Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year
Since today is officially the New Year, 2016, I think it's only admirable to acknowledge what 2015 has taught us and what we can learn in 2016. To me, 2015 was more than just another year. In fact, there have been many great things that I discovered and learned in 2015. 
Every new year is a brand new experience, a life lesson and a consequence to whatever action we decide to take. I have learned to expect the unexpected and appreciate every single moment as if it were your last, no matter how good or bad the moment is. I wake up every morning without expecting anything and yet I manage to experience some sort of reciprocation when the energy is light.
What I have learned year after year is that no matter how negative or hateful people are, no matter how big or small their lies are, and no matter what type of dark agenda they have - their words are to only be taken with a grain of salt, treated as nothing. Especially if you know those lies are not true. When nothing belittles you, spreads untrue lies about you or makes you feel like you are nothing, you eventually become them. If you choose to believe them, you become them. When you become them, you become nothing. Is that where you want to be? In the end, only the good is embraced, acknowledged and most importantly, remembered.
A wise woman (thank you Eleanor Roosevelt) once said: "Amazing minds talk about accomplishments, great minds talk about goals, average minds talk about events, and small minds talk about people." I believe this quote embodies reality.
What else have I learned?
I have learned the importance of balancing life in all domains and maintaining that balance without struggle or worry. How can you make personal time for you and your job? What about your job and a relationship? What goals have you set for yourself? What have you accomplished so far? If you are looking to read a great book, please do check out - Leading the Life You Want: Skills for Integrating Work and Life by Stewart Friedman. Definitely an amazing read that explains everything I am talking about.

With that said, I always find myself extremely thankful, grateful and blessed to be with my amazing boyfriend Joe. We have been through so much and yet our love for each other just continues to grow, evolve into something greater. (And Joe if you are reading, you are the love in my heart and the love of my life.)
Now, do I have any goals for 2016? Absolutely. Without the risk of boring you and listing them all, I will just say that I will continue to go upward and will continue to hold onto that mindset. I will also continue to support those who want to go up too instead of down. I will also continue to support those people that deserve recognition for their efforts and those people who are telling the truth. I believe 2016 is the year for quite a few things to "happen" so to speak.
An entire year has passed us. A year that is measured in 365 days. A year that is measured in 8,760 hours. And a year that is measured in 525,600 minutes. What does the future hold? As we live in the present, we can only celebrate right now. As we say goodbye to 2015, we say hello to 2016. A brand new dawn, a brand new day, a brand new life and a brand new year.
Happy New Year! 


Anonymous said…
Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year Sarah!
Unknown said…
Happy New Years Sarah! I'm blessed, thankful, lucky and honored to have you in my life. Every moment is epic, extremely memorable and there is never a dull moment. As I remember every extremely epic and memorable moment that we have shared in 2015 like taking you shopping, working out together, surprising you with making breakfast in bed, making sweet passionate love together, cooking amazing food together, creating our epic music and performing our music for people on the street and other places too, and I cannot forget our amazing and most epic theme nights and countless hours of dancing with each other as well. I cannot stop thinking about what 2016 has in store for us and I'm extremely looking forward to spending every epic, mind blowing and extremely memorable moment in 2016 and every moment for all eternity. I love you Sarah Afshar. We are soul mates, best friends and lovers and everything else in between. You are my one and only true love and the love of my life. And I cannot wait for you to be my perfect wife and the perfect mother for our children. I love you Sarah and I cannot wait to experience more of the most priceless and perfect moments that we have experienced together so far and also the ones that are yet to experience as well. You define perfection at it's finest and I'm deeply and madly head over heels in love with you and I love you Sarah Afshar<3 and again, Happy New Years My soul mate, best friend, lover and everything else in between.