National Idaho Day 2020

Happy Idaho Day
Today is National Idaho Day. I have been a resident of Idaho for about 5-6 years now. I have two homes in this state, with my main home being in Meridian, Idaho, where I currently reside. 

I love Idaho and think it is completely underrated as a state. I have lived in several states in the United States throughout my life and have visited almost every single one, but I have yet to discover a single state like Idaho. 

Not only does the great potato state have a relaxed ambiance that is flatter than most and picturesque at best, but a very organic environment, as you will notice quite a few things here that differ from other states you have been to. It is a very agricultural state, as everywhere you look you will see fields upon fields of produce growing. Idaho is known for their potatoes and their onions more than anything, but what you will notice when you first visit is a lot of stuff growing and sometimes the scent will manifest throughout the large area. Often times, you will discover small proprietors on the roads selling something they independently grow. 
The Village Meridian
The Village at Meridian, one
of the best places to shop in Idaho.

Aside from this, Idaho is a very culturally connected area, as it is home to people from all walks of life. There are people who are from Mexico and speak no English, as there are people who are from India who speak English more fluently than most Americans do. Idaho is a conservative state and is very accepting of all ethnic backgrounds. 

Before living in Idaho, I was living in Bozeman, Montana. It was beautiful there, but I wanted a change of scenery. Montana didn't have any trees; however, Idaho is filled with them. Idaho sort of embodies Montana in some ways, but with more trees and better weather. If Montana and Northern California kind of morphed together, maybe—that is exactly how I would describe the weather here.

In early 2017 the weather here was extraordinarily unpredictable, as it was not only several degrees below freezing, but I literally had wildlife visiting my house eating from trees. Often times I would feed them with whatever food I had which considered primarily of fruits, vegetables, and breads. One time 12 deer showed up in the middle of the day eating from my cherry and apple trees. The snowfall was so heavy, it destroyed buildings and forced roads to close. I remember when this happened. I stayed in my house for almost two weeks, hoping things would change and praying they would get better. Everything was shut down and most places were closed. It was a very hard time because I was not only off of work, but I couldn't go anywhere because the weather was so bad. The roads were semi-plowed but the snow just continued to fall relentlessly. I think there was about two-three feet of snow on the ground after the first week which is incredibly rare for Idaho. 
Downtown Boise
Downtown Boise, Idaho.

The Summers are extremely hot and remind me of Georgia, as they tend to be in the late 90's to early 100's. Spring is the perfect time to start planting anything, although early Summer is a good time too. I try to aim for Earth Day (April 22). The Summer's aren't extremely long, but are longer than most states. You get all four seasons here, which is good. Today, I definitely want to plant some arugula and maybe some lemon basil. 

There are so many things I have probably left out, as there is so much to say about Idaho, but I find myself not wanting to add anything else at this time simply because I don't want you to spend an hour reading it. I'm sure you have things to do, as I know I do. 

Overall, Idaho is an incredible state and if you have never been here, you need to definitely visit. It is one of a kind. From my home to your home—Happy National Idaho Day! 


Anonymous said…
Idaho is an amazing state. I love living here. I live in Eagle so I am about 10 minutes from you. I swear the world seems so smaller online. Great blog post. You are a beautiful and intelligent women too. Cheers!
Anonymous said…
How is Idaho surviving right now? Especially since the pandemic.
Amazing! I know nothing about traveling all over the country, what a wonderful looking place to explore.