How To Dodge Peer Pressure

Peer pressure, nature's way of trying to make you give in and human's way of trying to make you fit in. Whether it means doing something spontaneous and daring or simply trying something new, peer pressure still puts you in between a rock and a hard place.

Even when you feel reluctant and unsure, you still find yourself saying yes in an effort to please the masses. So, what if you don't want to say yes? How do you dodge peer pressure?

Say your friend invites you to a party. Although you feel a little reluctant to go, you really believe it would be a great social opportunity for you so you decide to cave in and attend. As you walk through the door, you look to your left and notice a group of people playing beer pong. You look to your right and see people socializing, as they sip on cocktails in effort to drink away bad memories. Then, you look straight ahead and see multiple dancing and enjoying the entertainment.

As you observe, you are approached by good looking man (and if you are male, just pretend this is a woman, hahaha). They lure you into the kitchen for conversation and small talk. They ask you a few questions, before finally asking if you would like to go upstairs for a little "fun". You have doubts. You are not promiscuous and you know that there are many consequences to such actions. You fear saying no because you don't want to hurt this man's feelings, but then again you don't want to be ignored either. You fear saying yes because you don't believe you should. What do you do?

This is an example of peer pressure. You are being put on the spot. If you have to question it even once, you must say no. Why? Because even if you only live once, giving in to what you question will only create unhappiness for you, as you will not enjoy yourself and you just may regret it later.

The power of no allows you to confirm that you do not agree. Almost like a reassurance clock that is being set off. You can make excuses and tell a white lie, but what happens when you don't have anything to support them? The best way to dodge peer pressure is to simply tell the truth and say no.

If you stand your ground, you will never give into anything. Remember the key ingredient to dodging peer pressure is being true to yourself and what you believe is right and appreciating the individualism you have. Don't be afraid to say no.