DIY Health: Vagina Detox

The other day I decided to try what is referred to as a vagina detox. As my period concluded for the month, I wanted to try something new simply because I heard good, great, and amazing things about it. What is a vagina detox? Well, it is basically a spa treatment for your vagina. The vagina detox utilizes an array of herbs, alkaline water, and anything that can release steam. For this detox, I used a facial steamer. I chose one that I do not use. 

This type of treatment for your vagina has been used in ancient medicine for centuries. Although the results vary, they have been known to heal an array of issues such as anxiety, depression, irregular periods, bladder infections, yeast infections, infertility, vaginal cysts, hemorrhoids, and even scarring from childbirth. 

What was my motivation for trying a vagina detox? Just curiosity. I don't suffer from any problematic health issues at the present. I just wanted to see what this latest craze was all about simply because I have had family, friends, and other loved ones try the vagina detox and tell me how amazing it actually is. 

So, what do you do exactly? You choose your herbs that you want to include in your detox. It is critically key to choose wisely, as if you make a bad decision, the result will be a consequence of your poor choice. You want to make sure that you use herbs that are most suitable for your individual health needs.

Basil, as well as, rosemary are very common when doing this type of detox because they possess antimicrobial properties. I didn't really do research before I tried this, so I decided to go with: cardamom, saffron, dandelion, ginger, valerian root, black cohosh, evening primrose, and black tea. I added some rose petals for good measure along with some hemp, rosehip, and evening primrose oil.

After you choose the herbs you want to use, you want to prepare your water. I am well aware not every woman owns a facial sauna or facial spa, so in case you do not--just use a pan. And if you own one of those vaginal steamers, that is even better. Remember, the water must be filtered, as this is what works best. Never use tap water and refrain from using any "hard water" or any water infused with minerals or has a high pH level. Most waters that are often dubbed "sparkling" have relatively high acid levels. Just use filtered, as it is as alkaline as it gets. 

Once you have added your water, it is important to add your herbs. I also decided to add (as I stated previously up above) some oils into the mix, simply because they work as a natural serum for sensitive areas. When you look at your steaming medium, the water should be boiling, depending on what kind of device or product you are using to do a vagina detox. If you use a facial spa or sauna, you only have to wait five minutes and if you use a pan, you should wait at least 15-20 minutes.

You want to squat over what you are using, so that your vagina makes contact with the steam. You will want to do this for about ten minutes, depending on your tolerance. For your first time, I wouldn't recommend going over ten minutes. If you don't feel like your vagina is receiving any treatment, you can maximize your experience by wrapping a towel around your waist, covering your entire bottom area. This will create what is referred to as a "tent" so that no moisture will not get out and will prevent any air from getting in. 

After the time has lapsed, you will notice some cramping. Cramping is simply normal after doing a vagina detox because it is basically the uterus getting rid of the toxins or any stagnant blood. Very interesting to know, but important to understand. After the cramps go away, you will endure a rather soothing sensation which was quite stimulating. At least I did when I tried this particular DIY vagina detox.

I really believe a vagina detox is crucial to our health. Although it isn't something I recommend every day, it is something important to women's health. As women, it is key to never neglect the important parts of us who make us who we are. The benefits are astounding and I am looking forward to trying my next steaming treatment very soon.