Tragic Video Gaming Deaths

Tragic Video Gaming Deaths
The human brain collects and obtains a series of stimulations which help with perception, comprehension, and cognition. Video games help users think, remember, and even solve problems both efficiently and effectively. Playing video games can also build an articulate rapport, improve concentration, boost memory, and even strengthen your brain’s ability to multitask. They can also ease, as well as, eliminate anxiety and depression. However, what are the negative effects and disadvantages of playing video games? 

Can they really promote violence, addiction, and paranoia? They serve as the ultimate escapism which generally benefit you by improving perceptible processes that are often tangible and spiritual. They also play an important role in popular culture and digital culture, but can you actually die playing them or do something destructive to someone else? 

Video games introduce you to a multi-dimensional world with a reciprocated exchange and interface. With all of the strengths video gaming plays in the world of entertainment—what happens when a player’s biochemical pathway is compromised? 

It was truly an honor to write episode 3 for the Even Salt Looks Like Sugar podcast and I had a wonderful time doing so. In addition to writing this episode (which I wrote using my phone via iPhone notes), I co-produced this episode. And I am also featured. Hosted by Iranian-Canadian producer Billy Housh, this episode delivers some of best production, projection, and overall engagement I have ever heard or experienced in a podcast. It was put together very well. I am definitely looking forward to seeing this project move upward and forward as it is simply fantastic. 

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