Mysteriously Bizarre YouTuber Deaths

Even Salt Looks Like Sugar is a podcast which explores true crime, paranormal activity, and unsolved mysteries. As many of you already aware, I appeared on the very first episode of the podcast where Billy Housh, the host interviewed Tanner's mother Michele Barton and myself. I was absolutely thrilled to be interviewed because I had a lot to say. However, because of the length I didn't really get to say as much as I wanted to. I am very happy though with how the podcast turned out, as I was happy Michele got to speak out against the adversity and resistance she faced due to stance on her son's death and explore the discrepancies in her son's case. It is evident by the vast majority of status quo society that Tanner Barton died of a highly suspicious death. 

As an enthusiast of the true crime genre, I grew up watching Unsolved Mysteries and really loved the dynamic of exploring the darkness of our world, as it is evidently clear by most the world isn't always black and white, let alone good, great, and amazing. I decided to reach out to Billy and the podcast team with my ideas. As a result, I ended up writing the second episode and co-producing it too. I wrote this podcast utilizing my iPhone notes, which is probably my favorite way of writing on both my iPhone and iPad. I also add commentary to the podcast. Just yesterday, the podcast premiered Episode 2: Mysteriously Bizarre YouTuber Deaths. The episode explores deaths of both major and micro influencers who made an impact on the YouTube platform. 

Some of the deaths that are mentioned in the podcast may forever remain a mystery. Why did fitness YouTuber Greg Plitt attempt to outrun a train to promote an energy drink? Why did Pedro Ruiz think a book would save him from a .50 caliber Dessert Eagle? How did YouTuber Rich Piana die? Will the body of YouTuber Daniel Ahnen ever be discovered? What really happened to Mike "Beard Guy" Taylor? With so many questions left unanswered, their tragic deaths will forever remain a mystery. 

To watch the Even Salt Looks Like Sugar's second episode regarding the mysterious deaths of popular YouTubers, simply click here right now to watch it. If you have iTunes, you can download and/or listen to the podcast here and if you have Spotify, you can listen and/or download it here. Additionally, if you have Spreaker, you can download and/or listen here and if you have Stitcher, you also listen and/or download it here

Remember, not everything in life is what it seems because...Even Salt Looks Like Sugar.


Anonymous said…
Who knew that YouTube would have so many suspicious deaths. Fantastic podcast!