January 2016: Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale Haul

 Recently, me and my amazing boyfriend Joe went shopping. About a week ago, we found ourselves at one of my favorite stores, Victoria's Secret. Victoria's Secret started their semi-annual sale early last week both online and in-store. I grabbed the Hottie Halter swimsuit in four different colors along with matching bottoms. The Hottie Halter tops were originally $54.50-$64.50 and I was able to get them for $19.99 each with an additional $3.99 savings, bringing down the price to $15.99. The Strappy Bottom was originally $24.50 each and I was able to get it for only $7.99. I was also able to get an additional $1.59 savings. So, the price was brought down to $6.39. The price of the Skimpy Bottom was originally $22.50 and I was able to get it for the bargain price of $7.99. Instead of paying $79-$89 for a bikini, only $22-$23 per set. Talk about an amazing savings.

Aside from those four bikini sets, I was able to find another bikini along with a Very Sexy bra and panty set that was marked down. I had my eyes set on this particular bra and after much contemplation, it made it's away into my shopping bag. The bra was only $31.99. Originally almost $60. The panties were on sale for $5.99. The original price is $18.50. The mesh bikini was another bargain find during the semi-annual sale, as I was able to get it for $9.99 for the top $4.99 for an addition savings of $1.99 and $.99, making the price only $11.98. The original price was over $40.

The Lace Halter Babydoll was not on sale, at least not at the time. These two colors caught my attention more so than the other colors, but I do love them. I made the mistake of getting a small which fits around, but does not fit the bust area. If you are a DD or DDD, you may want to think of getting a bigger size. I should have got a medium. The best time to get started shopping is now, as the semi-annual sale is one of the best times to shop. As Victoria's Secret makes room for their new inventory, they offer an array of amazing savings and incentives both online and in-store. #VSSemiAnnualSale