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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Enjoying a veggie burger from Smashburger

Tonight, I decided to get Smashburger for dinner. Located in the heart of Meridian, Idaho on East Louis Drive, I was so hungry after work and took it upon myself to grab a veggie burger and French fries to-go. As the menu here is quite extensive, offering so many great options for both vegetarians and vegans, I inquired about ordering one of their newest and most popular burgers, the Triple Double using their black bean burger patty.

The Triple Double burger and is served on an egg bun with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles. I wanted to substitute the bun for the pretzel bun. Not because I don't like the egg bun (because it is good) but because I've never tried the pretzel bun and it looks better. The burger comes with extra American cheese. I decided to go the extra mile and order extra American cheese and extra cheddar cheese or melted aged cheddar cheese.

So, what did I think? The black bean burger patty was a little soft. As it was extremely flavorful, I felt like it was a little undercooked. The pretzel bun was delicious and really complemented the burger overall. The French fries were just ok for me. They are always good as a side, but I live in Idaho and prefer the thicker, homemade style of fries.

The Smash Sauce is outstanding. It is like a thousand island minus the ketchup. Better yet, if you were to make a thousand island sauce, mustard would be the main ingredient instead of ketchup. I literally would buy this sauce alone if they sold it there. Although the ranch was decent, I didn't find anything extremely special about it.

Overall, dinner was great. I managed to eat everything, as I was extremely hungry. I think the next time I eat Smashburger, I will definitely try something different.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Look at the snow here right now

Mother nature has a sense of humor, I think. At least today. This is what it looks like right now outside. And the snow just continues to fall at a rapid rate. This is the kind of weather I have been dealing with sporadically since last month. Heavy snowfall, closed roads and no where to go, but home. 

A lot of places are closed, so I cannot go grocery shopping nor order food. Luckily I have some food here I can cook, but I feel like I am in a dilemma considering this is also effecting the power and the phone towers. I have three internet connections (two WIFI and one mobile network) so if they go, I am basically here alone with my pets until they decide to plow the roads and what not. 

Needless to say, as much as it is nice to stay home, I don't like being trapped indoors. It makes me depressed and I feel as if I am developing a minor case of seasonal affect disorder, which is giving me major anxiety. Today is Sunday, January 8, 2017 and I just received a company call that work has been canceled as the building I work in is completely shut down due to the storm. Roads are shut down. Airports have been shut down. 

When I lived in Montana, it would get to below -20 degrees. It was very cold, but the snow didn't pile up. This is heavy snow. The kind that can be destructive to a roof top on a house. The kind that can actually cause a minor avalanche. This is a real snowstorm and reminds me of someone experimenting with the weather, although it is possible mother nature does have a sense of humor. But then again that could just be me thinking this way to make light out of a sad situation. 

I guess the only thing I can do is stay home, take advantage of the day (or days) off from work and just veg out here. I just don't understand why the weather is acting this way nor how long it will last, but I am hoping that it stops soon as I don't know how much more I can take. 

I hope the weather is good where you are. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Just voted for Trump in Idaho

As an Iranian American, I can admit that I live in one of the best, if not the best country in the world. And as I love my life, I embrace my liberty and pursue only happiness. After all, the United States is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

As you can see from my ballot (which I have the right to post and share, as I live in Idaho where it is legal) today, I just voted for Donald J. Trump for president of the United States with Michael R. Pence as Vice President.

I voted for Trump because I believe in spite of his shortcomings, he is still a much better candidate than Hillary Clinton. And I am sick of having any "Clinton" as a leader of this country, as they prove they don't do anything while in office. With that said, I truly believe Clinton will not do anything while in office. Maybe collect funds to benefit herself and life. She has had many years to make change and has done nothing. I believe as an outspoken businessman, Trump will do so much more in office. I believe he cares about the people, which is why I support him for president.

And although Jill Stein isn't as bad as Clinton, I don't like those that spread misinformation about global warming and climate change. I also don't believe she would do anything for this country that would benefit the vast majority of status quo society. Overlooking these facts, she doesn't seem like a bad person and I think it is admirable she is running for president. Unfortunately she doesn't have my vote today.

Remember every vote counts. I have always identified with the "Independent" party in terms of political affiliation; however, I decided to go with who I thought would be a better choice for president of this country. And as much as I would love for a woman to be president, I cannot support Hillary Clinton or Jill Stein.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Beautiful Sunset in Fruitland, Idaho

Fruitland, Idaho is a smaller town in Idaho which borders Ontario, Oregon. I go through it when I visit my family in Weiser, a town that is about 45 minutes away, which is even smaller. 

Right now it is almost 9 pm or 9 pm (haven't looked at the exact time) and I noticed that the sun was still out. Based on the picturesque beauty of the sky and how the sun is slowly going down, it looks absolutely beautiful. 

I wanted to share this picture with you because I took this from my iPhone yet it looks like something I snapped with another kind of camera. I am astounded by the both the sunrises and sunsets here. The sunsets more so because they really are captivating compared to other areas I have traveled. 

Anyways, I hope you are having a wonderful night. 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Cheesecake Factory in Boise, Idaho

Located in the heart of Boise, Idaho at the Boise Towne Square mall on 330 North Milwaukee Street lies The Cheesecake Factory restaurant. Although this eatery is one of America's largest franchise restaurants, what makes this place unique is the variety of cheesecake provided. With over 250 dishes, the menu is quite extension and provides a little something for everyone. I decided to dine here yesterday for dinner, as I had to buy some last minute Christmas presents. 

After sitting down for about a half an hour, the waitress finally arrived to take our order. She was polite, but extremely out of breath to the level she couldn't speak. After finally catching her breath she asked to take my order. I proceeded to let her know that I was interested in the fresh basil, tomato and cheese flatbread pizza

The flatbread pizza was great. Out of everything, I felt like this particular dish/appetizer was the strongest in terms of taste and presentation. If I would have known this was going to be the best dish of all, I probably would have ordered two. 

To drink, I went with a S.Pellagrino mineral water/soda and Factory Peach Bellini. The drink was good, but it lacked the sweetness and richness of the traditional drink. I have tried this particular at the franchise in Pittsburgh and what better. Perhaps the bartender just didn't know how to truly make it or is use to making them a certain way. 

After sitting there for 30 minutes, I knew what I wanted to order, so I went with the Four Cheese Pasta. The dish came with a side. I decided to upgrade and order the goat cheese and beet salad. The pasta had great flavor, but it wasn't warm. I literally felt like I was eating leftover food and was left modestly unsatisfied. The salad; however, was fantastic. 

For dessert, I decided to go with the Original Cheesecake. It has been a while since I had it and I just felt ultimately in the mood for a slice. I was extremely disappointed, as it just tasted okay. I have tried this particular cheesecake at other franchises and they had better flavor. I felt as if I was eating cheesecake that sat out all day.  

Overall, my experience at the Cheesecake Factory was just okay. With the strengths, quite a few weaknesses followed. I was just left with disappointment and dissatisfaction. 

With that said, would I recommend The Cheesecake Factory in Boise, Idaho? Probably not because the food was good, but lacked the quality it should have exuded. Would I eat here again? To be honest, I don't think I would based on this experience simply because I don't like waiting for food. 

If I am hungry, I want food within a few minutes. I don't want to wait 30 minutes for a meal in a place that wasn't extremely busy. And I have tried other Cheesecake Factory establishments around the country and never had to wait so long for food. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ruszoni's "Triple Cheese" Pizza is amazing

Idaho is quite possibly the most underrated state in America. And lately, I have been discovering more than just beautiful ambiance, but actual proof the food is some of the best. Recently, I found myself in a small town in the heart of Washington County called Weiser. About an hour from Boise, this small town seems to have quite a few places wrapped under its belt including Ruszoni's Pizza. 

Located on 540 State Street I noticed a small pizza joint with writing on the windows. I didn't know what to expect, but realized I wanted to eat there because after all, I was hungry. After glancing at the menu, I noticed everything from various pizzas. The menu wasn't really extensive. I decided that I wanted to order a cheese pizza. 

Most of you already know me by now and know that I have a huge love and appreciation for cheese, especially cheesy pizza. After discovering that cheese pizza was available, I decided to request extra cheese. Then, I asked if they could do double cheese shortly before asking for triple cheese. They agreed and my order was officially placed. I didn't have to wait long before it arrived. 

I have tried so many pizza places around the world and the pizza here literally competes with some of the greatest pizza places to exist. In fact, the "Triple Cheese" pizza here is probably one of the best there is. The combination of flavors is one thing, but the cheese really brings this dish home. I literally felt like I was eating a rustic pie in Naples only to realize I was in Weiser.

The next time you are in Weiser, you must try the "Triple Cheese" pizza at Ruszoni's Pizza. It is quite possibly one of the best pizzas you will have, especially in Idaho.