Making hummus the rustic way

Today is National Hummus Day and what better way than to recognize, acknowledge, and honor today by making it the most rustic way possible. As many of you are already aware, I am of Iranian descent, so hummus is pretty much a cult-classic staple in Middle Eastern cuisine. It is a popular dip created with mashed chickpeas and then blended with an array of spices to kind of bring out the flavor of the chickpeas. 

Traditionally hummus is made up of only a few ingredients. These ingredients include: grounded sesame seeds skins (or husks, as they are commonly referred to), lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Some people like to add a touch of garlic for a little extra needed flavor; however, most people avoid it, as if you add too much you could ultimately destroy the hummus. 

I decided to make hummus the rustic way utilizing an pester and mortal, smashing the chickpeas generously to form a paste-like consistency. Although this is a longer method, it is how hummus use to be made back in ancient Persia. Some have speculated and theorized hummus has existed since the 12th century, but there is very limited proof to this fact. 

For this particular hummus, I am going to keep it very plain and simple. I used the sesame skin husks (the skins) grounded. Because I wanted to make this rustically, I decided to chop them by hand. Additionally, I just added some natural lemon juice straight from the lemon, a little bit of Persian blue salt, and some pepper. I didn't add any garnish, just kept everything simple because often times less is more. 

I have to admit, I do appreciate and love hummus with flavor and have created an array of varieties; however, I will save those for another blog post. 

What more can I say? I'm hungry so I think I am going to devour this hummus with some rustic naan I am about to make. Happy International Hummus Day! #HummusDay 


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the recipe. I don't like chick peas but I love humus.
Anonymous said…
Hummus is sooooo good. Thank you for sharing. You are persian right? Please share more persian recipes.
Anonymous said…
Please share more recipes.
Anonymous said…
I love hummus!
Anonymous said…
Humus is one of my favorite dishes. I love humus and baba ganoush.