebrity + event) 
33. HOTD (show us your hair for the day)
34. Top (insert number) best products for (insert hair type)
35. (Insert number) hair tools that you need to use right now
36. The best hair products by (insert hair brand)
37. #HairStyleSaturday/#StyleSaturday (Spotlight your trip to the salon or talk about an experience you had at a salon)
38. The best (insert hair style) for (insert hair type)
39. The best (insert hair technique)
40. Review: (insert hair product)

Keyword Suggestions: Best Shampoo, Hair Styles, Shampoo Brands, Hair Conditioner Benefits, Hair Colors for Fall, Hair Styles For Girls, Shampoo Ingredients, COVID and Hair Loss, Top 10 Hair Problems, Carbonic Acid Shampoo, Hair Volor Trends, Best Professional Hair Dryer Right Now, Olaplex, Dry Shampoo, COVID-19 Hair Loss, Hair Style Girl Easy, Hair Follicle, etc. 

Body Care Is Essential

Body products are extremely important to discuss on every beauty blog simply because I have witnessed more women take care of their bodies before taking care of their faces. I have a friend who would rather skip makeup than forget her favorite body lotion. Body products can be found in every single bathroom around the world, so the time is now to talk about them. 

41. The best (insert body product) right now (Note: You can also make this a listicle.)
42. (Insert number) products that you need if you have (insert skin condition)
43. My go-to products for (insert skin type)
44. #SpaDaySaturday (Tell us about a spa you love or highlight a spa you are visiting.)
45. (Insert celebrity) uses it, but does (insert body product) work?
46. The best (insert body product) for women in their (insert age)
47. Why I love/hate (insert body product)/Why (insert body product) works/doesn't work
48. The most underrated/overrated (insert beauty product) right now
49. The best/worst (insert body product) for (insert skin condition)
50. Review: (insert body product)

Keyword Suggestions: Best Body Butter, Top 10 Shower Gels, Best Body Lotion For Glowing Skin, Best Body Lotion For Dry Skin In Winter, Bathing Soap, Is Body Lotion Bad For Your Face, Best Smelling Body Lotion, Olay Body Wash, Rituals Shower Gel, Bath And Body Works, Shower Gel Benefits, Body Lotion For Men, Black Owned Body Wash, How To Make Shower Gel, Caresss Body Lotion, Bath Soap Brands, etc. 

Nails, Nails, Nails

Beauty Blog Posts
Beauty is much more than your head. They say you can tell a woman's age just by looking at her hands. What do you think? I don't know about you, but having great nails says a lot about a person which is why it is important to write about them. Here are some great ideas to get you started. 

51. NOTD or Nail of the Day is one trending hashtag you want to embrace at least a few times on your blog. Even if you don't talk about nail polish much. 
52. #ManicureMonday (show us your manicure)
53. The best nail art (Create a tutorial or spotlight a tutorial.)
54. The best base coat (spotlight a product)
55. (Insert number) of the best nail polishes by (insert brand)
56. The best nail care products
57. The best nail polish hacks
58. (insert luxury brand) vs. (insert drugstore brand)
59. A (insert level/experience) guide to nail care
60. Product swatches. Include a review and commentary for an even bigger response from your audience. 

Keyword Suggestions: Nail, Best Nail Polish For Winter, NOTD, Acrylic Nails, Best Nail Polish Brands, Ohora Nails, Best Nail Polish Colors, Spa Nails, Nail Salons Near Me, Fall Nails, Nail Shapes, Flawless Nails, Nail Polish Remover, Gel Nails, Nails Near Me, etc. 

Smell Is The Oldest Sense

Aesthetics play a physical role in the world of beauty; however, when it comes to the sense of smell—fragrance reigns supreme. A smell is connected to a memory, which means when you smell something you'll remember that scent forever. 

61. Defining fragrance for (insert level)
62. (insert number) fragrances you need to check out
63. The best fragrances for (insert note) lovers
64. (insert number) fragrances include (insert note) You can turn this into a listicle and gift guide
65. #FragranceFriday (Post your favorite perfume and/or fragrance on Fridays.) 
66. #SweetSaturday, #MuskyMonday, #ScentSunday etc. Start your own link-up and create your own hashtag to draw in a large audience. Try to encourage others to follow suit.
67. The best fragrances which use (insert note and/or ingredient)
68. Ranking the best and the worst fragrances of all-time
69. (Insert number) amazing (insert culture affiliation) perfumes you need to check out
70. Review: (insert fragrance)

Keyword Suggestions: Perfume, Fragrance Perfume, Nest Fragrances, Fragrance Reviews, Best Women's Perfume, Lux Fragrances, Perfume Brands, Venba Fragrance, Best Perfumes Of All Time, Eau de Parfum, Perfume Women, Best Holiday Fragrances, Rem Fragrance, Paris Hilton Fragrance, Valencia Perfumes, Perfume For Men, etc. 

Tanning Isn't Just For The Summer

The tanning industry is a billion-dollar industry. I use to go tanning every single day, but stopped because my current boyfriend loves my natural skin tone. There are many women (and men) all across America who tan and take advantage of the artificial sun on a daily basis. Blogging about sun care and tanning products can really benefit your blog and will increase your audience. 

71. The best sun care products
72. A look at the best (insert sun care product)
73. The best indoor/outdoor tanning lotions
74. The best tanning products for people with (insert skin condition and/or skin type)
75. #TanningTuesday/#SunscreenSaturday (link-ups help drive traffic to your blog)
76. Gradual tanning vs. Sunless tanning
77. Testimonies (spotlight those with both good and bad experiences)
78. (Insert tanning salon product) vs. (Drugstore product)
79. The benefits/the dangers of indoor/outdoor tanning
80. Review: (insert tanning product)

Keyword Suggestions: Tanning Near Me, Best Tanning Lotion, Self Tanning Lotion, Tanning Skin, Spray Tanning, TikTok Tanning Oil, Tanning Lotion For Tanning Beds, Spray Tan Tips, Tanning Bed Tips, TikTok Tanning Lotion, What Is The Best UV Index For Tanning, How Long Does Spray Tan Last, Tanning Near Me, etc. 

Natural Is Vital

Are the best things in life really free or are they just natural? When life hands you lemons, what do you make? I don't know about you, but I think I want to make a lemon sugar face scrub. Lately, the organic trend has taken over beauty. If you are a beauty blogger, you don't want to talk about it—you need to talk about it. This will not only deliver an entirely new demographic to your blog, but allow you to discover that some of the best beauty products around contain only natural ingredients. 

81. Why (insert lifestyle choice) products are here to say
82. The best (insert lifestyle choice + beauty type)
83. How to make (insert beauty product here)
84. The best (insert product) with (insert ingredient) Note: Spotlight an ingredient
85. DIY Face Masks (Although you can recreate any DIY product.)
86. The best homemade (insert product) for (insert holiday, time of year, and/or event)
87. (Insert number) beauty treatments you can make in your kitchen/at home
88. The best (insert beauty type) that is (insert lifestyle) 
89. Why I love/hate/like/dislike (insert lifestyle) beauty products
90. Review: (insert organic product) 

Keyword Suggestions: Organic Beauty Products, DIY Makeup, Homemade Face Masks, Natural Beauty Products, Body Butter DIY, Cruelty Free Brands, DIY Face Mask, Cruelty Free Makeup, Easy Homemade Face Masks, Natural Beauty Spa, Vegan Beauty Products At Walmart, Natural Beauty Salon, Vegan Beauty Products At Target, Natural Beauty Woman, etc. 

Tips & Tricks

Beauty tips are truly the best tricks of the trade. If you are having a hard time deciding what to blog about next, you should definitely consider sharing unique beauty tips because with over a billion people on planet earth, there are quite a few people who will take advantage of what you have to say. For more engagement and traffic to your site, write about something that is trending and/or do something different that no other blogger has done. Be original and just have fun with it. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

91. The best beauty tip(s) I swear by (or change 'beauty' to type of beauty)
92. (Insert month + year): Beauty Tips (Spotlight your favorite beauty tips for the month.)
93. Beauty Tip of the Day (Spotlight a beauty tip that others can benefit from.)
94. #BeautyTipTuesday (Take advantage of these types of link-ups for more traffic.)
95. The best uses for (insert beauty product)
96. Beauty Hacks (Anything that can help your audience is key, especially tips.)
97. A look at (beauty type) expiration dates
98. Most Disappointing (insert tips) I have tried/(insert tips) that do not work
99. The best (insert beauty type) storage ideas
100. (Insert number) beauty tips and tricks that will help you today/tomorrow

Keyword Suggestions: Beauty Tips For Fall, Everyday Beauty Tips, Beauty Tips And Secrets, Beauty Tips And Tricks, Simple Makeup Tips, Natural Beauty Tips, Coronavirus Tips, Makeup Tips For Winter, Beauty Tips For Face At Home, Beauty Supply, Best Makeup Tips, etc.  

Why Are Beauty Gurus On YouTube Treated Like Royalty?

Beauty Content Ideas For Your Blog
Social media has become very popular in recent years with YouTube being the strongest platform. With over 5 billion hits a day, YouTube is one of the biggest websites online. This world-renowned platform has played a major role in turning regular beauty lovers into superstars overnight. Talking about this platform on your blog and those who are popular on it will give you incredible engagement to your blog.

101. Why (insert beauty vlogger name) is the best (type of beauty + vlogger) on YouTube
102. (insert number) Amazing Videos About (insert beauty type and/or technique)
103. The (insert beauty vlogger name) I admire most/Why I admire them
104. The best (insert beauty type) tutorial on YouTube (And why it is the best.)
105. Why I love (insert beauty vlogger name)/Why I hate (insert beauty vlogger name)
106. (Insert number) Facts About (insert beauty vlogger name)
107. (Insert beauty vlogger name): Why they are the (insert adjective) YouTuber
108. How to recreate (insert beauty vlogger name) (insert makeup technique)

Keyword Suggestions: YouTube Beauty Gurus, Jeffree Star, Gossip, YouTube Beauty Tips, Makeup Tutorial Natural, Drama, Eye Makeup, YouTube Makeup Artists, NikkieTutorials, Tati, Bailey Sarian, Top YouTube Beauty Influencers, etc. 

Watch Your Words

Please keep in mind, you don't have to use the word "best" or "amazing" relentlessly. You can change them, as you should. For instance, some great synonyms for the word "best" include: finest, supreme, ultimate, ideal, top, perfect, and even leading. Some great synonyms for "amazing" include: wonderful, sensational, marvelous, remarkable, fantastic, spectacular, and incredible. You can change every blog post title and revise it to your liking which I highly encourage. 

Are Keywords Helpful?

Keywords are important; however, you don't want to add so many. It is important to prevent keyword stuffing. The wordstream keyword tool is a great way to get good keywords for your particular platform. Remember using just the word "beauty" isn't going to help content flourish. You need to be more specific. Some words have a very high search volume and low competitive rank; however, this can change depending on the search engine. For instance, when you search the term "makeup" on one search engine versus another it has a heavy search volume and a low competitive rank, but if you search the term "makeup" on another platform it may have a heavy search volume, but a high competitive rank. If you need help check out Google Trends.

One Picture Speaks Many Words

Remember a high-quality image is key. If you do have something that is relatively low-quality and not the best, try your best to tweak it up a bit using Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. Also, do take advantage of utilizing templates and images. Some great apps and platforms you should definitely take advantage of include Snappa, InDesignCanvaSparkFotor, PicMonkey, VismePiktochart, Venngage, PixlrWord SwagPablo, Desygner, Photofy, YouZignPlace It, Recite, and Design Bold


I hope my blog post today will help inspire you to moderate your inner beauty blogger and makeup potboiler. If you have any questions, comments, and feedback you want to share please do not hesitate to do so. Remember to share on social media. Do not hesitate to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I do have Instagram, but I haven't been active for two years. Discover more 'About Me' and what social networks I belong to. 

Before I forget, I want to also add that it is very important to be modestly unique and stay true to who you are as a content creator. Blogging has just as much value as writing does, which I cannot address let alone stress enough. Don't be afraid to step out of the box and remember to enjoy yourself, as the more you love what you are writing about, the more effective and efficient you will be at producing quality content on the subject or subjects you intend to cover. In this case, the world of beauty.

I hope my blog post today has helped you out. Thank you for reading and have an amazing day. 


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