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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Auld Lang Syne by Sarah Afshar

It is so hard to believe it is 2019. I felt like 2018 flew by so quickly. I remember celebrating the New Year last year and it felt like only yesterday. 

As much as I want to list my goals here, all I can say is that I am happy and content right now. I do have a few bucket list goals, but I am not sure if I want to share them now or wait until I accomplish them. 

On Smule, I recorded Auld Lang Syne. This song is special in many ways; however, what I love most about it is that it was created from poem from Scots language. The history behind this tune really tells a story. 

To listen to my rendition of the New Year's classic Auld Lang Syne simply watch the video above. If you cannot hear it, just click here right now. 

With that said, Happy New Year! 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Norooz 2018: Sale No Mobarak

As many of you know, I am Iranian American. As I am quite proud of my Persian heritage and culture, I love to celebrate the Persian New Year (Norooz) every year.
Well tomorrow is Norooz As the most highly anticipated holiday of the year, Norooz is a holiday that equalizes both night and day, bringing you more than just a new dawn and a new life, but a new day. In fact, the Persian word "Nowruz" means new day. As the first day of Farvardin, it is also the first day of the March equinox and the first day of the Iranian Solar calendar.
To celebrate the holiday, Spring cleaning is essential as it symbolizes a "rebirth" of your environment. And for the Persian New Year, a "Haft Sin" table is set up which consists of Sabze, Samanu, Senjed, Serke, Sib, Sir, and Somaq. The items all include some sort of plant and/or food to represent them, which correlate with the planets in our universe.
Sabze includes grains such as barley, wheat, or lentil sprouts grown in a pot or a dish. The Samanu utilizes sweet pudding (usually made with wheat germ). Senjed is represented with olives, usually Persian olives. Serke uses vinegar. When it comes to representing Sib, apples are used. Sir is represented by garlic. And last, but not least the Somaq uses sumac.
And for every Persian New Year, this is the kind of things you will see on a traditional haft-sin table. Other things you will see on the table include: a living gold fish in a bowl, candles, a mirror, colored eggs, hyacinth, and other random decorations. Creativity is usually embraced, as not every haft-sin table looks the same nor are they created equal. A book of faith (some refer to this as a book of wisdom) is also added. As most Iranians are Muslim and embrace Islam, there are many (like myself) that are not Muslim, so I would not include a Quran at my haft-sin table.
Various food is prepared, primarily Persian dishes. Each day there is a new dish, as several are prepared per day. As most are non-vegetarian, I usually create these dishes using a plant-based alternative or if I am eating dinner with family, I request a vegetarian alternative to the dish. Most of the Persian sweets or desserts are vegetarian. When I am not eating baklava, consuming Persian tea, I love to enjoy dolma stuffed with rice and veggies, kuku sabzi (an amazing vegetarian-friendly Persian dish which utilizes various herbs and veggies), and sabzi polow (rice cooked with an variety of herbs as well as, noodles). Most of the time sabzi polow is served with fish, but I eat it alone or with Gardein's fishless filets.
I am looking forward to celebrating Norooz this year with family and friends. It is a time to both reminisce and relax. Although many enjoy celebrating before the holiday, the holiday continues days after. Enjoying great Persian food with Persian music and laughter, there is just nothing better.
Happy Norooz! Sale no mobarak! نوروزتان مبارک! من بهترین ها را برای شما آرزو می کنم!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year
Since today is officially the New Year, 2016, I think it's only admirable to acknowledge what 2015 has taught us and what we can learn in 2016. To me, 2015 was more than just another year. In fact, there have been many great things that I discovered and learned in 2015. 
Every new year is a brand new experience, a life lesson and a consequence to whatever action we decide to take. I have learned to expect the unexpected and appreciate every single moment as if it were your last, no matter how good or bad the moment is. I wake up every morning without expecting anything and yet I manage to experience some sort of reciprocation when the energy is light.
What I have learned year after year is that no matter how negative or hateful people are, no matter how big or small their lies are, and no matter what type of dark agenda they have - their words are to only be taken with a grain of salt, treated as nothing. Especially if you know those lies are not true. When nothing belittles you, spreads untrue lies about you or makes you feel like you are nothing, you eventually become them. If you choose to believe them, you become them. When you become them, you become nothing. Is that where you want to be? In the end, only the good is embraced, acknowledged and most importantly, remembered.
A wise woman (thank you Eleanor Roosevelt) once said: "Amazing minds talk about accomplishments, great minds talk about goals, average minds talk about events, and small minds talk about people." I believe this quote embodies reality.
What else have I learned?
I have learned the importance of balancing life in all domains and maintaining that balance without struggle or worry. How can you make personal time for you and your job? What about your job and a relationship? What goals have you set for yourself? What have you accomplished so far? If you are looking to read a great book, please do check out - Leading the Life You Want: Skills for Integrating Work and Life by Stewart Friedman. Definitely an amazing read that explains everything I am talking about.

With that said, I always find myself extremely thankful, grateful and blessed to be with my amazing boyfriend Joe. We have been through so much and yet our love for each other just continues to grow, evolve into something greater. (And Joe if you are reading, you are the love in my heart and the love of my life.)

Now, do I have any goals for 2016? Absolutely. Without the risk of boring you and listing them all, I will just say that I will continue to go upward and will continue to hold onto that mindset. I will also continue to support those who want to go up too instead of down. I will also continue to support those people that deserve recognition for their efforts and those people who are telling the truth. I believe 2016 is the year for quite a few things to "happen" so to speak.
An entire year has passed us. A year that is measured in 365 days. A year that is measured in 8,760 hours. And a year that is measured in 525,600 minutes. What does the future hold? As we live in the present, we can only celebrate right now. As we say goodbye to 2015, we say hello to 2016. A brand new dawn, a brand new day, a brand new life and a brand new year.
Happy New Year! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

2015: Sale No Mobarak

Omidvaram halet khob bashe. kara khob pish mire? Bahar khosh migzare? In hame rooz migzare zood, Bahar. In bahar ecki az garm tarin tabestoonast. Omidvaram dar taameme zendegit movafagh bashe. Irani jam'at beh qoleh goftani az tarigh internet nemituni befahmi. Enshallah hamechi ok hast. Joe, oo manoto ra beham resandeh keh be hamdigeh rahati bedam. Baleh, khahesh meekonam sokout mara bepazir, az in rah behtar ast. Raste, yadam raft begam. Boos Joe joon, dooset daram. Mersi. Falan khodahafez. Sale No Mobarak. Happy Norooz.

Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 is a brand new beginning, a brand new year...

...that I am very much looking forward to. I have set goals for myself that I am hoping to accomplish.
First and foremost, I want to talk less and travel more. In 2011, I traveled all over the world and I think I want to do that again this year. I always tell myself that I am going to do something, but never stick to the goal because something usually impedes with the plan. According to Facebook, I have traveled over 2,000 times back in 2011 alone.
Secondly, I would like to write more, but mainly exclusive content instead of non-exclusive content. A lot of what I have been writing these past few years have been non-exclusive content, which means that I still own the rights to the articles and am free to post them wherever I would like.

I would like to give full rights to different websites and/or publications, so they own all of the rights to them. I would also like to write more about other subjects rather than just a few. Although beauty, food, and music is in my forte, I feel like I have a lot of insight to offer in other areas of interest. I want to also cover more serious subjects and do more interviews too.
I would also like to finish two of the fiction books that I am working on, so I can work on the next book followed by a non-fiction reference book. I am notorious for sitting (and setting) things aside and not getting back to them because I am always finding myself in another project. I need to keep myself busy and focus on one thing at a time.
Third, I want to go to the gym more often. I am currently 5'2-5'3 and a size 5/6. For my height, I guess you could say that I am happy with being curvy, but I feel like I need to get back into the gym simply because I love the feeling of going to the gym. It makes me happy. Whether it is the endorphin release or simply because there is something special about do some kind of activity, it is great. I want to get back into gymnastics and want to discover more ways to channel emotions with Yoga and Tai Chi. I also would like to get back into martial arts Kung Fu, Muay Thai, and Sambo and want to take advantage of my scuba diving certification that I received back in 2011.
Fourth, I want to attend cooking classes and get certified in culinary arts. I have even considered getting a degree in the field after I was invited to join a plant-based workshop. Although I am a businesswoman by default and have been to college and lived with culinary art students, I feel like this will benefit my future in an array of ways including the start of a vegetarian eatery and bakery like no one has ever seen.
Fifth, I want to use some free time and dedicate it towards getting back into music. Maybe try out for X Factor again or even another singing reality show. When I tried out for X Factor, I have to admit it was a lot of fun and some of the friends that I made from auditioning still remain true to my heart. I am surprised I made it so far considering there were a ton of amazingly serious singers that never made it past the first and second rounds.
Sixth, I want to start going back to church more. I was going a lot in 2011 and just stopped because I ended up getting busy with moving earlier in the year, working, and traveling so much. I want to make that effort to go again.
Seventh, I want to learn new things. This goes back to discovering new hobbies and pastimes. I truly believe technology is always expanding and moving so quickly and there is a lot to learn. I want to learn whatever I can and process what I have learned, so it can be highly beneficial to me in the future.
Eighth, I want to become more involved in active clubs and organizations. Recently, I was invited to join a wine connoisseur club and it made me realize how many great hobbies and projects I can join just by being a part of these many great social opportunities. In my quest, I hope to meet new people too, as I am very much a people person. 

Ninth, I want to clean my room and donate what I don't need or want to the Goodwill, as well as, Salvation Army and the Mission. I feel like it would not only benefit me, but someone else too. Life is way too exciting to hoard things. I have a room filled with so many things, that I need to get to it when I have free time.
Tenth, I want to volunteer more. Whether it is at the humane society or the local mission and/or homeless shelter or for United Way, I feel really compelled to help people. I love animals and just embrace my love for them in a variety of ways. Aside from being a vegetarian for years, I have donated many precious moments at the humane society. In fact, for those of you who are unaware, I was hit by a trailblazer back in 2010 by a drunk driver while riding my bike to the humane society to take pictures. If that doesn't show my love for them, I don't know what else does.
Lastly, I want to find a new manufacturer for my cosmetic line and I want to eat more kale. Yes, I am eating kale chips right now as I type this. I made a little earlier and they are so good. They are the perfect substitute for potato chips. This entire week I have been eating vegan and I feel great.