The importance of personal space

You find yourself meeting the man and/or woman of your dreams. You end up falling for that person and after months of dating, you realize that a relationship has manifested as a result. Although everything seems to be going perfect, one day out of the blue you find yourself in a funk and can't explain why.

You continue contemplating and debating everything wrong with your present relationship as your mind over-analyzes everything, without looking at the bright side of the relationship. You, then, find yourself self-sabotaging and start to shut down. What exactly has happened here?

You start to weigh your pros and your cons and then come to realization that you need space. And not just any space, but personal space. When it comes to personal space, it is something we need in our lives. You can love someone for so long; however, if you are around them 24/7, you will start to begin to find negative in everything. What will happen? Eventually you will both go crazy and break up.

If you exclude personal space from your everyday life, you will not be able to accomplish those goals that you have been wanting to occur. If you are looking to get; for example, your certification in scuba diving, you won't be able to if you don't have the personal time to do so. If you exclude personal space, you will never have time for yourself.

The most important relationships we have are with ourselves because in the end, if we do love ourselves, we can rely less on others to do it. When you include personal space, you can love yourself and balance the love you have for your significant other. Almost like reciprocation. If you include personal space in your life, you will keep the relationship interesting.

You will give your significant other something to look forward to. For instance, you take a week to spend with family without seeing your boyfriend or girlfriend. You communicate sporadically through phone, text, etc. but you know that you are not going to physically see them for 7 days. Then, when you finally see each other the spark in your relationship is more flaming than the Olympic torch.

Space is fine, from time to time, but always remember without taking time out for yourself, you will never be able to accomplish anything. You may set goals and even accomplish few with your significant other, but in order to live effectively you need that perfect balance in every domain and aspect of your life. This is the importance of having personal space.