Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse as it is happening.
I used an iPhone camera to shoot
this particular picture. I really
couldn't get a great shot with this.
Today history was made when our mother earth aligned herself with the sun and the moon forming a beautiful solar eclipse. The shadow cast from the moon blocking the sun truly made me realize how fascinating life is. Witnessing it was one of the most phenomenal things I have ever watched considering this has not happened since 1776 with one prior to that in 1257. 

As you are aware, today is August 21, 2017. This event was highly anticipated all around the world. Since I live in Idaho, I actually traveled about 45 minutes to see this in a small town called Weiser. I have some family there and a few friends there hence why I decided to travel there for the day. 

I must say that the weather is absolutely amazing today; however, what made the day as wondrous as can be was seeing the solar eclipse. 
The solar eclipse taken with my Canon camera.
Obviously you can notice a huge difference
versus with an iPhone.

I did manage to get some video, as well as, some great shots with my canon camera of this incredible event, so expect to see those soon. I took them so you could see them, as I know many of you didn't get to see this today. 

I didn't use throw-away glasses like they suggested when looking at the eclipse because I wanted to be able to get a good shot and some great footage. The glasses were dark and I couldn't see the actual eclipse when looking through the lens. 

The next one will not be until April 8, 2024. August 12, 2045. That is 35 years from now and 21 years from the next eclipse. So, if you didn't get to see it today, you can see it here on my blog. Now the one in April 8, 2024 will be the first one visible in Canada. And like the eclipse here, will still be visible in the United States.